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  1. Hello there, I noticed a strange behavior on the document I'm currently working: I did not manage to reproduce this behavior from a brand new document, though, so I'm attaching here a simplified version of this document for diagnosing purpose. Here is the context: I created a Master Page with 2 text frames (title + content), and some picture frames, that is applied to all my pages. Here is the strange part: when updating this text frame's content (named "texte1") from whatever page, this content will be applied on every other page as well. Updating the text frame content from th
  2. Hello, When I drawn a text frame and resize it with it's content (for exemple I pass from 18pt to 24pt), the links text frame will used the 18pt text size. David
  3. Filler Text in Frame Text freezes and cannot be edited. (same in Designer 1.9.2.!) In fact UI freezes completely Problem didn't exist in Version 1.9.1 and previous. Machine: DELL Latitude E6430 Windows 10 Professional x64 21H1 (19043.899) Intel Core i5-3320M Mem 8 GB Intel HD Graphics 4000 NVIDIA NVS 5200M (discr) Java 16 x64 Affinity Photo / Affinity Designer / Affinity Publisher 1.9.2 latest
  4. Hey folks! I'm learning the ropes with Affinity Publisher, but there's one thing that keeps tripping me up. When I'm editing text, I frequently want to change to moving or editing the text box instead. Hitting 'v' requires me to first move to the mouse and then find somewhere to click off, which doesn't always register, and sometimes draws an unwanted text box. It's a mess. Firstly I'm used to inkscape, where having the tools mapped to F keys is fantastic because you can hit 'F1' to change to the move tool whether you're editing text or not. I've remapped move to F1 so I
  5. Hi, This is driving me nuts... I do a text frame, then move it around for a while to place it where I want, then I create a rectangle and try to snap to the baseline grip of the text frame. It won't snap. If I don't move the text frame maybe it snaps for a while but then when one move the rectangle it doesn't snap. I attach a screenshot and the file itself for someone to try. Hope I'm doing something wrong and that this is not a bug. The systems I use: Affinity Publisher 1.9.1 Mac OS: 11.2.3 (20D91) iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) Baseli
  6. Creating a text frame and keeping the text within that frame is basic, yet when I type within a text frame, the text continues outside the right side of the box. I understand text may exceed the size of the frame at the bottom, but what do I need to do to keep the text within the width of the frame? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. I cannot seem to find a way to solve my problem. I made a shape in Apub and inserted some text in the shape. In Affinity Publisher you have the option through "Text frame" panel to change fill and stroke color of the shape. I now would like to add a brush to the stroke of the text frame but Brushes are not available in Publisher. No problem I think! I use the studiolink to ADesigner, but here there is no option of "Text frame panel". And I cannot figure out how to change either fill color or stroke color/type/brush of the shape that the text is embedded in, in Designer? The curios th
  8. There seems to be two dominant ways of thinking about columns: Column guides (in View --> Guides Manager) and text frame columns (View-->Studio-->Text Frame-->Columns). As someone relatively new to DTP, what are the upsides & downsides of both approaches? I've inherited a doc that lives with Column guides and I'm inclined to switch things over to Text frame columns as it removes a lot of text frame linking ... but before I do so, it would be good to hear from seasoned hands on the pros and cons of doing so.
  9. Publishing is new to me. I can't believe that I can't get started! Page 1, text frame, style heading 1, start typing - NOTHING. I'm not using layers that I am aware of. I know this is not right! Put me on the right start path PLEASE! Humbly thankful. Jeri
  10. Affinity Designer 1.9.3, iPad. When I either place a text frame, or select an existing text frame I get what’s illustrated below. This seems to block access to the standard full size keyboard + I can’t scribble into a text frame either. Sure I can use the small lite Scribble keyboard and move the Scribble panel to the side to change to bold too, but I can’t access all the characters available on the full keyboard, or type using fingers easily. Not on the tiny keyboard with my fingers anyway. The only way I seem to be able to get out of it and access the full keyboard,
  11. I am unable to select any but the last text frame on a 2 page spread (each with 2 text frames connected by flow) Consequently am unable to edit most (3/4) of the text. This occurred only after the recent upgrade
  12. I'm working on a multi-page document and I set up text frames on my Master page. The text frames are linked throughout my document to flow over several pages, with one page break between the last sections of text. I want to edit the last page of linked text (ie, the text after the page break), but when I try to click on the text on this page, Affinity automatically creates a new text frame on top of the existing text. Nothing happens when I click and drag using either the Frame Text tool or the Move tool; I can't select any of text on this page. All the text on the other pages can be sel
  13. Hello, I am using Publisher 1.8.6 on an Imac with macos 10.14.6. I have noticed that not all attributes of a Text Frame are saved in an object Style. After a restart of Publisher a custom Style has lost certain settings that had been saved previously (Insets - Left, Right, Top and Bottom - as well as the settings of the options Hide Overflow, Ignore Text Wraps and Ignore Baseline Grid). Closing and reopening of a file does not affect a saved custom Style.
  14. Hey all. I'm using Affinity Designer beta - am I correct in only being able to find the Text Frame Panel by clicking the button in the Context Toolbar when I have a Path Text object selected? It seems to be a proper dockable panel, shouldn't it be in the VIEW > STUDIO menu list? I can't even locate the panel in App store version 1.86. ...It's late here, maybe I need sleep... At the very least I would think that it should be in the Context Toolbar when a Text Frame is active? The Panel I am referring to is attached. Thanks for any insight. 🙂
  15. I just started using Affinity Publisher Beta so forgive my ignorance. When I add a text frame, I cannot find where I can make the background of the frame transparent. The background of the frame has a brown color. Thanks in advance.
  16. When creating (and refreshing) a TOC in a text frame inherited in a page from one created in a master page, afpub goes crazy with the text styles defined for the TOC. Including if the text frame isn't connected with the rest of the text flow. Moreover, the app behaves strangely when trying to correct the style errors. Only apparent solution is to create the TOC in an independent text frame, not from an inherited. Is this a bug? If not so the app should say that this is not possible (dialog or something similar). 😐
  17. I have a big problem about pasting text in AP. When I copy text from Word the text will be pasted into small text frames in the big frame. I created the big text frame first and then copy and paste but all text will not just content they are individually small boxes.But my friend tried with the same WORD doc it is fine in your MAC so I really want to if anyone can help me with it. It is really annoying. as you can see this photo.
  18. I have an image surrounded by a text in a text frame. When I set some padding in the "Distance from text" part of the Text Wrap window, the text is not immediately shifted away from the image, but as soon as the value of the padding is increased enough, it jumps line by line. This is not necessarily what I would like to achieve. Is it possible to set the padding more precisely, for example by 1mm?
  19. Hi, I would like to know how to add cell margins to my text frame in publisher. The text is flush against the bounding box which I find visually annoying and text can be hidden by the arrow or dot on the boundary. Is there a simple way to do this please? Thanks
  20. I have two spreads. One has white text inside a text frame and the other has black text inside a text frame. The text is set to flow from one box to another. I select the text frame and set the font to my body white font and body black font (respectively) but whenever I delete something or move something and the text moves from the black frame to the white frame it keeps its colour thus I have black text in the place I want white text. Does this make sense?
  21. Hi All, I am new to Affinity range. In PagePlus I had a text frame and I click on "Justify Paragraph". That kind of makes the text even within the text frame. In Affinity Publisher I see I have more choices, but experimenting I could find similar result. Did I miss something? Or how do I set this up and save as a favourite? Thanks in advance
  22. I have problem creating a text frame inside an existing text frame in AFF Publisher (AFF Photo). For example I use two columns on a page. I put a picture in one of the columns (text frame). I am unable to make a text frame to give a title to the picture. I have to make a text frame outside the column (text frame) in an area where there is no text frame. Then I drag this text frame into the column to title the picture. Why is it that I cannot make the second text frame in the column (text frame)? Thank you.
  23. Is there something wrong with my Affinity Designer 1.8.3 that I just updated? I am creating Text Frames and no longer see the option to create columns within them. I've attached a screen shot. Do you recommend a re-install? Thanks.
  24. Hi Would be really helpful to change the language per document, directly on each text frame or for a marked text. The language setting in the text style is difficult to handle when it is required to work in multiple languages. br
  25. 1. Draw a text frame with the Frame Text tool. 2. Type some text into the frame. Make it short enough not to force the line to wrap. 3. With the cursor to the right of the right-most character, press and hold the space bar to insert multiple spaces. Result: Eventually the cursor advances past the right edge of the text frame and keeps heading to the right—until you type a non-space character. Then the line wraps. Not that anyone would likely do this as part of creating a document...but it does seem anomalous. : ) (Hoping the screen-shot upload works this time.)
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