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Found 9 results

  1. I made a post about this on Reddit and I was recommended to move over here instead. I'm playing around with the free trial of the affinity suite before jumping off the Adobe bandwagon, but I seem to be having an issue that I'm not seeing many other places. Mouse or tablet, I get this awful lag when trying to draw with the brush tool. Even with no other applications running on my desktop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytCJtuLRWhk (Unlisted example video) This computer has plenty of head room when using the program, so I'm not sure what the issue is. Other programs like Clip Studio and Photoshop work fine! I'm using a Huion H610 PRO V2 tablet, in case that helps. My Specs: 32 gigs of ram, Ryzen 5 5600X, RX 580 (8 gigs) Solutions I have tried: Disabling Hardware Acceleration Changing the Retina Rendering Increasing the RAM limit Reinstalling the program
  2. Hi, I recently attempted to install Affinity Photo 2.0.3, but was unsuccessful. I tried changing the file extension to .msi, but received an error stating that it is an unknown software. As I prefer to only install software that has been certified by Microsoft, I am hesitant to continue with the installation. Will this issue be resolved in the near future? If so, I would be interested in purchasing Affinity Photo if it is compatible with Cartoon Animator 5. However, if I am unable to install the software within the next 24 hours, I will have to consider other options. Thank you for your assistance. Best regards, Greg T. SOLUTION: Change the non-existing extension (which the software developer forgot to add) to .msix and it makes the file able to install. So change affinity-photo-2.0.3 to affinity-photo-2.0.3.msix
  3. Yes. Our apps can be downloaded from the Affinity Store, App Store (macOS & iPadOS) or Microsoft Store for free and will offer a 30-day trial on start-up, as well as the option to purchase a perpetual licence. For each application, Designer, Photo and Publisher, you can only have one 30-day trial of our software on any desktop OS and a 30-day trial on iPad.
  4. Today I signed up for a Trial version of Affinity Photo for Windows 10. During the install the install window popped almost completely off of the desktop and made it impossible to continue. I had to stop the operation using Task Manager. When I re-started the install it removed the partial install and completed the installation. However, when I tried to open the program it said, "Your trial has ended. We hope you enjoyed using Affinity Photo." Obviously the registry or something was clobbered. How can I contact Affinity Photo Help to resolve this? Thanks.
  5. I am currently trialing Affinity Photo, went to apply a quick mask as described in the tutorial video - but it does not work. Why? Does the trial version have limited functionality? So I open the photo, select Quick Mask from the top icon, a red mask is applied, I select the paint brush tool, set to 100% opacity and flow, click and drag on the photo - but nothing happens. The red overlay is unaffected. I have been through the tutorial several times and I believe I am following it correctly. In the tutorial, the underlying background is revealed through the red overlay under the brush, to create the mask, but this is not working for me. Am I doing something wrong like a missing step or a setting to make? Is the trial version unable to do this? For me this is key functionality i.e. to be able to paint on adjustments, for example as one can in Lightroom (which I am also trialing). If this functionality is disabled in Photo how can i successfully trial it?
  6. I've just paid for and downloaded the latest version of Affinity Photo (1.5.1) today, but the Trial Version I've been using for the past week was 1.5.2. Is there a way to update the paid for version, or is it only the Trial Version which is 1.5.2?
  7. I installed the 'Trial Version about 7 days ago from Affinity Photo website. Now I have purchased Affinity Photo from the Mac AppStore, so I now have two versions on my computer. How do I delete the 'Trial Version? Thanks
  8. Hello and thank you I am new to Affinity and am just on the Trial version which seems like a Lite version when compared to the larger menu in the Tutorial Video. That aside, the crop function seems disabled for me. I click on the crop tool and the Tutorial tells me the handle bars will appear, but nothing appears and no amount of clicking or dragging, or anything is creating a response. Please help! I am helpless without Photoshop to run my business, and believe Affinity will be my new darling, but what is going on? hifire
  9. Good morning, I posted yesterday and can't find my post, so Im trying again. I just downloaded Affinity Trial Version and the crop tool doesn't work, and it's so stripped down I can't seem to make it work intuitively, as a somewhat experienced Photoshop user. Are any of you willing to answer a question about the Trial? Or perhaps you will just tell me to go ahead and buy the whole version so I can just get started. Its a tad unnerving to get the Trial and not have it work, however. thank you!
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