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Found 353 results

  1. I’d love it if panel menus popped in the direction in which they have adequate space to display themselves, rather than only popping down, forcing the user to scroll, as seen in the pic. In this case, popping up, instead of down. http://d.pr/i/15X8N :)
  2. I'm not asking Serif to copy Adobe, but if Affinity is going to keep up with the pack, they'll need to add Artboards. Sketch, Illustrator, and Photoshop2015 have Artboards. this is critical for designing interfaces, and far more efficient than Layer Comps.
  3. I am not sure if this is a true bug or if a UI problem is considered something different but when resizing a canvas or document you have to just know which box is for hight and width. These really need to be labeled even if it is just a X/Y or H/W before each box.
  4. avo

    App screens

    I am working on the iphone app for an event. Users will be able to interact through it, find out new people and also easily navigate the places related to the event.
  5. Hi, I would highly appreciate the implementation of savable views. In Mischief there is feature called Pins, where you pan and zoom the view to your liking and then create kind of a bookmark for this view on the document. These view states are saved in a palette for easy access: New View and the Views submenu can be used to recreate this to a certain extend, but an implementation more like Mischief does it, would be very useful for detail work in Designer and maybe even the other Affinity applications, in my opinion. Thanks for an already awesome product and keep up the great work! Polaris
  6. After seeing quite a bit of demand for long shadows in Affinity Designer, I took it upon myself to throw together a basic tutorial to get you guys started with flat icon design in Affinity. My example isn't perfect, but it should be enough to get you going. You can view the tutorial here. Let me know what you guys think!
  7. Can the shape transform and text transform controls be the same or similar at least? e.g. When selecting a corner point and moving mouse to change the shape/transform size etc: For shapes: Hold shift+cmd, move mouse = For Text: Hold Cmd, move mouse For shapes: Hold shift, move mouse = For Text: Hold nothing, move mouse So when I'm selecting an shape and fixing it, then a text, it gets a bit confusing sometimes. I accidentally use text transform protocol for shape transformation vice versa. It feels disorienting like getting used to working in one program or OS, then trying to do the same thing in another program or OS.
  8. A suggestion: It would be neat if unused tools would grey out. I think this would make it easier to navigate the interface by way of reducing choice. For example, when using Quick Mask: grey out everything that isn't a brush. Or even go a step further: after selecting Quick Mask, automatically engage the brush and make the color white. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, it would be great that when selecting any shape tool and hen clicking on the canvas brings up the Transform Panel and selects the Width input field so the user can insert the required dimensions and shape properties to build a shape to a specific size. It's a great UI shortcut for power users or CAD applications where the user can avoid wasting time creating a shape to guesstimated size and then having to enter the exact dimensions in the Transform Panel. Thanks for your consideration and congrats again on Photo... looks like it made it to Editor's Choice in the App Store already... that was FAST! UPDATE: Additionally, it would be great if the Transform Panel would update the X, Y, Width and Height fields WHILE the user is drawing out the Shape's to have live feedback on dimension and position coordinates.
  10. I wish there is a better and more precise cursor in the next update. (At least a crosshair option available) As in the attached gif file. It's hard to see the center point of the cursor and also the size of the brush related to my stylus pressure (I'm using Wacom tablet).
  11. Colour lists get invisible when clicking on Stroke / Swatches. In all versions. :( Has anybody else this problem?
  12. I am very interested in moving into Affinity permanently but so far I don't see any way to create symbols which can be edited as separate documents and then handled as self contained objects within a work document. This is critical to UI/UX work flow (a single change to a button can be instantly reflected in hundreds of documents) and can also be pretty useful for certain styles of illustration with repeating patterns. Dose Affinity handle this in its own way? If not is it on the roadmap to being implemented as a feature? In terms of this feature, it would be wonderful if these symbols can have many states - and each state can have property / behaviours added. In a best case situation this feature set I would be supporting the following: a symbol / object can have multiple states. each state is a separate page, each page has a properties panel to assign an action or variable. e.i. "click / swipe action trigger page [X]" or "if [variable x] is true / false trigger page [X]" symbols can be exported as SVG / PNG / GIF and each additional state is saved as a child file. e.i. button_X.png, button_X_focus.png, button_X_disable.png, button_X_hover.png symbols groups can be exported as an Axure RP library - this would be sooooo awesome but obviously difficult as the framework is very different in the Export Persona mode, symbols can be automatically spliced and placed into HTML for quick mockups
  13. Hi Guys Is there a way to see the current size in mb as it is being worked on?
  14. Is there any hope of getting multiple panel columns? Right now all the panels drop into one column on the right. I would REALLY like to get the panels to attach to the left of the main panel column too. Especially for large screens, this would make accessing tools in the panels easier. See the screen shot attached for a better understanding. I just is weird when I move my screen the additional panels do not move with the rest of the UI because I have two columns of panels? Thanks,
  15. Hi guys! I just noticed, after all these months, that the Arrange pane toolbar button is lacking a feature that visually distinguishes it further from its simpler counterparts than just by its blue colouring; maybe a down-facing arrow, like the one at the right of the snapping button (except maybe smaller and closer to the icon itself, seeing that it would be integrated into the button) could do the trick?
  16. Hi! I really love almost everything about the affinity UI, it is an astoundingly nice piece of software to use with one exception. These dropdowns have a delay to become usable/visible. They take a tad long - and the time feels longer the bigger the widget. This hurts usability, especially when you have to pick a color 10 times in a row (or any repetition) - it stacks up real fast. As an adept user, I sometimes spend more time waiting for animations to finish then actually working. And more subjectively, they are animated with a scale effect, which I find personally a little tacky when surrounded by the other elegant design :) Feature Request Please add a settings panel (Preferences -> User Interface) to configure: - The pop up show speed/time (in ms for example) or: - Whether or not the widgets animate (that would implicitly lower the time) Since some people may love the effect, and it may have good reason to exist, having the option to speed it up as well as toggle it seems the best of both worlds. Thanks for the excellent software and keep up the good work.
  17. Hey there, I'm starting a post about the interface problems in order to list and create a roadmap like kind of post. I'm gonna also suggest some optimisations of the UI in order sometimes to gain only 1 click, but definitely improve workflow and reduce the amont of stress/anxiety people get when starting using a new app. I apologize for my English and if a Moderator wants to edit my posts, I have no problem with that. I'm going to edit this post regularly and add screenshots of the issues I encounter as well as the suggestions. Issues Case 01: This is my current workspace and this just happened, the dropdown menu should have the higher z-index value in my mind. Case 02: I find it really hard to resize the Tool Panels (Finding the scale cursor at the bottom of the panel). It is not possible to resize the boxes once they are snapped and some Tool Panels have always the same size where they aren't floating like the Swatches Panel which result in the lost of usable space. Case 03: It is currently not possible to create two columns of Tool Panel next to each other, the second one can only be made of floating menus. Suggestions - When the gradient tool is selected, a large part of the Tool area is empty, whereas we have two dropdown menus "Context" & "Type". It would be nice to have icons instead on the free space available like the two blue highlighted icons on the image. It would save many clicks. - When you create a color palette from system/document/application it gives you a tons of colours. And I didn't find a way to remove several colours at once and it will take age to remove them one by one. This is a problem for creating style guide for example. - Is there a keyboard shortcut for the colour picker? I didn't find it in the documentation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for your time and I hope you find that is relevant feedbacks and useful post. Have a nice day! Eddy
  18. It would be better for layer and object management if 1. New layer would be inserted at the current location (currently selected object) in the layer stack. It is awkward to have to scroll, find and drag new layer where you want in the object stack after you create one when you have hundreds of objects. 2. There were a modifier key when creating new layer (like shift-click new layer icon) which would move all the selected objects to a new layer. That layer would be created at the current position in the layer stack (uppermost selected object, I guess).
  19. If I enable "Force pixel alignment" in the Snapping options, it seems to almost completely break snapping. I say almost, as if I'm very careful sometimes a snapping guideline will appear if I mouse-over the exact "snapping" position (as if the "Screen tolerance" had been set to 0) - but at any zoom this is impossible as positions are no longer exact, and it doesn't always work either. When I move objects around I see the edges of their bounding box go red/green as they move, so what I'm assuming is happening is that the objects are always snapping to every pixel, and this is overriding all other snapping points. The only non-standard thing about my system's configuration I can think of that might affect this is that I run with my MBP's display set to "Scaled" and "More Space", which essentially turns off the Retina-ness of the display.
  20. Since the release of Affinity Designer and now with the recent release of Affinity Photo Beta I've experienced an odd behaviour when panning the canvas around the screen. It appears the canvas boundaries expand slightly around the edges when panning around and sometimes when zooming the canvas in and out. Please see attached screen recording. Document Canvas Screen Recording.mov Has anyone else experienced this issue?
  21. bayanijulian


    I will make this quick. The default font for affinity designer doesn't look pleasing. I don't like how the panels look overall because on the top and left hand side the buttons are all rounded. This clashes with the hard corners the panels have and other buttons that are not rounded. The program is great though, I love it. Keep up the great work!
  22. Hi guys, I would love to be able to do this: Actually, only one docked column on the left + one docked on the right is possible. The rest has to be floating panels, while some people prefers fixed UI elements (reason I really can't get into Pixelmator UI). This trigger another question :) • How about being able to dock elements like "character", "paragraph", "media browser" (this one have been ask already), etc.?
  23. Option to invert black background to white (or grey). Dan Sokol
  24. Add the ability to all adjustments to reset the values to a default central position
  25. I've read that you have list mode in the pipeline, which is great, but i'm missing the option to make my own arrangements of colors inside the palette. Actually adding new swatches uses a photoshop like approach: to fill the available space in the grid color after color, fixed way. In illustrator you can change the order of swatches at any moment and arrange color in folders, making rows of color sets inside the swatch palette, which is very useful for interface design or comic design. I noted that in Affinity designer you can easily create multiple custom sets and change them fast from the drop down list, but is not as practical and fast as organizing them in one palette. Also, option to make swatches bigger will be very welcome. I've attached a comparison of one custom color set as I use on illustrator and how i get it on Affinity. It is clear that actually in illustrator is much more useful and practical at this moment.