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Found 188 results

  1. in Photo persona when I go to edit/preferences/tools and try to change tool size nothing happens, is this supposed to change the size of the tools or am I doing it wrong?
  2. Hello, so i use the freehand selection tool i choose polygonal and start to trace the selection! like you can se on eh first photo. when i arrive to the first point to close the selection, the selection will be modified like the second photo! and this happen in all kind of photo with the same tool, sometime became a circle sometime change shape but still isnt the shape that i trace. someone had the same my problem? there is a solution?
  3. Hello, I am a designer YouTuber from Indonesia, I want to ask about how to mention the tools in Right Studio. For example, color is it called "Color Studio" or "Panel Color"?, or another example in the stroke tool is it called "Stroke Studio" or "Panel Stroke"? or maybe there are other names that are more appropriate. Best Regards, Sudarmin damir
  4. I have searched both web and Affinity Designer itself and I can't find any informations if following is possible: Is it possible in AD to have more advanced transform, duplicate options? In Corel Draw you can easily multiply an object by a set amount of pixels/milimeters using "relative to object" mode in Transform tool it also allows me to insert the number of copies I need. Is there any way of doing this in Designer? I know there is the duplicate option but I'm having problems with it (and also, hitting Ctrl+J 20 or 30 times to get the desired number of copies seems exhausting). Basically, I need to print and cut on plotter a number of labels. The label is text and a rectangle around it that acts as a cutting line later when I cut the labels on the plotter. I can save time and space if I change the rectangles into a grid (so the ploter cuts in a few long lines instead of cutting multiple rectangles). But in order for that to work I still have to duplicate a rectangle multiple times in a way that the rectangles stick to eachother. But when I hold alt+shift to move the copy, the copy never snaps to the previous rectangle. So when I use duplicate (Ctrl+J), the rectangles would never be in perfect alignment and moved the desired amount, so later created grid won't match and the labels would be uneven. In Corel I can easily do it with Relative Position option. Is there any way do that in Affinity Designer (or Publisher, I have it also)?
  5. Affinity Software – Beginners Guide Photo - Designer - Publisher Finding The Tools You Need If you are following an online tutorial for any of the three Affinity programs and they use in the tutorial a tool you cannot see on your set up. Then this tutorial will hopefully help you find the Tool or Studio tab you need to follow the other tutorial. As Affinity Photo, Designer and Publisher look and act pretty much the same, the info here should work in all 3 programs the same way. This is done on a PC but should be the same for the Mac version. Not sure about iPad versions as I do not own them, but I guess they too are built in much the same way. https://youtu.be/U7mKyKYTXf4
  6. Are there any tutorials that explain each of the tools & how they are used? I have my favorite tools I use all the time but many others i never use, and would like to expand my understanding. Thanks.
  7. Using Affinity Photo 1.8.6 on a fully updated Intel iMac running Mac OS 10.15.7 (19H15), I have the following frustrating feature: At first, I was horrified at the way keypresses automatically "toggled" through multiple tools, such as hitting M four times for four different kinds of marquee selectors. I've got 30+ years of Photoshop muscle memory, and when I hit the M key, I want a rectangle marquee selector, and nothing else. Happily I saw this that you can turn this off in this post: However, while turning on "use shift key to toggle tools" and de-selecting the tools I don't want to use in the Keyboard Shortcuts preferences, the program makes an annoying "error sound" (system beep) if I hit M while the rectangle marquee is already selected, or V if the move tool is already selected. Having the program no longer turn on/turn off the tool I'm using if I am barbaric enough to select a tool that's already selected is greatly appreciated, but the goal is to just use the tool (M for square marquee, T for text, V for moving layers) without hearing a lot of error beeps in my ears. It's caused me to turn the volume down, which means I can't listen to music while I work. The desired behaivior is that the tool just be selected if I press that key, and if it's already selected, then the program should not react at all (not beep an error sound). Please address this seemingly small frustration!
  8. Those 3 tools are very important tools. I always find myself thinking about illustrator just because it has those tools.
  9. I need some tools just like Adobe Illustrator and nothing in Affinity maybe shape builder knife tool Split into grid 3d object etc
  10. An accessibility improvement such as a hotkey for the "Protect Alpha" option would cause a great improvement in digital painting workflow as this option is used many times throughout the process of a single digital painting in most techniques. In Photoshop it is possible to assign a hotkey for this as far as I know. In AP the only way to do this is by clicking the button that hides in a dropdown menu (shown on the attached pic) when using Affinity on a laptop (which has smaller screen than desktop monitors - on a big desktop monitor the option is normally showing in the same toolbar). There should also be the option to customize the tools in the said context toolbar. When it comes to the brush context toolbar, the customization option would allow me to hide the "Symmetry" and "Mirror" tools since I hardly ever use them and make space on the screen for the "Protect Alpha" tool that I use all the time. I've seen someone on the Affinity Photo forum raise tha case of "Protect Alpha" hiding in a dropdown menu. I believe that the customizable context toolbar would help not only digital painters often needing to toggle "Protect Alpha", but also users across variety of disciplines to improve their workflow in Affinity software.
  11. Hello, bonjour à tous est-ce si compliqué de réintroduire l'outil "grille de déformation" comme dans PagePlus ???
  12. Hello, I installed the new versions of all my Affinity desktop programs Photo, Designer and Publisher. Today I wanted to change a picture. I can start the programs, I can open the picture or a new project, I can use hotkeys, but I can't use the tools inside of the programs. There is no change. My system is PC, Windows 10, version 1909, 32GB RAM, Intel i7, Nvidia Geforce GTX 680 Driver version 451.67 Thank you for your help!
  13. hi. After yesterday's update, all tools not working. Any ideas why? I will just add that in all affinity programs as well
  14. Hi, is there still chance to have equivalents to illustrator effects like rough, blend, warp, zigzag, etc...? I've found that this has been addressed here for years. These are important things for me that force me back☹️ Thanks.
  15. I've run into an problem with Affinity on Mac desktop. Using MacBook Pro OS Catalina 10.15.5 6 Core i7 processor, 16GB Ram, 177GB available disc space, 27" 1929x1080 display. I'm working on a file, a smallish one of 14.5 MB. I've created several curves layers and a HSL layer. I've inverted a curves layer and am painting with brush (with white) to reveal that adjustment. What happened is that at some point the brush tool stops working completely. The adjustment stops being revealed. If I quit the application and restart, the problem doesn't go away. That was a cure for another file. I'm absolutely certain I'm painting on the correct layer with the correct color, with the proper tool. There are no other open applications. Suggestions as to what's causing this behavior? Thanks....
  16. A while back I referred to this in passing in a thread here — I kept finding that my custom tool panel (Character + Paragraph + Text Frame + Transform) would vanish unexpectedly. I'd have to reassemble the custom panel all over again. But it wasn't a bug after all — they didn't "just vanish." I use Alt+F4 to exit Affinity Publisher. But it turns out the program has been using the keystrokes to close the front-most window, which always seems to be that custom tool panel. Using the keyboard shortcuts feature to bind Alt+F4 explicitly to the Exit command has fixed this. Alt+F4 no longer affects the custom tool panel.
  17. Hi everyone, I am Aguaray, a designer-tool developer who likes design and coding. Recently I developed a color analysis tool “ColorTells” that analyzes the color and help designers understand the color of the artwork better. As long as you upload an image, you can get an analysis result according to a special algorithm. The area on the right is divided into three parts: a honey hive chart, a random main tones part, and a complete color palette. In the first chart, I decompile the most used colors in a picture and display them in a honeycomb-like chart. Just like the real color palette when drawing oil paintings. The percentage value of the main colors is displayed in a hive. You can adjust the density of the color blocks of the honeycomb in preference settings. The second area is to generate 5 colors as you can shift any of them. This function seems common, but it is not that simple. This is the main reason why I make this software. In other tools or websites, as long as you upload an image, it will generate five FIXED colors( or another five colors that cannot be changed) This is what dissatisfies designers the most. Sometimes people like the main color, sometimes the color with the most special hue, and sometimes may the color with low saturation. These cannot be calculated by a fixed rule. In this regard, I designed a random button that you can lock one or more and randomize the remaining colors until you are satisfied. All random colors are the main or outstanding colors selected from the picture you upload.You can also export the five main colors palette out. In the third area, a complete swatch is generated from the picture in the order of proportion. Again, you can also adjust the number of color slots in the swatch according to your personal preference. Regional Analysis: sometimes I encounter situations where I want to analyze only one part of the picture. This would be very troublesome if I need to edit the picture size. In ColorTells, however, you can click the lasso button on the upper left corner of the software to select an area and analyze the specific color. Also, the analysis results for this specific area can also be exported as a swatch separately. An excellent line draft requires practice, and the excellent color sense requires inspiration. May Colortells bring more inspiration to all designers and Affinitiers. Hoping you have a wonderful rest of the week!
  18. Hi, Is there a way to set a specific tool as the default tool in Affinity Photo? I invariably use the Move Tool [V], but moving between jobs or images it reverts back to to the View Tool. I've removed the View Tool from the tools toolbar but it still happens. It's a bit frustrating when i'm on a roll... :) Grateful for any advice. Thank you Ted
  19. Especially with the new 3D view and texturing enhancements this would make a lot of sense. A brush, driven by Python and/or OSL. When it is applied to a curve it follows it. When it is brushed on, it can leverage additional parameters like tilt/pressure and speed/velocity. Similar to the procedural texture layer it should have a few examples and then let the user pop out a text field to paste in (and modify) their own code and attach variables to UI controls. This could be made available for fill-layers as well.
  20. I am using Affinity designer Mac and have done for years. I am no expert but know enough to get the things I need to done. When I use the move tool or shape tools they work as normal but all other tools freeze at the edge of the canvas and you can not see the cursor until it reaches the other side and reappears. I have reset everything, restarted my mac, reinstalled the software and nothing helps me. The software has become totally unusable. I have searched but not found anyone that has the same problem. I have not included a screenshot as it looks normal in a screenshot but it is not I would really appreciate some help. Thank you.
  21. Hi! I wanted to let you open this thread to support the request, I think that although there are many things that could be added, one urgent one is the mesh or wrap (deformation) that allows you to deform an element, maybe also the perspective option, since it is a little complicated to have to adjust the isometry just to achieve a certain perspective. Let's say you have just edited a logo and you want to adapt it to a screen but you need to adjust each tip or deform it to adapt it to a cylindrical base, it would be good to have this tool at hand since it becomes cumbersome to create perspectives for the logos or graphics texts. greetings Deformation Wrap Perspective Regards! and thanks for the great software!
  22. Hi, I've been working with Affinity Designer for a few weeks now. Coming from Adobe Suite CS6 there's is a lot I like about Affinity Designer, but also a few things that would make working in AD just that little bit better. One of those things is that Align and Distribute doesn't have its own panel. Maybe it Align and Distribute could be combined with the Transform panel (see image) ... or just could have a panel on it own. greetings, Ivo
  23. I pointed this out in a previous post, but there are some tools available in Designer for iPad's Pixel Persona that are not available in the desktop version. One tool that I constantly find myself needing on desktop is the Flood Selection Tool, which is available on iPad, but is strangely missing in the desktop version. Are you guys still planning on adding this tool to Designer for desktop?
  24. Long-press shortcuts are super useful in other apps such as Photoshop, really help to speed up workflows, and I thought it might be a great little addition to Affinity apps too. I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about, but just for clarity: When you use a tool in PS, and press and hold a shortcut for another tool, you can temporarily use that tool until you stop pressing the shortcut. For instance, if you're using the brush tool, you can press and hold "E" to temporarily use the eraser tool, which then automatically switches back to the brush tool as soon as you stop pressing "E".
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