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Found 762 results

  1. It'd be great to have a more efficient font selector, currently the drop down is a bit clumsy. A search based font selector would be awesome. I'm surprised at how much it slows me down
  2. When I select a text frame - generally that means I either want to move the frame or amend the text. When I move out of the frame - that should mean I'm finished working with the text/frame. I do NOT want to create yet another text frame by default!!!!. 9/10 I want to select it or something else on the page. The whole 'esc' -> V thing is very tiresome. Please give us a way to select the frame - either by clicking on the edge of the frame (tool becomes an arrow/select), by using a keystroke (cmd) or moving out of the frame automatically changes the tool to an arrow. Text selection.mov
  3. How can this be done? I can center the text horizontally. Would also be great to be able to write text in an object like in Apples „Pages“.
  4. Recently in my graphic design class we went over glyphs inside of Adobe Illustrator to adjust the printed text from text boxes. I'd like to see the same or equivalent feature in Affinity Designer. Glyph/Special Characters window: http://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/using/special-characters/_jcr_content/main-pars/image_0.img.png/tp_27.png
  5. Not sure if it is the app or maybe a bad font. I made a video to demonstrate the problem. It is unlisted on YouTube but here is the URL http://youtu.be/Jvq4Qb6JAWQ Other topic Don't forget to allow the centre point of an object be moved to where ever to give more options for rotating objects.. Loving Affinity Designer otherwise.
  6. 1) place art text in your document 2) select art text using the move tool 3) apply generous kerning (e.g. 50%) using the ,character' button on tool bar 4) center text Result: text is off center (shifted to the left) due to kerning space after last letter of the text Workaround: not found, because kerning cannot be applied to single letters when using art text
  7. Is it possible to manipulate text in a text box so that, for example, it is wider at the top than the bottom. What I want is to create a shadow effect on text as if a strong light is coming from behind. It is easy to duplicate then flip the text, and even add graduation, but then it needs the text to widen as the shadow lengthens.
  8. Hi quick Q about kerning. I don't seem to be able to adjust individual words or characters within a text frame. Seems I can only adjust the entire contents of a text frame? Is this correct? S
  9. I've enclosed part of our wine bottle labels that I'm redoing in Designer (we've been using AI). Everything has been working well EXCEPT the justified text. Just for fun I tried the same text in the same size textbox on Pages ... no problems at all (no example included). Anyway, this must be fixed for me to be able to use the product and I'll have to switch to another product unless a fix is found soon (maybe I'm doing something wrong). As for the two fonts used in the example, we've been using Tahoma on our old labels and I'm trying to streamline and standardise on Gill Sans MT (for now). As you can see, neither works anyway. AffDes Justified Left.afdesign
  10. PASSWORDS! This isn't really a great piece of work. It's more, a piece of my mind. Basically I have a bad short term memory and HAVE A HARD TIME trying to remember them all...banks, work, phone, email, forums, Ebay, Amazon, iTunes, Antivirus, Pinterest, yadda, yadda ya....Rant over! This is best viewed at, whilst listening to Transient from their Blue Album by Orbital Roll on Affinity Publisher! Happy 2015
  11. Hi I have an question is it possible to write text on an line or objekt ? I used this future in Illustrator is this in Affinity possible ?
  12. Discovered Affinity today, didn't blink, bought it and glad i did. I've been playing for a few hours and there's something I can't get my head around. How do you fit a line of text to a curve or path.
  13. I just downloaded Affinity after reading all the glowing reviews. Looks and works great, but I want to second the motion to support right to left languages such as Hebrew.
  14. I'm confused to see lots of error codes in AD when I open my Ai files in Chinese. It totally disturb my mood to finish my portfolio......plz add Chinese in soon.
  15. I simply can't type. Mostly. Ugh - reluctant as I am to say this, I experience too many simple critical bugs to be able to seriously use AD at this point. Latest is when i went to make up a simple neighbourhood notice. (sample attached) For any typeface, on both word text frame and text art modes, typing doesn't work - the cursor blinks ominously but doesn't actually move or render anything. Briefly the app did allow me to do this, as on the sample file, but thereafter not again. And so I have to go back to AI again. Not happy - I have very much wanted to recommend AD to others but I don't feel like I can yet until it's just more stable. Running AD 1.1.2, yosemite, FEX - all latest release versions car space notice Edinburgh Zone.afdesign
  16. I'm sorry to keep banging on about this one. I want to create a text frame/box + move it into position WITHOUT having to break stride and go to the tool box. It's the most glaring fault to an otherwise superb application. If I could do this I'd swear I was working in the 2014 version of Freehand! A hotkey/keystroke is the most obvious solution. or Somewhere on the active frame to grab/grip and move into position. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! text frame.mov
  17. This mock design has been flying around my head, since 1984. It was my attempt at designing a logo, that contained letters that create shapes. This is the firm that supplied the helicopters for Airwolf. It still takes me ages, but I'm learning...I have used theses filters, glass and onyx. These give the desired effects. peter Ps is Hilary the only forum member to have a filter named after her? (Sunset) jetcopters inc.afdesign
  18. Hi, I've been searching the forums to see if anyone else had this issue but I can't find it anywhere. I have a PSD document that I opened in AD and all the text layers seem to be pixel layers - therefore I can't copy / paste text, check the font / font-size, or edit it in any way. Some "text" pixel layers have fx on them, so I thought it might be because of this. However, I searched layers without fx and they are all the same (pixel layers). Is there something I'm missing? PS: At least one of the fonts used in the PSD is installed (with SkyFonts, from Google; font: Lato). The rest of the fonts I don't know right now because I can't click on them :)
  19. I would like to have the ability to type on a curved path and be able to make text designs like the one in the image I attached.
  20. Hi .. Is it possible to set a text to take path shape such as circle ? Regards
  21. When I change text into curves (or use another action which needs to transform text into curves) and I want to go back curved text becomes not anymore editable text. It always stays a curve. As I got notice of this, I always copy the text before I make such changes on text. So I have not to write the text each time the changes are not what I expected. Thanks
  22. When I have a text layer selected and I go to alter the font, the program quits completely after scrolling through the font list for a few seconds. There were points where instead of crashing, the text layer would just disappear altogether. The few times this happened, I tried selecting a font anyway and then saving / quitting / reopening. This resulted in the text layer retaining the new font style, but still remaining invisible. Some system information: Affinity Beta Version: 1.0.18771 Mac OS Version: 10.9.4 Processor: 2.8 Intel i7 RAM: 4GB Graphics: Intel HD 3000
  23. If I copy a text from a website and paste it with »Paste Without Format« in Designer, there are all format information (color, size, font, etc.) taken. There is no different with the normal past function.
  24. How do you get text to take on the texture of a picture. Example I want my text to look like a Flag
  25. Trouble with printing "Umlaute" öüöä See attachment 1. Image after exporting to PDF 2. Image Original File in Affinity Desinger
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