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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, I'm new to Affinity software. Please advice how to proceed with the transfer of the license key to another computer, or a change in the Windows operating system. On December 15, 2016, I purchased your Affinity Photo v.1. I have a license key on one computer at the moment with Windows 7. I want to reinstall it on a laptop with Windows 10 and continue to use only this one license. Please advice how to proceed. Thank you.
  2. I made a lot of Guides to a master pages and realised later, I could also use them on another, already existing Master Page. Didn't find a way to copy & paste them (or transfer by another method). Appreciate any help.
  3. I'm looking to switch to a M1 Mac and I'm wondering if my current Mac licenses will transfer to the M1 apps? Also, I haven't switched laptops since I bought my Affinity apps, is there documentation on how to best transfer to a new laptop? I have brushes and presets I want to make sure get transferred as well. Thanks!
  4. I want to transfer the licences for all my Affinity products to a new PC, but I can't find an uninstall/deregister option in the software. How do I achieve this?
  5. Hi, Recently, I got a macbook air that I have transferred all my old files, and apps to from a PC previously. I want to take affinity designer with me, but currently it is not working. Is it possible for me to transfer the software from my PC to the macbook air? If not, will I have to buy a brand a new version (which I am completely willing to do). Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!!
  6. My main computer is a Windows 10nmachine attached to which I have a synology network attached storage. My main processing and document storage including backup is handled by the above. I also use an iPad Pro which is wonderful for when off site. Transferring files, especially large .afphoto type files is a tedious business. My current solution is to go via a small amount of ipad cloud and use the windows icloud app. But I also use Luma Fusion as a video editor on my iPad. That can open files from and save files to the windows/synology system over wifi. It is much cleaner and quicker. Could the same be done for Affinity Products? I understand the audioshare iPad app has a similar capability Regards Graham Rabbitts
  7. This doesn’t apply to me but the question popped into my head so I thought I’d ask as the answer might be interesting. Given the following scenario: * There is an organisation – such as a small neighbourhood group – which wants to buy a copy of, for example, Publisher to use for editing their newsletter. * They only have one newsletter editor at any time – one person who uses the software at any one time – but the editing duties may pass from person to person as it often does in small groups like this when people leave the group or the duties are transferred, etc. * All of the editors will have computers that use the same OS. * The organisation does not own or control the machines the editors will use the software on. * The group probably won’t be registered as an organisation in any kind of legal way, they’re just a bunch of people who share an interest, e.g. The Ambridge Book Club, The Borsetshire Birdwatching Society, etc. Would it be possible for that group to buy one license and ‘transfer’ that single license from one machine to another as the editing position moves to different people and different machines? Or would each new editor need to purchase a new license? I understand that people have to buy a new license if they need to use a different OS, and that’s understandable, but I was wondering what would happen in cases like that which I have outlined.
  8. So there's a setting in Photoshop called transfer that I use religiously. Is there a setting in Affinity (or is a setting being planned in a future update) that I can use that would produce something similar?? I found another thread about this but I'm looking for more recent answers.... I tried setting "flow" to be affected by pen pressure, but the result is too different from what I'm looking for. I'd also be okay with a Photoshop plugin of... some sort, that might allow me to do something similar... I'm just so desperate for Affinity Photo to replace Photoshop for me. I refuse to pay monthly for something I wouldn't use monthly! Anything helps
  9. Transferring an Affinity file from Windows 10 to Mac produces layout errors on Mac. Line spacing in some text boxes different, titles where spacing has been adjusted overlap line below, textbox within a text box (Frame) displaced. Text frames extended downwards over other text. All OK on Windows 10 (latest Affinity update today) and Mac Affinity updated today also before file transfer (on USB Stick) attempted. Windows dispalys correctly again from USB. TT-News March 2019.afpub
  10. Hello everyone, I bought Affinity Photo on my Macbook Pro a few months ago, but I was wondering if there is a way to use the app on my iPad Pro without paying twice for it? Thanks so much!
  11. If I buy an affinity designer and install it on a computer, then I buy a new computer, what should I do for having my own affinity in the new computer? Will it happen something to the license?
  12. hi, first of all, sorry if this question has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the ideal solution to my question: I have installed Affinity Photo (AP) in my iPad Pro 10.5 and have accumulated projects within AP. I would like to transfer the projects / AP files into my external HD for archiving purpose.The external HD is usually managed through my Windows desktop with USB connection. May I know what would be the best way to transfer the AP files/ projects from iPad to the External HD? Thank you for your time and help.
  13. Hello, A while ago I bought licenses for Photo and Designer. During the purchasing process I entered my general purpose email address but I would like to have both licenses associated with my newly created email account dedicated solely to software purchases and registration. I know that ordering FAQ says that I should always use the original email address provided during product ordering: However, I would really like to change it. Is there any procedure I could follow to achieve this goal? Thank you in advance for your answers, Łukasz Tyl
  14. Hi everybody, without doing any obvious changes to my system or settings the following has been happening for a couple of days: Whenever I try to open a file from the Mac OS Fotos Mediathek in Affinity Photo using the "Edit in Affinity Photo"-function of the Mac OS Fotos-App, the following message pops up in Affinity Photo: Failed to open file /Users/XXX/Library/Group Containers/6LVTQB9699.com.seriflabs.extensions/intermediates/Apple Photos Document.afextensiondocument The file type is not supported. Opening files in Affinity using "File > open > Media > pictures" works properly, but I want to be able to send my pictures directly from the Fotos-App to Affinity, edit and directly send them back to the Fotos-Mediathek. The problem started on the Macbook a couple of days ago, while Affinity Photo worked fine on the iMac. Today the Mac is affected too. The repair function of the Mediathek was run successfully, but did't show any effect. I'm using the German version. Thanks for any help.
  15. Hi, I am thinking of buying Affinity but expect to get a new laptop sometime next year. How do I transfer the programme to my new laptop?
  16. Really liking the iPad version but I am struggling with one thing. I have affinity photo on my pc, how do I export the file I have been working on to my pc without converting the file to jpeg, png etc. I want to be able to continue editing on my pc after I have done initial edits on iPad. Thanks for any help.
  17. Hello, I have an idea regarding users who have purchased an Affinity license for one platform and want to use it on an additional operating system. For example, I have both a macbook and a windows PC. I purchased Affinity Photo and Designer for my macbook, but now I'd also like to use them on my PC. I can't afford to pay another $100 for apps that I've already purchased. Plus, once Publisher comes out as well as the ipad apps, I'll be investing even more money into Affinity. Now, had I just purchased an imac instead of a PC I could have gotten these second copies of Affinity for free because with an itunes account any app you purchase can be downloaded to any device associated with that apple ID. So why should it be different cross platform? Now, I fully understand that there is a lot of software out there that isn't transferable from windows to mac, but it isn't an obsolete idea either. The entire basis of Steam (the game management service) is purchasing one license that can be downloaded to whatever OS it is available for. Plus, wouldn't offering this service add to the innovative system that Affinity is trying to create? My point is, a lot of people, myself included, won't purchase a second copy for a second operating system when I could just walk to that device and use it instead, or get a free screen-mirroring service. So for the sake of the consumers convenience, I think that you should consider making this a possibility. But what about people giving away their "free" copy of affinity for the operating system they don't have? Well to work around that Affinity could offer their purchases/licenses right through their website (rather than using the app store) and you could log into the app with your affinity account to use them. It could be limited to one log in per account at a time. Or possibly a verification of your apple ID, and the email associated with your Microsoft account. Or purchasing a license could simply come with two copies similar to Microsoft Office. There are a multitude of ways to work around the issue. An alternate option would be to offer a discount to those that have already purchased one license. I would be more willing to buy a second copy if it were only say $20 than to pay the full price again. I hope that your team takes this idea into serious consideration! -Kalahgen
  18. Hi all, I have a licensed Affinity Photo on my MacBook Pro and I am planning on replacing the MBP by a newer one and maybe selling the older one. Is it enough to simply detach the whole MBP from my Apple-ID and thus void the license or do I have to take further actions in order to make the license from that MBP available again to me? Kind regards Frank
  19. I'm new to Affinity, after struggling with the demise of Aperture. ​My Aperture library is stored externally. How do I get projects from Aperture into Affinity? It's currently driving me nuts!!!
  20. Hi, I currently have Adobe Photo Element 10, and the software has been giving me several bug issues in the past year. I don't like their current subscription plan and layout. I wanted to switch to Affinity, but need to ensure that i am able to transfer the library i currently have with Adobe Photo Element 10 with ease, and also that the files i transfer from my Cannon camera will transfer into folders like Adobe Photo Element 10 did, and not like Apple Photo has it library transfer, and i can't fine a picture within a dated folder. 1. Can I transfer my Adobe Photo Element 10 library to Affinity with ease, and does a organizer come with it? 2. When i do transfer images from my Cannon camera will it transfer it into dated folders?
  21. I would really like to be able to send something I am working on in Affinity Photo, to an other editor app. I didn't see this on the roadmap, so I'm hoping it is not something that is totally off the table. It's great that if I'm in LightRoom, I can send a photo directly to AP and AP returns the edited work back to LR. However, the same is not true in Affinity Photo. I can convert images successfully and easily to b/w in Affinity Photo, but I cannot (as an example) send that file to Tonality where more b/w tools are readily available for tweaking. I would not have to re-invent the wheel for each image. I give Tonality only as an example, there are gads of other specialty apps I use. So, my question is, will Affinity Photo ever allow passing work off to other editors as does Lightroom (or PS, I believe)?
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