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Found 7 results

  1. hello, i'm new user, who trying editing svg file's. i was search a tutor on youtube about ungroup svg file in affinity designer, but isn't work, because feature like editing document or paste special, is doesn't appear, cant u help me guys, to fix the problem, thanks . by the way my affinity version v 1.10.4.... (newest version) windows.
  2. How do I ungroup layers in Publisher? I have a newsletter and I have a textbox for the article title/author and another for the main article text. I somehow have managed to get the article textbox as a layer within the title textbox. I want to be able to move these two textboxes independently. I have tried the recommended procedures to Ungroup in the Help file but: I cannot see any option to Ungroup in the Context Toolbar. In the Layer menu, the Ungroup option is greyed-out. (I cannot screengrab this.) John
  3. Hi, to all. Affinity Designer does not know how to ungroup SVG files. Yet it is one of the most widespread vector formats, and the only one available on Wikipedia. This means that you have to go through InkScape to be able to paste the unbundled image at the lowest level in Affinity Designer (Ungroup All)! See this example of SVG file on which you have to ungroup several times in InScape to finally reach the fully ungrouped level. As for Affinity Designer, it does not even see that the image is grouped! Map_of_the_administrative_divisions_of_Turkey.svg
  4. Hi. New on AD. I opened a few times, but still trying to find my way (too long on AI). I exported a 2D drawing from Rhino as a PDF (since AI is not supported). I would like to assign different thicknesses to some of the lines of my drawing. The drawing lines are not joined in Rhino. When I open the PDF in AD the sketch looks to be all merged (using black arrow). Using the white arrow I just have too many nodes in every line to select them one by one, not even sure if this is the way. I would like to ask for help in this matter. Kind regards ,
  5. 1. Create a group of several layers of any kind 2. Add a mask layer to the group 3. Ungroup the layers 4. The mask layer has been deleted This only happens to mask layers subsequently added to existing groups. Mask layers that exist before creating the group are not being removed when ungrouping the layers. AP
  6. Good evening! I try to get used to Affinity Designer and now have a problem to work with nodes from an SVG file. I have a file that gets loaded asa single layer object. I now want to select some nodes and group them as new object or to cut them with ctrl + x but it always cuts the whole big object, not only the selected nodes. I can delete selected nodes. There is the "Divide" tool, that does get most parts separated into own objects, but sometimes has problems with thin lines like with my shield, it makes big filled objects instead of thin lines. Maybe someone can tell me how I can get own objects out of closed nodes? Problem this shield: gets divided to full black objects: HTML5-SVG-SingleObject.svg shild.svg
  7. Hi I've just started learning Affinity and am loving it… I was a big Freehand fan and never got on with the other one. My question is this: I grouped a whole image in order to scale it up a little. When I ungrouped, I discovered all the objects were on one layer! Apart from being more organised at set up, is there a way round this? Alan
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