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Found 7 results

  1. I'm trying to create this in AP: I made this in PS with four parallel, horizontal lines, using a basic, square brush with minimal angle jitter and moderate shape and size jitter. Very basic. The goal is to create subtle variations that will make the arrangement of the rectangles appear handmade and not mechanic. This is the closest I could get to it in AP: Obviously, this is unusable for my purposes. I'm wondering if I just don't know how to adjust the brush settings to achieve the desired effect. Here are the brush settings I used: The problems I've encountered: 1. The 'Rotation Jitter' setting doesn't seem to do anything on its own. It looks like it has to be combined with 'Rotation'; however, when combined with 'Rotation' everything is either rotated in only one direction or the angle variation is too great. 2. I'm either using it wrong or the shift modifier is glitching when used in combination with the brush tool for straight vertical and horizontal lines. I've tried: click>shift+drag, shift+click+drag, shift>click+drag. None of the key combinations work correctly and the closest result is this: For some reason Affinity insist on connecting the end of the fist line with the beginning of the subsequent one. I don't see a shift key modifier option under the 'Brush Tool' in the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' menu, so it's possible that, technically, this function isn't available in AP. Any suggestions and workarounds are welcome. I'm on Windows and using a mouse but have access to a drawing tablet.
  2. With the brush tool, you can't currently use angle constraint lines while holding shift. Please add this (like in Photo's pixel brush) although click dragging + holding down shift should constrain to straight lines at 15 degree angles.
  3. Hi, This is a two-part question really... 1. Does anyone know if you can make a brush stroke that is a straight line? 2. Also, is it possible to make a brush stroke follow a shape's outline (eg. a circle so that you paint along the circle's circumference) or along a path ? Thanks.
  4. 1. On the desktop version of the app in order to draw a straight line with the brush tool you can click to start the point, then shift click and it will connect those two points. Thus drawing a straight line between those two points. I cannot for the LIFE of me figure out how to do this on the iPad???? This is a MAJOR part of my editing workflow. I just want to draw a straight line but there are no modifier keys on iPad... (BTW I hate the pen tool. PLEASE don't tell me I have to use it to draw a straight line with it and then apply a stroke.) 2. Is there a side by side list of where the tools on the desktop version have been moved to in the iPad version? i.e. The quick mask is now located under the "blah blah" on the iPad app... ?? If there is a pdf manual that would be AMAZING because I am SO lost. I can't get any work done because I can't figure out where a lot of my desktop tools have been moved. Not having hot keys/modifier keys is killing me. 3. Suggestion for the app - Put a little square somewhere in the bottom corner that acts like a modifier key (shift, control etc..) on the iPad version. Procreate has a little square you can put your finger over and it acts as a modifier key so you can sample colors with your apple pencil. It's worked seamlessly with my workflow and I love it.
  5. Hi The paint brush tool works normally upon starting up Affinity Photo, but after executing actions such as changing the brush, color, or swapping to another tool and then back to the brush, the paint brush tool will often enter a state where it will allow me to draw only straight lines. The mouse itself it still able to move freely, but when attempting to draw even a simple curve, a straight line will be drawn instead, starting from where the mouse initially was and ending at where the mouse stopped. So far, the only solution I have to this is to close the application and start it again, which can be quite troublesome considering this issue happens every 5 to 10 minutes. I've even updated the application to the latest 1.7.2 update, but the same issue still happens.. I'm wondering if anyone is having the same issue? Or if there is any solution to this? Thanks!!
  6. I apologize if this question has been asked before; I can't find it. I'm new to Affinity Photo from GIMP. In both programs, when you hold down shift while using most tools (eraser etc.), you get a straight line. With GIMP, a line is shown while you hold down shift, enabling you to better approximate what you're doing. I don't see this in Affinity Photo. Is there a way to enable this? Attached is a GIMP screenshot to show the guide line that I'm talking about, in case I'm not making any sense. Thank you!
  7. Is there any way to constrain a paintbrush stroke? I'm not fond of the drop-shadow that one can create with Outer Shadow when used with a rectangle. I could do a much better one with the proper paintbrush at the proper opacity...IF there was a way to constrain the brush to a straight line. Have I overlooked a way to do that?
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