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Found 110 results

  1. As I've been working in Designer recently, it's a bit frustrating when adding a swatch from the Pantone set the default has the name of the next unused global color (e.g. "Global Color 7") instead of the name of the Pantone swatch. It would be great if all swatches, even if global, contained the name of their value so I didn't have to enter them manually (including CMYK and RGB swatches).
  2. Hey got a quick question: Is there a way to create custom swatches especially pattern swatches?
  3. Update Dropdown What I did was think about components and what parts belong to what. And for this model to be clear from the UI / UX perspective, it means that the other colour options should be separated into their own panels due to their unique attributes. In my experience, I would recommend removing the colour wheel--it adds no functionality that the sliders can't provide and adds a level of complexity to maintain in the long run. I can't keep working for free, so, this is it from me. ----- Previous -----
  4. Hi AD team, love the product - terrific! Here's my problem: I'm switching from adobe illustrator and would like to take the color swatches with me. CS5 even has an export option to export a given swatch to .ase which I could then import in AD. However, the gradient swatches ('Brights') are not exported with the gradient, just as base colors. Can anyone recommend how to move my AI gradient swatches out of AI into AD? Thanks so much!
  5. I added some color to Swatches, when I click right button on it, choose Delete Fill i got an alert box (see attached). Choose OK and nothing's happened.
  6. asantos

    Touch Twin Markers Palette

    Hello everyone :) Since I just really love these colours, I made this palette and I'd like to share it with you. These are the colours of the Touch Twin Markers, from ShinHan Art. I numbered and named the 204 swatches, to keep them sorted as they appear in their Colour Chart, but of course you can sort them as you want. Hope you like them. :) Touch Twin Markers.zip
  7. Currently you can only search swatches when in the main swatches panel. If you try to edit a global colour, and choose swatches from the dropdown, you have to scroll through all the colours and pick it manually by eye/hover. I'd like the search bar to also appear in the secondary swatches panel. Thanks.
  8. I somehow managed to create a new color palette and rename it. Now I want to place my recent colors into it. IDEALLY I wanted to be able to select color swatches I was using and create a palette from those selections. There may be a way to do that. I don't know. However now I'm looking at a screen where my recent colors are there and I am going to assume there's a way to easily place those colors into my new, empty, palette. How is that done? Thank you in advance.
  9. Hello, It is very rare that I feel AD is missing a feature, it is already such a fleshed out and mature creation software. But, recently I've been desiring a way to merge palettes, or import a palette from a document into the current palette. Personally, I use Seiken Densetsu 3 palettes when I do pixel art (they are gorgeous, with beautiful deep purples as blacks etc). I am not colour-blind, but don't have the innate ability to find nice matching colours. Anyhow, when doing this type of work, you end up creating palettes from many images you can find on google. You are then stuck, as I haven't found any way to merge the palettes it creates :/ There are more likely other ways to fix this "issue", that is why I prefer explaining my situation rather than forcing a pre-set solution on you. Anything that would allow creation of 1 palette from many images works for me. Thank you for reading this, and being so active with your community, <3 P.S. Just downloaded beta, will get back to you guys about the crashes I mentioned last weekend :) [Edit] I guess importing all the images and merging them in a document works, [facepalm]. Ok going to sleep now...
  10. There doesn't seem to be a nice way to manage swatches after you created them in a custom Document Palette, e.g. select multiple swatches and then delete them. Any ideas?
  11. This is just a tiny bug but for some inexplicable reason, the options to choose between several colour profiles are hid behind the colour window itself, as you can see if you look closely on the attached screenshot. Is there a way to get it back to normal?
  12. Is there a way to add swatches from a selected item (multiple colors)?
  13. Recently used colors has one problem. When selecting a previously used color, adjusting that selection (from the color wheel) completely removes the previous color in Recents. Breaking exploration of ideas. This compounds the Eye Dropper color well queue doubling travel time to ui, as well. So, if I select an object, click a previous used color in Recents, then adjust the color for variance, or testing, the old Recent color swatch completely gets replaced. If I want to adjust another part of a design with the original Recent swatch, I then have to select the Eye Dropper, select the color, go back to the color well, and click on it (/cry). A workaround is to deselect the object after color selection from Recents, then reselect [the object] to create a new Recent color item. Ideally, Recents would record a new square, versus replacing the selected Recent color swatch without having to deselect the object.
  14. As brilliant features tend to extend, I am increasingly worrying about some ordering of menu list items. Right now, they are just added to the end of the list when imported. For instance, the items shown in attached screen prints could benefit from some sorting (at least for me). Something automagically alphabetic would already work better for me, but ideally, I´d just like to drag them where I´d like them to be, so a manual way of doing it would serve me quite well. As an example, if you look at the long list for the pixel brushes for instance, I´d love to be able to drag all DAUB brushes to where I´d like them to be, all together close to the top but below the default ones coming with the product. Not only cosmetic AFAIC, it´s also that I just use some more than others. Thank you for reading!
  15. Would like to see the access of already created gradient swatches in the Gradient overlay section of the Effects Panel.
  16. Just wanted to know if gradient swatches will be added in the future?
  17. Colour lists get invisible when clicking on Stroke / Swatches. In all versions. :( Has anybody else this problem?
  18. Hope AD will provide vector based pattern | swatches. I like my fills sharp and crisp.
  19. I moved the Color,Swatches, Stroke, and Brushes panel to the left side of my screen. And the earlier "disappearing swatches" problem returned. With the panels on the right side, I can click back into Swatches from any other panel and the swatches all appear normally. With those panels grouped on the left side, I have to click into Brushes and then back to Swatches before I get the full display. Resetting Studio, which puts everything back on the right side, corrects the problem. Again, maybe a glitch in my system but it is repeatable. I tried it several times to be sure. This used to happen with the panels on the right side but was corrected in one of the betas. Now it's back, in a different position.
  20. I have used the Create Palette From Document command to fill my own palette with the allready used colors. Now I played around and added some more colors, but I don't need all of them at last. Is there a way to delete the unused colors of the palette automatically? It should be cause of automatic creation is possible :) Also, I can't edit a saved palette color. I can rename it and delete the fill but I can't change the color. Is this correct or does the beta jokes on me? I think it is important to change an existing color -> which also changes the color of all objects that used this fill.
  21. I can't manage to rearrange, reorder my swatches in a palette. I mean if I add a color to a palette, it comes in the first position and I can't move it from there (to have brown together, yellow together …) Is there something I missed or is it not possible ?
  22. The system color palettes seem to be randomly (semi-randomly?) sorted in Affinity Designer. I have attached screenshots of the list in Designer and the System color picker to show what i mean. The System color picker sorts them (almost) alphabetically. Since there is no ability to make folders, i have been using prefixes to keep some sort of order.
  23. In Affinity Designer the swatches palette has a "recent" area that shows recently used colours. The odd thing for me is it will show many different swatches of the same colour. Why is this? This seems confusing and redundant to me. I would think that colours of the same value should only appear once in the "recent" colours. Is this the way it was planned or has something gone awry? I wasn't sure whether to post this in the "Feature Requests" or the "Questions" but because I'm not sure about the reasoning behind the current behaviour I posted it here.
  24. Some issues I've noticed with Color Swatches: 1. If I create a color swatch using the Gray Slider color palette (and even using thethe built-in color Grays color palettes in AD) and then proceed to inspect the values AD uses by switching to the CMYK sliders color palette, AD converts the 1 channel (grayscale) swatch into a 4 color blended CMYK "gray", not a true C: 0%, M: 0%, Y: 0% and the K% (black) channel corresponding to the original value in the Gray slider-defined swatch. See attached images for reference. 2. Furthermore, if I double click on the color and open up the expanded color palette with all the HSL, Hex, RGB, RGB# and CMYK fields, my supposedly neutral gray has a certain amount of saturation in the HSL readout, and the RGB values are not equivalent, meaning the Gray I defined is not neutral anymore and has a color cast. 3. The grayscale palette should simply be a horizontal gradient from black to white, not a full color palette converted to grayscale, as is currently the case. (See attached screenshot) 4. Is the Grayscale sliders color palette backwards? Meaning when I type in a gray of 17% it's actually showing a Gray of 83%. If you go into photoshop and adjust type in 17 into the Gray slider input field, you will see what I mean. (image attached for your reference.) 5. I went to rename a color palette. I used the standard keyboard short-cut for navigating and selecting text in the rename field, but AD's text tool interpreted the command and didn't let me jump backward or forwards between words inside the rename field. See attached image for reference.
  25. Any chances HKS and RAL spot/CMYK colour swatches are added?