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  1. Hello, I've researched the forum but still need to post for suggestions, recommendations... I use Affinity Photo, Designer, Publisher on Mac and iPad. Old Workflow before Apple: I had a nice workflow when I had Windows Desktops and Windows Laptops: Google Drive Backup and Two-Way Sync (now Google Drive Desktop for Workspace) kept all my Photo/Video folders and files in sync across all my devices. Now, seeking new workflow with Apple: Early this year (January, 2021) I decided to migrate to Apple and bought M1 Mac Mini (currently has MacOS 12 Monterey) and M1 iPad Pro (currently has iPadOS 15). Google Drive does not have Syncing features under the iPad Google Drive app. 3 Notes to keep in mind: Note 1. I'm eventually going to a NAS but will stay with Google Drive in the meantime. I don't want a solution that uses iCloud OR Apple Photos or other cloud or photo storage/editing solution. Note 2. Also, I think the best solution is to have 2 copies of all my data (one on Mac, one on iPad) for speed of files with local availability, and as a backup. But want them to stay in Sync so if any of the data (One or more Terabytes of Photo/Video files) is changed. Note 3. Sync content between the Mac and iPhone or iPad using Finder (devices connected or on same wireless network) does not work because it wants to use iCloud OR it wants to use Apple Photos. The "Files" tab of this approach only transfers data, but does not "Sync" data even though it uses the word "Sync". A few solutions I've seen in my research are: 1. Network Drive. Not sure of the details but want 2 local copies (one on each device) and sync capability when devices are apart and/or together on same network. 2. Resilio Sync 3. SyncThing with Mobius App (for iOS) What suggestions, recommended solutions can you share? What are your thoughts and suggestions for keeping Photo/Video folders and files in two-way sync across Mac, iPad devices? Thank you!
  2. It's been an issue for a really long time and it still seems to of not appeared in version 2.1, when will we be able to create a document on the iPad app and when going back to the main screen it automatically save to iCloud for us to pick up on desktop? Currently it has to be saved each time you want it to upload for iCloud to realise it needs syncing. How can we do it so that its automatically saving the second we close the app? So many other apps do this automatically and the amount of times I've made something on iPad and then Gond to desktop and forgotten is really annoying, especially if I haven't got my iPad handy to save over. It's just really inefficient as it currently stands.
  3. There is a fatal flaw in the design for Symbols. There currently is no way to recover edited symbols from an older version of a file by pasting them over to a new file. This means that symbols that were edited with the syncing button turned off, are copied in as the regular version of the symbol. Steps to reproduce Create an ellipse and turn it into a pie Convert this ellipse into a symbol Save the file Create a copy of the file from step 3 Place another symbol in the file Disable symbol syncing Change the angles of the pie for the symbol in step 5 (and optionally scale the symbol down for recognisability) Copy the edited symbol and paste it into the original file (which didn't have the edited symbol). Notice how the symbol is brought in and disregards any changes to it 2023-01-11 16-41-21.mp4
  4. I ran into an issue where, if you duplicate symbols after applying an effect from another layer/ symbol/ group, the symbol is no longer duplicated as a symbol. Instead, it becomes a group. The bug is displayed towards the end, in the screencast, I also show that this wouldn't happen otherwise and that it is caused by the layer effect, not by the disabled symbol syncing. The bug part starts at 1:10. 2023-01-12 12-55-34.mp4 Steps to reproduce 1. Create a symbol 2. Duplicate the symbol 3. Disable syncing symbols 4. Add an effect to either a copy of the symbol or to an altogether different object 5. Drag the effect from to another copy of the symbol 6. Duplicate the symbol (from step 5) in the layers panel 7. Notice how the copy of the symbol becomes a group Also note that at 1:10 in the video, you'll see me dragging an effect of the symbol to the other symbol. Designer for some reason sometimes won't accept this. That's another bug, which since the two are related, I also report it in the same bug report. Workflow in which this occurs I have outlines applied to my symbols and to align them over other objects, I sometimes turn off the effect. It is then easier to re-enable the effect by dragging it from another symbol. I also tend to copy symbols if they are rotated, so I can preserve their rotation.
  5. Hello I would like to propose a feature that would allow the user to switch between the orginal and the current adjustment of raw image in a faster way. I am aware of the syncing feature but there are times when it just takes a lot of steps to just view the orginal especially if you accidentaly synced the wrong adjustment. This new toggle button feature would just allow a quick way to switch from orginal. In a simple way, this is like a toggle button that disables all the effects/adjustments including the overlays.
  6. Hi there. Just found out that you are restricted in terms of file location on iPad. Is there a logical reason why Designer and Photo do not support locations like Google Drive? Why is a proper exchange / sync workflow only allowed within the Apple ecosystem? Even iOS now lets you use Chrome as your default browser
  7. Sorry if this is a repeat. I do not see the ability to export to an .afdesign file type from the ipad app. I only see .svg and when I export to .svg all of my layers and groupings turn into a jumbled mess on the desktop. I see that I am unable to access the designer files on my ipad directly is there a way to do this or is the only way to access those files is through saving files directly to icloud?
  8. The 1.9 updates added the ability to register your Affinity apps and sync content, purchased from the Affinity Store, directly into Affinity apps . You can find more information about registering your Affinity app and content syncing here and here Please note: If you're using a Mac you will need to be using macOS Sierra 10.12 or above for this feature to work. If you're using a non-supported version of macOS, you will need to manually download and install content purchased from the Affinity Store. More information can be found under the How to install content from the web section here
  9. It would help type designers a lot to have a folder that not only automatically activates the containing fonts, but also replaces the typefaces in the documents when replacing the font file in that specific folder. Like Adobe has it. The process of testing fonts in publisher is very frustrating at the moment. There seems to also be a strange font cache behavior that just doesn't update fonts unless restarting the software.
  10. I'm the typical user that have a tablet-desktop, pc-home and pc-business and have bought the affinty products. I like affinity products, but there is a big problem. There is not syncronization between programs. Taking only one example: I've added a new collection of palette colour in affinity designer in my business pc., To use this collection in Affinity publisher or maybe affinity photo, I have to export and import that collection. Now, after do any change, I have to do it again. Finally, I want to work from my home pc in a simmilar design. I have to do another importation? Yes... The templates are a good implementation, but you know the problem is still here. The same is to new capacity of publisher, that allows you to work with each of three programas. As a user I would have a solution, These days almost everithing tends to be synchronizable. Note: I'm not designer or a specialist in this area, but I always use these programs to my work. Thanks
  11. I'm having problems with symbols in a design; all but one of the copies is updating. I have created a template with several artboards for different versions of social media images. Part of the design has the text 'WEEK XX'. I have created a symbol and copied across four of the artboards. That's fine, they all update in unison. I have created a fifth copy, which I needed to change to title case and add a drop shadow. I disabled sync to do this and made the changes. Even after enabling sync again, it doesn't update with the rest. The symbol attributes show Unlinked Transform/Constraints but the text itself shows Unlinked Layer Effects, Text, Text Frame. I have tried different variations as it was initially the reverse; having spawned four copies from the title case version, the four refused to update. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  12. Hi, I've got Affinity Photo, Designer, Publisher(APDP) on my Mac. Great stuff. I'd like to know do I need to buy the ADPD for my iPad? It's fine if I do. If I have APDP on my iPad can I sync w the Mac so I can work on the same file in either place? For instance, I'd save the files in the Files on the iPad and then expect to be able to open it on the Mac. -ed
  13. Hi yesterday I bought Affinity Photo, before I used Ps. My problem is I am switching quite often from my PC to Laptop and now I am trying to sync my stuff between my devices. (I know affinity is not cloud based like photoshop, but I am trying to do like a own thing with my Nas) I already was able to sync my workspace via my NAS. So in which folders/files are the brushes and fonts stored? Bzw other important files? then I can sync my them via my nas Thanks Willibald
  14. This has been happening a lot with symbols - I've found an old thread that might be related (here). 1. I create a symbol so that I can place it on multiple artboards and test different compositions. I never turn symbol syncing off or detaching any instances. 2. Then I start changing the colors of certain elements inside the symbol. 3. At some point, a few of the symbol instances will stop syncing the color for some of their elements.All other properties of the very shapes sync just fine however. For other instances everything syncs, even the color! In the following video sample I use the 1st instance to rotate an element (everything is one symbol) and change it's color. The 2nd instance updates fine on both properties. For the 3rd (buggy) instance only the rotation updates (and not the color). Things started going awry after I duplicated the 3 colored elements inside the symbol, hid the originals and assigned global colors to them. I'd be happy to email a sample corrupt file for debugging purposes. cheers! bug.mov
  15. Hi all, I just bought Affinity Designer and played around with some icons and other simple stuff while I was on the go with my laptop. I put them all in an asset library to have them well organized. Now at home I wonder if there is any method to sync my assets (and color palettes) between multiple devices/installations? But to be honest as this is much data to sync if Affinity would provide such a feature I doubt it. But the I came up with another more realistic idea. Is there any option to auto export and import assets on closing and opening the application? Because then i could use some other tool like Resilio Sync to sync those exported assets between the devices and I would have access to the latest version of my assets on any installation. So do you know any method (official/workaround) to sync this stuff between multiple devices? Thanks in advance BR Tim
  16. I'm trying to speed up my workflow, I know in other applications you can copy/paste/sync adjustment settings in RAW to another image, is this possible in Affinity please and if so how/where do I find the option. Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi After developed one photo in Affinity photo iPad version, Is it possible to sync all the changes to another photo/photos? thanks in advanced!
  18. Hi, I have just started using Publisher Beta and I've been investigated how to edit text frames and picture frames, on a page, which are inherited from a Master page. Once I've opened a page and selected the Master layer and selected a frame, then if I change anything in that frame, the Master page frame is also updated to show the same change. However, on the Symbols tab , if I click ONCE on the Sync button. I can alter the image/text on the page without the Master being updated. If I then click ONCE on the Sync again (quite hard on the Dark setting to see the change in the button), any change to the frame does NOT affect the Master any more. The same happens if I click on the Detach button. Again I cannot revert back to having changes updated on the Master page. Is this a bug or does it mean that having chosen Sync or Detach, that I cannot toggle between updating the Master from a page and updating just the individual page Pman
  19. It would be cool to have certain user settings (mainly custom color palettes & swatches) sync between the entire Affinity suite once released. It would save me hours in duplicating colors in each application ;)
  20. Is there a way for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo to sync their brushes? Now I had to import one brush set to each application separately.
  21. Hi. I am super excited about the 1.6.7 update that brought better iCloud integration. I have few issues / questions. Is it possible to save file directly to Affinity Photo folder on iCloud — seems to be grayed out to me whenever I try. How to fetch a changes to the file on iPad? Lets say that I create a file on iPad. Save it to the iCloud drive. Do some changes on this file on a desktop. I would like to coma back to this file and continue working on that. It doesn't do any update in a background although the update file is waiting in a cloud fully downloaded. There is such a thing as "fetch file" od "update file" or "sync file". The only way it to close import this document again from iCloud to AP and we are ending up with a duplicated file. Am I doing something wrong? Are these know bugs? I have a solution / suggestion for issue no 2. Currently these is no clear differentiation between files kept locally on the iPad and files mapped to files on iCloud drive. My suggestion would be ti introduce to the apps UI iconography that show three things (presented on an attached prototype). File is mapped to the iCloud (and versions match). File is mapped to the iCloud and is ready to update iCloud version. File is mapped to the iCloud and is ready to fetch changes from iCloud version. Thanks in advance for help.
  22. Hi dear Affinity support team, I purchased both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer for my creative workflow. As MacOS user and owner of two different Mac machines, I use the Affinity suite on all of them. It would be a real plus to have the settings (shortcuts, brushes, preferences, panels layout, etc) of both Affinity applications automatically synchronized between my MacOS machines (through iCloud or Dropbox/GoogleDrive). I hope to have helped you with my feedback.
  23. Hello fellows, I've received the email to buy affinity 1.5. I'm really excited about this program, but I need to make a question, about one missing feature. Will affinity photo feature a Sync option, as simple as Lightroom? I have multiple photos taken in the same shot, and I simply can't color correct them one by one. I only need this answer to buy affinity photo. best regards
  24. Would love a way to auto import or have an option for immediately bringing in global swatches into or from an embedded image for a current working open file without having to do the whole export/import/clipboard palette workaround. Thanks!
  25. I have successfully updated fills and layer effects on symbols but altering size or rotation does not take. *Edit* I've also tried to reshape but the node tool does not work. Are Symbols ready or are they still a work in progress?
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