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Found 49 results

  1. Hello. I just purchased Affinity for both my Mac and iPad. While trying to learn the program on my Mac, I encountered two problems... 1) I cannot undo certain things. Example: if I click on a Style to see how it looks, there's no way to undo the effect. It's baked into that layer permanently. I encountered this issue during a free trial of Affinity and it was my #1 reason for not buying it originally. Surely I'm overlooking something?? 2) I applied one of the default Styles (Rainbow)...and while trying to figure out how to undo it, I accidentally deleted the Style altogether. How can I get it back? Thank you for your help! -E.T. Craven
  2. Hi Affinity team, just a small bug in the Tone mapping persona on v. Trial (Win): If (after importing a HDR image and switching to the Tone mapping persona) you set the brightness to, lets say, 25, then undo this (Ctrl+Z or via the protocol bar) and then redo the step, the slider will show "-25" (instead of 25), although the image appears correct. Affinity will always negate the selected brightness value after undo/redo. Seems this is the only affected slider. It doesn't do this in the Develop persona either. Matthias.
  3. Version, and the Unhandled Exception hitting UNDO after aplying the Transparency Tool to a Rastered layer, still not fixed. I've come testing every beta and full release of both programs, posted this bug many times, still ignoring me. Some would say "Then why you apply Transparency Tool to a rastered layer if you know it's not allowed?" Well, you need to looks at this from an usage and habit point of view. You will be sometimes working with rastered layers and sometimes with normal/editable/vector layers, so if you are working on an art for a client, and you are under pressure, and you apply transparency tool on a rastered layer, believing it's a vector one, bam then you notice it's rastered, and you hit UNDO to "undo" the steps and bam, Unhandled Exception. I'm programmer/developer, I program in Actionscript 3.0, Javascript/HTML5, Python, C# , PHP and Ruby, I know the hard work behind, but come one, an Unhandled Exception? A good programmer should always handle all the exceptions, errors and events. And it's getting annoying because the program just crashes. I don't lose my hopes that this will be fixed finally.
  4. Hi, there is a bug in the undo functionality. I can 100% reproduce a bug (also a screening - but both are confidential so that I did not attach it) in the undo functionality of changing a global color. 1. I open my project 2. go into a global color and change it (the results can be seen in the objects) and there will be history steps created for these modifications BUT if I use CMD+Z to go back so that there will be no more history step - the global color is not reseted to it's initial state. It still has the color of my first modification. Cheers, Stefan
  5. This is a request for an "Undo Break" option (to remove page, line, and other breaks from text). I have searched high and low and cannot find a way to remove a Page Break from my text formatting without undoing all the formatting (I have color, italics, bold, etc. within my text that I do not want to lose to remove this page break that keeps moving my text to the wrong page when I attempt to overlay an image (no, it's not a text wrap issue). Please help by upgrading the software to include an option to remove page, line or other text breaks without having to alter any of the other formatting within a given area of text. Thank you!
  6. Bonjour de France :), J'ai Affinity Designer version sur Windows 7 Pro Service Pack 1 (64 bits). Mon pc est un Lenovo W510 Intel Core I7 M620 2.67GHz avec 8Go de Ram (année 2008). J'essayais les outils et j'étais avec l'outil plume. Après plusieurs manipulations, quand j'ai voulu tout annuler d'un coup dans l'onglet Historique avec Position, AD a crashé : 1re image (AffinityDesigner_crash_07022017.JPG), vous pouvez voir le fichier log derrière le message d'erreur. Je l'ai relancé, retenté la manipulation puis il a crashé de nouveau avec un nouveau message, 2nd image (AffinityDesigner_crash2_07022017.JPG). J'ai eu une fenêtre de récupération qui a marché 2 fois mais la 3e fois, j'ai cela, 3e image (AffinityDesigner_crash3_07022017.JPG) : " Abandon - Au moins un fichier est actuellement ouvert. Veuillez attendre la fin du chargement avant de quitter l'application. " Quand je clique sur OK, rien ne se passe, aucune image n'apparait et quand j'essaye de fermer AD, j'ai de nouveau ce message (AffinityDesigner_crash3_07022017.JPG). Je vais devoir arrêter le processus dans le gestionnaire des taches. J'espère que quelqu'un trouvera une solution. Merci pour ce super logiciel. Ciao ;) David alias edspeedy. Hello from France :), First, sorry for the English, it's the Google translate (a bit corrected) :D . I have Affinity Designer version on Windows 7 Pro Service Pack 1 (64 bit). My PC is a Lenovo W510 Intel Core I7 M620 2.67GHz with 8GB of Ram (year 2008). I was trying the tools and I was with the pen tool. After several manipulations, when I wanted to undo all at once in the History tab with Position, AD crashed: 1st image (AffinityDesigner_crash_07022017.JPG), you can see the log file behind the error message. I restarted it, retried the manipulation and then it crashed again with a new message, 2nd image (AffinityDesigner_crash2_07022017.JPG). I had a recovery window that worked 2 times but the 3rd time, I have this, 3rd image (AffinityDesigner_crash3_07022017.JPG): " Abort - At least one file is currently open. Please wait until loading is completed before exiting the application. " When I click OK, nothing happens, no image appears and when I try to close AD, I have this message again (AffinityDesigner_crash3_07022017.JPG). I will have to stop the process in the task manager. I hope someone will find a solution. Thanks for this great software. Ciao ;) David aka edspeedy.
  7. graphissste

    Undo Button

    Hello I am really enjoying drawing and pixel painting on my Tablet. I have a Assus and remove my keyboard so that I can draw or paint more freely. I know this product is not meant for tablets, but it does perform wonderfully. My only problem is that to Undo, I must enter the File Menu each time. A undo or even the option to personalize the menu bar and add such a button would be great. I think PC/Tablets hybrids will become more popular especially among artist and designers. Who can afford a Wacom Tablet these days. My cheap Assus Tablet runs Affinity wonderfully, except for a undo button. Thanks for a wonderful product.
  8. Hi all, use the brush tool and create several curves (paths). When using Undo (Cmd+z) and normally you should be able to continue straight forward. Most of the times you can go on using the brush tool. But sometimes it switches to curve points (although the brush tool is active) which prevents from painting. Maybe it has to do with the speed of using CMD-Z or that I am using a Wacom Intuos PT S. One of the cheaper "beginner" tablets, but with touch-functionality of the tablet. And when using it, the hell of the hand is laying on it. I can't really say. Thanks, Stefan.
  9. Hi, i tried using the undo brush tool. I made that on a tiff with two layers. Background is a B&W Conversion flattened above is one curve layer taking some adjustments. I thought i can use it with different blendmodes blending together with the underlying layer or the last snapshot. Now, surprise surprise ... if i use the brush , the strokes bring back the COLOR information... I do not know why this is possible because i have no color information in any of the layers -> everything is converted in B&W. What do i or cannot understand ? Any suggestions ? Thank you for some answers !
  10. The crash can be 100% reproduced on my computer. The file is attached. step 1: delete the btn symbol step 2: ctrl+z twice to undo "delete" and "set current selection" then AD crashes. Windows 7 64 bit crash symbols.afdesign
  11. I've been using the Affinity Designer. However, I still find myself missing some of the straightforward options in DrawPlus. First, I think an Undo button at the top would be nice instead of having to go to Edit on the menu bar. Second, I like the Color section. What I miss is the simplified Publication pallet for quick colors. That being said, I think this Affinity Designer is a great product. My comments were geared to the many DrawPlus users who will eventually have to make a switch. It seems like a lot of that program is in this new Designer. The color selections alone are very impressive. Where would I find information on how to use the layer functions in Affinity Designer?
  12. You can try these steps from my file 1. On 'TEST_THIS' layer(the purple one), release some constraint. The NavBar will be extended and the purple will be lost from screen. 2. Try to undo it (Cmd+Z). You will see that it cannot. Cheers. test_constraint.afdesign
  13. Affinity Designer 1.5.1 Steps: 1. Select an object. 2. Hold Option key and drag the object to create a duplicate. 3. Choose the Undo command (or Cmd-Z). 4. The duplicate object appears to delete, but it has really just moved back to the same location as the original. Bug: The duplicate operation is not undone. The duplicate object still exists, and worse, it's not even obvious that it's still there, because it's directly on top of the original. Expected Behavior: The duplicate object should be removed when choosing Undo after making a duplicate. As a software engineer myself, I'm guessing that Designer is pushing two separate commands to the history stack: Duplicate Object (in place) and Move Object. Then the Undo command undoes them separately, one at a time. Those commands should be grouped as one on the history stack, since from the user's point of view, the Option-Drag gesture to duplicate is a single operation, not two separate parts.
  14. Hello--I'm just learning to use Affinity Designer and Astropad and the Apple Pencil. Has anyone experienced AD making a tinkling rejection sound when trying to undo or activate certain actions with the large circle on Astropad? I can use the side tool bar on Astro to zoom in and out but cannot get it to undo. It's tedious going back to the keyboard to command z, and Astropad doesn't capture/show my very top Mac tool bar that has "edit" so I can't undo that way. Thanks for any thoughts, advice.
  15. OK so I just duplicate something by holding option and drag it to somewhere, no problem so far. But when I want to undo this, I need to cmd + z "2 times" in order to 1. move back the duplicated one to the original position (A "transform" record in History) AND 2. Delete the duplicated one (A "duplicate" record in History). This is NOT A BUG literally, but it's a little bit annoying and counterintuitive. Because, to me personally, I tend to subconsciously think "holding option and drag" as "one step", but it takes "two steps" to undo. Hmmm... so weird. I'm not sure if anyone has the same feeling :( or if I missed something please let me know :) :) :) (I think Adobe illustrator does better in this case though)
  16. Misplaced objects after rotating page (unticking portrait option) including: —phantom second highlighted object —misplaced objects —unexpected undo behaviour see video: http://cl.ly/3a0F1s1m271b Happens using: 1.4.2 beta 3 1.4.1
  17. First off, this is not a bug in that the application is *wrong*, simply that IMHO it doesn't meet the users expectation and can lead to "bad files' with lots of duplicate objects, etc. In Affinity Designer if you drag to copy either by `alt` or `command` + click and drag, the object you selected will be copied in to the place you have moved it to. However, if you then do `command` + `z` or Undo, the action of moving the object is undone, but the act of copying is not. There is now 2 identical objects overlaying each other, and theres no good way to tell. This can lead to lots of sneaky duplicate objects all over the place. Again, this is opinion but I think undo should effect both actions, the move action and the copy. Cheers!
  18. Hey folks, I've notice a weird behavior when using the app: Almost 50% of the time, when I need to undo an action (so z), I end up with the loupe tool selected. Looks like the cmd key is not taken in account. As I'm using this shortcut —a lot— in any other software and only have the problem on Affinity, I'm sure it's not an hardware problem with my keyboard or even with myself :) If I press the shortcut —slowly—, then it's works. Could the problem be linked to the fact I trigger the shortcut too rapidly for the app? Yeah, I'm a ninja :ph34r: :lol: But Affinity Designer IS a crazy fast app no? :wub:
  19. If you resize an image in AFP and then Undo it the result is a complete mess. See attached files. Image before resizing. Image after resize followed by undo. Fortunately I had just saved before resizing! :)
  20. Not sure I would put this in the bug section, but I feel that this isn't intended. When I was playing with the cog tool, and changed the parameters. inner radius, hole radius etc. I noticed that when I used the slider, the history state saved every change I made. For example if I used the slider to go from 0% to 100%, it would save every percentage in the history panel. 1%, 2%, 3% and so on. So When I want to undo that, I either have to press undo 100+ times, or drag the undo slider way back and eye ball it where it was. This is quite annoying. And I guess it has an impact on the computer memory as well.
  21. Undo / Redo should not work while in Export Sheet. The same occurs when in a Save or Save As sheet (dialog)
  22. One of the things that I love about Affinity Designer is the History palette. I always thought it was odd that Photoshop had a History Palette but Illustrator didn't. There is one thing that I think that could be added that would be useful (at least to me). In addition to the History palette, I think it would be useful if the "undo" command showed what it was going to undo. For example "Undo delete", as of now it only says "undo" but it doesn't say what action it is going to undo.
  23. Hi. A huge feature to have would be undo stack to be saved to affinity files. That way, we could work on projects as if we never left them. Additionally in fact, a full versionning system could be great, but if we also could - name some steps so that we can go back and forth in our edit history - freeze edits below a certain point (but still see what it looked like and copy elements from those steps) - export at some points in 'time' - have time and date for each edit This is to be able to cope with customers that cannot take decisions and be able to always get back on previous edits to show what it looked like at that moment. You could say that i should save each and every results, but you never know in advance what you will need and that is 1: a huge disk and time loss to organise it and 2: not an absolute way of ensuring that you always be able to sort things out. You cannot save everything manually.
  24. Hi, When I have the gradient panel open, then delete a color, then hit ctrl+z to undo, the color remains gone from the panel (though it returns to the object with the gradient). Thanks.

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