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Found 359 results

  1. I would find the ability to import and export swatch palettes incredibly valuable. Furthermore, the ability to re-arrange my swatches by drag and drop would be very useful when working with large palettes so I don't have to be mindful of the order I add them in. Finally, is it really necessary to ask the user Are You Sure you want to delete this? Especial;lily considering I've already had to tap and hold on a swatch, only to be presented with a menu which then asks me to pick between rename and delete. Is the modal pop-up Are You Sure needed? - Along those lines, when in swatch list mode, a double tap on a swatch to start renaming would be appreciated. Little details which I hope would help make the management easier, fun and swifter. But especially swatch import please.
  2. Sorry, but i have to complain now, that the first Hype is over. I use a AMD System with latest Windows 10 Professional. Fonts are managed with FontExplorer and every App can use the Fonts i activate - but not Affinity Designer! It is so strange: when i boot my System, fontexplorer is on autostart. when i open up affinity designer, some activated Fonts are shown, some not. When i re-activate those Fonts, designer Shows me the font-cache pop-up message, bit the font is not there!!! I have to restart designer and THEN the Fonts are there! Another issue is that the app often crahes with Code 0xE0434352 All Icons in the UI are broken, shown in some Kind of b/w when no file is open. When a file is open, most of them are diplayed correctly, but some not. Don't get me wrong, but i would rather do my work then figuring out those Things and complain in a Forum. I got the Feeling that Affinity runs way better on Mac. Am i right? Do i have to Switch? And do you offer some Kind of "accommodating " discount to a costumer who needs to switch to another OS because the software is not usable? A word about my Setup: i do not install games or unneeded crapware. i keep my system slick and clean. Every professional app is running smooth - all issues i have are with Designer (as i dont use Photo much i cant complain about that one...)
  3. Hello, currently using separated mode in fullscreen, the Export window thingy and similar slides out underneath the Toolbar. Sure the toolbar can easily be grabbed and moved out of the way, so it's not hugely problematic, but it's still a bit of an annoying design oversight. It's the kind of thing that should be on top I've a feeling this had probably already been brought up, but my searching found nothing. So apologies if I'm repeating things, just needed to add my voice as I find this quite irksome.
  4. In Affinity Designer, it would be nice to be able to export the color palette in json format, so that it can be passed to developers. Maybe Affinity is already doing it but I have not found it. Thank you for your help
  5. At the moment, I'm engaged end the design UI/UX for mobile applications. I can no longer imagine my work without Affinity, here is my new job at Affinity Designer. I know that over time you will become even stronger and better! Thank you for the incredible product!
  6. if you have a pixel layer (photo) and some adjustment layers (like 5 curves, HSL, vibrance) and the underlying image is a pixel layer only toggling off the layers (shift select, toggle off) above should instantly reveal the pure image below it takes some time, half a second or so, though in theory Affinity should not have to do any processing, just straight display the image below this would make before/ after comparisons much more enjoyable/ faster cheers PS this may be related https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/44671-snappy-popups/
  7. this example is from the latest AD beta but is the same for AP when you click "preferences" (having the hand tool selected), the dialog does not open until you "release" the "click" therefore it takes longer to "klick" the dialog than to hit "cmd + ;" in constrast: the adjustments layer dialog (the circle down in the layers panel) pops up immediately upon the "key press down" which makes it feel more snappy can this be enabled for other popups/ dialog/ persona switching/ switching tools as well? cheers PS this may be related https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/44673-toggle-off-layers-lag/#comment-222876
  8. When you command+click or shift+click to select multiple layers, moving upward in a long list of layers, the list always jumps back to the bottom-most selected layer. This is not helpful. Related suggestion: shift+clicking to select a range of layers starting at the last command+clicked layer shouldn't deselect previously command+clicked layers. It should work like selecting table cells in Pages does, as it allows more control. Pixelmator also does this correctly.
  9. Telegram (on iPhone at least) has a pretty nice curves adjustment feature in their photo sharing dialog you do not add points onto the curve but give the curve a gentle push to either side this gives more subtle results and feels just right on a touch surface maybe this is something that could be added to the iPad as well to even better use the touch input method cheers
  10. When using outline tool in layer fx studio there is a bug with gradient color selection button shape. First time I select color its ok - rounded button filled wtih color, but when I return to this window again I see what you can see on the screenshot: colored square in round shaped button.
  11. snuggleton

    Pen performance poor

    I've noticed that Affinity Designer sometimes slows down drastically when I'm using a stylus. I'm not talking about drawing in particular; interacting with the UI is even worse. Simple things like locking a layer or selecting a color sometimes take several seconds. Everything suddenly performs as expected when I use the trackpad instead.
  12. I wonder why it is still possible to apply a fliter to an adjustment layer? Are there any cases where this makes sense? A warning would be helpful or the filters just greyed out. There are other things that also make no sense (for me): - A brush (or a layer) with zero opacity - A white brush on a 100% white mask - Eraser on an empty mask
  13. Promising program, so far... While the BRUSH tool is selected, the user is presented with that bottom adjustments palette (width, opacity, etc.). Why, oh, why is the STABILIZATION hidden by a right arrow? Why can I not get to that setting right there where everything else is? There's room, for crying out loud. As it stands now, it is awkward. Hope I wasn't too harsh. Cheers, gang.
  14. This starts to drive me crazy and i don't know how to solve this «Problem». The Tab Key is acting very strange and inconsistent when i want to use it to jump from input to input in the UI. Let's say i want to make something white in RGB. In EVERY other Software this would be 255 -> tab -> 255 -> tab -> 255 Sometimes in AD it works like 255 -> tab -> tab -> 255 -> tab -> tab -> 255, because, why on earth, the focus jumps to the slider... who adjusts the slider using the keyboard? And then there is the other behaviour when after the first Tab AD hides the Studio, or the other other behaviour that it jumps to the selected Textbox (for example when i just want to change the color of some words in a whole text) and adds a Tab to the text. This is really, really annoying and make me hate AD sometimes because i have to use the mouse to jump to the different inputs in Color Palette... Please fix that :mellow:
  15. Right hand is always holding the pencil, and left hand is free. It will be much more convenient if the undo button is on the left side.
  16. hjung70

    User interface

    Since a short time, the icons are no longer displayed correctly after the start of Designer and Photo.
  17. UI Design - Affinity Designer :wub: Link to the portfolio below in the signature =)
  18. Sketch has a feature where you can test-retrieve a feed of data which can see values like text, numbers and images.Then you can connect or similarly name symbol fields to match the feed fields which allows you to them repeat a set of symbols (like a list) based on the values of a feed. I would love a way to takea feed of data and select a number of symbols to connect to the feed.
  19. I’m trying to use the font Cooper Hewitt (available for free from here), but the styles are not displaying correctly in the drop down menu. There should be: Bold, Bold Italic, Book, Book Italic, Heavy, Heavy Italic, Light, Light Italic, Medium, Medium Italic, Semibold, Semibold Italic, Thin, Thin Italic But I’m seeing: Thin Italic, Bold, Bold, Thin Italic, Book, Bold, Bold, Thin Italic, Thin Italic, Book, Bold, Bold, Bold, Thin Italic Hm, I’ve just checked in Illustrator, and it’s only showing: Thin, Thin Italic, Book, Semibold Italic, Bold So perhaps it’s a problem with the font? That was the .otf, which the site lists as being “best for OSX” (I’m on Windows). There don’t seem to be any problems with the .ttf, which is listed as being “Windows-compatible version, limited to 4 weights”. I thought .otf was cross-platform, and I’ve used plenty others with no problems, so even with these descriptions I’m surprised to be having these problems.
  20. matthiasbasler

    Wrong 'translation'

    Hi affinity team, just want to report a wrong German translation of the word "translation" in the "New HDR merge" dialog. I don't think you mean translating the image to a different language here, but rather you mean "verschieben" in the sense of "shift". Found in Affinity Photo Trial. Matthias.
  21. Hey there, I'm wondering if there are any tutorials specifically for putting the website design together and making it work. Is it simply html coded after designing a webpage in AD? For instance, how would you make functioning buttons and links from it? I don't mind the html part, I just need to know if the UI kit includes that type of option to make the buttons I create do something. If there's nothing AD can do for that, how are people creating mobile/web interfaces with their AD designs? Second question, are there any tutorials on how to make keyboards with the UI kit for mobile? Just keyboard skins. I've already viewed Affinity's tutorials on the UI kit, they don't answer these questions for me. Thank you~
  22. Hello, I'm just starting out with Affinity (AI user), and i found some User Interface incosinstencies. One of them is checkbox and radio button behaviour: Case Example - Pen tool Some button groups Mode, behave like radio buttons - you can select only one of many, and one of them always has to be selected. Other button groups, like Snap, behave more like checkboxes, you can select many, you can select none. It would be great, if user interface would distinguish it. There are obviously no standard "web" form elements in main UI, but there are some ways to distinguish it - for example rounding corners of multiselect that is just "select one only" type.
  23. Just a feedback, guys. Paragraph panel is a total mess: 1. What happened to paragraph leading dropdawn button (see screenshot)? 2. Paragraph icons are inconsistent. "Space after paragraph" icon has an indent and others don't. This just makes no sense. 3. The spacing is very bad. Icons should be visually closer to the corresponding input boxes 4. UI elements are misaligned 5. Icons are not sharp. Yeah, they should look good on retina screens, but on a basic monitor they are ugly. I don't want to fix only these mentioned issues, I think, that UI should be looked at and redesigned. The paragraph panel is a good and very important example, because we use it very often and it should look solid. For now it's hard to understand how to use it and you need to spend a lot of time to get familiar with the options, even that all of these options you've already seen in other application.
  24. First I want to say that you guys are literally the only ones who have made the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro useful. Seriously, it's great execution on having appropriate adjustments and functions on the bar. Most app devs treat the bar like an after-thought and, if implemented appropriately (which it almost never is), it's quite useful. Something I'd love to see implemented is a more robust Touch Bar for the character menu. Currently there are only the three bold, italic, and underline options, all of which often aren't applicable for most fonts. I can imagine having things like tracking, leading, and font size dials available, perhaps with a few options like all-caps or small-caps. And while I wouldn't want the actual font-picker menu on the touch bar (way too much swiping), having a picker for font variations within a family would certainly be valuable (slightly less swiping). I can even imagine seeing ligature or Open-Type variants pop up when highlighting specific characters.

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