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Found 20 results

  1. Llevo casi dos años con la app. Tengo que admitir que con pequeños proyectos va de maravilla. Sin embargo tengo el iPad Air 3 (2019) y se cierra constantemente al editar en RAW. Espero que se solucione o que se pongan en contacto conmigo para ayudarme gracias.
  2. Hi. I posted about a potential bug in the other section, and it appears to have been now verified by a few other users. I have both AD and AP, and both appeared to be working fine. However, lately I have noticed that every once in a while (usually 10% or time or so, although sometimes far more frequently), selecting a different brush (in both personas and apps) resulted in the new brush (in the brush list) in the list hilighting (as it should), but the brush itself appears not to change (the settings don't change, and the resulting stroke is that of the previous brush). In some instanc
  3. Hello!! I am starting with Affinity with the 10 days trial, so far I think its a great software! I use a HUION USB PEN TABLET 420, it works very well, but if im using some tool, like the brush, and I lift up the pen, and after a few seconds I put it on the tablet again, Affinity automatically switches the tool to the eraser without pressing any key or button. I tried to disable the buttons on the pen, but still it switches from the current tool to the eraser every time I lift up the pen and put it down again. Hope this helps to improve the software! :D Cygemth.
  4. Background: I've been using InDesign since version 1.0 jumping away from PageMaker and Quark 3.0. My studio uses InDesign six days a week and builds publications from one page to 50 regularly. I'm going to document my test of Affinity Publisher, and I would be interested in how it is going for other studios. Is anyone planning on making the switch before the beta ends? My reasons for looking at alternatives are price and cloud integration. Adobe increased the CC subscription price. Stinky, but what bothers me more is the constant need to integrate the cloud. Every day I wait
  5. Hi, I would like to ask if it is possible to switch the Affinity Designer Windows license to macOS, or I have to buy new one for macOS? I don't use the PC anymore only MacBook.
  6. First of all very nice job on the mobile app! There's still room for improvement, but it's by far the best iPad app in it's category. The features that I would like to see in the new version are: persistent tool selection - specifically, I do a lot of pixel art work, which means I use the pixel brush. However, every time I need to use the Selection persona, I come back to the brush tool being reset to it's default tool, the paint brush. This is quite annoying as I always have to tap 2 times just to go back to the brush I was using. If Affinity would remember I selected the pi
  7. Hello Affinity, I want to ask about Affinity Designer vers. This is problem happen when i use any tool > i press SPACE (View Tool) to move my screen view > my tool can't switch back to last tool that i use before and still at VIEW TOOL. This is a bug from Affinity Designer? I hope there is some solution about this, you are making great software so far , I'm very happy. Note: This is only happen when i use Wacom (My wacom is Intuos CTL-480). When i'm using trackpad or mouse it's still work normal. Thank You
  8. How do I create a shortcut that goes between Draw persona and Pixel persona? I added a simple 1 key keystroke and I can switch between Pixel persona and Export persona, but I want to be able to switch between Pixel and Draw. Draw is not available as a shortcut option.
  9. this is probably a minor feature that takes a lot of time to implement, but here it is. I love the "Edit in Photo/Designer" option under File, but in Windows 10, this doesn't make the other app active when the program is already launched. Can this be changed so Windows switches automatically to the other application?
  10. Hello Everyone, I bought Affinity for Mac, but have now realized that the computer that I need to install it on from my daughter only has Windows, can I somehow still download the program with my username and email? Thanks for the help!!
  11. Is there a way to put an image from perspective to orthographic view? I know there is in photoshop, you make it with the crop tool.
  12. Hi, On my Windows 10 Home Designer crashes when I open a file with a large size, eg. 60 megabytes Designer and switch to Edit in Photo. Sometimes falls to more switched round in Photo Edit, Edit in Designer etc. Sometimes Designer crashes when a different action when the project switched from Affinity Photo. My programs: - Affinity Designer for Windows (full version after purchase) - Affinity Photo Beta for Windows My device: - Windows 10 home - 8 GB ram - CPU i7 - Intel HD Graphics 4000 My friend who is also a full version of Designer cras
  13. Hi, I'm using Affinity Designer on Windows 10. When I export a document to PDF there is a color switch between red and blue in the background picture and in some text layers. An export to JPG is correct. If I delete all the layers except the background picture the error still occurs. An earlier version of the documnet with the same picture shows no problem when exporting to PDF. The only real difference seems to be the use of the transparency-tool. Thanks, Frank
  14. Hi everyone, I have a question, can i transfer Affinity Photo from Mac to Windows, because I purchased Affinity Photo for 50€ on my Mac, but now I'm working on a PC with Windows, so I would transfer the application, is that possible, and how does it work? Thanks! Hannes
  15. Hi, I've discover while watching a podcast, that a guy can switch from Affinity Designer to Affinity Photo from an entry in file menu. On my laptop, this menu is disabled. How could I enable it please ? Thanks for you help !
  16. Hello! I just this morning got a tip from some site about Affinity Photo. I'm tired of paying for the subscription I'm currently have with LR and PS CC. I'm importing and fixing the most of my pictures in LR. Some of them, portraits for example, I also edit in PS. LR is easy and fast but I'm feeling that I'm not using it enough to pay the subscription fees. I can buy two Affinity Photo for the same money as a year of LR + PS. Is there anyone who made the switch who had the same workflow as me? Is Affinity a good replacement if I use LR? Any tips for a good way of cataloguing my p
  17. Greetings! I am a long time PS user and recently I am trying to switch to AP for most of my workflow. I am however still struggling with few issues so I was hoping to get some feedback here to make my work with AP easier :-) Sorry in advance for such a long list, but I don't want to spam this forum with multiple posts. 1) Is there any shortcut for Perspective tool? I am using it a lot (in PS it's Cmd+T and Cmd+click on corners). How to use Perspective tool non-destructively? So far the layer needs to be converted to pixels to use Perspective tool. I am looking for something like Smar
  18. [command + `] for going forward through windows of the app, and [command + shift + `] for going backwards through them, in chronological order of use, most recent first. [option + `] for going to the most recent tab, and, then back again, obviously enough. As it would flick between two. More presses of ````` pushing through the tabs in the current window. [control + `] should go through the open tabs in the current window in sequential order according to their display in the top of the window, and [shift + control + `] would cycle back through them. All of these should bring up
  19. I'm a little confused about how Designer relates to Photo (which isn't out yet, I take it), since Designer seems to have bitmap editing. But I'm ready to toss the dice pending a little clarity on this big question: One recent Photoshop feature that I'm using heavily is Generator - I'd say it has made my life easier than any feature since they added layers! Yes, I'm that old. I wouldn't expect Designer to have the same functionality exactly and generate images from layers with ___.png names in imported Photoshop files. BUT, if I'm ready to start building new files and manually convert m
  20. I created a New View of my currently open document, and AD creates a second tabbed window in my workspace. However, when I try to invoke the standard Mac OS X Command - tilde ( ` ) keyboard equivalent to switch windows, AD doesn't respond...
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