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Found 19 results

  1. When creating a logo, I don't want the white background when saving it to PNG. How do i remove the background??
  2. Up until yesterday, when I would create a new Affinity Photo document and check the box next to "transparent background" it would work as expected. Once the document was created, I'd see a canvas with checkers in it. However, suddenly without warning this stopped working and now all I see is a white background even with this option ticked. I tried completely uninstalling the application and reinstalling. The problem persisted. And for some reason when I would paint on the document with the brush tool, it would erase instead of draw before I uninstalled and reinstalled. Then I did the reset trick when opening the application to clear everything. The transparency problem is still not fixed, though painting now works as expected. I've also just noticed that if any other window hovers over the document area, the transparency checkers show around that windows borders in my Affinity Photo document. How do I fix this issue? I'm using Affinity Photo for Windows and I have Windows 10. I've attached 3 files: one showing my new document settings, one showing the new document and the menu option that shows its supposed to be transparent, and one showing the weird checkers that show up when a window hovers over the document.
  3. Is there a way to export a vector image with a transparent background? Edit: I want the file to be exported to a vector image like svg or eps. Exporting to a png file will not work because it is a raster image and the print shop that I'm working with needs a vector file with transparent background. BBC Logo White Negative.afdesign
  4. Greetings, I'm sure this may have been answered already, but I am having a big problem with exporting in Publisher and Designer. I'm really hoping someone can help with this... I've created a book cover for print, for a spiral bound book (which does not have a spine), and even though I have made the document with a transparent background, I always get a white background on PDF export. I have tried pretty much all exporting options. I have even exported front and back cover separately and then placed them in a full spread document, but still there is a white background where there should be a transparent one. Since my book is not published yet I've covered the artwork with rectangles, however the artwork for both front and back cover is fully rasterized (except for text which I choose to export as curves). Does anyone have any ideas? Does this happen upon grouping certain layers? Or maybe a bug with the Designer cropping tool? I also tried the solutions on both of these forums, but with no success: White bleed exporting bug Bleed always white
  5. Hi, I've been using Affinity designer for a few weeks so I'm still a bit new to the software; I'm hoping someone can help me out. I'm having trouble working with various PNG files with transparent backgrounds in which I can't seem to get the object/image separated from the background, even though there is no background. For example, if I import a simple PNG vector image of a beach ball with a transparent background and I try to apply localized adjustments to the beachball, such as filling in an area with color, or applying a stroke to the outside of the ball, etc., Affinity Designer responds as if the file is one large rectangle, filling in the entire canvas with color - it does not recognize that there is an object on a transparent background. If I open the same file in photoshop and apply the fill color tool to the ball, PS fills in the ball only, recognizing that it's a single object, and leaves the transparent background as is. I'm a bit confused on what I'm doing wrong, any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. I noticed a strange appearance of my PNG images with a transparent background. At the top of third photo you can see those made in PS and at the bottom in Affinity ... You can't notice that looking straight at the screen, so I had to take a picture how it looks at an angle. There is a border and a gray "check" instead of pure transparency.
  7. I used to be able to delete (erase) a background on any image and save it to my photo album with a transparent background. I can no longer do this with any of my photo editing / illustrating software - on any of my devices... Regardless, I am asking for help with how to do this on my iPad Pro 12.9 using Affinity Photo - I have tried, and it continuously saves with a white background no matter what settings I adjust/change etc. (So frustrated.) Your help with this will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Hey there my name is Maddy! I‘m new here & if I make any mistake just tell me! I think I have found a bug in Designer for iPad. So I made a design with vectors & forms and have selected all options, that the exported png has a transparent background (transparent setting at the beginning, transparent setting in the document, while export selecting png & letting all options like they are). But when I save the design on my iPad via the sharing option on the bottom left, it makes a white background. It worked before without any problems. Then I tried an illustration without predone formes like hearts or stars & the export with transparent background worked perfectly fine. I have to say, when the formes don‘t have a preselected filling color, it workes as well. But when placing the form with colour & then remove it, the export will have again a white background even if the transparent Settings are activated. when I bring the design with the new white background back in the Designer, the background is automatically transparent again! I hope you can understand, what I mean (I am not a native English speaker) Greets, Maddy
  9. EDIT: SALVATION! So, I did flood selection tool > Select > Invert pixel selection. Then > Selection Brish Tool > Refine > New Layer I then exported the new layer. result! Hello, I'm having a devil of a time trying to export an image so that it has a transparent background. The problem is that it continues to export with a white background. I've tried 1. Starting new file, making sure "transparent background" is selected 2. Exported as PNG file with -> "Area: Selection without background" selected (this seems to give me no image) The image that I'm working on is below. I've used flood selection tool, then "invert pixel selection" When I export though...as a PNG file it still has a white background I've also tried 3. Duplicating layer to creating a mask 4. Creating a mask layer I'm pretty new to Affinity. I've watched Lynda.com videos youtube videos, nobody seems to be able to solve this porblem Any suggestions would be most welcome.
  10. Hi, I'm missing the following feature: Change size and the color of the transparent background checkerboard. I often use transparent backgrounds and think it is a bad thing, that the colors of the checkerboard only is availbale in grey & white! If you have white or grey elements (shapes/objects) on screen -> you have to switch the transparency mode on/off to check/modify your elements! I know Affinity Photo isn't Photoshop but I think this feature is missed by a lot of other users. Regards Robert
  11. May I suggest in the Exporting as a picture adding a bit depth of 32 for a PNG image. I like that feature in DrawPlus. It provides an automatic transparent background. In the Affinity Designer the largest bit depth is 24 and this produced a white background, not the transparent background that I was looking for. Also, would it be possible to include the preview function when exporting to the different image formats? I do like the many image options. It could be that I need to do something else to have my transparent background. If anyone can help me understand how to do this in the Affinity Designer, that would be helpful. However, I was thinking of the official rollout of the final product. A lot of DrawPlus users will need to switch to stay current. We'll just need a little help in learning how to use the Affinity Designer from what we used in DrawPlus for the many years it has been around.
  12. I am trying to export a pdf to send to the printer, white text for a window decal. it seems impossible to have a transparent background in a pdf. I have checked transparent in document settings. And I tried different ways of exporting, with dartboard, without, print, web or export pdf. I have sent it to two printers and they did not see they white text, so it cannot be only preview on a mac, which I have always been using with Illustrator without a problem. Attached some files. Thanks for help. Julia test.pdf web.pdf selection-noback.pdf
  13. Newbie question, Is it possible to change the color of transparent background from the checkered grey to another color? When working with white fonts its difficult to see. Oh and another thing, how to select all the text on a background to change its color?
  14. I got spoiled with DrawPlus. When I went to Export and selected PNG, 32 bit, it created the transparent background around the object I created. I am working to make the full transition to Affinity Designer, but I do not how to create or have a transparent background for my designs. Could someone please help me by pointing out the steps I need to take in having a transparent background?
  15. Kudos for you, guys. Lastly there is a real threat to Photoshop and its mortgage scheme. I want to include my signature on the portraits that I take. I scanned my signature on a white paper but when I include it on top of the picture it looks more like a label with my name on it. Question 1: How can I make its background transparent such that it looks as if I just signed the picture with the portrait as a background. Question 2: How can I reverse to white for when the portrait is dark where I want to sign it. I appreciate your response.
  16. Hi Beginner question (searching the forum didn't help): In AP, Filters - Colours - Erase White Paper is super easy - but after exporting as jpeg the background is white again, not transparent. Which step am I missing?
  17. Hello, I am very new to photo editing. I am having trouble finding a way to export an image so that it has a transparent background. I made a stylized version of my name that I would like to use as a logo on a website. When I export the image there is a white rectangle around my text. Is there a way to do this in Affinity Photo? I would very much appreciate your help.
  18. When creating a logo, I don't want the white background when saving it to PNG. How do i remove the background??
  19. When creating a logo, I don't want the white background when saving it to PNG. How do i remove the background??
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