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Found 59 results

  1. I was exploring the Affinity styles in the Photo persona. Seeing what each would do. Clicked one, then another, then another. I want to go back to square one. To the original photo before ANY styles were added. Rather than hitting undo multiple times, and short of closing the project with out saving and reopening the photo, how do I get back to the beginning, without any styles? There has got to be a way.
  2. Hello I'm running both Affinity Designer and Photo on a Dutch language OSX. The applications are ofcourse in English but they seem to translate the font styles such as bold, italic, heavy etcetera into Dutch. The problem is that these translations are often not correct. Whenever I select a typeface with more then regular, italic, bold and bold italic styles, the styles are mixed up. For example: If I select the 'licht' style (which means light in Dutch) I get a bold. When I select 'vet' which means bold in Dutch, I get a regular italic, and so on. Is this an Affinity problem or does it happen in the font managing part of OSX? I haven't encountered this problem in other software. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi. I just started to explore the beta and already enjoyed it, it seems to have great potential. And it's the first program that has a bit of the intuitive usability I loved so much in Ulead PhotoImpact! It's still a shame that Corel stopped development. I already found the "Styles" in Affinity Designer and it currently seems to have some limited attributes one can define as a style. But only single effects. From the roadmap I read that they might get improved in future? -Text features including Text Styles, Bullets and Numbering -Multiple Effects/Fills/Strokes per shape Will this make it possible to have an Style- and Effectslibrary like in PhotoImpact? In PI one can even right every style and modify all values and use bumpmaps etc. I have attached a pdf-file with some examples and screenshots of the possibilites. It's still possible to donwload a trial (~170MB) for Ulead PhotoImpact X3, but there are not all of those styles included. I don't expect it to be possible to directly use / import those Ulead-Styles? upi.pdf
  4. Hi, I have deleted the "glass" style by accident and don´t know how to get it back. Is there a source where I can download the style again and import it?
  5. Can you please add functionality for having no style, or revert, to something that has it applied? I find that I have to just go back in history to get back to unapplied state. Thanks
  6. I can create a new style by using Add Style From Selection. And I can Rename the style. But how do I create an icon for it?
  7. In pages there is a shortcut to copy the Font/ Size etc of a section and past it to another one! (Word does this with a sort of "brush" icon, maybe there also is a shortcut) And googleDrive has also implemented this in his online Editor. I just really find this feature incredibly helpful and I´m sure you would think so too! This feature would suite Designer very well but would be also useful in the Photo Application. It would be also absolutely perfect in the coming Publisher Application which I already can't wait to use B) Peace out (y)
  8. I was just looking at Matt's cats and the drawing I had open only had a pixel layer. I found that if I clicked on any of the default Styles the pixel layer got lighter. After 20 clicks it was almost white. I could find no way to reverse this. Cmd+Z didn't work. The History panel is odd in that moving up through all the style adds makes no difference but moving down reapplies all the Style adds making it even lighter. Jumping from the first history to the last history makes a big jump in whiteness. While last to first no difference. The layer Opacity is still at 100%. All fx can be removed with no effect. Other than closing and reopening the drawing there seems to be no way to negate the clicking of a Style in a pixel layer. 27" iMac late 2009 Yosemite 10.10.1 beta
  9. Hi There After using the New Affinity Photo i must say first of all..i am in love..:-) As a Interactive designer i start to think, How we can make the flow of our design work much more faster and simple to use that will also combine a system that will be close to the development system thinking and like this we can start to use design with the thinking of development user which can help at the end of our design. My Idea to add a simple tool which i can save with it, as i want, font style, colors, lines style. maybe to add to the font tool a place were i have 6 small buttons (H1 H2 H3 etc) and by clicking each one of them the system know to keep it and to spread it over my project. Flow example: i open a new file and start to design a web page. now i start to add titles, content, images, icons etc. to all my biggest titles i press H1 button and it keeps it as a style. then i choose a color palette and save it to the same folder my font style goes, at the end i will have a file that each time i will import it to one of my projects it will change automatically all the assets into this style file ( fonts, colors, even windows arrangements..) finally, when i will finish my design, i will be able to export this file to a CSS or XML file and will send it to my Develop team, and Voualla, they have all my Guidelines and style guide in one file/folder.. thoughts?? Best Regards..