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Found 25 results

  1. Hey there! I'm currently working on a project that could really benefit from 3-way or 5-way rotational/radial symmetry options. What I mean is something like this: There currently is no other way in Photo to achieve this but by using linked layers that where manually rotated by 120°. This also only works semi-optimal since the links kind of brake when you scale the canvas. I posted about this and my workaround with an example file here. Cheers!
  2. Hi, as you known we drawing symmetric brush strokes in Affinity Designer Pixel Persona. How about draw in vector panel like that? It's here. ( Sorry about bad shapes, just example )
  3. An oddly specific bug I just discovered in Photo - unsure of whether this shows up in Designer too. While sketching out an ornate frame design, I used the symmetry tool with a brush, and everything proceeded as usual. I then used Shift to create a straight line and noticed that the stroke automatically coloured certain parts red - screenshot attached. I tried a few different brushes and ended up with the same result (as you can see), but only when using my tablet pen/stylus - this didn't happen when clicking with the mouse and holding Shift. The layers I worked on didn't have any FX applied, and red was not a colour I had selected (my foreground and background colours were black and white). I've done a quick screen recording for reference: https://youtu.be/blPZMQsAhNQ It's not embedded as a glitch into the document/file though, as I can easily use a "Colour Overlay" effect to change it back to black.
  4. Hey, developers. There is a suggestion to improve one function in the program. I think that many others who draw on iPad and use the symmetry function lack accurate positioning on canvas. The symmetry guides have no anchorage and there is no way to change the angle accurately or go back to the previous position. Please add either the snap or the possibility to position the symmetry guides by numerical values. Thank you very much.
  5. Explain exactly how to turn the symmetry guide. For example, I create a new document, turn on the symmetry and by default the symmetry guide is always horizontal. How do I turn it vertically so that it is exactly 90 degrees? If I start to rotate it, trying to roughly find the right angle (i.e. to put it vertically), it will still be rough rather than precise as there is no reference. And most importantly, when the guide is touched, it won't be possible to return it to the same position anymore, because there is no binding (to return to the previous position, you have to close the document and open it again). So how do you turn the symmetry guide so that it is not approximate? RPReplay_Final1587207939.mov
  6. Hi! Drawing using symmetry and mirroring works fine, there's a tiny bit of slow down sometimes, but nothing too serious. But drawing using only symmetry is a lot slower, to the point is almost unusable. I find it odd since I'd presume both functions would work the same. See the attached video for a visual sample of the issue. Happens on an iPad Pro 9.7" (2016) with the latest iPadOS (13.3.1) and latest Affinity Designer (1.7.3). Thanks! RPReplay_Final1580374739.mp4
  7. Could someone please show me how to create a simple, symmetrical, vector heart shape in Affinity Designer? I just want to be able to join nodes like in Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape, so easy and simple. I've been trying to create a symmetrical heart shape with two halves, but whenever I use the node snap tool it messes up one node handle at the bottom of the heart. One node handle ends up being forced into a corner node and the heart shape looses it's symmetry. When I try other ways of joining the paths then I get two nodes instead of just one node. Thanks you for your help.
  8. Please add to ADesigner something like the amazing Symmetry Tool from CorelDRAW (and Adobe illustrator), that allows to create all kinds of shapes and lines in a symmetrical pattern easley and instantly. (In AD its only for "brushes" in the "pixel persona") Thanks.
  9. Hello! I recently started using the beta and here are some of my suggestion: 1) Brush selection: whenever I select a brush but then I change the size, the selection disappears and there's no way to know which brush I am using (or is there and I don't know where to look?) I think there should always be an indication of the brush currently in use even if you change size or hardness or any other spec. 2) With the new Symmetry feature, I noticed that if I go too close to the center, instead of drawing, it selects the irradiating line and moves it. It would be nice to have an additional button to 'fix' the symmetry guide so that it's impossible to accidentally move it instead of drawing. 3) I noticed that if you have multiple canvas open, you can't detach the windows to (for example) compare two projects or use references. Hopefully this is helpful!
  10. I need perfectly symmetrical curves for a water symbol. How can I do this? I can snap the nodes to the grid and whatever else. But I can’t figure out a way to make the node handles snap. Help please. Thanks. C3559A0F-37E3-4429-B562-9CE51182E91C.MOV
  11. Hi there, I'd love to see symmetrical drawing added to Affinity Photo. Minimally, across the vertical centerline, although it would be nice to be able to do symmetrical painting with any number of strokes evenly distributed. More than anything, though, when creating character sheets, it's nice to be able to quickly lay out symmetrical detail live, rather than mirroring after I draw for a while. Thanks, Alec
  12. Hi there, I'm guessing I'm not seeing the obvious here, but I'm not seeing the ability to symmetrically paint. I can mirror layers and selection just fine, but I'd like to be able to mirror across a specific or multiple axes as I paint. Is that feature available? Thanks, Alec
  13. I'm loving the symbols. The symmetry is extremely useful and working with the objects in a symbol is easy. My snowflake is based on a 24 point star and 1 symbol duplicated onto every other point, making it simple to create a snowflake with the pen tool. The symmetry is brilliant and works with everything I've thrown at it from quick shapes and brushwork to things I'd painted in pixels - though the program did crash constantly when I tried to move a circular design that was probably a very large file size because of all the jpg images in it. No work was lost, though, it was all recovered.
  14. This screenshot from the Autodesk Sketchbook iOS page outlines nicely what I'm talking about. Symmetry has already been requested numerous times. This is more about the foundation before it becomes symmetry. Have an option allowing us to define out own symmetry tools (click line, define what it should do) Tie it on top of the coming replicator system (blends, particles)This would allow us to clone and array (radial, grid, etc) the centres of symmetry as an object to create clock faces like the example with two stokes. Car tires with a few more strokes, and so on.
  15. Hello everyone! I would like to request a feature that doesn't seem to be included in Affinity Photo. In Photoshop, you can use an additional key (I think it's alt) to move the opposing crop border as well as the one you're moving with the cursor. This way, symmetryical cropping can be achieved. Can you inclide this feature in a future release? Or is this already included and I just don't know how to use it? On a Mac, cmd would probably make sense since the "Move Tool" already includes that behaviour (mirroring border movement) when using cmd. Best wishes, Shu
  16. Hi Folks, Symmetry question. I don't quite get use snapping tool/guide. I find it hit and miss, probably because I am not using it property I suspect. Some times I get the nice green lines showing that I have lined up one of my shapes nicely with another and yet other times I get nothing?? Any ideas what I am doing wrong with this? Short on info there I know but If you need more let me know. Cheers Mark
  17. Hi Folks, More of a general question to put out there tonight. How do I make sure the shape/object/image I am creating is symmetrical? I have used the pen tool to create a shape I was after but I need to make sure it is symmetrical. How would I go about doing this? is there any option to see this? plus then I want to insert other shapes inside my main shape but I want to make sure they are lined up perfectly with certain sections of the original shape. Is there an option somewhere to assist with this? Random I know but just a general question that has been bugging me lately. Cheers folks Mark
  18. hi, i dont know if you have seen sketching in fusion 360, but might worth taking a look - i would love to see a system like this in affinity designer Fusion 360: Sketch Constraints anyways keep up your great work best regards Reinhard
  19. I just heard about the new symbol feature in Affinity Designer, and I was wondering if that's going to make it possible to make symmetrical shapes. It looks like it would be great for designing, but it would be extremely useful to have the ability to make a symmetrical curve so you're not reduced to eyeballing a vector shape when you want something symmetrical. Would the Symbol feature make that easier?
  20. I am trying to create the icon of a person in Affinity Designer. I made one half of the person with the Pen tool, and then I try to make the other half by duplicating the path, transform by flip horizontal and then move it into place. It looks ok, but when I zoom in, there is a gap that is smaller than a pixel. How can I fix this? Nothing I do gets rid of that gap.
  21. I've noticed there's a couple of features that prevent me from using Affinity Designer instead of illustrator. When I'm making a logo or illustration for that matter a lot of the time it calls for symmetry. Illustrator has a mirror tool that makes it easy to accomplish, though I think it can still be improved upon. I was hoping that you guys would consider making a 'live symmetry' mode. Similar to your 2 window mode split mode (one outline and one regular). I know I'll probably get people telling me you can accomplish this using a longer method but the fact of the matter is when I do it never lines up perfectly. Especially considering you can't flip on an axis. Now the intersect snapping to me is EXTREMELY important. You guys claim to be the most precise out of all the software which I would almost say is true but you're missing a key feature that I absolutely need. When I have two shapes that overlap I'd like to be able to add a node at the intersections between them. By that I mean I want control on which intersections to add the nodes instead of using the: Minus Front, Intersect, etc. tools. Let me know what you guys think! I really think with those features I could finally see myself using this as my tool of choice. I think you guys should look at the Astute Graphics tools (for illustrator) as well and try to mimic some of that behaviour in Affinity Designer. They have tools for making shapes that make everything way more accurate and precise. I hope you'll consider adding these features. Thanks!
  22. Hi people! I believe that for all those people who are developing characters, the symmetry tool it's really useful. To get the same result in Photoshop we have to copy and do an horizontal flip, but for creative developing it's not enough, and it's not a difficult feature to program. Thank you!
  23. Love to be able to copy single nodes, line segments, or a selection of nodes – including the exact geometry of any curve handles – and then paste it/them into the front node an open curve. With the option of pasting its mirror version – vertical, horizontal, or both. It is very hard to manually make a curve exactly match another one. Repeatability is crucial for precise work. Snapping control handles (when they arrive) will sure help, but copy/paste of any of a curve's (or shape's) selected bits would be supremo! You can easily copy an entire curve/shape, but not parts of one. You can do the former, delete what you don't need, and then attach the bits you need; but that's a long way round. I apologize if you've heard any or all of this before (and please correct me if any of this is already possible). Oh, and as Sven Kalkschmidt already suggested, the functionality of the following Illustrator plugin looks amazingly useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpOaC5XGyZU Thanks for your attention, and keep up the awesome programming, Serif/Affinity!
  24. Hi there, When you're adjusting a curve with the node handles, Is there any way to a) make the opposite handle follow your adjustment as exact mirror image – i.e., so the two sides of a curve are perfectly symmetrical? and b) have the handles themselves snap to grid? So that the curve can be repeated perfectly, on another node? I'm imagining this could be invoked with Control or Command Thanks!
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