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Found 667 results

  1. For some reason the steps taken to make transparent text on the iOS version does not work. Just try to emulate one of the many affinity photo tutorials for advanced text editing, such as transparent text. I purchased this to make Facebook banners, posters, and other graphical work for the non profit that I work for.
  2. I am trying to copy text from another app (notes, email, pages, etc) into a frame text box in AP, but I am having quite a bit of difficulty. I cannot seem to copy text from any app to AP. Is this feature not supported or more likely am I doing it wrong? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to type text in a non-linear fashion in Affinity Photo? In circles or along shapes and so on.
  4. Hi, I want to use an artistic Brush to outline my text. Lines work Dashed lines work The next option - "Texture" - doesn't do anything. If I click on "Properties", it opens up the Brush editing panel, but with no brush shown. If I select a Brush then open the panel, still nothing. What am I doing wrong? Regards, Steve
  5. Hi all, I was trying to find some way to colorize parts of a text without changing its properties (I need that frequently for UI design). I found out that using another object with the Lighten blend mode seems to do what I want, but text is rendered quite poorly. Thyer is a rectangle with a Lighten blend over the text as a mask, but AD creates lots of intermediate colors which I don't want. The rightmost result is what I want. I've included the .afdesign file too. Is this the expected behavior? If yes, is there another way to accomplish this other than changing the text color itself? Lighten mask bug.afdesign
  6. Lee D.

    Paste text

    How do I paste text that I have created in a text editor, or from some such place, and have on the clipboard?
  7. Currently it seems that it's only possible to copy text from a single text object using the text tool to select the desired text. This is fine, but doens't help much if you need to copy text from multiple text objects. Selecting one or more text objects with the Move tool and pressing Ctrl+C should also make their content available as text as well.
  8. Hi there, First post here, great software... I'm a Lightroom/Photoshop user but needed a vector tool and wasn't prepared to pay the subscription for Illustrator so very impressed with AD so far! I am using AD to create wedding stationery. In order to keep my workflow simple when creating designs for clients I am making use of several artboards in one document (one for each item of stationery), global colours and symbols. I have made a symbol from a simple text object which includes the bride and groom's names. What I would like to do is be able to change the colour of one or more instance of this text while still being able to change the wording itself, however if I create a new instance of a symbol, switch off the sync button, change the colour and then switch back on the sync button the wording itself seems to be un-linked. Is there a way I can achieve this? Am I missing something simple? An example of what I am trying to achieve; One artboard for a Save the Date card - Bride and Groom's name in pink. Another artboard for a save the date card - bride and grooms name in exactly the same font but in a different colour and larger size. I want to be able to change the name of the bride and groom in one instance and it change in all, including the one with the different colour. Thanks in advance Simon
  9. For efficiency sake, can we get the option for text to not be in a group when we convert to curves?
  10. Hello all Looking for some help with adjusting the background text box so that it extends past the last letter (Fully covers the text) When text is standard its not a problem but as soon as Text is slanted or Shear is increased the background colour annoying just cuts off and it looks wrong. Any suggestions? Cheers
  11. Hello, I'm not an expert at design, but as I've need things I go to youtube or whatever online tutorials I can find. The problem is, with the tutorials, even the most recent ones, they recommend what to do, however, I don't have what is suggested on my menu's anywhere. I am trying to convert my text to a curve, and have gone to layer to find the covert to text path, and it is not there. My menu's do not look the same as what i have seen on many tutorials for other things as well. I have paid the full version, and I have checked for updates aswell. Could anyone perhaps tell me why this would be? I have placed a screen shot of what is in my menu. Thanks.
  12. I discovered a trick to export an .Affinity file into .PSD while maintaining the possibility of editing text. Lets go. It's quite simple: 1. Save your file in PDF (for export) 2. Open in Illustrator and export to PSD (while retaining text editing) Ready! Simple right? Here's a video showing you step by step. It is worth remembering that some things can get lost but if you simplify the Affinity file it will get easier to turn it into PDF and then PSD and keep all fonts editable. In my tests I had a group of texts inside a layer with opacity and this was lost, but if I take this text from the layers it is possible to keep editing (the video shows some tests) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-p3J1umYIg
  13. After I place my text and then move out of the text tool, or close the image, when I return to the text layer to try to change the font and tap in the text box, it will only allow me to resize it but I cannot select it again to change the font...every time I try to tap in the blue box where the text is, it creates another text layer. I've tried multiple times in different ways to try to highlight the text and change the font but cannot! It appears that once you no longer have it highlighted initially you cannot highlight it again to change the font. I have to delete the layer and start with a new text. Is this a bug or is there something I so missing??? --- ADDENDUM: I think I've found the problem: somehow I rasterized the layer and made it a pixel layer; therefore, I could no longer format the text. I think that is the answer.
  14. I miss the feature of being able to search for text (words or passages) and to search and replace (words or passages) within part or the entire document. Are there any plans to incorporate such a feature in the future?
  15. i didn't use affinity for some time , but i decided to rebuild one of my sites and create new logo . I asked this question before but i am not sure it was unanswered or not but this is what really bothers me . Why the text i am creating is not sharp , in photo plus we could use : sharp smooth super - sample Why the photo plus text is sharp and smooth , why the affinity is not or maybe i am doing this wrong . I like affinity effects where i can take a small jpeg and paste inside the letter , i can't do this in Photo plus , but i am wondering if i will ever learn to do things correctly , because right now i am getting somehow more and more frustrated and i am thinking if i shouldn't get affinity designer instead affinity photo/ Here are 2 simple logos i just did and please explain this to me why the one created in affinity is looking bad . thanks Eva Ps i always export correct size , 100%
  16. It would be nice (if it doesn't already exist and I've just missed it) to be able to toggle on & off the spell check feature. The squiggly red line can be really distracting when I'm trying to look at the design, especially when the word is purposely missing letters.
  17. It would be great if we could have the ability to create text styles and save, export and import them for use in various documents.
  18. Hiya, Wondering if there is a way (like in Illustrator, in recent versions, you can double-click a little symbol near a text line or text box) to convert "artistic text" (or in my mind, text lines) to "frame text" (text boxes). Any ideas? Thanks!
  19. I'm not sure if it has been requested yet but it would be great to be able to convert Artistic text to Frame text because the text content doesn't always stays the same and for example, when you want to change a title to a paragraph at the moment you're force to create a new object (Frame text) and overlay it on the same pre-existing Artistic text. It just takes a lot of time if you need to repeat this action several times. And then again, if you need to change it back you have to start over replacing paragraphs with Artistic text.
  20. Hey where I can add arch to text :) ? Is there option like this ?
  21. Hi, I have the trial version of affinity photo, and am considering buying the full version but was wondering is it just the trial version on affinity photo that is missing the text and mesh warp tool? On windows. Thanks.
  22. I have just been working on a file in AD 1.5.5 on Mac OS X Sierra 10.12.5, and discovered that there's a very handy keyboard shortcut for incrementally increasing and decreasing numerical values, for example in font size: Option + up or down arrow. --> Unfortunately, even though I am using this shortcut in a dialogue related to text, the shortcut works on the text itself simultaneously, by changing the leading override. Oops! --> Also discovered that while the text tool is active, I cannot use keyboard commands to zoom in and out of the document - Command = and Command - are temporarily disabled.
  23. Hi Will you ever add text warp style like in illustrator and photoshop, beacuse we need this to our projects :/ It's too hard to make always text on curve ? Text warp styles such as: Fish eye, arch, bulge, shell, flag, wave,
  24. I want to create a logo similar to the one I have attached below. I am having a hard time figuring out how to make the text at the bottom of the circle not be upside down. I don't want the circle to have text all around. I want the bottom portion to kind of "hang" from the path so it can all be read right side up. A Any tips or tutorials you could point me to?
  25. I want to paste the text, but keep the Affinity format.

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