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Found 13 results

  1. Affinity Publisher Windows 10 reproducable: yes Steps to reproduce the bug Create a text box with a text style (e.g. header 1) Duplicate it and replace the text, so you can see the bug Create a table of content, where only elements with text style header 1 are shown Change the order of the text boxes, so that the first one is behind the second one. Switch the content of the text boxes. Update the table of content. Result: The order in the table of content doesn't reflect the order of the elements in the document (see the attached screenshot). Expected result: The order should reflect the order of the elements in the document. I hope, my description is understandable­čÖé
  2. Hello everyone. The book I am working on has 20 chapters and 165 sub-chapters. According to the usual format of one line per page, the table of contents will therefore use about 9 pages (red preview on the right). I would like to reduce this number by indicating the chapter title on one line as usual, but then separating the sub-chapters by a comma (green preview on the left). Like this. How do I do this? Thank you for your explanations
  3. Hello, I have two problems in Publisher 1.10.1 ÔÇô The first is about TOC: I tried it under macOS 10.15.7, macOS 11.5.2 and Windows 10 with Publisher 1.10.1 and got no directory at all. (A) Put a line with the image description under each image. As a paragraph format, I christened it ┬╗Bildzeile-Unterschrift┬ź. (B) Call up "View > Studio > Table of Contents". (C) Create a new, empty page at the end of the document and click in the text frame. Then, in the "Table of Contents" panel, click on "Create Table of Contents" at the top left. (D) The directory should then appear on the new page. I only get an error message. (E) In order for the Publisher to know which paragraph format is to be displayed in the list, the ┬╗Bildzeile-Unterschrift┬ź must be clicked. GERMAN: Ich habe es unter macOS 10.15.7, macOS 11.5.2 und Windows 10 mit Publisher 1.10.1 probiert und gar kein Verzeichnis bekommen. (A) Setze unter jedes Bild eine Zeile mit der Bildbeschreibung. Als Absatzformat habe ich es als ┬╗Bildzeile-Unterschrift┬ź getauft. (B) Rufe ┬╗Ansicht > Studio > Inhaltsverzeichnis┬ź auf. (C) Erstelle am Ende des Dokuments eine neue, leere Seite und klicke in den Textrahmen. Dann klicke im Panel ┬╗Inhaltsverzeichnis┬ź auf links oben ┬╗Erstelle Inhaltsverzeichnis┬ź. (D) Es sollte dann auf der neuen Seite das Verzeichnis scheinen. Ich bekomme nur ne Fehlermeldung. (E) Damit der Publisher wei├č, welche Absatzformat in der Liste dargestellt werden soll, muss die ┬╗Bildzeile-Unterschrift┬ź anklickt sein.
  4. Hi, I am playing around with TOC in Publisher and want to create a rather big PDF file with lots of pages which should be more accessible with bookmarks. I created a very simple document to try this out. Just put a few pages with text and headings and a TOC. Works as expected, TOC is clickable in the PDF but the bookmarks are wrong. Several of my TOC entries are duplicated as bookmarks. If I look in the Anchors pallet, the problem is there, also. Although I can delete the double anchors there, they show up again when I update the TOC. Any way to get a correct PDF?
  5. Hello guys, I am an university student having my final year. During this final year students have to write their work. After writing my bachelor work using Microsoft Word I have decided to purchase Affinity Publisher. And now I am lost right on the begining. A need to create TOC (table of content) like that one on the attached file - please forgive my czech language, just needed this picture for ilustration. The main issue is that I am not able to create TOC sorted by number and "subnumber". 1 Main topic 2 Research 2.1 History 2.1.1 Europe 2.1.2 Asia 2.1.1. China 2.1.2. Thailand etc........ Would you please give me some advice how to make those number, I found that very uncluttered and good looking, especially with this type of large volume works. Please, need help desperately! Thank you very much. Viktor!
  6. Hello, I have created a title corresponding to level 1 called "Chapitre", and a title corresponding to level 2 called "Module". How can I set up these titles or the table of contents so that the order is correctly respected? This is not the case in the attached file.. Thank you for your explanations. toc.afpub
  7. I'v been testing the creation of table of content on Publisher and find it very limited on possibilities. Maybe i'm wrong, but it seems that a TOC can only be created based on page sections, and that you can only assign a unique style to the whole table. In wordprocessors and InDesign, table of content can and is usually generated based on paragraph styles, particularly Header styles. And you can assign different styles on the table based on what the original paragraph style is. This is particularly necessary on reports and technical documents, where you have different levels of content that can be on the same page and that must be included on the TOC, and visually different. On Publisher you can't create subsections nor create a TOC with multiple items on the same page. Is limited to a simple section title (As you can only assign a unique section per page). I've attached the TOC of a recent report I made on InDesign, that I can't reproduce on Publisher. On Indesign is automaticaly generated based on the paragraph styles (No need to create sections), and can create levels of content by detecting multiple paragraph styles, no problem if there are multiple instances on the same page, and also you can assign a paragraph style for each level of TOC. Hope I'm wrong and there is something that is hiding from me, but by now, the TOC of Publisher seems only usable to simple (very) basic chapter books. Making a report TOC like the attached one will mean doing the TOC manually (ouch!)
  8. Dear all, how can I create a TOC that displays the title and subtitle of a chapter? I want these two headlines to appear in different styles in the publication. The result should be something like: Author's name: Title. Subtitle ................. page n┬░ The integration of the author's name is the next issue, it is by now at the end of the chapters... Any hints for me? Thank you in advance ­čÖé
  9. Hello, I am working on a JavaScript Manuel reference. I created the table of content in Affinity Publisher and the headings get updated automatically. However, when I export it to PDF, I cannot click on the table of content headings to get me to the spesific area of the page. I also tried to add interactivity to it. But I don't know how ? How can I link the headings when I export in PDF ? Thank you Linking-Headings.mp4
  10. It's been a while since i haven't posted here. (Doesn't mean i haven't read some threads from time to time). I've dived into Publisher ocean, and i'm trying to push it's limits. And i've come to an end concerning TOC. I'm trying to create a "design" TOC. With a multitude of styles and graphics (see image from my "design") : And now i'm looking forward to achieve what i have'nt found myself (so here i am). See where i've managed to get to, by tweaking TOC styles : I'm still looking for a way to add "0" before my numbers (as in my design screenshot); As well as points after (as in my design screenshot). *Found* (not optimal though as 3 digits numbers won't work and 1 digits need 0 before so the space between full stop ans numbers is always the same ); I'm also looking for a way to add my stroke between the page number and the name of the heading. (This one not sure i'll find a way other than adding the by manually) *Found* thx to @GarryP NOTA : I could keep my "design" TOC, but i'm not that kind of man! I need to understand how far i can go (for further projects ^^). So does any "vieux de la vieille" as we say in my country (could be translated as old folks knowing their job), who has informations i didn't find by myself. Thx in advance gentlemans ! Cheers
  11. For some reason the Table of Content does not order the text properly. I get that its coming from the order of the layers. But not matter how I order the layers its wrong. What am I missing here?
  12. Hello guys, My table of content according to the section cannot be created and text in the text frame says: "No table of content entries found. " However, I have a section already created. Am I doing something wrong or it is a bug? Thx
  13. I saved an own table of contents layout. When I tried to delete it, Publisher crashed.
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