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Found 668 results

  1. I want to paste the text, but keep the Affinity format.
  2. If you search "rtl support" or "support arabic text" you'll find that it's a very old and frequently wished feature. So please add rtl support to AD or at least add it to your road map as it is a very basic feature. Affinity designer is called to be a UI design tool. But what is the use of it when one can not type and work with text an typography? Currently you can't work with persian, hebrew, arabic, urdu ... and all the rtl languages in AD and it's not even mentioned in the introduction of the app in the Appstore or in the website!
  3. Firstly, I wanted to take a moment to thank Serif and their programmers for making such a wonderful piece of software. I'm looking forward to one day eventually making the jump from Adobe but I thank you for giving me hope. I already purchased and strapped in for the ride as I know that you lot are going to accomplish amazing things. This is all just constructive criticism and feedback from someone who wants to be able to use your product in a regular and professional way. A feature you really need to put towards the top of the update pile is the Shear/Skew tool for text and objects. Shearing and Skewing fonts and objects are things I do a lot of when I'm working with Adobe Illustrator. It's not a matter of "if" I use it because I always end up using it to some degree at one point or another when I'm working on different projects. For those who might not know the tool by name but know it in function. Shearing/Skewing Shapes Tutorial Shearing/Skewing Fonts Tutorial This is a type of feature I would need to have included in the Affinity package if I were to ever make the jump from Adobe. The tool is simply too valuable for me as a designer. This being said, Affinity DOES include a transform menu (props where earned) within their software which gives you slight adjustment to what objects and font you're working with. The problem is it simply does not work in a way which is smooth and freeform like it exists in Illustrator. I cannot use transform in the same way I can use Shear or Warp. I've included the above links to give the programmers and the other members of the community the level of functionality I am looking for with regards to a Shear/Skew tool for the Affinity Designer. I would hope this is something which is actively being pursued as it's certainly something that would be essential. Thank you in advance for reading my thoughts and concerns and I wish you all success. All The Best, -Copernicus
  4. Hi! I am a designer who turns to learn and use Affinity Collection! Instead I am using Adobe. And I like Affinity more but somehow I can not type in Vietnamese Affinity Design but this is easy on Ai. Thanks Advance to test mode and advice help me! P / S: I really expect Affinity to have an application that supports the layout of the magazine, book, ebook like Indesign !!!!
  5. filtrefil

    Frequent crashes

    Hi, I love using Affinity Designer on Windows, however, in my case, it crashes and freezes quite often (multiple times a day). I noticed it happens mostly when: Working with text (selecting font, writing, moving text frame, ...) --> CRASH Selecting multiple objects (10+) with mouse cursor --> FREEZE These are the most frequent cases, but it happens from other reasons too. Thanks. Filip.
  6. I'm coming from Photoshop, and haven't figured out how to replicate something in Affinity Photos yet. When I'm editing text blocks, I will often select a word or phrase in the block (so not the entire block) and need to adjust the size incrementally. In Photoshop, I would select the words, click on the font size field, and use the up/down arrows to adjust the size one point at a time. I can do all this in Affinity Photos, however the difference is that in Photoshop, I'd see the text change on screen with every key press. In AP, I don't see the text change size until I click away or hit return. To make it more cumbersome, if that wasn't the right size, I have to re-click in the size menu to activate it again. I know that I can simply scroll through the font size and it'll update in realtime as I do that, but that is in huge increments… I need to go one point at a time. I see the same behavior in leading, kerning… basically all text controls. Am I missing something? Thanks! -Joseph
  7. Hi, when I want to align text objects to be of exactly same size - like width, I'd try to use snapping. However, text objects have a selection area bigger than the visible text itself. This has an important implication - when I try to resize a text object, the snapping feature is snapping the bounding box of the object I'm resizing to the visible text in the other object... hence it seems impossible to align them together. By the way, if I'm moving the whole text object, snapping is correctly aligning visible elements of both objects... so this can be done. (note this is not a solution to my problem, as I still can't get both sides of both text objects aligned) Would you please fix this?
  8. Please, when will wrong informations be corrected? Examples: “Affinity Designer for Windows, we’ll be bringing Affinity Photo to that platform too.” “Publisher coming soon“ “2017 wollen wir Affinity Publisher als Beta veröffentlichen, und dafür benötigen wir Ihre Hilfe.” Designer for iPad will not launch in 2017?
  9. Hello everybody this is my new video on my youtube channel on How to Draw Custom Lettering in Affinity design I Hope you like it :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruxbz13QxUI&t=6s . . . . . other videos --------------------- Affinity Photo : Logo Design From Face by Tutsup® https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2z1WPIEWz0&t=7s --------------------- How to Draw Twitch Logo in Affinity design https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr2Ur-5TDYU&t=39s --------------------- Affinity Design speedart : gravity falls by Tutsup® https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aefLWSzconk&t=101s --------------------- Web design using affinity designer | "TutsUp" website (speed art) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGVrV2_RS0k&t=4s ...etc
  10. Hi, I've received a request from my printer to knockout white text I have layered on top of a colored area. I know in InDesign the color white is basically "paper". So knocking out is basically automatic. How can I do this in Designer? Thank you
  11. Is there no option for lining figure styles in Affinity Designer? It looks like the logical place for this would be under styles > typography > figures, where there is proportional/tabular, but no oldstyle/lining. The font I'm using is Raleway, which uses oldstyle figures by default, but includes lining figures (I have used them in both InDesign and CSS).
  12. Hi, I've bought some illustrations with text made in AI. I did open a file in AD, and the text was too long, out of the border of the illustration. Is this a known issue or why does AD this? I thought, that especially text could never make such problem. The first screenshot is from the original guide, obviously made in AI, the second screenshot comes from the same file opened in AD, absolutely the right font, because I opened the same file in a friend's PC with AI installed, that illustration looked like the one from the guide.
  13. Hi, I have looked in the Help and searched the Forum here but can't find out if Affinity Photo allows you to create a text signature (for example) and save it as a file for reuse on other photos. I have found out that I can import a file and place it onto a photo which is useful but I'd like to create that file in Affinity Photo, as I have the software. Otherwise, has anyone got a recommendation for software to create an eps file (I'm not sure what other files work but I tried with an eps file already on my computer and it worked). Many thanks! Carol
  14. I'm trying to make transparent text with a drop shadow in the Windows Affinity Designer Beta. So far I have had no luck. I want the end result to be similar to this. (It's hard to tell, but the text is transparent) Is this possible?
  15. What are the type of work each tool is suitable for? For example I was designing UI and I have been using artistic tool and I saw there was some spacing around the text. For example when I choose 24 pt text using Artistic tool there is some space while for frame tool it's exactly 24 pt. I hope I making sense. I wanted to know in what type of design do you use each one of them?
  16. Hi, A lot of times when I use the texttool Affinity Designer starts getting really slow and sometimes just stops responding. This almost always happens when I want to change the content of an existing text-object. Any fixes for this?
  17. ​Please add support for rtl languages. you are showing it right in the layers panel, but in the Text Tool it's wrong. see the attachment.
  18. Hello friends :) Can anyone help me with centring text vertically in Affinity Photo? Can find horizontal no problem, but vertical alignment feels elusive. I've done some searches and found a few people asking for this back in 2015, but nothing conclusive about whether the feature exists or will ever exist. Why I want it in case you can help me find a better way :) I'm doing cover design for a book and want to align the text on the spine (currently rotated 90 degrees) so that it is centred. "Roughly right" with the Mark 1 eyeball is how I'm doing it at the moment, but I suspect the Mark 1 eyeball has a bit of an error rate. Thanks in advance. Affinity feels like the best software purchase I've made this year.
  19. With Affinity Designer (Win 10), is there an option to create external text placeholders? For example, create a text placeholder that points to some text file to import the text when the file is loaded, or similar? If this is not available, does this seem like a relevant feature request? Thanks!
  20. One feature Freehand used to have was the ability to paste shapes into text areas. I'd love to be able to design an icon or special bullet shape and then paste it into an artistic or frame text layer and have it flow according to the character/paragraph/tab rules. It's been many years since I last used Freehand, so I can't remember if it was possible to scale the shape when it was within the text area, but having some way to do that either by hand (or via the text area options, e.g. setting the font size) would be trés cool, indeedio. I would assume that any inline shape pasted into a text area should be controlled by the character properties (e.g. changing the font-size value would scale up or down based on the shape's height; changing the baseline up/down would move the shape in the text field up or down). Interested in hearing other ideas for development!
  21. How do you change text color? I've selected the text and am hunting for something to give me new colour options for the text, and something to apply it. Thanks
  22. Hey all, Silly question but is there a more #pro way to create tooltips for mockups? Right now I'm doing something pretty kludgy by creating a light grey box, plopping white text on top of that then resizing the box to fit for each mocked tooltip. I'm smart enough to enough that the way I'm doing it is probably pretty weak. I did a quick search both online and in the forums but no dice so here I am. Thanks a million, Shawn
  23. ------------------------------------------- 1. open affinity photo 2. close startup page 3. open new document ( 900px by 900px ) 4. select Artistic Text Tool 5. drag on document and ready to input 6. font selecting .... then 7. FREEZE affinity photo. -------------------------------------------
  24. Hi, I have a problem I'm realizing a price list, but I can not align numbers with decimals with the tab. There is a tutorial which explains well the procedure? Thank you
  25. Hello, I am trying to write vertical text in Affinity Photo. Is this possible? How do I do it? Thanks for your help!

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