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  1. Hi guys! I've been working on this template file to create social media branding material for my clients. I've managed to create a single file with multiple artboards (each one with it's export presets) ready for use. You are welcome to delete the ones that you will not use (so you don't generate empty files on export). It also includes flat icons from each platform just in case you might need them. It's updated for 2017 according to this data from Social Sprout. Hope you find it as useful as me. Leave a comment if you like/use it. If you are going to post it anywhere else,
  2. Hi All, Maybe a noob question, but I am struggling to understand the full benefit of "template" files (.aftemplate). I do understand they come in handy in opening a new document from: file>new>templates , however I do not really understand how else they are useful? In my current understanding, if I save a file myself with certain margins, guides, ruler settings etc etc and just name it "Design-File-Template", when I open that file that is NOT a ".aftemplate" and click "save as" everything is there.... Just fishing for ideas and reasons to use template files!
  3. Hi guys heres the link to the complete affinity resource section on our site https://www.x5tuts-marketplace.com/item/category/affinity/ don’t forget to follow your favourite authors and keep up to date with their new releases and updates. For anyone wishing to put there items on the marketplace you don’t have to sell them you can give them away for free in the price section just put 0 and the item will be marked as free item automatically. Enjoy and support the authors that create these wonderful design assets. regards jamie
  4. So I designed these 4 Christmas & new year greeting card templates for you, and it's totally free. You can use or edit it and then print it out or share it on your social media. Here's the link to download it: - https://gumroad.com/krisna0#ZEKOu I'm also going to print out these templates on canvas and do a giveaway once it arrived. Only 4 people will get it, just comment down below to who do you want to give this print-out template to or if you want to keep it to yourself. I will choose these 4 people randomly from the comments and will announce it in the next video, so sta
  5. Dear Folks, For over 20 years I've been making cards, posters, booklets - all basic things that were oh so simple in PagePlus. I know Affinity is a far advanced program but: - If I make greeting cards - they don't really come out right/even - If I try to do mirror margins - oh horror - I've been working on simple mirror margins for months with such a mess: in Word, in PagePlus (they removed that option!) in Publisher, it's so simple! - I listened to the tutorial on "Booklets" and truthfully, still couldn't figure how to make a simple 8.5x11" page into a booklet. Please - th
  6. Hi, I would like to know how these templates are made: https://stevenwestmoreland.com/2017/07/ios-app-icon-template-for-affinity-designer.html The word template here usually refers to Affinity designer template files so when I try to research the topic I can't find any help. How is it possible to edit one main image that is then mirror on multiple copies of it, as seen on this template file.
  7. It was recently suggested that I create s single post showing all of the free resources we have made available via https://affinity.graphics as some were never announced here and some folks still don't know about Affinity.Graphics for finding resources. We just updated the site a bit and released 2 more free resources there, so stop by and check things out. You can find DSV's offerings directly at our Affinity.Graphics User Page. Attached are promo images of everything we've released to date. Enjoy! Dream Atmospheres Dream Brushed Metals Dream Buttons Styles
  8. Hi, Just curious why I am not seeing any thumbnails in the templates when I have the folder set to the free "Iconic Templates". They were visible previously on my last rig however now in both Publisher and Designer they are not visible. I am on the latest version of both on Windows 10. See below. It isn't a big deal just driving me a little ocd not having them show. They all work and can be seen as thumbnails in explorer. Thanks, Rob
  9. I've been corresponding with MagCloud/Blurb tech support, trying to pin down what they think might be the right Publisher settings for PDFs submitted to them. It's uncharted territory. They don't have experience yet with Affinity Publisher — they have InDesign and QXP templates but none for Publisher — and Serif hasn't commented much about Magcloud/Blurb that I know of. I did a lot of book pagination in the past, but it was always someone else who did the final prepress work. Blurb has a page that could be useful for people like me who don't have much experience with setting up documents
  10. Hi, I have just upgraded from Page Plus to Affinity Publisher. I produce a newsletter once a month for a social club, and am looking for a simple stylish and free template. As this is my only use for the program it is not worth buying a bundle of ‘professional templates’. Living in hope that someone can suggest a decent solution. Thanks in anticipation. Coops
  11. There are limits in File > New > My Presets, a feature I would love to see improved. If there is already a preset named "Custom" (from some previous session) and you click the "+" button at the top right of the dialog — let's say you want to make something entirely different — you get only an error message about a previously existing preset with the same name. You must rename the existing "Custom" preset, then click "+" again—after which "Custom" is again your only option at the start. Then you have to rename it yet again. Alternatives: Press "+". The error dialog appears and g
  12. Trying to create a new document, using a saved template, when I try open the templates, affinity Publisher will crash. Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 12.08.32.zip template living foutanis.aftemplate
  13. I must be missing the boat on the trip. I have Templates and they work perfectly with Place photos from internal/external hard drives. My problem is I cannot figure out how to navigate to Apple Photos to select picture to Place in Templates. MacOS, Catalina when I go to pictures, the Apple Photos is grayed out. Thank you for any assistance.
  14. Hi all, I downloaded the free templates from the Affinity website but when I go into Designer and click open and templates and then Add Folder it seems to think that the folder is empty and it is not seeing any of the templates. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks very much, Phil PS in the screenshot the Explorer pane showing is what I see when I click Show in Explorer so you can see that it is the correct folder.
  15. Hello, I'm wondering of Affinity Publisher can load and use Blrub's In Design plugin/templates? I saw this as a feature request over a year ago and wonder if this has been adopted yet? I wanted to take advantage of the 30% off sale but this is the primary reason I'd be purchasing the software. Please advise. https://www.blurb.ca/indesign-plugin Regards, Rico
  16. Affinity team, are there some publisher templates available??? affinity programs are so good, just inspired to develop my creativity. Some good training??? Thanks Gyan
  17. Hello, I am thinking to learn how to use Affinity Publisher, the main reason is to create layouts for sections of web pages. That could be hero images with text and buttons, card layouts, etc. Also perhaps business cards. I'm wondering if Publisher has a library of layout templates that I could browse, select and adapt? This could also be for inspiration. I've googled this but didn't find too much so I'm guessing it doesn't but I am hoping I'm wrong :-) Many Thanks Steve
  18. With my free SVG Calendar Tool (https://svg-tools.mensch-mesch.com/calendar/) you can create different types of SVG Calendar Templates (Scalable Vector Graphic) for all Affinity products. This tool is not perfect but it will possibly safe a lot of time. Hope you like this simple tool Keep on drawin' Norbert
  19. Hallo zusammen, ich bin begeisteter Schnorchler und Taucher. So Haben sich im lauf der Zeit hunderte von Unterwasserfotos angesammelt, welche man einzeln bearbeiten muss. Wem geht es auch so und wer hätte Interesse mit mir zusammen einige Makros und oder Workarounds zu entwickeln, damit die Bearbeitungszeit der einzelnen Fotos schneller von statten geht. Ich habe mir das so vorgestellt, daß ein Makro einen Ordner erstellt in dem Ordner sind bereits feste vorgaben enthalten die nur noch aktiviert werden müssen. Beispiel Ordner: Objektivfilter Rotfilter (Dichte 70/1,5m)
  20. A heap of my stuff- Styles Images and more Fantastic FREE stuff from the site Hosts and other members! https://affinity.graphics/
  21. This is a company profile for an imaginary company. Nicely laid out. Comes with print presets for back to back print. 300ppi, Affpub Font Proxima Nova Get it for just $15 Link: Graphic Design Addict
  22. Get affordable affinity templates for affinity publisher. Link: Graphic Design Addict
  23. Hello guys please check my store for fresh affinity templates at affordable prices. Its new and will be updates every two days as I work to create a repository of templates to help affinity users. Make sure to support my work Link:https://graphic-design-addict.myshopify.com/collections/all
  24. Okay, probably a stupid, or at the very least, unimportant question. I just downloaded a free set of templates from Affinity and unzipped them. Now then, where do I put them? Is there a default location that Designer looks in by default? Or can I just put them in a folder of my choosing that I'll need to remember to go to? Good God, I HATE being the F.N.G.
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