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Found 68 results

  1. Angelize


    Part of a work in progress . a clematis flower created in Affinity Designer
  2. Hi, I am trying to clip a brick texture to a logo in affinity designer. I looked up how to do it in affinity as its different than photoshop. I place the photo of brick on top of logo layer and here's what happens-pictures of before and after below. The texture goes away completely and thumbnail is white so I'm not sure what to do. Thank you! -Emily
  3. Hello fellow Affinity aficionados, in continuing my scooter series for Redbubble, here is my second retro styled scooter/travel poster. This time a Lambretta featuring a young couple scootering about Paris in the fall. All done in Designer 1.6 Check it out on my Redbubble site as well. https://www.redbubble.com/people/kevincreative/works/29498216-retro-lambretta-scooter?c=706027-wheels
  4. Hi there, my name is Dominik KandravĂ˝. Minimalist and self-taught illustrator from Czech Republic. I mostly create minimal illustrations using simple shapes and geometry. However in this case (poster for my friend) I tried to do something more complex - Well, this is Darth Vader! PS: You can check few of my illustrations on https://dribbble.com/kndrv
  5. retrograde

    Retro Vespa Vintage travel art

    Hey all, in continuing my scooter series for Redbubble, here is a retro styled Vespa/travel poster look featuring a scootering lady about Rome. Lambretta will be next in the series. All done in Designer 1.6 Check it out on my Redbubble site as well. https://www.redbubble.com/people/kevincreative/works/29083512-retro-vespa-scooter?asc=u&ref=recent-owner
  6. Affinity Photo is really amazing graphics designing software...But it really sucks when I work with color gradient & texture...Does anyone have any idea about how to use this type of rainbow gradient fill on text or any object in Affinity Photo v1.5...???
  7. Angelize

    Happy Halloween

    Hello all, I did this halloween graphic to practice working with affinity. I am getting the hang of using a masking layer and creating effects with brushes
  8. Added to the Paint Brushes with a new set of texture painting brushes 30 brushes from set 1 30 brushes from set 2 2 Zip files contains 60 brushes (3 pack x 10) x2 PDF sample files added PBT 1 Set 1 01-03.pdf PBT 1 P01-P03.zip PBT 1 Set 1 13-15.pdf PBT 02 P13-P15.zip
  9. I was following the Designer tutorial, "Stylish Strokes: Textured Lines in Affinity" I have a circle. I clicked Stroke and then the Texture Line Style. I clicked Brushes and selected the textured brush that I wanted. How do I remove the gap that appears at the top of my shape? I want the texture to be all the way around. Thanks.
  10. StuartRc

    Texture Brush Packs [Dots]

    Texture Brush Dots Upload of 120 Texture brushes [Set 1] with sample sheets Changes 1. Modified Dynamics (Flow and Accumulation Jitter mostly...) 2. Assembled into single Zip file 3. Added new set of sample visuals 4. Added A4 sample sheet [PDF] 5. Brush Labels re-named in individual packs to comply with how sets have been organised 6. Removed old sample visuals New Format TB DOTS Sample120.pdf TB DOTS Set 1 P 01 - 12.zip Single Brush Packs (10 brushes per pack) Old versions of TB DOTS set 1 (above) Assembled in one place for convenience Texture Brush Pack 05.zip Texture Brush Pack 06.zip Texture Brush Pack 07.zip TB DOTS-Pack 29.zip TB DOTS-Pack 30.zip TB DOTS-Pack 31.zip TB DOTS-Pack 34.zip TB DOTS-Pack 35.zip TB DOTS-Pack 36.zip TB DOTS Packs 37-39.zip
  11. I want to add some texture to an element in my design in Affinity Photo but can't figure out how. I watched some videos and found how to mask an image into it, but this is a small seamless tile that I want to apply as a texture and can't find a way to flood fill with anything but a solid color. what am I missing? I bought Affinity Design but am still on the trial of photo. I am looking for a replacement for Paint Shop Pro because that program has memory problems with the size and dpi that I am working with now. So far I am pretty impressed and have been able to work out how to do most of the things I need to do, but flood filling with a texture is super important to me and something I do routinely. Please tell me that I am just missing something and that it can be easily done. Thanks Sig
  12. kevinmcsherry

    Fish Bytes

    A reworking of another old illustration image in AD. Turns out I did the whole thing in CMYK and had to convert to RGB for web display at the end. I tried converting the AD file to RGB and it looked horrible (the colours suddenly looked too bright and unsubtle), so I didn't save it. It worked better when I converted the finished JPEB in AP. Would that be the proper way to convert?
  13. In photoshop, you can take a photo image and apply it into a layer mask, then adjust it to create the desired tshirt graphic worn texture look. (see images) Can this be done in Affinity Photo? I have been playing around with the masks and haven't yet figured it out. Thanks for the help.
  14. I would love to see something like what Tandent Lightbrush supposedly does (see this article) implemented inside of Affinity Photo. It is basically like frequency separation, except that it separates illumination and surface detail instead. It could be implemented in conjunction with a blend mode that would re-combine these two passes, just like Linear Light re-combines the high-pass layer with the low-pass one for frequency separation. I don't know if the algorithm is described in a Siggraph paper or something like that, but I believe there have been several published approaches to estimating illumination and so on. I was fully expecting for something to show up in Photoshop soon after because it would be spectacularly useful for photo editing, but so far Adobe hasn't done anything in that direction yet. I'm not even sure if the original product is still around.
  15. I would very much like to see a Texture "Pane" Option in Affinity Designer (and Photo): In addition to being able to paint with texture brushes (in vector or pixel), or simply import a pixel layer with texture, I would love to be able to save and use an entire Texture "Pane" (as in window "pane") Option from a panel of options like the brush window offers. I would like to have the ABILITY TO MAKE A TEXTURE "PANE" TRANSPARENT (or translucent; either vector or pixel) IN ADDITION TO BLACK, WHITE, AND COLOR and be able to choose whether it will cut through all layers, or only a selection of layers. (I have searched and not found any method for doing this.) (I'm a newbie when it comes to the technical jargon, hopefully you get the idea. If anyone knows how to do this, I'd love your direction!) Thanks, H
  16. andreacaliendi

    Level selection

    Hello! This is my first sharing here, I don't use to do it but I start to love this program. I created for this work some base with textures, and effects, on the top I've created some digital painting for the cracks (hope is the right word :) ) As you can see the difference from locked and unlocked levels are the luminosity of the numbers and base, in the unlocked levels we have a glow inside and outside and in the locked we have the deep engraving with shadows. You can find my UI portfolio on my FLICKR UI Album Enjoy
  17. Frankentoon

    Tunkita Pig - Made with AD

    Hey guys! Just wanted to share a little character I made for fun with Designer using some of my texture brushes. Any comment will be more than welcome as always! Cheers!
  18. Hello When I open .fh11 files I miss my texture (on my WinXP in Freehand I see them). Is there any way to activate the texture I added in my old files? thx ADD
  19. Hello, I wanted to create something quite simple for the community, so I thought I'd go back to my realistic icon design days and apply some of my methods in AD. For this I digged out the Battlefield 3 "Accuracy ribbon" design. This was originaly made with 3D software but it's not too hard to replicate in 2D. http://battlefield.wikia.com/wiki/Ribbons/Battlefield_3?file=Accuracy_Ribbon.png The basics are: Import the ribbon image into AD and create a new artboard below it Add guidelines for the sizes of objects and where the background color bands meet Start by recreating the shapes over the original image - the background colors, then the golden circle and the rounded, long squares of the aim Try to select colors similar to what you see on the top image Play around with Outer Shadows, Inner Shadows, Bevel and layering different effects until you have the same feeling of volume Add shadows and other lighting details to the illustrationRemember that 100% black shadows on most objects feel unreal. Try to base the color of the shadows off of the object itself or off where the shadow "lands" Finally use images in Color Burn and Multiply mode inside masks to add the gritty feel to the metals and the fabric texture to the background Play around with the saturation of the colors you chose to find the right spot for added realism. Metals that have been "through war" are not polished therefore they shouldn't shine, they should be dull. Please find the final file attached. The texture images in it are for demonstration purposes only and I do not have rights over them. BF Ribbon.afdesign
  20. Hello, just got myself Affinity Photo for my personal use at home as a game artist, replacement of Photoshop. I understand that AP focus more to the Photography industry rather then game industry, hope it's ok if I make a request more towards game dev. Ok, first of all, I'd love to see the texture preset added to the new document setup, such as; - 1:1 1k Texture: 1024px*1024px - 1:1 2k Texture: 2048px*2048px - 1:1 4k Texture: 4096px*4096px - 1:2 4k Texture: 2048px*4096px etc...all with transparent BG enabled. Another thing is that the Flaming Pear's Photoshop plugin, especially the Solidify (free plugin) to create a padding doesn't seems to work well. It keep on asking me to run the filter on a layer that has a 'transparent region', even though I run it on the fresh new layer with only 1 brush stroke in it. Or am I missing something regarding how Affinity Photo handle transparency on the pixel layer? I noticed that there is an alpha layer on that channel tab, this seems function differently then Photoshop alpha layer. Feel free for any game artist out there to put more suggestions depends on your workflow needs. That's it for now, would really love to hear what you guys think about it.
  21. Hi there everyone :) I am very happy to have completed a winter illustration entirely in Affinity Designer using a Wacom Cintiq Pro 13. I have been experimenting with Designer in my spare time in order to try out a few ideas combining vectors with texture brushes. This one was done in designer 1.5 and I have to say it has treated me very well as I progressed towards making the piece work as a whole. I do quite like clean shapes with a painterly/texured feel to them, and so with this one I feel that I am moving in the right direction at last. The project was sketched out from scratch and colour completed in Designer with a resolution of 5500x5500px. My main takeaway I belive was to be patient util I could start getting a good feel for the paint performance in relation to zoom level. Also, being able to customise and set up custom brushes for my liking and to match previous experience for a more traditional illustrative approach. For brushes I started out with the Daub concept brushes pack but ended up picking them appart and to set up my own in the end :) It would be great to hear about your experiences and feedback in general towards using affinity designer in illustration based workflow :)
  22. Hello, I purchased my copy of Affinity Designer this morning and I'm having fun using it. Whilst I was experimenting with the software I was struggling to change the outline of a vector shape. I wanted it to have a textured outline. For example I drew an oval, switched to Pixel Persona, clicked Line, Texture Line Style then Properties but all of the options are greyed out (General, Dynamics, Texture) I've attached a few pictures for you to look at. Am I doing something wrong? Keep up the great work Cheers
  23. Hello, I am using the latest version of Affinity Photo on my Mac. I used to pen tool to make some shapes and then added a stroke. When it is a line it works fine, but when I change it to texture (the paintbrush icon after the dashed line) it has no effect, and even when clicking on the properties, I cannot change anything in the pop-up as everything is greyed out. The end result I wanted is to have some brush stroke on my vector lines. I cannot achieve anything more than some lines with varying pressure curves.
  24. These are all my bookmarks i've collected since i started to use AD. The most of them are free resources, and i'm amazed how good quality resources you can find for free. Free vectors, photos and PSD Downloads | Freepik [CG Textures] - Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop! GraphicBurger | Tasty design resources made with care for each pixel. Have a bite! Free vector icons - SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS & Icon Font - Thousands of Free Icons IM Free - Free Design Resources | Free Images, Free Icons VectorStock | Vector Art, Images, Graphics & Clipart Subtle Patterns | Free textures for your next web project. Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses. | Font Squirrel WhatTheFont! « MyFonts Free High Resolution Textures - gallery Palette / dreamscape :: COLOURlovers The Day's Color dafont.com Free Flyer Templates & PSD Party Flyer Design Blog http://freebiesbug.com