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Found 10 results

  1. It's always "Is visible" regardless of whether the layer is visible or not.
  2. Would be nice if Affinity shows size tooltip while using the marquee tools and the crop tool. Like the one while using the shape tools - showing W and H. I know I can see it on the Transform panel but the tool tip is easier to see.
  3. Hi, When I mouse over the leftside tool or any other tool, the tooltip message is truncated by the mouse pointer and thereby I'm unable to read the tool name. When I use larger mouse pointer the tool name is mostly hidden by the mouse pointer. Appreciate a fix for this.
  4. The font of tooltip on the canvas is not proper when UI is not in a Latin language. e.g. The attached picture is with UI in Japanese. it supposed to be 2オブジェクト(2 objects) Actually this has been a bug since older version but for beta.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure how this happened, whether it was a keyboard shortcut I inadvertently hit in Photo, or something else. The brushes I use the most no longer rotate as I draw along (for example) a silhouette; they just stay in one position. The brush tip has also become a ring instead of the shape of the brush, which I don't like at all. I have tried to figure it out on my own, but so far I haven't been successful in fixing either of these problems. I'm hoping someone knows how to fix this as I can no longer do my work. As a last resort, I'll be uninstalling and reinstalling, but I'm hoping to avoid that if I can. Thanks.
  6. Please helpfull tooltip/hint. For example tooltips on Brush-Editing buttons has the same as button label:
  7. Hey all, Silly question but is there a more #pro way to create tooltips for mockups? Right now I'm doing something pretty kludgy by creating a light grey box, plopping white text on top of that then resizing the box to fit for each mocked tooltip. I'm smart enough to enough that the way I'm doing it is probably pretty weak. I did a quick search both online and in the forums but no dice so here I am. Thanks a million, Shawn
  8. In build (and in the tooltip for the Gradient Tool is just 'Gradient' instead of 'Gradient Tool'. As a side note, the Context toolbar for the Gradient Tool is blank. Should there be other gradient types in addition to linear? The Fill Tool in AD has numerous options.
  9. Hello, Is there any way to disable tooltips ( see attached file ). They pop-up instantly on mouse hover, and it's really annoying :) On Mac version they show up after a few seconds. Regards, Marcin Mirkowicz.
  10. If I lock an object and go to the Layers panel, there is a padlock icon against the locked object. When I hover over the icon, a 'Lock/Unlock' tooltip is displayed, suggesting that clicking once on the padlock will unlock the object and then clicking it again will lock it. However, instead of redrawing in an unlocked state on the first click, the icon disappears altogether. Suggestion: Either the padlock should remain visible so that it can be clicked again, or the tooltip should be changed to read 'Unlock'.
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