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Found 375 results

  1. New Nokia 6 Mockup vector Illustration . AffinityDesigner https://goo.gl/0YlLFt Visit the Behance link to view full design . Dont forget to click appreciate button https://goo.gl/0YlLFt
  2. Hello You guys doing awesome. My suggestion is, add a basic animation timeline/some video editing option . So that UX UI designer use it for their portfolio and also for other purpose . You can start with some basic . I dont know is there any 3d text effect already or not . But only 3d text is very basic . And a 3d model support with live paint and texture will be awesome . Thanks
  3. Hi, I saw a topic posted on beta about bugged user inteface font and wanted to let you know that problem still persist. It seems that bug exists only when using an external monitor. The problem is the same in Photo and Designer. Specs: Intel Core i7-6700HQ 2.60 GHz 8 GB RAM nVidia GeForce 970 GTX (Intel HD card disabled) Windows 10 64-bit Screenshot for proof:
  4. This was reported ages ago but is worth reporting again as it is a big issue - especially if you're using multiple monitors. Surprised this issue made it out of Beta! Original report. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/21852-saving-default-layouts-and-tool-settings/?p=102351 Panels do not save there position correctly. Sometimes they revert completely, other times only a few of the panels will revert their position.
  5. Hey Serif, is there (in aff designer) an option to minimize the studio panel tools to single icons as its implemented in PS? I work often on my 15" inch laptop with fullhd and i have lack of place here because the studio has its own minimal width and cannot be minimized. Viewport is much better in PS thanks this and i will appreciate this feature in designer too, because i actually replaced PS by your sexy software :) Thanks. Sorry for possible topic duplicate - i couldn't read every feature request here. Tom
  6. Hello! I encountered this during a stitch of a relatively large panorama yesterday. I'd assume it's just a glitch somewhere in a statistics calc, but my inner mathematician is twitching from seeing an efficiency over 100%. You can view it in the bottom right corner of the attached image. I also couldn't find much info in the help files about these stats (Memory Pressure/Efficiency) in the help file, and most of the google search results seem specific to OSX. Is there a good explanation available somewhere for them? Thanks! Pete
  7. I love Affinity Designer and I'm really pleased that both Designer and Photo are starting to provide stiff competition to Adobe. In my many years I've used a range of tools .. from xfig (!) .. through to CorelDraw! ... Inkscape .. Google Drawing ... Adobe Illustrator ... Gimp .. Lightzone ... Photoshop ... etc etc I think Designer's UI works well. Some bits need a new way of working and thinking but once you've invested in the effort to overcome them .. you can see the reason why it is a better way. BUT I don't have the same feelings with Affinity Photo .. the UX is overcomplicated .. too much of the screen is taken by the pre-set tools which also seem to behave in counter-intuitive ways .. They also hang around with the last used settings (which may have been regretted experiments) .. and it isn't clear how to undo them or re-layer them in the stack of applied filters ... Inconsistencies also around where to locate filters .. some are in the fliers menu .. others in the 'apply layer' .. Has user research and testing been done with the Photo UI? I would love the next Affinity Photo (2.x?) to have a redesigned UI ... I would pay again for that .. Am I the only one who dislikes the Photo UI and UX .. despite putting some effort in?
  8. Is there a way to see how big a file is in memory to see why AP is becoming Beachballhalla? In the info panel I only see Memory pressure which I assume denotes read/write velocity and Memory efficiency which I have no idea what it means. Especially since it displays as over 3k% which is interesting given what per cent means. I haven't found a way yet to display the internal memory use. I can sort of guess it with iStat menus and TOP but that's the whole app, not just my file. I can't optimise the app but I can optimise the file for performance once I know what's causing what to bloat.
  9. so I've realized that some UI issues that cause this annoying behavior (see attached screen recording clip) **update: youtube link here - https://youtu.be/o2BGzG78vTQ 1. first off, when your cursor hovers over a font item, not only does the selected text instantly previews the font, but the font also simultaneously gets added to the top of the item list. 2. each item in the font menu has a different height, so as you move your cursor between fonts to preview them, a new font may have a different height than the one it just replaced at the top, the menu then gets moved up/down, depending on the height difference 3. as the menu moves up/down, your cursor may end up sitting on a different font than the one you were trying to preview, which causes the menu to swap out the font immediately and your cursor to sit on a different item... please don't automatically add the previewed font to the used fonts section on the top of the menu. I think this would fix this issue. Thank you AFD-menu-jiggle.mov
  10. In AD, when exporting through the Export persona, the replace dialogue is quite small and often causes horizontal scroll. Since the checkboxes are all on the right side (which I find strange since on the Preferences and generally, on the web and other apps, they are on the left) it's hard to be sure if you're activating and deactivating the right files, as some part of the path might be hidden outside the scroll. If this window could be resized and keep the resized size between exports and between documents this would be great.
  11. Greetings... Loving my Affinity Designer, for me, so much more intuitive than PSD. However, suddenly, my UI changed, and everything is gone, or floating. No side panels, no toolbars, nada. I found under the view menu a way to turn on floating tool bars, but this is not the usual default screen I have become accustom to. More weird, the Studio is mostly greyed out (see attached). What did I do? And how do I get my screen back? Thanks for any advice. :)
  12. When I'm in a numeric text field, holding down the Shift key as I tap the arrow keys should increase/decrease the value 10x. (At the moment this key combination acts to select the text before/after the insertion point, which, while standard behavior for text fields, is not the expected behavior for numeric input fields.)
  13. Hi, I have created a UI and I want to deliver to the Dev. team the exact positions and sizes of all components, aka graphic specifications... There are tools and addons that support this tedious task in PS. Is there a way to do it in AD? Thanks in advance...
  14. Hi, I am using affinity photo on windows and occasionally use pen input. I would appreciate the option to only draw with the pen, not by accidentally touching the screen with a single finger (or by palm rejection not working at that particular moment, or by simply forgetting what happens when you use a finger while drawing with a pen). If that option is enabled (maybe only when a brush is actually the current tool), a little button next to the pressure sensitivity button could enable/disable that behavior. And then, maybe finger input could automatically be something else, like moving and selecting objects. Best
  15. Hello, I have downloaded the iOS UI assets file that comes with AD which is a great showcase of restraints and a great resource, but at my company we design all UI at 1x and the iOS assets are in Retina scale. Scaling doesn't work properly on these assets so I thought I'd make my own collection of UI elements for iOS and Android. How should I save/export the file so that I can import it in the assets panel and use them in any projects? (BTW here's a nice article about the benefits of designing UI at 1x - https://medium.com/shyp-design/design-at-1x-its-a-fact-249c5b896536#.bhxum5ugk) Thanks, Fernando
  16. Hello everyone! I'd like to request a feature: When selecting View -> Toggle UI, all of the UI will be hidden, which can be really great. The only problem that I am running into sometimes: I don't know which tool I have currently selected. Could you please include an option to let the user show the tools window even when "Toogle UI" hides all the other UI? Or maybe even better: Just show the one icon of the tool that is currently selected. The confusion especially happens when you have to cycle through tools. For example, for the "Pixel tool", you have to press B twice for "Colour Replacement Brush Tool" three times and for "Smudge Brush Tool" four times. Personally, I run into this especially when I don't know which tool is currently selected. For example, the eraser (E) is selected, but I think the brush (B) is selected. Then, I press E to select the eraser. Then it doesn't select the eraser, but rather the background eraser. Best wishes, Shu
  17. I'd like to raise awareness to an issue that's bothering me (and apparently a few others) for over a month now. At first I hoped that my muscle-memory would get used to it; but a few hundred raw photos later, it's still as annoying as the first day. I'm referring to the way one can exit/quit/cancel development: it's very counter-intuitive. - It's totally understandable that one cannot proceed editing the image, if it hasn't been developed first. - It's also understandable that the adjustments in the develop persona, cannot be retained, unless the image gets developed. here are the quirks and some workarounds: - If develop persona were implemented as a modal, the Esc key should allow one to... escape. - If develop persona is not a modal and is a window/tab then Cmd+W and Cmd+Q should both allow you to close the document just like pressing the Cancel or X button (of the tab). The current message box when pressing Cmd+Q/W, is not meaningful: it's merely stating that you have to click elsewhere to cancel/close/quit. Why all the hoops and loops? This is particularly inconvenient when having dozens of develop personas open and you decide it's time to quit the application (or close them all). What could had been done with Cmd+Q is now mouse gymnastics! You have to close every develop persona individually, with the mouse, before you can quit the application. - The cancel button, and the X button, shouldn't act differently: As it is, the X button never asks for confirmation, whereas Cancel always does! - when you haven't made any adjustment in the develop persona, canceling should not ask for confirmation. It should be performed silently. - The confirmation should be rephrased. The yes no buttons are not very helpful. Yes, I want to cancel? Yes I understand? Yes I want the file saved? Yes I want it developed? If it were a rare occuring dialog, it would be okay to have and read all the text to know the meaning of Yes/No, but I see this dialog more often than I am asked to save a file, and I guess others too; so the buttons have to be as self-explanatory as possible; or the text as short as possible. eg. "Discard Changes?" Yes/No An example (not the most thought out apparently) follows - it shows two self-explanatory options: "Cancel & Discard" and "resume developing". It could had been "Discard Changes" and "do not discard" or it could even had been 3 buttons such as "Discard Changes", "resume"/"return" and "develop and Save as...", but you get my drift: it needs rephrasing. - Pressing the Esc key while the confirmation is displayed, should work (currently it does nothing). Hope this helps :) -Fotis Now that I got it out of the system,I have to say that I've started to really appreciating the Serif raw engine (and its speed) compared to other raw develop options!!!!
  18. I just purchased Affinity Designer 1.51 for Windows and ran the installer from the desktop and installation went fine. I launch the application and I'm presented with the Affinity Design Featured Work Screen and then choose New Document. The app opens with a blank art board and absolutely no UI or menus nothing. Help please. I've attached a screen shot so you can see exactly what's happening. Thank you!
  19. Hello, guys! The following questions are aimed just to pleasure my own curiosity, but you can as well see them as requests. 1. Are you guys planning on bringing some kind of UX prototyping directly in AD? Be it with AD's own tools or opening the program for plugins? I've had AD for a while now and I'm really happy with what it gives me and that raises the question "what next?". I've seen the roadmap on this forum, but I'm really wondering if some UI/UX prototyping is planned at all? Maybe a different persona, maybe a different app? 2. This maybe is something even bigger than UI/UX, but will there be any sort of cloud sync? By any means I know it can't be like CC, but something that syncs our assets like brushes, fonts, etc? As I said, I saw the roadmap and I know that these things aren't there, but the main question is are they considered for future additions? Bottom line - I'm really, really happy with AD. For the past few days I'm doing all of my work inside it and I'm not having any problems at all. Well, I still can't afford the luxury to delete Ps and Ai, mainly because of some work collaborations with people that use them, but if you keep up the good work and if AD continues to improve compatibility with Adobe apps, I can surely see myself buying Photo too and ditching all of the Adobe apps. I hope someone from the devs will give at least some partial info on this :) Have a great day, guys!
  20. Hi, i hear that you want to make some prototyping tool (link). It's great move and if it's will be as great as i hope, i will be jumping meter high with pure joy. I love your Designer and it's very helpful to me. But thinks like prototyping and wireframes is make my life much more easier. Unfortunately now i must thinking out how to make prototypes with only .png or .jpeg files, and it's not very nice think. And i'm not talking about that i can't install any third-party plugins for Designer like Quant-UX or Craft. These programs make my life much more satisfying. I'm very supporting you in this idea, and when this will be done, the Affinity designer will be unstoppable :) I have only few tips for you: 1) please make it more like Quant-UX, it's a great program for prototyping it has logic elements, build-in wireframe widgets, great screen grid with lines connections. (Only bad think is that i can't import my screens from Designer, only as .png) 2) layer animation, please make it, the Principle will be useless than. 3) Fixed header, fixed footer, very useful think 4) Own css, android or ios animations. Lot's of prototyping tools has only standard easing and when you want make some own animation or make material animations it is impossible to make it and than you are stuck because nobody want to see linear animations anymore. 5) Browser testing or live preview. This is indispensable. I want always see prototype in action and if i can't test on demand device it it's useful. The perfect solutions for this was on Pixate, only problem was, that they don't have browser testing, but they have developer tools like Chrome has. I don't want telling you what to do, you are professionals, but maybe will be these tips useful :) I'm really exited about this :D Thank you for your great work!
  21. For me one of the greatest UI updates from Photoshop lately has been the layers filters. Being able to search layers by name or to show only the text layers has been a great time saver for me since it has been introduced in Photoshop. Having something similar in Affinity Designer would help a lot. By the way, I would love to see 2 other options related to the layers panel : Always show the selected layer (removes the need to constantly use find in layers panel) ; Only show the current art-board (in case of multiple art-boards, only the layers of the current art-board are visible).
  22. yo guys my top bar is gone (the one where you can merge objects together and stuff like that. I tried view>studio>reset but doesnt work. anyone know how I might be able to fix this?
  23. The dark UI has one huge flaw where it's hard to tell at times whether something is active or not, such as the snapping tool. Sometimes I've had to click it a few times to see which is darker. Why not have it be something that's NOT gray or black? What about a subtle color to highlight or some other effect to show something is on or off? I should be able to glance at the magnet to know what the state is rather than stare at it or click it twice to check. Saw this suggested by others. The Light UI is nice but that doesn't solve the issue in the current theme.
  24. Ability to generate columns As a web designer, I need to set up grids really fast. Photoshop for instance adapted these guys' method - http://guideguide.me/- and even-though they haven't got it right yet, I still use it a lot. Ability to generate a Baseline As for baseline grids ( http://blog.invisionapp.com/design-snack-7-baseline-grids-in-web-ui-design/), I currently maken patterns in photoshop s described in this article. https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2011/11/establishing-your-grid-in-photoshop/. Generating this overlay and enabling snapping to the baseline like in indesign would be something unprecedented ( well maybe aside from a sketch plugin or two ) Generate the baseline and text styles with a modular scale http://www.modularscale.com/ seeing as the baseline is usually generated together with the text. A combination of these two doesn't seem so crazy i'd reckon. On a sidenote When watching the video ( https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/ui-design-software/ ) about the UI capabilities of this software I find the part about the guides a bit misleading in all honesty. Look at this beautiful grid, creating it however is a bit of hassle, but you can toggle the visibility... Don't get me wrong I'm happy with the product you are supplying, especially at this price, but this feels a tad like false advertisement.
  25. Right-clicking a macro in the Library panel and choosing "Edit Macro" doesn't do anything if there is no document open. I think it should either just work as expected if the object model permits that, or be disabled (which I don't find very intuitive because it gives no clue why), or display a corresponding message instead of just ignoring the click (which I would prefer). There are also some strange UI problems with the parameter popovers in the Macro panel when clicking the cogwheel. These don't seem to disappear reliably, and sometimes even show up more than once, especially if no options in the popover are clicked. Lastly, when dragging macros to reorder them, the target insertion highlight is drawn vertical and to the left of an existing row, instead of horizontally in-between rows. AppStore build 1.5.1 on OS X 10.9.5.
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