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Found 762 results

  1. I type out text using the Artistic Text or Text Frame tools, then double (or triple) click and proceed to highlight the text that I want to make adjustments to. The only problem is, I can't see what I've selected because the text doesn't become highlighted! I could still make edits, but it takes alot more time if I am moving quickly and don't put my cursor where I think it should be. Any help? Affinity Designer 1.6.1, Mac 10.13.3
  2. I am trying out Publisher before I purchase. I imported an IDML document from InDesign. The document is just text (with paragraph styles and a table of contents), and it is over 60 pages long. I get a very long lag while typing, which I don't get in shorter documents. It's so bad that at the moment it is a deal breaker for me. I tried upping the RAM allotment but nothing seems to help. Are there any solutions?
  3. The iPad version of Affinity Photo don't have option to change character language from Latin to other lang, The Desktop version have this option. This affect when trying to type Thai language, Thai's tone mark character not properly display. The font i use is 'Kanit' from Google Fonts, This font has fully support for Thai language. If there is a option to change character language to Thai like PC version it will don't face this problem. As you can see the text should be ' รายชื่อ ' But that little tone mark display too low and sink into vowel character below it.
  4. Hi, I would like to report that, when I place text over an image, the text is pixalated. Not sure why?
  5. Could you possibly consider adding find and replace text on Affinity designer seeing that when working with some documents one would need to replace text on some items. Thanks.
  6. I'm a beginner and I have a question. As shown in the picture in the appendix, I try to make a pie chart with text in the pie slices. Each pie slice should have two-line text. And of course I would like every text right in the middle of the pair. Both horizontally and vertically. I think I have to make a new circle path for every line of text and I don't know how to calibrate the middle. Perhaps there is a way to do this more practically and efficiently. Can anyone help me with this please? thank you in advance
  7. Inline objects vanish when converting its parent text to a curve.
  8. Hello guys, please respond to this, this is really serious! I have created pgn file with some texts on it, something like a meme and exported. I posted it on Facebook and the text looks bad, colours are messed up somehow, looks pixelated too. It happens all the time. I am not sure if it's about Facebook only, must be some settings in affinity too. Here are the pictures: created in affinity and exported in pgn: https://pasteboard.co/J51LF4J.png How it looks posted on facebook: https://pasteboard.co/J51Lf0J.png screenshot in affinity while working on document: https://pasteboard.co/J51MiUG.png Please help me guys! I wasn't able to upload pictures so I had to upload them using web links
  9. I have been making scientific illustrations. I like to number the steps by putting the number in a circle. So, first, I make some circles and position them in the illustration. Then I use the text tool to type the numbers I need, which I move into each circle. Nine times out of ten, though, Affinity then crashes. I happens almost each time I do this and the work is lost. I can prevent this by leaving the project and opening another project between each step (presumably this is saving the work, but I dunno.). Then I go back and create the next number and move it into its circle, leave the project, open another, then go back to the original project to add the next number. This seems to work, but it's obviously not the best solution. Is this a bug that needs to be fixed? Or am I doing something wrong? I'm using an iPad Pro, 12.9 inch. Second Generation. OS version 13.3.1 Thank you for any help you may be able to offer.
  10. Dear Affinity staff, maybe its a but, but when I apply a gradient effect overlay to text, the text is then rendered as pixels, not as a vector (like it should be). It is clearly visible in a low-res PDF export and still visible in print-res when zoomed in. See file attached (left: single color, right: gradient). I’m aware that the gradient tool would be the tool to go for in this case—but why is the effect causing the text to be rendered as pixels? Best, Johannes
  11. 1.text entered and saved as a psd file. 2. Open the psd file. 3. All text cannot be modified. --> photoshop and affinity photo what???????? What options should I set? I can't fix this even if I check the box. and I can't fix this even if I uncheck the box.
  12. I have a large number of pdfs that were originated in Adobe Illustrator (v10). My needs for Illustrator were fully satisfied with the version, but it will not run on the latest Apple macOS Catalina. Retired, I only used Illustrator for nonprofit work. Affinity is a great deal. Affinity imports the pdfs with few glitches, but the text on the documents differs between my desktop and my iPad Pro. The text wraps undesirably on the iPad. Correcting this is difficult and it will take serious effort to determine whether, if reconstructed from scratch will solve the problem. On some text strings, a character that behaves like a tab character, when deleted and replaced by a space returns the same wide space between the two words. The text is left justified, ragged, so it is not a center justified paragraph issue. I have attached a file and will be specific about the issues, if useful. I am willing to accept a phone call, if useful to you. Blank.afdesign
  13. I am new to affinity designer, and just start to use it. In this image blow, I want to change the color of the word MAANDAG to be more colorful, how do I do it.
  14. I could not select text anymore, tried closing program/reopening but it still didn´t work. Noticed that it suddenly worked when i had the document zoomed out to 50%. To test the issue, select a text, zoom in/out and notice that the selection disappears going above 85%, every time. Version 1.8.3 on a 2017 15" mac pro running Mojave 10.14.6
  15. Iam waiting from one year that affinity will add regional text engine support for their apps...But i was dissapointed in every update that they doesn't include it. Affinity if you are listening and if you value your customers suggestion please add support for regional text engine support.
  16. Is it possible to relink text edited in a symbol? Even just changing color make them out of sync.
  17. Hello Just in the middle of creating an autobiography in Publisher and it is going well but have two problems. Text alignment: I have a Chapter heading which is 'left aligned' and beow that is some txt which is 'centered' the following paragraphs are 'full width' aligned. Everything has been working well except for one Chapter where I can't seem to separate the 'centre aligned' text from the following paragraph. If I centre the subheading the following paragraph adopts the same style. See attached screen shot. I am sure I am doing something wrong as all the other chapters have worked out fine. Also, I have one rogue page number which is displaying on the left side of a right hand page (see screen shot). All the other page numbers throughout the document as fine. I can't delete it or select it to change the alignment. Apart from these small problems I am very impressed with Publisher Any thoughts on thes points will be appreciated. Cheers Charles
  18. Hi, First, I'd like to acknowledge the team behind Affinity Designer, I mean you guys are amazing. You should really sell the truth about how fast Affinity Designer is cause sometimes, I feel it's not properly said :). Affinity Designer is so fast, fluid and fun to work with. I enjoy using it a lot, though still have to go back to photoshop for a few reasons. One of which is mockups, but with the launch of 1.8, I think I might be very close to letting Adobe Photoshop go. Now to the matter I'd like to talk about, I design contents and send across to other guys to work on, and many still use photoshop. Cause of this, it's difficult to work smart and save time cause after exporting to PSD, the text gets rasterized and becomes uneditable and the guys I work with needs it editable so they can continue their work. I've tried to look for a way around this but couldn't really find any convenient method. So, I'd like to suggest a way/feature that allows us to export text from Affinity to PSD with the text remaining editable, this would be super great and I believe I'm speaking for others too. thanks
  19. Hallo, if i open a psd, it is not possible to change the text. (it is possible to change size etc.) In the layer it says: .... (pixel). Do I have to import in a different way. (Checkbox "PSD Text editierbar schalten" (german) is activated)? Thanks a lot for giving me a hint! Jörg
  20. I'm an amateur in designing. I use it mostly for creating one sheets and artwork for my novels. While creating my recent project, my text isn't appearing. I click on the text tool and then double click where I want the text to appear. I get the blinking cursor but when I begin to type nothing appears. ( I have a visible color—I'm using black on a gray image.) I thought maybe my image was in front of the text and so I arranged my text to the front, and the words still didn't appear. A layer tag appears in the right side bar revealing what I've typed, but nothing appears on my project. This has never happened to me before. Anyone know what to do?
  21. Hello! I’d love to make the report more precise but actually all I’m sure of is included in the title ☹️. I use Designer on iPadOS 13.4 (currently on beta, but the problem had been there before it’s release), app version 1.7.3. App crashes during writing, when deselecting text tool (both art and frame), when changing text attributes, whenever during using text actually. I tried really hard to find the specific path leading to crash but I couldn’t. Tried reinstalling app. The crash is so often for me that I was sure somebody have already reported it but as I see I am alone, so my only idea is that the bug is connected with my language settings - my device language is Polish which Designer doesn’t support (and I have another problem with that, which I reported before, unfortunately still unfixed: Link) Thanks in advance!
  22. Having the ability to export text as text instead of having them convert to bitmap when exporting to PSD would be super cool. This would really make the work flow so much more flexible. I believe we all agree yeah?
  23. Newbie here who is struggling with Publisher. I have to do the text of our newsletter 'justified' - with Pageplus9 at the end of a line I would just do a return and the bottom line of the paragraph would be fine. At the moment the bottom line of my work in a paragraph is spreading three words all along the line. I have been into the Paragraph Tools to try and change but just can't find how. I am attaching the text for you to see the problem. It is the bottom line in para one. Been asked to contact Support - how?
  24. Affinity Designer 1.8 cannot recognize or render 99% of Windows 10 basic system fonts correctly. Some of the installed fonts are also not in the drop down option/ cannot be found in the character panel. Even the previews in the drop down renders wrong. Is there any way to fix this?
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