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Found 111 results

  1. Hello, I have very annoying issue for me to be honest it is biggest problem with affinity. When I do stack or HDR and I will export files to EXR (I use SNS-HDR for compression) Affinity always delete all metadata. Can I preserve metadata from first files? it is commonly used system in all apps that I used till today.
  2. When trying to open a CMYK TIFF image created with Capture One 10.2 in Affinity Photo, I am incorrectly shown the HDR converter and a horrible image. I have downloaded and checked with Photoshop: the files do open correctly with Photoshop. I have also checked with 8 bit and 16 bit exports from Capture One, and both do not open correctly in Affinity, but do open correctly in Photoshop. You will see on the left of the attached file that affinity recognize the photo as RGBA/32 where Photoshop correctly identifies it as a CMJN/8=CMYK/8 image. Not sure that it matters, but the embedded icc profile is from Blurb: http://www.blurb.co.uk/color-management Can you please fix this bug?
  3. Hello, is ist possible that you intergrate the option for non compressed TIFF files. I would appreciate this. thanks michael
  4. Why can't I just save an image as either TIFF, PSD or even JPG after the Develop Persona. Why this complicated Export Persona? Adobe at least got that right. This is a struggle every time. I'm sorry but I'm giving up on this.
  5. Hello, I bought Affinity right from the very first version in order to replace PS. Unfortunately, the software is using the very basics features, I would requiere to work. I am writing "I", but most of the photographers in the city are missing the same. Please consider this topic not as a negativ critic but constructive feedback . Please, if I missed something just spot me my mistake! Tiff. Usually, I do some adjustment in the RAW convertor (CaptureOne, Lightroom..) and then "edit with..". Then, I get a tiff which get opened in Affinity. Then I can do some find work. and "ctrl-s" to save my work. This does not work. Affinity can not save as tiff, only export as. It means -> Affinity can not be integrated in as editor a raw convertor. And is quiet useless.. Shortcuts. Does not work IMO. you do not know what you get when you press a key. Please, implement working shortcuts "à la" PS. Is there any patent on that ??? Any equivalent of PS "Transform" (Perspective, Distort, ...). I tried with the perspective tool, after 10 minutes I gave up. Done in PS in less than 2 mins.. Most of the function in Affinity are 2-3 slower as in PS CS6. Line selection tool equivalent ??q Level tool: is it possible to switch channel using keyboard ? Is there a clipping functionality like PS (in PS pressing alt). Thanks!
  6. When editing images in in Affinity from Lightroom I'm asked for format and resolution. Tiff is fine but if I open in 240 resolution am I giving up detail? Shouldn't I pick a higher number to preserve quality?
  7. I've done some controlled experiments and had another person verify this is repeatable. Steps to produce the problem: Take photo with iPhone running iOS 11 (tested with iPhone 7 and iPhone X). Photo will be in HEIF/HEIC format Export image from Apple Photos on the Mac as an 8-bit TIFF Open 8-bit TIFF in Affinity Photo 1.5 or 1.6 (tested both) - image looks fine Export the same image form Apple Photos as a 16-bit TIFF Open 16-bit TIFF in Affinity Photo 1.5 or 1.6 and the right 10% of the image will be sort of a grey, metal-looking digital mess The same 16-bit TIFF looks fine in quick look and in Macphun's Aurora HDR 2018 Rather than clog up the system with giant files here's the 8 and 16-bit versions of the same photo in Dropbox so you can see for yourself: 8-bit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nityjdgibkfc9td/boogs 8-bit.tiff?dl=0 16-bit with mess on the right: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0t2kv4x2o7t0ft5/boogs16-bit.tiff?dl=0
  8. Hi, I am running version 1.6.6 on High Sierra. I am modifying a tiff file containing IPTC data (keywords, location, GPS coordinates); all these information are shaved off when exporting to JPEG even when the "Embed metadata" box is checked. Is there something I am missing to get the expected behavior? The JPEG exported from PS from the same tiff file contains all the metadata.
  9. Strangely A-Photo for MacOS (versions inc. 1.5.2) change the Byte Order of TIFF files from Macintosh to IBM. Not very cool. Side note, wish export panels and personas would somehow highlight when a property (e.g., 16-bit sampling DOWN to 8-bit or 80% JPEG compression UP to 100%) has been changed in a way that will result in (perhaps unexpected) data loss. Love A-Photo!
  10. Ordinarily, when a TIFF has been saved with 'Save Affinity Layers', if you re-open the file to continue working on it, then re-save it, Affinity Photo recognises that there are multiple layers and therefore the layers and spare channels are all kept intact. If however there is only one layer, Affinity Photo doesn't recognise that there are Spare Channels present when re-saving a TIFF file and this results in the spare channels being deleted from the file when saving it. To replicate the issue, carry out the following steps: 1) Open the attached ZIP file (it contains a TIFF with an alpha channel and a spare channel) 2) Draw on the bottom layer with a brush 3) Press CTRL + S to save the document and close it 4) Re-open the document and the layers and spare channel are all intact as it should be Now carry out these steps: 1) Open the attached ZIP file (it contains a TIFF with an alpha channel and a spare channel) 2) Draw on the bottom layer with a brush 3) Delete the layer with text on it 4) Press CTRL + S to save the document and close it 5) Re-open it and the spare channel is now gone I think Affinity Photo needs to check whether there are spare channels before saving, so that it doesn't delete the users spare channels from the document. In addition, it also needs to check whether things such as text layers are present too, because if you have a non-rasterised text layer it will also be flattened when saving, rather than keeping the layer intact. Windows 10 - 14393.693 Affinity Photo - Surface-Studio.zip (file no longer available)
  11. Hi, I have several 8-bit .tiff files that I'd like to open in Photo. The ones that are in RGB open just fine, but the ones in CMYK are transparant (sometimes with colored glitches). The assistant also adds an RGB working profile as if it doesn't recognize the colormode. I can send the misbehaving .tiff files. Thanks in advance, Bauke
  12. Normally i export to both TIFF and JPG when I have finished editing in Photo. JPG is easy, it always remember my prefered settings. But TIFF: The Preset setting changes every time. It is empty or shows "TIFF RGB 8-bit". I always select "TIFF RGB 16-bit" and it should remember that. Windows, Photo
  13. All my other photo software uses TIF as the file extension for Tagged Image File Format image files. I am curious why TIFF was used by Affinity. It makes my file lists look ragged and will probably interfere with sorting lists. Can we have the option to export as TIF not TIFF please?
  14. When I create a macro of my own, and apply it to a camera raw file that I've opened and developed, it works fine. However, when I try to apply that macro, or any macro for that matter in a batch process, it over exposes the file to an unusable point. Even simply batch processing a raw file to a TIFF or any other kind of file, without a macro, over exposes the photo. It seems as though the photos need to be developed, then batch processed...? Is this true and how can I process my raw files like he does in the videos?
  15. Hi guys, I'm having problems batch processing a bunch of my raw files from my Panasonic Lumix GH4 camera to tiff or any other format. The problem is that the batch conversion process makes my raw file look different than if I open each file up directly in Affinity photo. When I open it in Affinity Photo directly, it will apply a lens correction and the colors look correct to the camera jpeg image (which was taken with the raw). I've attached the original raw file as reference and a screen shot of what direct and batch conversion looks like. Please excuse the underexposed image, as I'm taking bracketed photos. Thanks. P1070096.RW2
  16. Hi, How can I open a tiff file saved in CMYK profile in Photo? Years ago I saved these files using photoshop. Now I get a transparent canvas in Photo.... how can I open these? Thanks Nick
  17. Photo crashes with 0xC0000005 unhandled exception opening a 2.8GB TIFF, followed by "Cannot start the Crash Reporter". The TIFF opens fine in CS6.
  18. Hi, can we have consistency with extensions? When I batch save I get "fileName.tif" When I export I get "fileName.tiff" I would prefer all tif files to be saved with the extension .tif however, the main point is that they are always saved with the same extension. Thanks.
  19. Hi, Would it be possible to shed some light on this for me. When I load a sequence of files (not Batch Processing) ....e.g. SR_3122, SR_3123, SR_3124, SR_3125, SR_3126 into the interface to Develop,having 5 files open, the files are not displayed in order. Instead of being in numerical order from left to right across the interface, it seems to be random, first file on the left would be say SR_3123, then SR_3126, SR_3124, then SR_3122 and SR_3125. Many Thanks Simon R
  20. Hi, I cannot export TIFFs with layer. On Export page, the file size doesn0t change if I switch from "With Affinity Layer" on and off. If I Airdrop the TIFF, this is flattened. If I import the TIFF in the photo roll, it is flattened. I can't try to save on the cloud and then load in my machine now, because I'm not with my wifi, but if the size doesn't change switching on/off the options, I presume that the result will be the same: file flattened. Am I missing something? Thank you.
  21. Hi, I would like to know deeper about Export possibilities of TIFF format. In the Export settings I do not see the possibility to choose between ZIP, LZW, RLE or other compression possibilities. When I am exporting to TIFF it makes some file that seems smaller then compressionless file however I do not see what happened to it. I do not even know whether the file was exported losslesly or there was an information loss :( Thanks Jindra
  22. I am using Affinity Photo 1.4.3 on a late 2015 iMac running Mac OS 10.12. I have written a program that exports pretty simply tiff files. Every app I have tried reads the files my app writes, except Affinity Photo. I have tried Preview, Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, Pixelmator, Viveza 2, Safari (I did not know it worked as an image viewer, but it does)). I think maybe Photo is trying to interpret the tiff file as a RAW file. I have attached two screen grabs. One shows the upper left corner of the Photo window with one of the files my app wrote. The other shows the upper left corner of Photo with one of the input files to my app (which was written by lightroom). My app averages stacked images to reduce noise, so I expect the two images to be pretty much the same except for noise. Any suggestions or ideas on what might be going on here?
  23. Version: Affinity Photo 1.5.1 (Test) Making a Panorama from TIFF Images causes a crash with Message "Unverarbeiteter Ausnahmefehler". Screenshot is attached. Afterwards the Crash reporter comes up. It is reproducable with every kind of TIFF 8Bit, 16Bit with or without compression. I also tried three panoramas. Stitching works correctly when using JPEG, DNG or CR2.
  24. Hi, I saw this thread in the forum regarding a problem with Affinity reading TIFF files generated with FitsLiberator. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/36672-photo-does-not-open-tif-files-saved-from-fits-files-correctly/?hl=%2Bfits+%2Bliberator I have this same problem. The problem does not occur when I try to open the files in applications like Pixelmator. In the thread there was an indication that the development team would look into this issue. Are there any developments on this? I bought an Affinity Photo license in December to use it for astrophotography but am stuck with this problem ever since... Thank you for your time, Luis Lopes
  25. Dear Affinity This is a very serious bug. This crashes the whole system into black screen and only restart works, and which is more embarrassing that this bug corrupts the tiff file, which can't be opened again in any app, including AP (which crashes after I try to open again). Its happening every time I try to save or export a multilayer tiff which has been created by any other application like Lightroom (once it happened with a tiff created by AP also.). Since it is a normal photographers workflow happening ALL THE TIME that you open a raw file in an external editor, it is a very problematic bug which forces me not to use AP and not to retouch my pictures - which is nonsense. I have this problem from start of my AP use and it annoying me for more weeks now, but I was patient saying, okay I try to take cautious steps not to press apple+S but it is hard to convince your nerves to work differently rom a day to another.... I already posted twice report to apple, but I think they won't even notice. My question is strait forward: do you aware of this issue and will you post a update for this as soon as possible or should I search for another working photo editing app? Or tell me another solution which can fit in my workflow. Please tell me what logs, or information should I send to you which helps you find the reason. thank you daniel iMac (27-inch, Late 2013), Sierra 10.12.3 (16D32), AP 1.5.1., Lr 6.8
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