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  1. Is there way to flow the table over more pages? like when i add one more row on page one and the last row, that would otherwise be out of the page, flows to page 2 ?
  2. I'm doing some work with tables for the first time in Affinity Publisher and I'm having trouble with it. I followed an official video on creating tables and it shows how to remove the frame around the table itself. Under Frame in the Table Properties, you change the stroked to none. It worked beautifully for him. It does not work at all for me. It says there's no stroke, but there really is. It shows it even in preview mode, and when I print it to a PDF, I see the stroke. I can't get rid of it! Is there something else I must do? Here's what the Frame properties look like when I have my table selected: I included a little bit of the table itself so you can see that the frame is there. I also noticed that any changes I make to cells don't seem to take. Like, changing the font size only applies to one cell and not all of them, even when you have multiple cells selected. It's frustrating.
  3. I have master pages with a table. Pages have master applied and then custom information input on them. Discovered error on table ( an extra line on the border on a few cells) I edit the Master but the page does not update. If I clear the master (and lose the custom info I've input) and re-apply it is fine. Is there a proper procedure to force refresh pages with masters applied without losing the custom text I've input? Unchecking "replace" existing creates a bolded effect on the whole page. Update 1: Fiddled more and its as if a large chunk of my pages lost their "link" to their master. So when Master is updated nothing updates on the page. My current doc the 1st 2 pages update but the subsequent pages do not. I manually updated 30 of my pages so far by clearing and reapplying master but this cannot be the only way to "refresh" the links. Cannot reproduce the issue yet on another. Update 2: Updated to 1.7.2 still same issue Update 3: Side note that when I duplicate a master that has already been renamed - the duplicate has the exact same name as the original -- seems it would be useful that the duplicate indicates COPY or other indicator so that the wrong master is not edited by accident. If you do not rename the Master it does change the Name for example I just created Master X and when duplicating it made Master Y. Update 4: I had a thought to create an additional master that had all my workbook text in it, then overlay (by not replacing existing master) on the 1st master on each page, which would allow me to quickly "re-apply" the necessary master to fix my original issue, so I created a new master and created a few dummy "Options" in my layers (Option 1, Option 2, Option 3) to enable as needed once applied to the appropriate page. However once this new master is applied to the page I am unable to change the options as they are greyed out and seems to be permanently locked. So thats a no go at this moment. Thanks!
  4. Hello, Someone knows if the tables in AP will allow applying simple formulas of numerical calculation (something similar to what Excel does or ID through plugins: http://www.dtptools.com/product.asp?id=atid&more=features). That would be great! Thank you
  5. How to link tables like it is possible in Adobe Indesign ?
  6. Is it impossible to make an Affinity Publisher table's cut and pasted data autoflow to the next frame?
  7. I have designed a calendar and all we well until I started to enter the dates for one of the months (just numerals, as in 1, 2, 3, etc.,) Black shapes appear, of varying types, with a kind of white circle where the numeral goes. I can't figure it out. Any ideas? Thanks! Here's an example:
  8. At this point, I would find a function called "Automatically distribute columns to content" to be extremely useful. This function should do nothing other than automatically distribute the width of the columns based on the content. At this point, I have to go over here and adjust the spacing manually.
  9. I opened an IDML containing tables (not spanning over several pages) and all the tables were moved vertically to the top and out of the page, so I am only able to see one third of them. It seems to be that APu is inserting and pinning them into separate text frames and in this document the pinning goes wrong. I made another test in ID cutting the table and inserting it again. This time the table was still pinned into a text frame, but displayed correctly. Why is APu handling the tables not as a table object and instead pins them? IDML can be uploaded to a private link for examination.
  10. Yesterday I was working on a project in Affinity Publisher (on Windows 10 Pro) that required a simple table where one column needed to have a total cell showing the sum of the column values and I was surprised to find the the formula "=sum(B3:B20)" didn't work. After doing some searching in the forum it appears that at least early in its life, Affinity Publisher tables did not have the ability to use any formula. From my searches, I found references to AP being able to import Excel tables, but apparently cells with formula are imported only with the calculated value that was arrived at in Excel. If any cell values are subsequently changed in AP, the calculated cells will then show an incorrect value. Coming from years of use of PagePlus this seems to be a significant step backwards, but perhaps things have changed since the posts I found. Can someone please tell me whether there is a way to have formula work in tables in the current version of AP, and if not whether there is any known plans to add that functionality?
  11. Is there any way to import tabular data (like a csv or a table in a textfile) into a table in Affinity Publisher? I can't seem to link or place a file in any format. If I try to copy the data, it always lands in one table-cell. Love the Affinity-products, by the way. Great work!
  12. Just trying to update some tables and noticed that my usual method of updating CMYK percentages (typing in the percentage of each colour) no longer works, the only way of altering colour is via the sliders --- Pub 1.9.2
  13. There are many occasions when one needs to introduce a multicolumn segment within text, or indeed a full blown table. This is currently (1.7.3) very badly supported. After pasting a table into the text, I'm left with no way to flow or wrap text around it, nor can I assign space above or below it. Am left with a dead paragraph. This is basic guys, and needs fixing with a high priority.
  14. Hello, I am trying to edit an existing table in Affinity Publisher, and I would like to remove both rows and columns. If there is an easy way to do that, I seem to be missing it. Thank you!
  15. A few days ago, I updated Affinity Publisher to version After updating, I realized that (2) out of (6) documents with tables are no longer recognized by the software as containing tables. These are document which I need to update every few weeks and need to add rows to the tables with each update. I am now unable to add additional rows to the tables. The other (4) documents when opened, in the new version, still retain the tables. Can anyone give me some insight? I REALLY need these docs and need to be able to add rows. Thank you.
  16. I am working on my first project in Publisher which is an attempt to create pages for a 2021 planner. I'm basing my design on an existing planner. Here is a picture of the design. I am working with the latest update on an IMac. I ran into trouble with the righthand table. First, one of the lines on the table does not go all the way across the page, and I can't figure out how to fix this. My first thought was to select this row and delete it but I can't figure out how to do that. When I watched the tutorial video about working with tables, the video said that when you select the table there will be row and column headers you can click to select a row or column. But that doesn't seem to be the case in the latest version of Publisher, which I'm using. So I don't know how to delete this row. If I can't delete it, then I'd like to figure out how to extend the line across the full width of the page. With the table tool selected, when I click on the righthand table, most of the time the tool seems to draw another table instead of allowing for a selection. Sometimes this doesn't happen and I am able to select a row or column. But even if I can select it, I'm not able to delete it. When I couldn't do delete this row, I made a copy of my file with the thought of selecting the entire table and then deleting it. My plan at that point was to redraw the table. But I also can't figure out any way to delete the entire table. The second problem occurs when I try to change the colors of the narrow columns on the righthand side of the page. No matter how many times I select these columns (when I'm even able to do so), and change the color to 5% black, the color never changes. You can see that the first two shaded columns are lighter than the last two because of my inability to make a change. M third question has to do with the functions in Publisher. I used the Page Number function to insert a number next to the Week text on the lefthand side. But I can't seem to find a function that will automatically insert a date below the days of the week. What I'd like to be able to do is to automatically populate the dates throughout the planner by inserting a function on the master page similar to what I did by using the Page Number function after Week. Is this possible? It seems like there are issues in tables in Publisher. I did a lot of searching for solutions to my problems and read that others were experiencing similar issues. I'd welcome advice about how to solve these problems without having to start over completely. I'm attaching a copy of my file to this post. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Planner V2 copy.afpub
  17. Out of curiosity, I attempted to import a relatively simple brochure IDML, after finishing the layout in InDesign CS5.5 just earlier today. Most of the content are small flat tables that were autofilled with text and autoformatted in InDesign by importing a well formatted XML file that matches the tag structure of the InDesign document and its tables. I'm producing this brochure with InDesign since 9 years, having done about 30 of them so far. It just works fine, in spite of the rather rudimentary XML tag support for tables in CS5.5. (Don't know about the recent InDesign versions, but working with tags within tables in CS5.5 is a p.i.t.a., and back in the day it took me quite some time and trial'n'error to figure out how InDesign XML import works with tables.) The bug: As long as there are XML tags attached to the text frames in the IDML file, all tables within those tagged text frames will remain empty, with no text whatsoever. It affects just tables, not regular text in those frames. Removing all XML tags in InDesign and re-exporting as IMDL fixes the issue, the tables are now filled with the original text. (Other issues with IDML import and tables notwithstanding at this time…) Publisher 1.8.6, Serif store version Adobe InDesign CS5.5 (German version) MacOS 10.11.6 El Capitan
  18. I had created a table, then decided that the information in some cells should be moved. So I highlighted the data and moved it to the new cell which was intended to be the cell below As you can see from the graphics file below, the information highlighted in blue was not moved to the cell I selected, but inserted in an entirely different row and column, in the middle of the text in that cell. OK I can control X and control V but it would be so much easier and quicker if I could simply move the data. Publication3.pdf
  19. Trying to set up financial tables (balance sheet and income/expenditure). These need rules drawn before and after totals and subtotals. I expect to be able to do this with "stroke and fill" in the Table dialog. In Pageplus I could set a single rule at the top of a totals cell and a double rule at the bottom. Is this supposed to be possible in Publisher? It seems a fairly basic requirement if one is to satisfy the demands of the accountants (whose data I am trying to typeset). The alternative of a thicker rule below is not favourably regarded. While I could of course introduce an empty row underneath, with its own extra line, this seems a kludgy approach. Attached pdf derived from Pageplus shows what I am looking to achieve. cc2020-report.pdf
  20. First of all, affinity, I love you! Thanks for awesome and affordable software! 💖 About the bugs: 1. When I copy content from an HTML table and paste it into a table in Publisher, the content in the clipboard is not interpreted as a table and is therefore only inserted into the first cell. This is a feature I have to use often and it worked well in InDesign and works also in software like Numbers or Excel. 2. When I insert table content from Apple Numbers, the content is inserted not from the first but the second table line. So there is always an empty line at the top and at the bottom another line is added. Pasting from Excel works correctly. Thanks!
  21. I'm not sure why but when I click into a table to change column width or height on the fly... the Left and Top dark borders are not popping up to do so. Is this happening to anyone else? Am I doing something wrong?
  22. It would be good to have a built in Charts and Graphs tool that would convert Table entry into such forms. Apple Pages has such feature for example.
  23. I try to create a 12-page calendar, based with master-page, containing calendar greed-table. I've experienced a series of crashes while tried to set up proper table formatting, then, while tried to put a placeholder text in the table on a master page, and then, trying to replace the placeholder text with an actual data on the calendar pages. And after some edit attempts Affinity just can not load the file (It reports loading, Uses CPU a lot, but open nothing for more than 5 minutes) (see screenshot attached). See master-page template attached.
  24. I am sorry to be negative on this forum, as in general I like most of the things in the Affinity Suite, but the tables function in Publisher just leaves way to much to be desired. I have commented on this issue before, but besides some small bug fixes it is still generally the same deal. I have a project I am working on that includes many specifically formatted tables which occur many times in the report, each with different data, but the same setup. I started this recurring project in Indesign 2 years ago and was hoping to transfer it to Publisher, as I still work with an old Indesign version and it is not very smooth. Publisher is much smoother overall. However I cannot get the tables to work as they do in Indesign, however way I try. I have several problems. First thing is that it is very hard to get the column widths as i want them. It works very different from indesign and I just find it very frustrating. When I create a table with a specific nr. of rows and columns the entire table has a specific width and each column has a uniform width. Now I want to make specific column to right of the one I widened gets squished... When I try instead to first change the width of the right most column, the table as a whole changes size...? I have no idea why this makes any sense at all. I have been working with tables in indesign for years, so perhaps I just don't understand what Publisher is doing? The only wy to archieve the result I want is to drag the width of the table wider then I will use it in the end, and then change the width of each column from left to right. But this is very inflexible, and if I want to change the width of a column later it will always affect the other columns. I find this highly frustrating. The other big problem is the text formatting within the table. I have use several text styles within the same table, so I have created a basic table in the way I want it to look. Now I will paste the data from Excel into the table, but this is where the problem occurs: All the pasted text will have the style of the upper left most cell. It completely ignores all the local formatting I have done. This creates a lot of unnecesary work to adjust the table the way I want it to be again. The only partial solution was to use the table style dialog and create a separate style for each table with text style assigned to the right cell. So when I have my table defined in this way I can paste the data and apply the table style. But this is quite unintuitive and gives me new problems with regards to lines. If I have have certain cells with and certain cells without border lines, it will not retain these local formatting. I have no idea why these things have to be so complicated. It is these things that keep me from using Publisher for this project, which is a great shame. Can you tell me if you are working on improving the tables in the near future?
  25. Hi there, How do I get a table to change in size dependant on the number of text characters. At the moment my table does not expand and contract depending on the number of text characters. Please help! Thanks Rose Spot Digital Proposal template design FA_no_bleed.pdf
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