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  1. Hello all! Contrary to usual belief that only Adobe XD, Figma, Invision are great at UI design, I have a strong feeling that Affinity Designer has more scope to grow because it has a lot more to offer. Designer is intuitive, has WAY MORE control over curves than the popular UI design tools and is a complete design software while the others just barely are one. Affinity sure doesn't have prototyping, but otherwise it is a killer application for UI development, because I get to work with things as small as the pixel perfection of icons in the UI to something as broad as having symbols, cons
  2. Hi Everyone, I am getting back into creating content for my youtube channel again after a hiatus from it so I made this tutorial video on how to create a design system in Affinity Designer (desktop). Feel free to leave any feedback and I hope it will help you on your design journey. Thanks, Mike
  3. Hello, I recently noticed that version 1.8 presents a user interface that is difficult to understand about (new) document formats. Here I present a proposal about the user interface and would like your feedback. Thanks Thanks
  4. Hi, I love using Affinity Designer Desktop for UI design, and I'm planning to buy an iPad in the near future. I'm just wondering if I can still do UI design on the AD iPad? Is it even doable? Or there are some feature limitations comparing to the desktop version? Thank you, Cheers!
  5. Hi, is there any way to keep distance between two or more objects, when I am transforming them? It would be very usable in UI design. Im talking about situation, when i have fixed width container and want to put in it 4 elements with 30px gap between them. Now, when i want to transform that group of 4 elements, they change width, but margin between them will keep that 30px. To be clear - i don't talk about auto distribute feature - i know about it, but it affects gaps width only, not objects themselfs.
  6. Hey guys... I've been using AD a lot in the last year and I wanted to share with you some of the results. As you can see in these images, my main project consists of creating Windows 10 Themes, which is basically UI design... and in this department, AD has no actual competition on Windows (Adobe XD is far too featureless for what I need and PS is a nightmare to use for UI design). While working with tons of artboards and a lot of exports, this is where AD shines, as the Export Persona makes my life a whole lot easier. But at the same time, I found some flaws in AD, which is not
  7. I got some feature requests... 1. Overprint Mode: In Indesign, the shortcut is W. It hides all the guide line so you can see the final result without any distraction, I think this is essential. 2. Bleed View: We've been asking for this since the launch of Affinity Designer, I'm not sure if it is integrated in Publisher cause I couldn't find it. 3. Text Columns: In Indesign, CMD+B, in Publisher, Paragraph Studio. I really hope it'll be possible to get column settings in Paragraph settings and Paragraph Style. 4. Auto resize frame to fit content: In Indesign, Option+CMD+C. Th
  8. Hello there, I'm new here, so please bear with me. Been playing with AD for a couple of days (Awesome piece of software!), and here is my first professional work using it (I made this for my client). Hope you like it!
  9. Hi, Some iOS 10 assets are provided by Affinity Designer but they are incomplete, using an outdated Font (SF UI Text instead of SF Pro) and not providing upcoming OSes like iOS 11. Right now, Apple provides all the latest designs here: https://developer.apple.com/design/resources/ However, they are providing it for Sketch, Adobe PS or Adobe XD. While Affinity Designer is able to open the PSD files (with some warnings), it is useless for any UI work as it's loading pixel layers instead of vector layers. So in order to compete with existing UI design tools, Affinity
  10. Add functionality to whiteboards to allow for use of designer as a wire framing, process mapping tool. As a UX designer, I make use of designer to create wireframes and ui mockups. Whilst more specific tools exist I prefer the ease of use and quality that designer offers. For use as a UI tool, it has recently made some great advances, a useful feature however would be to link artboards together to show the links between CTA and destination targets. Another way of doing this would be to have a parent dartboard that thumbnails of the other artboards could be included
  11. Hey, Not sure if I missed it or the feature is missing but seems there is no vertical layout for Frame Text Tool. Would be great to have centering options there: top, center, bottom. :)
  12. Hi I think I already wrote something similar but I think it is pretty important for us and you hehehe. I seriously think that Affinity Designer with an interactions/prototyping persona could be a huge step and asset for you guys and us as users. Considering the popularity of Sketch and additionnaly Invision or Flinto and also the new tool of Adobe Experience Design. If you add this kind of persona you will certainly gain a good spot in the market. But at the end it is simply my opinion. https://www.flinto.com/ https://www.invisionapp.com/ http://www.adobe.com/ca_fr/products/ex
  13. I just found out that a full UI project I delivered was done using the wrong dpi. Thus the text objects on the exported SVGs have fractions of points (10.49999142pt instead of 14pt). There are some important topics here. 1) Changing DPI settings make little sense for Web and other UI projects since these are screen based. The obvious choice would be to use the current screen dpi; 2) The default value for all Windows machines is 96 dpi. 72 dpi is just for Macs; 3) I believe there is no simple way of changing the default values for new documents, so it's something to rememb
  14. My experience (in brief) : I bought AD mostly for UI/UX design and some illustration design. Overall my experience is good. Some good things : - I felt it addressed a lot of problems that photoshop and illustrator had when it comes to UI Design. - Exporting Persona is great. - Overall it's good even though i haven't used it extensively. Problem is when i am finished with the design. I am having trouble giving my clients the source file. Only that is keeping me from leaving Adobe completely. Reason : 1. Most don't use Affinity Designer. 2. Png Export is great bu
  15. Hi everyone, Just some blocks I made with Affinity Designer and Pinegrow I hope you like it, Free Pinegrow Blocks from @Heli_Herrera on @Gumroad: https://gum.co/OqZi Regards Heli Herrera
  16. A mixed question and suggestion. For UI work, since we have 1x, 2x, 3x asset export (but no .5x export), why are UI presets, such as the iPhone 6 for example, offered by default set up at retina resolution? This switches from 72 ppi to 144ppi, meaning all assets are exported at @2x by default, correct? It seems the suggested workflow from the Export Persona (which is my standard workflow) is always to work at 1x and export up from there. So I typically switch to 72 dpi from one of these templates. However, the bundled UI assets are all set up @2x to fit the retina-sized presets. It takes q
  17. 1: UI Standard In AffinityDesign, I need use two hours tagging UI standards in everyone UI page. And In Sketch & Photoshop, use the plugin, Automatically generated UI standard pages just one key. Sketch have plugins: https://github.com/utom/sketch-measure https://github.com/tudou527/marketch Demo: http://utom.design/news/ Photoshop have plugin: http://www.biaonimeia.com/ 2: slice only iOS Image in Android is same name, but difference floder. Export mode is complex and powerful, but I can't use it export Android. we export iOS image, and user other app change image t
  18. I've just gotten Affinity and the biggest thing I'm missing from sketch, and kind to think of it, pretty much the only thing holding me back from switching over completely is the lack of a ui template built into the app. You could work than into a UI Design persona, which would then allow for this to show up in the file menu. Something like New from Template > iOS UI Template, iOS Icon Template, Android UI Template, Android icon template. What I'd also love for it to do is allow for script-supported batch processing. Ideally javascript, but I'd be ok with python too. Also, if yo
  19. Info layer One of the most boring parts of my job is, once defined an interface layout, is to prepare a descriptive document for the developers. I usually create a document embedding the image of the layout and write all significant informations about the elements (sizes, colors, etc.) 1 - Basic implementation When I select an element with the move tool or selecting from the layers panel, I’d like to have a new option: create information element. This information will be placed in an “Info layer”. Each info layer can have multiple information elements. The info to show, on selecting create
  20. I really like “Continuous export” feature and today I have another reason to love it. I’ve installed Skala preview on my Mac and Skala View on iOS. Then, in Export persona, I’ve created a slice from a layer enabling the continuous export. Dragging on Skala preview the exported file, I get a precise live view of my changes in Affinity Designer (or Photo) :)
  21. I don't believe anyone has suggested this yet, but it would be fantastic if there were an option to export @2x and @3x assets in respectively labeled sub-folders. When dealing with a lot of images I generally try to keep retina assets organized for our developers for easier reference.
  22. Hi, I've recently bought the Affinity Designer. And I am also a hardcore Sketch user. I really like Affinity's speed, zoom, layers and snapping comparing to Sketch. But for me it is a pain to design most of common CSS-related parts of UI like box-shadows and border sides. Also it is hard to input many values from keyboard alone. Or maybe am I missing something? Can you recommend some Tips & Tricks for UI design using Affinity Designer?
  23. Hi Serif team, I am currently in a middle of a transition from Sketch to Affinity Design. As much as I like Sketch, AD is quite superior and feels like a real proffesional tool. I mostly design apps and websites therefore my needs comes from UI design. Still there are some things I lack in Affinity Design and prevents me from using it as a main design tool. 1) Instant measuring distances - in Sketch I can always select any object, hold ALT and hover over any object and I instantly get distances from those objects in pixels. It also works for distances between layers, guides and border
  24. Hi, I've just had a short glimpse at the trial but these things would make this tool great for UI design (forget Sketch because of performance): Paragraph and character styles Automatic style updating or some easy-to-use alternative Different artboards in one view to design flows Easy-to-use symbols to complement the outsourced embedded files In the help it says: Am I missing something or text attributes are not part of styles? Please include this on the roadmap and the tool will finally destroy Adobe :P.
  25. So, I was browsing the Iphone App Store and came across this beautiful Dieter Rams inspired app called WTHR By David EIgena. I wanted see if I could recreate one of the screen entirely with Affinity Designer. Part of the reason I am doing this, is to see how I can utilize Affinity in different situations and workflows. Of course I don't have time to design an entire app for in a few hours but I can recreate the look for study purposes.Doing this sort of thing shows me where Affinity Designer is strongest. Working in different workflows also gives me a better understanding of how this applica
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