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Found 21 results

  1. Hey everyone, is this behaviour correct? I noticed that it has always been this way in all versions, which I find a bit odd: On a path with arrowheads, if you change the transparency, they are treated as a separate object and you can see the underlying path under the arrow. I would have expected the path not to be seen under the arrowhead and the element to be treated as a whole. You can easily solve this problem by simply grouping the path first, but in my opinion this is an unnecessary step, since the arrowheads and their path are already considered »one element« in one way or another. Thoughts? See my clip for a demo. Arrowhead_Path_Transparency.mp4 Greetings Dennis
  2. I've tried to choose exporting with a transparent background (PNG) for this Designer 2 file. The matte is set to nothing but I still get a white background. I've made a quick video to detail all of this: https://d.pr/v/48SVS7 Hope it's a bug and that I don't have to switch the document background every time I want to export a transparent png or gif. Also, exporting to the size of the canvas/artboard is the only option. Being able to simply export selected and/or the entire piece (not the artboard) would be a great way to get exactly what you want and none of what you don't.
  3. Hey all, today I noticed this strange behaviour that I have never seen before when merging layers. I was wondering if anyone could explain this to me. I usually merge layers so that I get an exact replica of what was visible in the layers palette at that moment – taking into account transparency (or lack of it, in this case). For some reason, Merge Visible (⌥+⇧+⌘+E) above a solid layer (pixel or fill) with an Add Noise filter layer on top of it results in a layer that suddenly shows transparent areas/single pixels. I don't get it. There's no transparency before merging, at least not that I know of. Even stranger: Grouping the filter layer with the Add Noise filter layer gives a similar result – suddenly there's transparency, because the group blend mode is automatically set to »Passthrough«. Try grouping the Add Noise filter layer with the Fill Layer below it in the attached file or »Merge Visible« and hide the layers beneath it. Ideas anyone? 🤔 Merge_Visible_Transparency.mp4 Merge_Visible_Transparency.afphoto
  4. Export GIF from a document with a transparent background and an object with a gradient from 100 percent opacity to 0. It is not displayed.
  5. When I export a GIF with transparency, Outline layer effect become hollow. This seems to happens on all Affinity, all platforms.
  6. Hi, I want to make an object (green square) with a transparent hole inside of it. How do you do this? I can't seem to find the option for this So basically a square, with a circle inside of it, but you cannot see the fill of the circle as well as the fill of the square. So a square with a hole inside. In my attachment the circle is black, however I want it gone. Black hole that should be transparent.afdesign If I try to make the circle a mask of the layer, I get a round circle...? How do I inverse this? Removing the circle not the green square? Masked square that gives a round green circle.afdesign
  7. I have got it nearly like I want it to be. cannot get it to be transparent, if I make one star in layers opacity 0, it does not show on White or black color, what am I doing wrong
  8. So I have this cross I am trying to make become a part of the skull curve, so skull and the cross are all just one shape/curve, and so it has the same transparency as the eyes, nose and mouth have now. Presently, the blend mode of the cross is set to erase. I have tried selecting the cross and the skull curve and just hitting merge curves, but that just turns the cross white and you can’t see it at all. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  9. Hi I have placed this SVG file into the document as seen in the image. What I want to achieve is having that file in white. Like PNG file, so that the image would be white, instead of blue. Ultimately I'd like to put a whole png file on that backdrop, which actually includes the Icon. But I'd want the icon and the Travel Perks UK part all in white, and not have the white background. Is this possible please and what's the best way to end up with the best resolution of the smaller image, on top of the back ground. Thanks
  10. Hi, I have a problem when exporting a file from Affinity Publisher til pdf (have also tried png with same outcome): the elements that were supposed to come out with 50% transparency are in the exported file not transparent at all. Why could this be? Also when I look at my screen at the "work area" (don't know what to call it) I see the transparency as I have set it - but in the left thumbnail side of the screen the object is not showing as transparent. Why is this - and perhaps the two issues are related? I have attached a screen shot of the issue in question :) I really hop you can help me! Thank you :) //Pernille
  11. So I was wondering if there was an option to make a pencil fade into transparency with less pressure in Affinty Photo or if any of you know or made such pencils that I could download? I really need that since I can't really draw without it and it's killing me
  12. Hi, I have a pixel layer that is transparent although it is at 100 opacity. there's no effects on the object. I drew a vector shape over it in another layer, made a selection from that object, inverted selection, selected the layer I wanted to cut out en pressed delete. The vector shape was transparent, but the selection was clearly around the edges. I've been browsing around on the topic but can't figure it out. What am I missing?
  13. Transparent glass in minutes. Digitally Fearless Affinity Photo beginner video tutorial on how easy it is to use blend options (blend-if) to make transparent glass. This tutorial also uses curves and liquify. https://youtu.be/PI4pz5RqrWQ
  14. In Affinity Photo, if you are creating vector shapes with a transparent color as the foreground and then switch to the Paint Brush Tool, the transparent primary color in the inkwell icon will switch to white, but the brush will retain the transparency from the previous mode, so when you try to paint, the brush will not paint white but be "off". You have to click on the small Transparency circle in the bottom left corner of the inkwell tool for it to display correctly. Display error is consistent on both the Tools Panel 2-column inkwell icon and the one in the Color Studio. Examples of the inkwell icon/tool:
  15. 1. we need to place a pdf as a link. it can be placed but all TEXT inside the pdf are missing because of the font missing. so the placed pdf are technically not linked. so we need an options like that (image pdf linking.png). 2. after placing a pdf some times we have to edit or need to some adjustments so that time we nee to outline the fonts so another option similar to Illustrator FLATTEN TRANSPARENCY required. with both of those we; printers can handle client files easily.
  16. I am unable to get a clean transparent image. As you can see by attached image, there is a darker transparency surrounding image. It is definitely not clear. What am I doing wrong? The background was white and I used the remove white paper filter then exported. When I tried to export as a gif instead of png, it was not a good image, but dark transparency was gone.
  17. PDF export unusable. I have created a brochure. In it I have an isolated image (with transparencies). When exporting, the text above is exported out of focus. The text can still be selected in Acrobat. So it is not rasterized. Several attempts (PDFX-1a, PDFX-4, ...) with a similar result. In some cases, the transparencies were completely removed or the image exported as a gray rectangle. The export as * .tiff works perfectly. In InDesign I always use PDFX-1a for export because all transparencies are removed and there are no problems with the print shop. InDesign easily exports the same layout as PDFX-1a. Another problem seems to exist when exporting scaled images. I write this in another thread.
  18. Hello Affinity Forum, I love you software and bought it. From time to time I frequently run into problems with Affinity Photo or Designer. This time I have an issue with affinity photo: So I wanted to import a .tga file, unfortunately it doesn't show up correctly as it seems. Here I created an image to show my problem with this file -> Part.tga: 1. How it looks in IrfanView 2. How it looks in photoshop 3. How it looks in affinity photo My first thought was, that this must be some sort of import bug, or just the channel setting from Affinity. Therefore I tried around with channel selection and visibility of it. Then I saved the file in affinity, exported it again as tga file. The new saved tga file show up wrong, like it did in affinity photo, in every application, like irfanview, photoshop and affinity photo. That way I know that the file itself got changed by affinity through the import/export and that it wasn't a fault of channel appearance. Is anyone here who can say me what might be my problem with it, and maybe a way how to fix it? There is a way around I guess,. but therefore I always have to use different programs next to affinity. The only way I found right now is to save the .tga as .png and then load it up in affinity photo. That way it seems to show up like it does in photoshop. Unfortunately it feels like a downside of affinity that I always have to think whether the file is displayed correctly or not while working on it.. The file is part of a game texture. Thanks in advance Dignity PS: Yee I know that part looks really unimportant it just shows the edges of the part which gets colored on the skin,. therefore its important that the file show up in affinity photo like I can see it in irfanview or photoshop. So, the white shape is the important part of this file.
  19. I can not export an image with a transparant background to png. The background in the png is not transparant, but white. It occurs on the newest version of Photo and Designer on the iPad (both version 1.7.3 on iOs13). In previous versions of both the apps this was never an issue.
  20. Hello I am working with pdfs and want to have a transparent colored object above it. The pdf are mostly transparent but have some white areas in it. The colored object is displayed differently on white planes or on transparent areas. The results also varie depending on how I placed it. I expect all white colored areas to be the same color in the blue rectangle. picture frame and transparancy.afpub
  21. I’ve used a guide for creating a diary when I was using DrawPlus but now I’m trying to do the same thing in Affinity Designer but I don’t know where I can find this adjustment. I’m using it to create a chalkboard, with a glare and a couple darker and lighter areas to reflect the different coloration in a chalkboard. Any help is appreciated.
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