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Found 9 results

  1. Where might one find a description of how to add a caption below a photo that has been wrapped by text. After successfully placing a photo within text frame and performing a text wrap in the attached Publisher file, the caption at the right doesn't seen to want to be added in the space below the photo. Searching Pulisher help and the Publisher forum have not yielded any results. Any help is appreciated. The text in this file was imported from Word. 50th Anniversary sample.afpub
  2. Hello Serif Friends... There's a certain behavior within Publisher that I find particularly annoying: when I hide a layer or layer group that has Text Wrap enabled for itself or for any nested layer within it, those text wrapping settings continue to affect visible text layers. I haven't been sure whether this was intended behavior or a bug and finally did a search here in the forums and discovered that it is indeed the intended behavior apparently to accommodate those who are used to the same behavior within InDesign. While I get that reasoning and I can certainly see the merit in having this behavior enabled for certain use cases, I would also LOVE the option to disable this behavior when it makes more sense for my workflow (which for me, at least, would be most of the time). To be clear, I am well aware of the option to "Ignore Text Wraps" for a visible text frame but this is NOT a suitable workaround since that visible text layer may still need to wrap around other visible layers. So currently, the only workaround is to disable text wrap for any hidden layers that I don't want affecting visible text while I work on those visible layers. But then, if I want to compare the look of one layer group to another, for example, I can't just hide one group and make the other one visible. Instead, I have to disable text wrap for each individual layer that has it in the currently visible group, hide the group, show the hidden group and then go through and re-enable text wrap for each individual layer that uses it for that now visible group. This makes comparing two overlapping layer groups a tedious experience. If I had the option of toggling a setting that prevents hidden layers with text wrap enabled from affecting visible text layers, I could then simply hide and show each layer group to compare them. Alternatively, perhaps you would consider a hybrid solution whereby individually un-checked layers with text wrap enabled continue to behave in the way the devs intended. But if they are contained in a layer group, then that group's checked or un-checked state would determine whether its child layers still affect visible text layers. I will illustrate with some example scenarios. In each of the following scenarios, all object layers have text wrap enabled. SCENARIO 1: ✓ PARENT GROUP 1 ✓ TEXT FRAME 1 ✓ OBJECT 1A ☐ OBJECT 2A ☐ OBJECT 2B Proposed Result: TEXT FRAME 1 wraps around OBJECT 1A, OBJECT 2A and OBJECT 2B. SCENARIO 2: ✓ PARENT GROUP 1 ✓ TEXT FRAME 1 ✓ OBJECT 1A ✓ PARENT GROUP 2 ☐ OBJECT 2A ☐ OBJECT 2B Proposed Result: TEXT FRAME 1 wraps around OBJECT 1A, OBJECT 2A and OBJECT 2B. SCENARIO 3: ✓ PARENT GROUP 1 ✓ TEXT FRAME 1 ☐ OBJECT 1A ✓ PARENT GROUP 2 ☐ OBJECT 2A ☐ OBJECT 2B Proposed Result: TEXT FRAME 1 wraps around OBJECT 1A, OBJECT 2A and OBJECT 2B. SCENARIO 4: ✓ PARENT GROUP 1 ✓ TEXT FRAME 1 ✓ OBJECT 1A ☐ PARENT GROUP 2 ☐ OBJECT 2A ☐ OBJECT 2B Proposed Result: TEXT FRAME 1 wraps around OBJECT 1A but NOT around OBJECT 2A nor OBJECT 2B. SCENARIO 5: ✓ PARENT GROUP 1 ✓ TEXT FRAME 1 ✓ OBJECT 1A ☐ OBJECT 1B ☐ PARENT GROUP 2 ✓ OBJECT 2A ✓ OBJECT 2B Proposed Result: TEXT FRAME 1 wraps around OBJECT 1A and OBJECT 1B but NOT around OBJECT 2A nor OBJECT 2B. To me at least, a hybrid solution such as this would be an elegant way to please BOTH those who prefer the current behavior, i.e. those who are expecting a similar experience as they may have had with InDesign, AND those of us for whom this current behavior drives them bonkers...and all without having to choose a side AND even allowing both sides to easily adapt their workflow to make use of the alternative if and when they ever find the need to. I hope all of the above makes sense. If you've made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read through my suggestion! Let me know if I can offer any further clarification. In the meantime, keep up the AMAZING work! I've been LOVING Publisher overall and look forward to even more improvements over time. ~ Chris
  3. Affinity Publisher, v2.2.0, Windows 10 Home While text wrapping works correctly/as expected with masked objects, only wrapping around the visible part, when the masked object is part of a group, text wrapping applied to the group does not work correctly. The expected behavior would be to have the text wrap the masked portion only, the same as before. Instead, when you apply text wrapping to a group with a masked object in it, the text wraps around the original size of the masked image, as if it were unmasked. This bug is reproducible and occurs with new documents. I have attached a screen capture of the problem. The "Group (Text Wrap)" has the text wrap on. Nothing else has text wrap applied to it. (I couldn't get the xbox game bar to capture the Text Wrap panel.) Affinity Publisher Example.mp4 Example.afpub
  4. When I apply a master page only to a right-hand page, it still seems to affect the left-hand page with its text wrapping settings. Let me explain. In the attached facing pages Publisher document, I have two master pages. The Base master page contains just a left and a right text frame. The Image master page has Base applied to it and in addition contains two picture frames with text wrapping on: In the document, I applied the master pages as follows: First spread: page 1 – Base, page 2 – Image. Second spread: page 3 – Image, page 4 – Base. So each spread has different master pages applied to its left and right pages. Curiously, on both spreads text wrapping also affects the page that only has the Base master page applied: I expected a page that doesn’t have a picture frame on it to be filled with filler text from top to bottom, because there is nothing on the page or its master page that could cause text wrapping. Is this behavior a bug or is it by design? How can I apply a master page to a right-hand page in a way that doesn’t affect the left-hand page of the same spread? Ghost master page text wrapping.afpub
  5. This is bizarre! I placed an image and turned on text wrap with no problem. On the next page, I go through the same process but the text wrap won't work. Anybody have a clue what's going on?
  6. Hello, I start using Publisher Beta, but when I try to handle the "text wrapping" it doesn't really work. If I change the distance from the text on the left, the text on the right moves. If I do it on the right it seems as also the text on the right moves. Is this issue known? Thanks!
  7. Text Wrapping doesn't work somehow with an image(image layer) exported by Affinity Photo. Rasterising it to a pixel layer or an image from another app works though. Also "Edit Wrap Outline" cause a crash. text wrapping.afpub
  8. A thread in a general-discussion area here concerned unexpected behavior when 'No Break' is set for a text style via the style-editing dialog. (There might be a bug involved or it might be working as designed; I'm not sure.) One participant mentioned not being able to find information about 'No Break' in the online help. I searched for 'break' within the help and also couldn't find 'No Break' either. It would be helpful to have this documented in future releases — especially if its use within the Character palette is intended to have an entirely different effect from what happens when you enable the setting in the style-editing dialog.
  9. Hi, been wondering where the text wrap option went to in Affinity Designer? I cannot find it anywhere.. I cannot seem to wrap text around an object..
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