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Found 778 results

  1. How do I combine these text letters into one shape/object and keep the stroke size intact? I converted the text to curves, I then "add" the shapes. And what happens is that I loose the stroke size, and the inner white areas are filled in. Thank you to anyone for helping solve this issue.
  2. Adobe Photoshop has an option to convert Paragraph Text to Point Text (Artistic Text) and vice versa. https://textuts.com/type-tool-in-photoshop-cs6-point-text-and-paragraph-text/ It is very useful at times. Hope to see this feature soon on Affinity Photo! 😅
  3. Text usage is very slow. If I use a text frame, after less than a paragraph it starts to slow down -- I type in text and it takes a moment or two to show up on the screen. It gets slower as I integrate more text. Slightly worse with artistic text. Affinity Designer Version: (recent install) OS: Windows 10 [10.0.18363.778] Video card: Radeon RX 570 (in case it helps) OS was recently installed, with minimal number of fonts installed. Same issue even on a clean boot with no other applications running. Strange: I have a dual-screen setup -- when I use the second screen for the dockers (I would like to have this setup) the problem is MUCH worse. Note my main screen is landscape and my second screen is portrait orientation. This is not very much text. I realize for many pages of text this would be the wrong application and that might be an issue but this is just a few paragraphs, that might appear on any number of flyers, info sheets, etc. Any ideas are much appreciated!
  4. Is it possible to have a frame text copy text from another? Almost like Fields, where you have a text frame copy from fields, but instead copy from another text.
  5. As you can see from the image the preflight missing font is not showing in the font manager. Be great if it can be added to your fix list thanks Mike
  6. Hi all, I'm struggling to get to grips with the alignment options in Affinity Designer for text elements. The space vertically option spaces them out based on the pixel bounds, not the baselines. This results in text that is unevenly spaced if some have descending/ascending characters. I have attached a (very rough) image that shows the behaviour from Illustrator (yep, sorry about that) and the same setup in Designer. The left text is pre-alignment, the right is post. As you can see, Illustrator spaces out the baselines (as you would want for text), and Designer works off the pixel bounds giving an unnatural spacing. I've tried playing around with the text baseline settings, and all of the options on the alignment menu but it has me stumped. I'm very new to Designer so I'm probably missing something obvious, hopefully someone can point out what it is! Thanks, Barry
  7. I am at a loss and wondering if this a bug. So after I start Publisher the standard Hot Keys to Select ALL, Copy and Paste stop working when I am trying to work with text. I can no longer select text or cut and paste using my keyboard. What happens instead is some weird INSERT functions that adds other characters. Have no idea where this is coming from but it's slowing me down driving me nuts. 🥺 Anyone have clues? Dan
  8. I have problem creating a text frame inside an existing text frame in AFF Publisher (AFF Photo). For example I use two columns on a page. I put a picture in one of the columns (text frame). I am unable to make a text frame to give a title to the picture. I have to make a text frame outside the column (text frame) in an area where there is no text frame. Then I drag this text frame into the column to title the picture. Why is it that I cannot make the second text frame in the column (text frame)? Thank you.
  9. Hello whoever is reading this! I love Affinity, especially the non-subscriber status of the program and its multiple capabilities. However, I have run into some very annoying problems (much less than Inkscape though!) when switching from Adobe Illustrator. In my workflow, I have to use many graphs which I generate in R and then edit in something like Illustrator or, now, Affinity. This requires me to frequently make use of a text-aware tool, which used to be Illustrator. Here are problems I have run up against when using this wonderful software which I cannot for the life of me find the fixes for. Maybe some of the more Illustrator literate can help me understand what is going wrong and exactly how to fix these issues, because they seem like they should have simple fixes: Issue #1: Automatic text grouping! This happens SO often - when I open up a figure which has text in it, it will group the text in the widest range imaginable. Above there are only 2 pieces of text which are grouped - 1 is "FC Difference" on the furthest right side while another is "165" on the furthest left side. I have tried turning off "Group Lines of text into text frames" and it solves this type of long range grouping (which should still be detected as not being related!), but then randomly other text lines which are close together will all get grouped as below (replaced some text with filler for this): In order to separate out these lines I ultimately have to delete that line from the group and create a new line of text. Is there some way to separate them out from this grouping (before it's suggested, "Ungroup" doesn't work because it is not detected as a group in the first place!). Issue #2: Whatever this is It should look like this ^ but instead will sometimes look like this ^ And here is a close-up ^ What is happening here? These are individual pie charts with circle shapes around them, but in image 2, they instead (it looks like to me) have individual boxes as well. I don't know why they are so radically different while being basically the same kind of figure. I noticed that if I select the "black square" that is there, I can just set fill to 0 and it goes away, but there are sometimes 100s of these to remove (and I don't know why they're getting added in the first place!) - any ideas on what to do here? Can I just select everything else of the same parameters as this object on the screen at once somehow to remove/unfill them all? Issue #3: No "Live Paint" This has already been pointed out on a few posts where the answer was that a feature like this has not been implemented yet, but those were very old (at least 1-2 years old) so mayyyybe this has since been included? Any thoughts on this or whether there is something to be done on this front? For example, let's say I want to make some figure with very strange dimensions by drawing lines and coloring in the intersections - what is the easiest way to do this aside from clicking every individual line and joining up the ends (provided they don't disappear randomly!) and then doing divide? Issue #4: Is there a way to tell Affinity to automatically just save the document as the same file type it was when it was opened? I do many of these things on a shared Google Drive and don't want to clutter it with .affinity files if I can avoid it, so it is somewhat frustrating to have to export and rewrite every time I want to change some small thing. I know it may seem... unnecessary to change, but am just wondering while I'm asking all these things if I can just change that default somewhere/where. I realize I can probably spend around 20-50 hourss looking at every single tool in Affinity to try and diagnose some of these and I'm sure I would in time, but one of the things besides the price that drew me to this program over Illustrator was the intuitive nature of it. I am sure there must be some easy fixes for these things that don't involve just deleting things or editing every single shape one by one for around 30 mins to an hour. Please, enlighten me if you are able to and have run into these problems before
  10. hello, I hope to find a answer or workaround for an important matter when exporting from Affinity Photo as a PSD file. just sent a PSD file that I exported from Photo to a client and he reported back, that all the Text-Layers are rasterized and not editable. i tried the "PSD (preserve editability)" and "PSD (preserve accuracy)" but both versions export the document with rasterized text-layers. anything I missed or a workaround or is it not possible with Photo to export text-layers to a PSD file? BIG thanks in advance for your help!
  11. I need to write the title of a book along the spine and am stumped. If I hit rotate the whole document rotates. How do I get the box alone to rotate?
  12. I have just updated my affinity design and the behavior of the text bloc as changed. How can resize my text bloc without scaling its content ? I dont want to manually insert line return each time I want to change the size of the text bloc. Thanks
  13. I’m trying to place text on a circular path so that the letters are evenly spaced, but after dragging the start/end handles as far as I can there is still more space between the first and last letters than there is between the other letters (see photo). How can I make it so all the letters have the same amount of space between them on the path? If I drag the end handle any further the final W switches over to the inside of the path.
  14. After typing some text using the artistic text tool, I wanted to highlight a couple of the characters to make them Superscript but I noticed that the text was not highlighting. I restarted Affinity Designer and tried again, same issue. I just happened to zoom out while I was trying to figure out what was going on and then the text appeared highlighted. I zoomed back in and the highlighting went away again, zoomed out and highlight returned. So it's whenever I reach a specific point of zooming in that the highlight disappears. Even though it doesn't show the highlight, it still acts as though the highlight is there, I was able to apply the superscript effect even when I couldn't see the highlight. 2020.06.04-07.35.mp4 2020_06_06-15_53.mp4
  15. Hi! Is there a way to edit one letter in a text so it would change every time i use this letter again? For example, i have a word "Coffee". Can i adjust paths of fitst F and A so that the second ones would preserve the changes? ___ Is it okay to ask this things once in a while? I'm afraid that i post a lot
  16. I'm a new user of the Affinity Designer. I'm wondering if I can change the text to flow vertical while keeping the upright text orientation. For example, Chinese and Japanese text can be written vertical direction.
  17. Hey, first post here, as i could not find any solution to this. I am trying to put a text into this bear shape so that it will fill the shape inside, just like the one on the left. I feel like it should be straightforward, but I can't seem to work it out. Since it stems from a picture, I was unable to convert it to text frame in designer. I have all 3 programs available.
  18. My application always freeze when I open the text style, and this is very annoying, does anyone experience the same thing ??
  19. Text layers in Photoshop 7.0 psd can't be red as editable text. Would you be able to improve this? ps7-sample.psd
  20. I have a long text (10 pt) running through multiple frames. When I insert a new frame somewhere in between existing frames, the text flows through the new frame allright, but in that new frame the typesize is changed to something very small (3.5 pt) and somtimes the linespacing goes to maybe 50 pt. For years I have used long flows of text through multiple small frames (also inserting new frames in the flow) on multiple pages using Adobe InDesign. That works very well :-) Hopefully there is a workaround or is it perhaps a bug? Multiple textframes goes wrong.pdf
  21. Hello, For some reason I cannot switch between between artistic text and text frame ? How can I convert or switch modes between texts ? Thank you, Text_frame.mp4
  22. What are the type of work each tool is suitable for? For example I was designing UI and I have been using artistic tool and I saw there was some spacing around the text. For example when I choose 24 pt text using Artistic tool there is some space while for frame tool it's exactly 24 pt. I hope I making sense. I wanted to know in what type of design do you use each one of them?
  23. I type out text using the Artistic Text or Text Frame tools, then double (or triple) click and proceed to highlight the text that I want to make adjustments to. The only problem is, I can't see what I've selected because the text doesn't become highlighted! I could still make edits, but it takes alot more time if I am moving quickly and don't put my cursor where I think it should be. Any help? Affinity Designer 1.6.1, Mac 10.13.3
  24. I am trying out Publisher before I purchase. I imported an IDML document from InDesign. The document is just text (with paragraph styles and a table of contents), and it is over 60 pages long. I get a very long lag while typing, which I don't get in shorter documents. It's so bad that at the moment it is a deal breaker for me. I tried upping the RAM allotment but nothing seems to help. Are there any solutions?
  25. The iPad version of Affinity Photo don't have option to change character language from Latin to other lang, The Desktop version have this option. This affect when trying to type Thai language, Thai's tone mark character not properly display. The font i use is 'Kanit' from Google Fonts, This font has fully support for Thai language. If there is a option to change character language to Thai like PC version it will don't face this problem. As you can see the text should be ' รายชื่อ ' But that little tone mark display too low and sink into vowel character below it.
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