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Found 5 results

  1. Background I created a 48 page document with a mix of text style, large raster graphics (1-5 MB photos), and vector graphics and two master styles, one for the cover exterior and another for the interior pages. ANSI Letter 5.5 x 8.5 pages in 11 x 8 spreads. I use a second, raster version of each full-spread photo that is blurred and saved to JPEG format. I overlay it to improve contrast. I used the default "prefers embedded files" setting. Attempts to Fix Issue Recreated document from scratch but selected prefer to link to file (much like how I use InDesign), rather than embedded. File size wasn't that different, which surprised me (43 MB for linked vs 47 MB for embedded) Crash still occurs when saving and attempting to reopen the file, throwing this reference: cb9c24ca-1885-41dc-9901-a1bc033de38a Crash occurs before any pages or graphics can load. Further Testing It appears that this is a known issue with raster graphics on Master Spread pages. I recreated the document without graphics on master spreads and it saved and loaded just fine.
  2. Hello, It's been the second time that the following error description was shown after I tried to open my file. The first time I simply began the project again, but since the second file produced the same error, I think it's a bug. To give you some context: I was working on a newspaper we had to do for a school French project. I'm working on Windows 10 (64). The error was shown, wenn I restarted the Computer after some hours and tried to continue working on the project. I saved the file on an external hard disk. I wasn't able to find a logfile so I just copied the error warning. EDIT: I uploaded the second file that isn't working and a PDF I created of my first file. Do you have any idea what could be wrong? Or is this a bug that has nothing to do with my computer or project but with the application? Thank you for your support. Greetings, Touuubie Zeitung.afpub Zeitung.pdf
  3. Having left Designer running in the background for quite some time while I was browsing, I got an alert telling me that it had stopped working. When I relaunched it about half an hour later, I expected it to send an crash report, but it didn't. When the program finished reloading the three documents I had had open, I drew a rectangle on one of them. I clicked on the eyedropper to choose another fill colour and the program crashed with an Unhandled Exception error, notifying me that it would send a crash report on relaunch. I duly relaunched it, but once again no crash report was sent. I followed the same steps as before, and again got a crash when I clicked on the eyedropper (together with another notification that it would send a crash report on relaunch). I've attached the three crash reports that I found in my '%AppData%\Affinity\Designer\1.0 (Beta)\CrashReports' folder. fd12605a-49ff-4a15-bb60-92196249c569.dmp 7eff9114-ac20-4bd4-afff-3b52bc537103.dmp 7a1c304c-0674-4a23-b5d7-af4de79da572.dmp
  4. I'm an AD newbie (and loving it so far) but I had my first beta crash today :) I had closed Designer with the help page open and when I tried to run Designer again, it crashed with this message: An Unhandled Exception has occurred. Code: 0x80070079 It happened a couple of times before I spotted the help window was still open and closed it. It loaded fine after I closed help and then started Designer. I'm not having trouble making it crash if I do the above, so hopefully it's an easy bug to squish.
  5. I am getting the Unhandled Exception error in Affinity, and then I get the Affinity Has Stopped Working window.
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