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Found 78 results

  1. While I'm on a roll, I figured I may as well post some more recent photography edited in Photo ;) Some of these you may recognise from the video tutorials: Lone Purple by James Ritson, on Flickr One of those nice surprises you get sometimes, I didn't think much of this photo until I started experimenting with blend modes - at which point it became very moody and striking. Spinning Out by James Ritson, on Flickr An abstract long-exposure shot of a spinning record. I was shooting some video for a personal project and decided to grab a few stills too. Monsal Tunnel by James Ritson, on Flickr A very wet day in Derbyshire, which kind of spoiled the view over Monsal Dale. There was this tunnel, however, which is really atmospheric with all the reflections from the damp areas. Sugar Factory At Night by James Ritson, on Flickr Shot at night, the initial image lacked impact until I brought in some brush work and blend modes - this resulted in the Creative Painting tutorial, where you can enhance colours in images with artificial lighting. Robin Hood Hotel by James Ritson, on Flickr A disused hotel building in Newark (Nottinghamshire), and I've brought some colour into the sign using brush work with blend modes (mainly Overlay, Reflect and Screen). That's all for now - just wanted to share some work, hope you find it interesting!
  2. ​I have recently made the switch from PS to AP and I have a question or two. Most of what I work on is scanning old family albums to digitize them and I am trying to work my way through 25,000 slides from my shooting days. Could someone give me a sequence of tasks to perform for most of these images ? I spend hours dust-spotting, fixing tears, and color balancing these old family treasures. The slide scanning is mostly dust spotting from years of storage. ​Thank you in advance, Jim
  3. Overall the tutorials are fantastic and an awesome feature of Affinity. However the "Raw: Developing Images" tutorial has a lot of "click on the Chromatic Aberration Reduction will reduce chromatic aberration". Uh, well, if the viewer doesn't know what chromatic aberration is then this doesn't teach them anything (same critique applies to most of the rest of that tutorial for even simple things like "contrast" which probably everyone actually knows what contrast is)
  4. Hi everyone, The course I've been working on is out and right here: https://www.udemy.com/affinity-photo-the-little-box-of-tricks/?src=sac&kw=affinity . It's a collection of 25+ projects from simple to advanced covering a whole heap of different topics. Things like combining images, spot coloring, tonal separation, advanced dodge and burn techniques, high and low key lighting, emulating the looks popularised by famous photographers, soft focus effects, artistic effects, restoring damaged photos, coloring vintage photos and beauty retouching techniques. This is the third Affinity Photo course I've put on udemy.com, and the three were always meant to work together. The Solid Foundations course was for beginners, the Raw Editing course for people wanting to understand and develop Raw files, and now this. This course assumes you know the basics of Affinity Photo, although the first thing I do after the introduction is to give a brief primer on layers, layer masks and layer blend modes. That way you should be able to get a handle on the things we'll be using the most. Affinity Photo: The Little Box of Tricks is intended to build on top of the Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations course and build up your skills in terms of technique and good working practices. Practices based off my 25+ years experience of working as a designer doing a variety of different work for a variety of different clients in a variety of different places. So why not click the link and check it out? Cheers, drippy cat
  5. Hey guys, If you are fit in german or german based user, you can follow my channel on youtube, where I made tutorials for affinity now. The first video was about how to start with APhoto https://youtu.be/JdHa29RCfCk The second tutorial about RAW developing is online since few minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d76jl6S8Gs Have fun and feel free to share your comments,likes and thoughts about it with me. cheers, seb :)
  6. Good day everybody! To support the huge release of Affinity Photo 1.5 on both macOS and Windows, we have 36 new video tutorials for you that cover most of the new features in great detail. In addition to that, 4 older videos have been revised and updated to match 1.5's new functionality. We hope you enjoy the 1.5 update, it's a beefy one! Here are the videos you need to get started with its new functionality: HDR HDR: Merging & Tone Mapping HDR: Tone Map Presets HDR: Panoramas HDR: Preprocessing HDR: Advanced Editing HDR: Ghosts Removal HDR: 32-bit Editing Tone Mapping Regular Tone Mapping Focus Merging Focus Merging Focus Merge Retouching Focus Merging Bracketed Images Live Projections (360 editing, perspective projection) 360 Live Editing 360 Advanced Editing 360 Retouching 360 Multiple Views Live Perspective Projection OpenEXR support OpenEXR Multichannel Import/Export OpenEXR Import Options OpenColorIO OpenColorIO Setup OpenColorIO Adjustment Macros Macros Macros: Equations Batch Processing Batch Processing Clone Sources Panel Clone Sources Clone Sources: Texture Creation Raw Development Improvements 32-bit Raw Development Raw Colour Quality Automatic Lens Corrections Apply Image Apply Image Apply Image: Equations Equations Filter Equations Filter Dust & Scratches Filter Dust & Scratches Filter Halftone Filter Halftone Scanlines Effect Pixel Art Resizing Pixel Art Resize PSD round-tripping Direct PSD write-back (round tripping) Freehand Selections Freehand Selection Tool Updated Older Videos Discover Raw Development Quality Custom Tone Curve Exporting I hope these all prove useful to you in getting to grips with the new update - if you have any questions please ask.
  7. Now that there are so many (excellent) tutorial videos it is getting a little difficult to find the one you want, at least if you're looking for one that you have already watched and remember it has just what you need in it. What was it called again? Which one is it? Working on the principle that a picture is worth a thousand words may I suggest a thumbnail against each tutorial please? For instance I've just watched the milk float video. A really nice photo by the way. Darned if I can remember what it's called but the milk float sticks in my mind. Regards, John
  8. Dear Serif, Please can we have the Affinity Workbook as either an online option that is accessible through the program when working or as a downloadable PDF. The print in the book looks very small, so I would find it very hard to read, assuming that it is A5 size. Will you be doing it in a larger size of large print? Thank you
  9. Hi all, It's been a while (don't ask) but I'd thought I'd update this list. There are now 18 tutorials on the channel, more to come. Created to enhance your skills and knowledge of Affinity Photo & Designer and take them to the next level. Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date.These were created before the 1.5 Beta but you'll still benefit from them. If you would like to see anything in particular just leave a comment below. They are all FREE and always will be, why? Because 1. The apps are so awesome and changed the way I work 2. There is such a great community on here and 3. Matt P is really cool ;) (thank you). AFFINITY DESIGNER TUTORIALS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. (In this we create something similar to a Google advert) 8. Preview Affinity Designs on a mobile device 9. Organising Assets using Lingo (Created before the 1.5 Beta) AFFINITY PHOTO TUTORIALS 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What are Personas? 7. How to remove spots and blemishes 8. Create a 1-5 star rating system (Cool trick to organise your pics) 9. Using Apple Photos with Affinity Photo Allan
  10. I'm new to affinity, trying it out to see if I like it. But I'm struggling here.... How do you delete or erase part of a line segment in a shape? I have two overlapping shapes, and I want to make them into one and delete the overlap. I rasterized the shape, but is there a way to un-rasterize it in its new form? Or is there a way to get a cleaner cut from a line segment with out it being pixelated in the first place?
  11. I have just received the beta copy of Affinity for windows 10. :Like many others - I was looking forward to upgrading from PPX9 and getting something great. BUT my initial experiences are only annoying which has dampened my whole feeling. 1. My login was not remembered on this forum yet I have used it for a long time (12 years) with PagePlus, from X3 to X9. I had to create a new login as mine was obviously there and so I could use it again. 2. I opened a page and started to play around. Let's open a square and give it rounded corners, and fill it. Very basic but I am just starting and learning. (I thought the commands used in PP would work but they seem to have been thrown away). I could make a square and round the corners but only one at a time, not all together. But I could not fill it with color. Stupid me, I thought. Oh well, look in the help. Fill color = nothing. I click on the 'fill' next to the 'rectangle' nothing changes. So I thought I'd try a tutorial, nothing either. There seems to be nothing much to help people who are not full-time illustrators or similar. Is Affinity for them and not for people like me who would use it to make printed brochures and online graphics???? Why does it take sooo long to open a new document?? I draw a line and want to widen it, nothing works. My joy and anticipation at getting Affinity has evaporated. I read in one tutorial that I may need to buy and download another program to make Affinity work, is this true? You may as well say good bye to me and most of those others I talk to, we don't have funds nor the will to buy to make work. I even now doubt you will reply to me. Good thoughts intended only here. Edward Firs
  12. Hi Everyone, I've just put up a tutorial on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MagvUcQoiiE&feature=youtu.be which is all about creating the bleach bypass effect you see all over the place these days. I show you the effect along with describing potential problems & what to do about them. This video is part of a greater series of tutorials from the course I'm working on at the moment which will be called 'Affinity Photo: The Little Box of tricks' and has been designed to sit directly with and follow on from one of my other courses, 'Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations'. The latter course is aimed at beginners, the one I'm working on now builds on those foundations and will give you plenty of creative ways to send your images off in all manner of new directions.
  13. Hy, has anybody designed infografics with Affinity Designer? Are there tutorials for this topic? Thanks in advance Ulrich
  14. I am just starting on Affinity and never used any software on photos which tutorials should I watch?
  15. The Grey Learning courses for the Nik Collection (by Photographer/author/educator Tim Grey) are now being offered for free. (Don't know if enrolling for these free courses requires any other commitments)
  16. Hey Affinity Photo Lovers! Desmond from Affinity Photo Tips here. :) Here are some video tutorials that will help you in your learning journey: Techniques Changing Eye Colour: Part 1 & Part 2 Remove Pimples & Acne: Part 1 & Part 2 Whiten Yellow Teeth and Cleaning Texture on Teeth Adjusting Reddish Skin Tones Selective Exposure & White Balance Correction with Overlays NEW! - "Crazy Curves" Trick to spot imperfections in your images Toning Effects & Creative Looks Grungy, Gritty Look for Urban Images: Part 1 & Part 2 Kodachrome Ducks NEW! - 2 Quick Retro Film Effects NEW! - Dramatic Monochrome Conversion (from a noisy original) If you have any requests or questions about my video tutorials, drop me a message! You can also leave a message on Twitter (@APTrocks) or Facebook ("Affinity Photo Tips"). Looking forward to chatting with you! ––––––––––––– Updated 16 Feb 2016 with new tutorials. Updated 19 Mar 2016 with more tutorials!
  17. https://github.com/keycastr/keycastr "KeyCastr, an open-source keystroke visualizer." I hope this helps some of you who make tutorials
  18. I formerly suggested this to the Affinity Team via FB. They told me to post this feature request on the forum, so all other users can vote/comment on this idea. What is it about? Simple: I suggested that Affinity/Serif should found an IRC-Channel for a simple User2User-Support like one would have via twitter or FB. Buddy2Buddy live. Q&A, Exchange of ideas etc.....(maybe separate) One would be able to link to results by posting pastie urls. (pastebin, imagebin, etc.) and so on. I just think this kind of guidance through other users is much more live and to the heart... And in conversations that you have alongside manipulating your pix you might be able to stroke out "errors in reasoning", that may be immanent because you misunderstood things in first or since you did not know something important for your scheme in first place. And there are so many IRC-Applications that would offer much usability(features) for such an user2user support channel. An official channel would be cool, if someone already opened an unofficial "Affinitiy Photo" channel on IRC let me, and the other users know and comment on this post. Thank you!
  19. Like many, I find it difficult to follow the tutorials. They go by too fast and the cursor is so small I can't see it in time.. Why not cut away to a closeup for a few secs when the cursor is referred to, and have the voice describe where it's actually going, like ... To the lasso, that's the icon on the left, fourth from the top. These type of changes would be helpful for me at least. I'm trying to be constructive here.
  20. It's great that you now have a tutorial app on Apple TV, covering both Designer and Photo. Is there any chance you'll be porting the app to Mac OS or iOS? That would better fit the workflow in my home office, as I the TV in the house is elsewhere.
  21. Here is 1000 free coupons (expire Oct 31st) for a Udemy Course I'm working on: https://www.udemy.com/learn-affinity-designer-by-example/?couponCode=AFFINITY_FORUM
  22. We’ve heard that the guys over at Smashing Magazine are looking for independent contributors to create a set of tutorials for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. All authors at Smashing Magazine get paid, so it's not just for kudos. If you have good experience as a writer and using Affinity apps, this could be for you! There's more information about what Smashing Magazine are after, and contact details, over on our blog post. Best wishes, Dale.
  23. I have been working with Affinity Photo for a few weeks now. I was introduced to it through the Apps Store. I bought it and opened it up. After looking around for just a few moments I closed it and started looking for a manual or other instructions. From the Affinity web site I found the Forums section and from there, the instructional videos. I can identify with some of the "newbie" folks that key in very confused with what is what on the fabulous AP software. I can suggest trying what I did. I viewed EVERY Affinity Forum video tutorial, more than once. Then after each one, I practiced what I saw until I understood all the ins and outs. I also located YouTube videos and did the same thing, even the ones in German. With these, I Killed the sound and ran them at half speed so not to miss a move. (Now, some are coming in with english subtitles.) All of this worked very well for someone who had never worked with PhotoShop. I have now purchased Affinity Designer. Me, with out a lick of artistic talent. I'm going through all the tutorials just as I did with AP. Maybe something will ware off from one of the expert designers or illustrators. Thank you all very much. Paul, Ocala, Florida
  24. I am currently located in Jakarta, Indonesia. I have just purchased Affinity and was keen to get started, however when I try to view the tutorial videos, I get a message from my ISP stating that the website is blocked for security reasons. Any ideas anyone?
  25. Hello Affinity team, Some days ago there where very interesting affinity photo tutorials on Vimeo but they are gone. Where are they? Thak's for your answer Michel