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Found 651 results

  1. How can you center a text like this? (see screenshot) (This is from Pages)
  2. We would like to see more improvements of text snapping. (If you create a new text object, only the “first click” snaps. Only the first character can be used.)
  3. Wie kann ich einen Text auf ein Bild schreiben?
  4. I know that text wrapping is possible in Affinity Publish and Design, but is there any way to use this option in Affinity Photo? It would be incredibly helpful to me if I could shape text into a circle. Obviously, you can use the mesh warp tool, but it's not very clean/precise, and it would take forever to shape multiple words into a professional-looking circular pattern.
  5. When working in Affinity, obviously everything looks incredibly crisp. But when I have text, if I switch to the pixel view or retina pixel view it, understandably gets a bit blurry. This blurriness naturally carries over to when I export and is very evident with pngs jpegs etc, while svgs and pdfs are much more clear. are there any tricks to make the text a bit more clear? I've tried outlines, i've tried adjusting tracking (i'm unable to adjust kerning for some reason - i can only select "auto"), but nothing seems to make a difference. Is anti-alias available and would that help? Any exporting tips for settings? Just to clarify, it isn't any more blurry then text in photoshop, fireworks, etc, it just seems like there should be a way to make it a bit more clear. (This came up while working on a Twitter background and I feel like I've seen other Twitter backgrounds that are more crisp). Thanks!
  6. I stumbled across a problem. I used the text tool in AD to create some special characters with fill and stroke, but when I wanted to go back to write some other text, I couldn't get rid of what I had added, so all the text came out garbled as it was a smaller size and the stroke just messed it up. I have chosen no stroke but to no avail. It continued even when I started a new project. What gives?
  7. i am working on an image that is pretty simple. How would i make this overlap white? I've attached a screen shot of the text I'm trying to do this with. i have them in two separate layers. any help would be much appreciated! Sorry if this is a noob question.
  8. Hi, I cannot seem to edit my text layers. When I select them (on the right panel) and double-click on the text (on the main design), it jumps the focus to the background layer (all the way to the button). Im I doing something wrong?
  9. Hi all. If you draw a rectangle with the rectangle tool, then select the Text tool, and then select a text-fill color in the toolbar... it changes the fill color of the previously drawn rectangle instead. Screen grab attached. wrongFill.mov
  10. Hi. I found that some text in PDF document are broken. Another question, the color of PDF in Affinity Designer looks different than in Preview. The Colour Profile of Document is set to sRGB IEC61966-2.1. Is that the expected behavior? Regards, yllan
  11. I'm in Designer. I've used the text tool to create some text. I'd like to select the pixels of the created text to create a selection, after which I'd like to invert the selection. In other, non-text type layers I can hold down ⌘(command) and click the given layer's icon in the Layers menu to select all its pixels, then ⇧⌘i to invert the selection. However, this doesn't appear to work in a text layers. How can I select the pixels of text layer?
  12. esox

    first text test

    tiped text, convert into curve- create a brush with a couple of lines adjust stroke width and pressure
  13. If I make a TEXT layer, and export as PSD. The TEXT layer is transformed to a PIXEL layer in Photoshop. For Google Online Tracking of the Text, I need the TEXT layer to be intact. Is there a fix for that.
  14. Hey guys, turns out I use a lot of text sized at 30 points. Is it possible to add that value to the text size presets in the dropdown? It's a big jump from 24 pt to 36 pt! Thanks!
  15. One thing that prevents me from ditching Photoshop entirely is the ability to create and manipulate 3D layers. I know you are trying to keep things simple, but if you could implement it somehow, it would encourage a lot of people to ditch Photoshop.
  16. Hello. I just bought Affinity Designer today. To say that I'm inexperienced at this type of stuff would be an understatement but I'm a relatively quick learner. I've watched a ton of videos last night and today. I'd like to create a three letter monogram in a circle. I hired a designer to make a logo but I'm unhappy with his work. And you know what? I want to learn something new. I've attached his latest design and I like it, mostly, but I feel like the lettering is lazy. I'd like to manipulate the letters so that they fill the circle but I don't want to distort the font so that it's unrecognizable. Can you give me some tips? Thanks!
  17. I need to put a thin black border around white lettering - meaning that each letter has its own border, to highlight it against an image. How is this done? Thanks
  18. Can we have some "tabs" for setting text?
  19. Hi there, first of all: a big thank you for building alternatives to Adobe’s programs! The latter are so annoying in many ways but regrettably still unavoidable for graphic designers. Which brings me straight to my point: I’ve noticed you’ve implemented many things to work like in the Adobe programs which is the right thing to do in most cases if you want to get Adobe users to switch. But – for me – one of the most annoying things in Adobe programs is that editing text works completely differently to the Mac standard way. The keyboard shortcuts for jumping around from word to word (alt + left/right arrow keys) or to the beginning/end of a line (cmd + left/right arrow keys) should in my opinion be the Mac standard ones and not the Adobe ones. It happens regularly that I change the kerning when I want to jump back or forth in text. Thanks a lot in advance for reading this. Cheers, Hagen.
  20. There should be a way to past text (e.g. copied from a website) without format information. The common keyboard shortcut ist cmd+alt+shift+v but it does not work and there is also no menu item for this.
  21. Pressing Shift X to swap the current object's Fill & Stroke doesn't work for Art Text objects.
  22. I have a png that I have imported to Affinity Designer. the current selection is "background (pixel)" How do I select individual objects or text within the document? I want to change color of text and also the logo, and I want to be able to separate parts and use them individually.
  23. Hello, I'm really liking the changes made with the now palette versions of the type features, however besides scrolling to find a font, I often know exactly what font I want to use on a project, is there a way to just manually type in the first few characters and have Affinity auto-complete my font choice? I tried double-clicking the font selection field to hopefully activate it to character input mode, but seems the only option is to go through the dropdown menu, and find it not ideal in all instances. Thanks
  24. I'm glad to find Affinity Designer. The most feature I want is Freehand File Import, for I'm a long time Freehand user and un-happy with AI. So I download the Trial version to try it. For the first try, AD is make me comport. Although not as same as Freehand's behaviour, I still feel good in it. But in the most important feature for me, “Open Freehand File” got a problem. After I open or place a Freehand file by AD, ALL text elements are gone. The graphic is OK, but text are just missing. I have thousands of Freehand file and looking for a alternate for me to use in a new Mac. (The old one I keep it in OS X 10.6.8 to use Freehand, but it is 8 years old already) AI CS5 can open Freehand but AI doesn't made me happy. I hopes AD can be my end of searching.
  25. I have documents (restaurant business graphics-posters, guides etc.) that need updating in my line of work. So only text edits are necessary. It would be great if we could combo-click the text in the layers palette and it reflect in the document. HUGE time-saver! Please consider!

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