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Found 12 results

  1. Hey! I make transit diagrams and maps for fun. This one shows what is left of both electric systems (2 trolleybus lines and 1 tram line) in Vladivostok, Russia. It features a small geographical map for orientation, so both networks are only peripheral and none of them goes into the center anymore. Constructive feedback is appreciated - enjoy it! Chris
  2. Hey :-) I do transit maps (diagrams) for fun in my spare time to relax. Here is one I was working on this weekend - after a request @Alfred: The Sheffield tram system in my interpretation. I've altered the color palette a little bit (more Bauhaus now) and also introduced route letters. Hope you like and enjoy it - @MattP :-) Feedback is welcome and appreciated of course! Have a great day you all! Chris
  3. Hey! I love to make transit maps and diagrams for fun in my spare time after work. This time it's Mallorca, Spain: my home-made diagram shows all tram, metro and train lines in service in 2019. Feedback is appreciated! Have fun! Chris
  4. Hey you all! I do transit diagrams and maps for fun in my free time. This is my minimalistic interpretation of the streetcar network of Hiroshima. Have fun! And feedback is appreciated.
  5. Hey! And here we go again - all three unconnected tram networks of Barcelona, Catalunya, in my unofficial interpretation. I assigned every network a primary color with ligther colors derived from. Now all six modern tram routes have the same color. Latest news is that the connection via the Av. Diagonal is now being planned. That will finally link the two modern tram systems. And the heritage streetcar called tramvia blau is currently undergoing renovation. The Funicular del Tibidabo is shown as well. And I have implied direct connection to the Metro Barcelona too. Have a good night or day! Chris PS: Feedback is welcome and much appreciated!
  6. Hey you all :-) I do love making transit maps and diagrams for fun in my spare. This time a super quick “3.5 hrs evening while watching TV” project show the trams and trains in Zwickau, Germany. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did when making it. Any feedback is of course appreciated and welcome.
  7. Hey! I do transit maps and diagrams for fun in my spare time. Here is another one I did a few months ago - in March. In bright and dark. It's the tramway network in Kagoshima, Japan. What do you think about it? Have a great week! Chris
  8. Hey :-) I do transit maps and diagrams for fun in my spare time - if you want to know a little bit more about me just follow this link. This was a rather quick design started on a Tuesday afternoon and was finished due to breaks and beers on Thursday evening at the End of June. Posted it on Instagram and Twitter back then. Here it is - my unofficial transitdiagram of the tramway (and BRT line) network of Strasbourg in France. Actually I have done two versions: one showing the 2019 situation (plus two planned stations on the D line) and the other one showing also the near future expansions included (two more stations on the D line, extensions of the A and F lines). Have a nice week! And of course: Feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Chris
  9. Hello I love doing transit maps or diagrams in my spare time - just for fun. This time I want to show you the tram network of Innsbruck, Austria. In addition to that I have also included mountain railways and commuter railways in that area. The first map shows the situation of right now - with lines 2 and 5 partially operational: The second map shows the situation after lines 2 and 5 are fully open: As usual, feedback is always welcome :-) Have a nicd day! Chris
  10. Hey again :-) I make transit maps (diagrams) for fun in my spare time to relax. Here is my unofficial approach for a transit diagram of the tramway system in Minsk, Belarus. To see how it connects with rail and metro I have included it underneath in a more subtle way. As always - all feedback is appreciated and welcome! Have a great day, Chris PS: @Wosven in this case the whole tramway network with its connections is shown :-)
  11. Hi! I do transit maps (diagrams) for fun in my spare time to relax. Here is one I was doing on Monday and Tuesday and updated yesterday: It's my totally unofficial transit map showing the the tramway (light rail) network of Eskişehir, Turkey. It has quite an interesting system with many loops. And what's really nice is that they have meter gauge. Feedback, corrections, input is always appreciated. Have a nice Thursday =)
  12. Hey :-) I do transit maps (diagrams) for fun in my spare time to relax. Here is one of my recent works: the Nottingham Tram Network in my own interpretation (unofficial of course). The whole map is entirely done with Affinity Designer. If you have any thoughts on it or feedack this is much appreciated. Have a great day! Chris
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