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  1. I need help to get my small brain round this... I have drawn a vector of a wind turbine outline. I am wanting to finally produce a png with the transparent shape of the turbine "punched through" a white foreground, if that makes sense. I can't work out how best to achieve this. Help appreciated. Pete
  2. Love to be able to treat the line of a transparency as something that could be curved and manipulated with the node tool. If this is something that will be addressed by the gradient mesh feature that's coming, never mind! :)
  3. What's the best way to clone/heal on an image that isn't fully opaque? For example, if I wanted to remove the splat from the attached file. I can use the Inpainting Brush tool as it preserves transparency, however depending on the image the inpainting tool doesn't always work, so I'm looking for a way to manually choose the clone source (for example with the Clone Brush tool, the Healing Brush tool or the Patch tool). However, those tools multiply the transparency making the cloned area darker.
  4. I'm having difficulty exporting a simple design as a PNG file & keeping the transparency that I want. The output files has a white solid non-tranparent background. Why is this? I was expecting it to be transparent & show up as a greyed out chequerboard. But it doesn't, I assume I have to check a box somewhere in the process, but can't find one that's relevant. Could someone point me in the right direction please.
  5. It would be useful to be able to preview which areas are affected, essentially as if the blend curves were a regular alpha mask. I'm talking about offering the standard mask display options, like as a BW image, quick mask overlay, marching ants and so on. Another useful display mode for displaying masks, which is currently not supported, would be the content being masked composited on 50% gray, like most video color grading programs offer.
  6. Hello everybody, I'm relatively new to Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo and I'm just sitting in on those very useful programmes (before, I figured out Photoshop as a layman). Now, I want to add linear transparencies to one of my pictures on a flyer on two borders but I just can add it on one of the four borders of my picture. Every time when I click somewhere else on my picture, I just can work on one and the same tranparency. Well, is there any possibility to add another linear one on the same picture? I also know, that there are alternative possibilities, e.g. to add a circular transparency or so, but I rather need the linear ones. Thank you!
  7. As a long-time user of Photoshop (boo down with the cloud looking for an alternative) and Corel painter, one feature that Affinity designer would benefit from is the “lock layer transparency” tick box option. I have only played around with Affinity Designer for a day – there is probably a way of doing this with masks, however, I use lock transparency layer alll the time for blocking out silhouettes then paint within the layer. Also there is no support for TGA’s format in designer or photo – still widely used in the games Industry for texture creation.
  8. I love affinity so far but for a digital painter there is one very fatal flaw. I need the ability to lock layer transparency to paint, not just through the brush tool, but for every tool.. It would be a really needed feature for painters like me coming from Photoshop.
  9. Hi, I encountered an error when trying to change either color for a gradient to transparent. Here are the reproduction steps: Create a new document Select the Gradient tool Click on the color picker in the menu bar Select the Gradient tab Click on color and select the transparency icon You'll get an unhandled exception error Affinity Designer for Windows version (beta) running on Windows 8.1 If you have any questions, I'll be glad to answer them. Kind regards, Karel
  10. I want to take an image and do a linear transparency grading from 100% of the colot down to 0% (zero) at the other end. I have three (3) colors on the original image and want to keep those colors. What I want to do it to make this image to look as if it blends with a background image. Any ideas? I am a newbie to design and specially to this program.. Prior work on this type of programs have been primarily "cut & paste" JARivera
  11. Hello, I'm a new user as of today. Running Windows7, 64-bit. Is there a way to apply a transparency to the Stroke of an object which is different than the transparency applied to the fill of the same object?
  12. I'm pretty sure that in the past I exported PNGs from Designer with a functional alpha. Using the latest version, that doesn't seem to work anymore. Any ideas?
  13. I would be very happy if this Transparency tool would be introduced in Affinity Photo toolset, which is currently available in Affinity Designer allows work with Pixel layer partially changing its transparency. With working with internal partial layers, which have been selected from base texture. This will be a unique feature of this powerful software! Thnx :)
  14. In Affinity Photo, I'd like the same functionality as Photoshop's Layer>Layer Mask>From Transparency. It takes the transparency of an image and converts it to a layer mask. It's SUPER helpful when you need to extract either the transparency, or the underlying image as separate images.
  15. Where can I get such a tool or filter? For arbitrary translucency :rolleyes: see attach img - Corel Photo-Paint *any help would be appreciated
  16. It is not possible to give a transparency effect (from any direction not uniform) on an object more than once. However, we need to make multiple transparencies on an object.
  17. What about divide the border and main object color to be able disable both these colors without focus on them? If i want to disable border color and main color is focused, i have to swtich them as first and disable them. Problem is there is a lot of useless clicks when creating an UI and trying some object with or without color etc.
  18. More transparency types would be a nice thing to have such as bitmap and noise based transparencies.
  19. Is there a way to use the transparency tool to only apply on the fill or just the stroke of the object… I cannot seem to find a checkbox or setting for this to only affect a particular attribute. Thanks!
  20. Hi Beginner question (searching the forum didn't help): In AP, Filters - Colours - Erase White Paper is super easy - but after exporting as jpeg the background is white again, not transparent. Which step am I missing?
  21. Well, duh! I was watching Affinity Designer tutorials this morning, something I must make more time for, and discovered the Transparency Tool with balloons tutorial. And there is the solution to my problem of not being able to feather the edges of photos to blend in with color-matched backgrounds. Once I get skilled with this tool, it will give me far more control than Illustrator's simple edge-feathering tool has. But the Elliptical type doesn't quite work the way I'd like it to, being that I often need to feather the edges of square or rectangular shapes. Linear works well, but then I have to make a copy of the photo for each edge I need to feather (usually two) and manipulate further in what should be a one-stop process. It seems to me that a logical place to add a feathering-type effect would be here to allow for both vertical and horizontal adjustment on a square or rectangular shape. Something like the Elliptical type but more squarish. Or maybe there is a way to adjust the Elliptical type to make it more squarish? I'll keep playing, but I wanted to let you know that this was a real relief to me to discover. Thanks, folks!
  22. I converted a photo into a silhouette and traced it in order to print on a T-shirt (bitmap to vector with transparent background). However, I need to remove a gap between the arm and the body and am stuck. There is no knife ala what I vaguely remember from Illustrator (I'm a photo guy not a designer ;) ). i selected the area with a pen, but can only fill it with white to cover the black, which won't work for printing. "Cut" is greyed out. How do I delete this space inside the trace of the image? Alternatively, since I traced the silhouette and filled with the entire outline with black, if I could have traced the outside, then traced the inside without deleting the first pen selection, I'd have it done. But I couldn't find a way to combine two pen selections on one layer. Thank you in advance anyone. / jim bit map: https://flic.kr/p/He7ywE
  23. I'm continuing to struggle with Affinity Photo's channels and alphas. I need to be able to assign an alpha to my image while retaining the underlying color data of the transparent area. With photo it appears that the only way to get an alpha channel is to leave portions of my image transparent which results in loss of color data in the Red, Green and Blue channels. So all transparent pixels end up being black, this causes ugly halo effects on textures loaded in 3D applications. The Composite Alpha is just created from each layers alpha. I need to be able to apply a master alpha to the image. Is this at all posible?
  24. Hi, try as I might, I can export a slice as a .png with transparency. I've tried with an artboard and without, no luck. I've searched this forum and the www. What I'm I doing wrong?! Thanks in advance.
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