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Found 5 results

  1. Another additional idea copied from other software: It is possible to import charts from Microsoft Excel and edit them manually. For Adobe Illustrator exists a plugin called Datylon. This company provides beneath this plugin a library of over 120 chart templates. You can import raw spreadsheets and design beautiful charts out of it with specific features including the usage of color palettes/swatches like global colors and even spot colors. There is a whole bunch of design options. From the variety of chart types to the editing of each part. But the main feature is in my own opinion the data merge aspect of it. You can create one artboard per chart or combine multiple charts on one artboard but the data is linked to its source (spreadsheet) and updates itself. For example it would be useful for annual finacial reports. But also for scientific purposes. When the data has to be presented in a proper way as fast as possible. Sure, most scientists don't mind if the PowerPoint presentation has this outdated look and feel because the actual data is the main focus. But for public relations it should be more appealing. And you can print/save the charts in less than two minutes if you had its template designed before. Software like Microsoft Excel or Libre Office Calc have gained some additional power for styling charts in recent years but they don't have the flexibility that is needed. At least the following chart types should be editable by a module/tool: Column and Bar, stacked and/or grouped Pie and Donut/Circle/Ring, Demicircle, Nightingale Area, stacked Line XY (scatter) and Bubble Net Stock Column and Line Bump and Slope Stream Density Bullet (bar within another bar) Youtube tutorial from Yes, I am a designer to demonstrate this plugin This feature request is helpful for several parties but I rank it myself as low priority and optional for later implementation. But if there are users that need it more urgently vote for it.
  2. I've attempted to create a spreadsheet (numbers converted to CSV) and my stumbling block is file path for images. My Mac Harddrive is called MacintoshHD and the folder is called Documents2 within is a folder called Jewelry and another folder called images I've tried: MacintoshHD/Documents2/Jewelry/images but the images do not get linked. MacintoshHD:Documents2/Jewelry/images Can you help? What is the correct way to write a file path on MacOS? A tutorial file on creating a data merge spreadsheet would be fantastic. I'd write one if I could figure out the path problem, first. I did not find anything in forums & the help video and document is incomplete. thank you
  3. It would be great if the Table Text Tool would support pasting of data (they are usually tab separated) from a spreadsheet like Google Sheets oder Microsoft Excel. At the moment this is not possible and leads to a huge amount of work to create e.g. offers. Another, more advanced feature would be to link an existing spreadsheet table or at least CSV data directly to the Table Text Tool. What do you think about it?
  4. The new UX features in the 1.5 release are phenomenal, and bring Affinity Designer MUCH closer to a total solution for front end design. What I'd love to see in a future release is support for linking/importing data from external sources such as a JSON file, spreadsheet, or CSV. A great implementation of such a feature can be found in the Craft plugin for Sketch. If this were available natively in Affinity Designer, I think I'd be ready to make a full cutover to AD as my primary environment for all UX work.
  5. Just started using Designer, and Photo, this week. Made a quick wish list (feature request grid) sheet on google sheets, Thought I may as well share a public version for people to edit and add their own Wish Items (Feature Requests) to have all in one place. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rilNYZcXRp338ycLsity5Uw4xOXexxfJ3_DKNgzl9WM/edit?usp=sharing
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