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Found 148 results

  1. We are pleased to announce the first update for Affinity Designer for Windows (version 1.5.1). The update is described here and can be downloaded from here. Once downloaded, close Affinity Designer and run (double click) the downloaded EXE to install it. To install this version you will need to have the Affinity Designer for Windows already installed OR you will need to type in your email address and a valid Product key when prompted. When installing on top of an existing version you will not be prompted for the product key. If you need it you can find your product key (and a download button) in your Affinity store account, where you will also find the email address used to generate the key when you ordered the software. If you have installed any previous beta version of Affinity Designer 1.5.0 or 1.5.1, it can be safely uninstalled before or after installing this release update, they are independent installs. The beta will stop working soon anyway. Please report any problems you have installing or using this new version in the Windows forum here Patrick Connor The Affinity Team
  2. Hi, update wheel is spinning around (ten minutes at the moment) and nothing happens. It doesn't seem to proceed... :(
  3. The Mac App Store shows Affinity Photo Version 1.4.3 but that isn't compatible with files saved in Affinity Designer. Is there somewhere I can download AP 1.4.4 as mentioned in the update announcement? Thanks
  4. Hello everyone! I just needed to add some Japanese text to an image, which older versions of Affinity Designer / Affinity Photo didn't support. So I updated both of them. Afterwards, I tried to add the text in Affinity Photo, which resulted in weird letters. In Affinity Designer, however, it worked. Then I noticed that in Designer, 'File -> Edit in Photo' is greyed out. I thought this may have something to do with the Japanese letters which aren't supported by Photo yet. So I tried to drag and drop the file directly from Finder to Photo, which gave me an error saying the file version isn't supported by this Affinity version. But even after deleting the Japanese text in Designer, I wasn't able to open the file in Photo anymore. Any ideas what's happening? By the way, even when creating new files, I am not able to jump back and forth from Designer and Photo anymore using 'File -> Edit in Photo' or 'File -> Edit in Designer'. Also, even creating new files in Designer will not let me drag and drop the files to Photo (same error about not supported by this Affinity version). It is, however, possible to drag and drop new files created in Photo to Designer ONCE. After making changes to that file and saving, I cannot drag and drop it to Photo anymore. Versions used: Affinity Designer: 1.5.1 Affinity Photo: 1.4.3 TL;DR: - Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo file versions are not fully compatible anymore. - Jumping back and forth between Designer and Photo functionality ('File -> Edit in [Designer / Photo]') is broken. Best wishes, Shu EDIT: Just for reference, back in April I already posted about one of these issues here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/19560-3-problems-photo-designer-141/ (3rd issue there) I wasn't able to jump from Photo to Designer. Now I can't do that, nor can I jump from Designer to Photo. So this problem has even been made worse.
  5. Hi all, Good day all, i looking for solution for an issue that happened on my mac sierra A.D 1.4.3. I've encounter "selection issue" after new 1.4.3 update, the slection bar is kept blinking and i could not track down the problem. Please allow me to attached video to explain what happened, please help. Thanks. BEN
  6. I am trying to download the 1.5.1 to fix the crashing problem but on the app store I don't see an update...Only the purchase
  7. fervrdesign

    Mac Update Problem

    I'm running 1.4.2 on Mac OS 10.9.5. Designer keeps triggering the app store update but fails to update. Is there a way to turn this off? It's driving me crazy. Thanks!
  8. I am currently testing Affinity Photo and I want to buy AP via App Store. I read the release notes for Affinity Photo 1.5 and there will be things available which I miss in the current version. When will Affinity Photo be released and will the update be free of Charge? J.S.
  9. I work on two computers at various times. I noticed that on one computer the version of Affinity Photo that I just installed for first time is 1.4.2, while on the other computer w. an older installation the version is 1.4.1. Does AP update automatically or do I have to do it manually? Thanks.
  10. Hi, Could you please check how the update was sent to the App Store? I use the Swiss one, and I have yet to see any updated version. Judging by the thread in the "News" section it appears I'm far from the only one so it may be worth checking with Apple what's going on. Cheers!
  11. Any chance there is an update coming out soon, since there hasn't been one in several months. Hoping some issues get resolved.
  12. Hi, I'm a new guy from Belgium on this forum and my English should be upgraded... -It seems that we can't write a VERTICAL text ! -any hope to merge a shape (or a text) to an other shape (or a bigger text for example): It's very usefull in Adobe Illustrator. -to brush with a symbol -a spray tool with brushes or symbols -to transform a shape with some tools like contract, expand or spiral... -to write a text along a shape of an image -to take measurements of walls, windows for ex. -3D revolution and how can we push an image in a shape like a rectangular? I suppose it' very easy but if somebody could help me, I should be very happy. :) About all these suggestions... maybe before Christmas (2016/18) ? :rolleyes: Best regards.
  13. Hi, as soon as I update my AffinityDesigner app and opened my copy of Affinity Photo, I noticed that the full Grid has disappeared (background grid). That by the way was very useful for both of the Affinity apps. And I didn't manage to find an option on the menu to enable the feature. I hope you could reconsider this option for the next update.
  14. --------------------------------------------- [edit] This thread was originally about 1.4 updates in December 2015. The team have now also released 1.4.1 updates on Jan 20th 2016, incremental patches to squash some bugs—visit your App Store to update now! Read a little more about 1.4.1 updates. [/edit] --------------------------------------------- Hi all As many of you will know after seeing numerous beta versions over the last few months, our dev team have been working very hard and we're delighted to share the fruit of their labour with everyone! Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo both have new 1.4 updates available now in the Mac App Store, free to existing customers! And to celebrate these updates, both apps are now on a 20% discount offer to entice new customers, bringing the normal price of US$49.99/€49.99/£39.99 down to US$39.99/€39.99/£29.99 for one week, ending December 15th. Here's a little taste of what's new in both apps... Full support for DCI-P3 extended gamut iMac displays Pro printing including PDF/X and Pantone support Custom keyboard shortcuts More languages And a look at what's in Affinity Photo: Six extensions for Apple Photos on El Capitan Pro image stitching in new Panorama persona Live image stacks And Affinity Designer: Artboards! Custom rotation centre We've packed in plenty more too, more than some devs would add in paid upgrades :) There is also improved PSD compatibility, updated RAW support, improved typography, Split Screen on El Cap, workflow and performance improvements—all across both apps. Visit your Mac App Store update page to get your hands on the good stuff and see what else has been added in the 1.4.1 incremental updates. As always there is useful info on the Mac App Store pages for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo and you can check out the overview videos on our blog. Thanks guys, you've knocked it out the park yet again! Thanks for reading, Dale.
  15. Phil Schiller is now leading the MAS http://www.theverge.com/2015/12/17/10412204/apple-phil-schiller-now-leads-app-store Sketch has just left the MAS and maybe they´ll change something now....
  16. Im sure you will have a day of questions like this, so sorry here goes... Bleed: On setting up a new Document there are no bleed settings until after you create a your first artboard, which you have to add by editing Document setup, but then after adding I cant see the bleed guides? am I missing something? Artboards: When working up logos I usually start with about 12 artboards. In the Affinity update I had to create more artboards using the layer pallet (which is a very brilliant way of working artboards) but is there a way of setting these (and bleed) on the new Document panel? Cheeky addition: Also as a nice possible addition, when setting bleed in Adobe products if you input 3mm into the first box, tabbing down duplicates the number so the user doesn't have to type 3mm in each of the 4 boxes
  17. (The FAQs text is out of date or it might have provided answers to these questions.) Is there a licence agreement on the Website? I didn't see one. If I purchase Affinity Photo, can I install it on two different computers, not used at the same time? For how long will free updates and upgrades be provided? Yes, it's cheaper to buy Affinity Photo than to subscribe to Adobe Photoshop CC for a year, but if users had to pay for say annual upgrades then the comparison changes. Rodney
  18. I have a few copies of a shape I drew, Is it possible to edit my original shape (or any of its copies) and make all other copies update with that change?
  19. This should work in both Designer and Photo. When you click on a layer to have the layers panel scroll to, and highlight, the selected layer. It's very inconvenient to scroll up and down looking for the object you've selected especially with more complex documents.
  20. Hey Affinity, Is there an approximate ETA for the next Designer update? I'm chomping at the bit for the features currently in the beta, but I don't want to mess with the beta's no-file-compatibility for later. thanks in advance, - pbass
  21. When I resize a, say, rectangle, I can look at the Transform-palette and see the values change as I move my mouse. It would be nice if I could have the same with the crop tool. Currently, when I crop an image, the values in the Transform palette are updated, but I have to let go of the mouse button first. They don't change as I move the boundaries of the cropped area.
  22. 1. Hitting Tab key after updating the Size field in the Tool's option bar across the top of the window does not update the selected text. The image included shows selected text at 12 points AFTER I hit Tab 2. Additionally, if I hit Shift Tab to go to previous interface Field, AD ignores this request (Shift Tab is used by AD for Show All interface, which ideally should ALSO be Tab key, it just toggles interface on and off. 3. Also, the next field becomes highlighted, and if you press the Space Bar to activate the pop-up menu (I have this set up in System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts -> All Controls), AD replaces my selected text in the document with a Space character...
  23. I was just thinking, it might be useful when you have a "Beta update" to tell us what was included in the update. This would allow us to know, and if wanted, to go back and test these bug fixes. And if you added something new, we can test that.