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Found 376 results

  1. I've noticed that Affinity Designer sometimes slows down drastically when I'm using a stylus. I'm not talking about drawing in particular; interacting with the UI is even worse. Simple things like locking a layer or selecting a color sometimes take several seconds. Everything suddenly performs as expected when I use the trackpad instead.
  2. Promising program, so far... While the BRUSH tool is selected, the user is presented with that bottom adjustments palette (width, opacity, etc.). Why, oh, why is the STABILIZATION hidden by a right arrow? Why can I not get to that setting right there where everything else is? There's room, for crying out loud. As it stands now, it is awkward. Hope I wasn't too harsh. Cheers, gang.
  3. This starts to drive me crazy and i don't know how to solve this «Problem». The Tab Key is acting very strange and inconsistent when i want to use it to jump from input to input in the UI. Let's say i want to make something white in RGB. In EVERY other Software this would be 255 -> tab -> 255 -> tab -> 255 Sometimes in AD it works like 255 -> tab -> tab -> 255 -> tab -> tab -> 255, because, why on earth, the focus jumps to the slider... who adjusts the slider using the keyboard? And then there is the other behaviour when after the first Tab AD hides the Studio, or the other other behaviour that it jumps to the selected Textbox (for example when i just want to change the color of some words in a whole text) and adds a Tab to the text. This is really, really annoying and make me hate AD sometimes because i have to use the mouse to jump to the different inputs in Color Palette... Please fix that :mellow:
  4. Since a short time, the icons are no longer displayed correctly after the start of Designer and Photo.
  5. Sketch has a feature where you can test-retrieve a feed of data which can see values like text, numbers and images.Then you can connect or similarly name symbol fields to match the feed fields which allows you to them repeat a set of symbols (like a list) based on the values of a feed. I would love a way to takea feed of data and select a number of symbols to connect to the feed.
  6. I decided to create visual journal to keep things organized. Due to work, i won't be able to post regularly. But i will try to keep things organized here. You can check out my Dribbble account to see my work. I haven't started posting work on Dribbble using AD yet as i got the software for 2 days only. But i would soon. You can also checkout out my DeviantArt account where i upload the source file of the design if you are interested in downloading the files and examining.
  7. I’m trying to use the font Cooper Hewitt (available for free from here), but the styles are not displaying correctly in the drop down menu. There should be: Bold, Bold Italic, Book, Book Italic, Heavy, Heavy Italic, Light, Light Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Semibold, Semibold Italic, Thin, Thin Italic But I’m seeing: Thin Italic, Bold, Bold, Thin Italic, Book, Bold, Bold, Thin Italic, Thin Italic, Book, Bold, Bold, Bold, Thin Italic Hm, I’ve just checked in Illustrator, and it’s only showing: Thin, Thin Italic, Book, Semibold Italic, Bold So perhaps it’s a problem with the font? That was the .otf, which the site lists as being “best for OSX” (I’m on Windows). There don’t seem to be any problems with the .ttf, which is listed as being “Windows-compatible version, limited to 4 weights”. I thought .otf was cross-platform, and I’ve used plenty others with no problems, so even with these descriptions I’m surprised to be having these problems.
  8. Hi affinity team, just want to report a wrong German translation of the word "translation" in the "New HDR merge" dialog. I don't think you mean translating the image to a different language here, but rather you mean "verschieben" in the sense of "shift". Found in Affinity Photo Trial. Matthias.
  9. With the amount of awesome brushes being created for the community, it is becoming clear that the need to organize and separate out favourite brushes is the logical next step. Not sure how best to do this, and maybe just concentrating on the brushes panel for now, as opposed to an "app wide" solution might be the way to go. A simple "save as favourite" system would be a good start, eventually with the ability to move, group and reorganize in one panel or even multiple panels or panel sub structure for various workflows - texturing, blocking, detailing, dots etc....?
  10. Hey there, I'm wondering if there are any tutorials specifically for putting the website design together and making it work. Is it simply html coded after designing a webpage in AD? For instance, how would you make functioning buttons and links from it? I don't mind the html part, I just need to know if the UI kit includes that type of option to make the buttons I create do something. If there's nothing AD can do for that, how are people creating mobile/web interfaces with their AD designs? Second question, are there any tutorials on how to make keyboards with the UI kit for mobile? Just keyboard skins. I've already viewed Affinity's tutorials on the UI kit, they don't answer these questions for me. Thank you~
  11. Collapsible palette functionality that reduces the palettes into an icon. This would allow more screen real estate when working on designs. Clicking the palette's icon should restore that palette as a fly-out with the others remaining collapsed. Similar implementation to Adobe Photoshop / Illustrator (shown below). Also mentioned here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/16282-cvollapsible-palettes-export-preview-actions-glyphs/?p=73830
  12. Hello, I'm just starting out with Affinity (AI user), and i found some User Interface incosinstencies. One of them is checkbox and radio button behaviour: Case Example - Pen tool Some button groups Mode, behave like radio buttons - you can select only one of many, and one of them always has to be selected. Other button groups, like Snap, behave more like checkboxes, you can select many, you can select none. It would be great, if user interface would distinguish it. There are obviously no standard "web" form elements in main UI, but there are some ways to distinguish it - for example rounding corners of multiselect that is just "select one only" type.
  13. Just a feedback, guys. Paragraph panel is a total mess: 1. What happened to paragraph leading dropdawn button (see screenshot)? 2. Paragraph icons are inconsistent. "Space after paragraph" icon has an indent and others don't. This just makes no sense. 3. The spacing is very bad. Icons should be visually closer to the corresponding input boxes 4. UI elements are misaligned 5. Icons are not sharp. Yeah, they should look good on retina screens, but on a basic monitor they are ugly. I don't want to fix only these mentioned issues, I think, that UI should be looked at and redesigned. The paragraph panel is a good and very important example, because we use it very often and it should look solid. For now it's hard to understand how to use it and you need to spend a lot of time to get familiar with the options, even that all of these options you've already seen in other application.
  14. First I want to say that you guys are literally the only ones who have made the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro useful. Seriously, it's great execution on having appropriate adjustments and functions on the bar. Most app devs treat the bar like an after-thought and, if implemented appropriately (which it almost never is), it's quite useful. Something I'd love to see implemented is a more robust Touch Bar for the character menu. Currently there are only the three bold, italic, and underline options, all of which often aren't applicable for most fonts. I can imagine having things like tracking, leading, and font size dials available, perhaps with a few options like all-caps or small-caps. And while I wouldn't want the actual font-picker menu on the touch bar (way too much swiping), having a picker for font variations within a family would certainly be valuable (slightly less swiping). I can even imagine seeing ligature or Open-Type variants pop up when highlighting specific characters.
  15. Hi, Affinity Designer developers! Product is positioned as a cool tool for UI design (but we spent time and fell into the trap). I used the editor to design the UI of my game. Now I have a problem. https://monosnap.com/file/QWfuKVh1qCUWruBGFMTaUD8QYOkdIJ · I can't think of how to transfer assets to developer (and he can easy work with them as objects) · I can't make simple animations for UI (buttons, animations, progress bar, animation, text) Please, tell me how you solve these problems in your projects. What is your workflow/pipeline with flash developers? Do I have to redraw all with Animate CC?
  16. Hi, when I have AD in brush mode it becomes problematic to use the scroll bars for moving around the image. The pointer remains in brush mode when I leave the design window to operate the scroll bar instead of changing back to the usual mouse arrow - as a matter of fact, it only reverts to the expected mouse pointer BEYOND the point where you'd be able to use it for scrolling (grrrr). The behaviour is consistent - as soon as the mouse pointer is again able to move a scroll bar it changes back into a brush. I can't take a screenshot of it as the brush disappears as soon as I touch a function key..
  17. Hi, Affinity Designer developers! Product is positioned as a cool tool for UI design (but we spent time and fell into the trap). I used the editor to design the UI of my game. Now I have a problem. https://monosnap.com/file/QWfuKVh1qCUWruBGFMTaUD8QYOkdIJ · I can't think of how to transfer assets to developer (and he can easy work with them as objects) · I can't make simple animations for UI (buttons, animations, progress bar, animation, text) Please, tell me how you solve these problems in your projects. What is your workflow/pipeline with flash developers?
  18. So, I have bought and downloaded Affinity Designer and installed it (of course). I have also downloaded the free UI-Kit included with the purchase. How do I now open or utilize it (the UI-Kit)? I have tried doing so with Affinity but received the notification that these aren't Affinity files. Help, please. :)
  19. A simple one from me - not found it anywhere else so apologies if it's a duplicate. I tend to prefer all panels - minus the tools - swept over to the right hand side of the workspace. I'd love to see the (already pretty flexible) Studio system allow for double-stacked columns of panels on the right, rather than just a left/right/floating option. Thanks!
  20. The black and nearly black backgrounds of Affinity Photo windows, toolbars and palettes entirely distract me and I'm sure Serif knows that reading white type reversed out of black background is a strain. How do I change the UI preferences to display white or light backgrounds?
  21. Hi I hope I'll explain my problem well. I am trying to use Affinity Designer as my new UX tool for wireframes and mockups, and so far so good. But there is a little something that is irritating. Every time I want to center some text inside like a circle or a square, it is never truely centered. My snapping tools are on. but still even if I put my text on the red and green line, the text is always a little off. I saw that every text got a little space between his bottom and the bottom of the selection box. So I think it is because of that, I am looking in the transform text dialogue box to see if I can do something... but no good conclusion. What should I do? Thank You
  22. When “Resample” is deselected and you enter your desired DPI, the displayed pixel dimensions change as if you were going to resample. For example, if the image is 200 x 300 at a resolution of 150 dpi, and you enter a resolution of 300 dpi, the pixel dimensions will display as 400 x 600, when they shouldn't change at all. The actual resize operation happens correctly.
  23. Don't know if this is a bug but I searched the forums and only relevant topics were about the ui looking too small. I am facing a reverse situation where the UI is looking too big (compared to the screenshots). I'm working on a 15-inch laptop with a 1920x 1080 resolution. I have similar issues with adobe applications and chrome but a few of them have workarounds using environmental variables and command line switches. Is anyone else facing the same issue? Do we have any workaround for this case?
  24. How can I preview the APP UI on mobile phone? I use windows ,and I have iPhone and an android phone.
  25. Hi guys, I'm trying to use Affinity for digital painting. When painting in Affinity I keep accidentally switching between the pixel tool, the color replacement brush tool and the desired paint brush tool (because all of them under pressing "B" on the keyboard). Is there a way to change it? Maybe edit the tools panel so I can leave only the paint brush tool (I don't use the other brushes) or maybe pressing Shift+B to switch between the other tools? Many thanks! -Ziv
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