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  1. Hi. I am re-arranging my cv/portfolio in Publisher. As it is right now, I am using A4 next to each other, but I would like the cover to be an A3. Is it possible to convert "Page 1" to an A3? I know I could have two A4, but I do not want the middle division in the PDF document. Thank you
  2. I'm trying to figure out the best way to make letter-size half-fold stand up cards in Publisher. By this I mean the common situation where you take a letter size sheet or similar and fold it in half so it's shaped like a little tent, then stand it up on a table to use as a seating label or, in my case, as a reminder of task/agenda type bullet points or game/exercise rules, etc. The problem is that I can't seem to find a way with Publisher to make this work very nicely. Currently I have a master spread that looks like this: But I can only get this by creating a master spread with "facing pages" and rotating the text frame in the top page upside down. Then i can't view the pages as individual pages and even if I did then half of them would be upside-down. What I would like to be able to do is: 1) Have a master portrait spread, say 8.5x11", where I can rotate entire landscape 8.5x5.5" pages whichever way is needed. 2) View individual landscape 8.5x5.5" pages in their correct right-side-up orientation. 3) Have those pages properly mapped to the spread and printed at the correct orientation for the fold(s). Let me know if I'm missing anything but right now I can seem to find any way to get arbitrary orientations on "facing" pages for arbitrary folding schemes without having to type upside down or rotate my view all the time.
  3. I can no longer see the page layout, master pages etc in the left column. How do I fix that?
  4. I've received a PDF document and imported into Publisher to make some changes. The PDF was exported from InDesign as spreads, so on import each spread is a single page. Is there a way to split the spreads so they consist of two pages each, as they would in an original Pub document?
  5. When I upload my work projects to behance,i usually make a presentation in landscape with a continuous format. That means: it is super convenient to move pages/spreads right below each other in stacks, but I can't seem to find an option that lets me do exactly that. Am I missing it? (I'm using the iPad version)
  6. I have PDF'd my file with facing pages turned on because that is how I want the PDF to be presented. The issue is I want to have the ability to print the pages physically individually instead of a full spread on one sheet. I know I would need to export as "All Pages" instead of "All Spreads" but it would ruin the affect of the facing pages. Is there a way I can work around this? Hopefully I explained this well... Thanks!
  7. I am working with single pages that have a front and a back. I'd like multiple single pages in a single Publisher document. These single pages will nearly never have any design elements that spill over into the next page - there's not really a concept here of "facing page" or a "gatefold center spread of a magazine". Each single page (front and back) will standalone by itself. As such, I'd like to view these pages in Affinity Designer in a word processor-like "two up" display: the front page (pages ODD, 1) is on the left, and the back of that same page (pages EVEN, 2) is on the right. I can do this in Affinity Publisher with File > Document Setup > "Facing pages" ticked and "Start on" "Left". However, the Affinity Publisher documentation suggests that the "Left" page is still considered the back page (i.e., pages EVEN, 2): "To start with a verso (back) page on two-page spreads without an initial single page ... choose Left." That causes me to pause in fear of some crazy workflow issue in the future where a printer or exporter will assume that page 1 (of the document) is really a "back page" (since I've chosen my spreads "to start with a verso (back) page") instead of literally, like a word processor, being the front of page 1. Is this actually an issue, or am I overthinking this?
  8. Hi, I want to discuss a topic that might be helpful for several parties but correlates with the implementation of advanced spread or folding handling. This topic should be an overview and poll how useful or dull this idea is. InDesign has the opportunity to define spreads with several folds. Affinity Publisher should get this feature at some point. It is the very basic feature that is a standard in print design. I think Serif wants to gather business-to-business (b2b) clients, not only SMEs, non-profits and individuals. But that is not what they communicate if they resist to implement this feature. We are thankful for data merge but it was only one step. I know that the Affinity team is a small one and has limited capacity. But that are crucial features that decide what software people use: Affinity, open-source or Adobe CC (or CS if they have it still running). Years ago I stumbled over a dtp solution called Laidout (www.laidout.org), for Linux only. It is a desktop publishing tool for impositioning folded spreads. With this addition you could fold advanced documents with the following fold types: gatefold (tabernacle fold) right-angle fold parallel fold letterfold (infinite) accordion fold, concertina fold, fan fold Even in a two-page type document like a catalogue/brochure: e.g. a hinged inner page But it could going far beyond that. You could separate or join pages. E.g. you had imported PDF files with facing pages as single page and have to divide them into facing pages again. That is a lot of work if you have dozens or hundreds of pages to change. With this editor you could define a break point to break them apart. Or the same vice versa if you want to join multiple pages into one single page. Deleting the break point joins them fast and easy. On the other hand you can design and impose documents like folded maps, instruction leaflets and manuals. Import existing Affinity documents and rearrange them into new formats. Content will be flipped and/or rotated according to the fold At some point it would be nice to create packaging like boxes, cylinders, cones and oder 3 dimensional objects from paper but that would be more-or-less usable to the majority. Extruded marks for cutting and adhesive points. I want to know what you think about it. Is this a good idea or just a waste of code nobody would ever use?
  9. Hi all! I played around with the page spread function in the document setup (it was on spread, I changed it to single and then back to spread again) and now I completely destroyed my document 😧 The content pages are back to spread view but the master pages are not and that messed with the content pages who have the master applied. The two single pages are the masters and the double page are content with the masters applied before I switched things round. I now also cannot apply a master double-age at once and have to apply a two single masters each in order to get the double page I want. Does anyone know a fix to this? It worked completely fine before I changed the settings around... Thanks in advance!
  10. Greets - Is it possible to accommodate a poster design within a book layout? For example, putting an A3 poster layout inside of an A5 book. In the image provided, I would need that center spread pivoted 90° without the gutter. Urgent assistance greatly appreciated, praying hands emoji etc.
  11. Hey all, Need your advice. First time user of Affinity Publisher (or any design tool) & working on my comic book creation. FYI: I am using Affinity Designer for creating the art work. All art work is blank & white, and exported as transparent PNG I am using the Trial version of Publisher app on my Macbook I have 3 questions: (1) How do I get boxes around my artwork? I tried using the Rectangle box, but it sits over the artwork and I couldn't get it to appear behind it. (2) How do I plan my page spread for the book front cover, the back cover & inside pages? Besides my content pages, I have the following also - book title page, publisher details & Introduction. I may have Contents and an Index page as well. Please see the attachment on the layout I currently have based on the document setup. There is a Page 1 by itself up at the top. Is that the Cover page? (3) How do I insert page numbers? (4) How do I include a Header and/or a Footer on every page of my artwork? Thank you so much for your time and looking forward to hearing from you all!
  12. I produce a regular magazine for a group interested in housing which is normally 8 x A4 pages long. I'm planning to convert to using Publisher and am identifying options not possible or easy in my current software. One such feature might be a "double-page spread" or centrefold. I think this would be particularly helpful for composite articles with, say, "for and against" content with a headline across both pages and no gutter. I think this logically means that it can only be printed on A3 paper or produced commercially, although most readers wil just receive a PDF of the whole issue. I would welcome any advice on the practicalities - or even feasiblity - of this project. I'm not really confident about how spreads relate to pages but I imagine that it's important to get the initial set-up correct.
  13. I'm finding that when a PDF export preset is saved and the settings include Area: Pages — when the preset is used the next time the setting has reverted to Spreads, not pages. Should the user-created preset not store all possible settings in this dialog?
  14. Hello everybody, I have a problem with exporting a Publisher document on Mac: I use double-page spreads in Publisher, but once exported as PDF both pages are merged, creating one horizontal page in the PDF instead of two facing portrait pages. When printing, this subsequently leads to false proportions and makes it literally impossible to have the magazine I'm working on printed correctly. How can I fix this? Thanks for your help!
  15. I am a newcomer to Affinity Publisher. I have created a document that is intended to print front-back on two legal size pages (four pages, eight pages when folded not booklet. The program Showa ll four spreads, but when I try to print, it will print only two of the four spreads when set on "entire document". It acts as if I have set it for "odd pages only" even though "entire doc" is set. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? System". Mac OS X current version. Affinity:Publisher: current version (1.7.3). Printing to HP lM452dw laser printer. The only workaround I am able to do is print page individually to PDF then combine them into pairs using Graphic Converter image processing software (which is great, BTW). I have attached a screenshot of the entire document in thumbnail form, showing the four spreads, When I print it it will print only the first and third spreads. Thanks for any counsel.
  16. I have no idea if this is the best place to post this or not.... I'm trying to replicate a 7-panel brochure I did in Adobe Indesign and having problems with making the transition. The finished, folded size is 4" x 9". So I created my initial document with those dimensions. The inside panels of the brochure must be 4 7/8 (3.875") x 9 to accommodate fold creep. So I create a second master with those dimensions. I want each "panel" of the brochure to be a page, and then want to lay them out side by side to create the brochure inside and outside. Attached is a thumnail of the Indesign page panel showing the page panels (pages) in spreads. Each panel is a page and, when dragged into this configuration, create the spreads to print. Is this even possible in Publisher?
  17. I built a table in another publisher document. I needed to pull that table from the old document (created on artboards) to a new one (created as spreads). The new document crashed after 300 seconds (during the autosave) and I chose to open the recovery, which had no edits done up to the attempted autosave. I re-embedded the table, adjusted the size of the table to fit into my smaller spread, and everything works fine until the program tries to autosave or until I attempt to save manually. I've tried: 1) Save As to rename the document 2) Deleting the table and everything associated with the table (paragraph and character styles, table formats, the table itself, content within the table's cells) 3) Deleting non-system fonts that have nothing to do with the project 4) Converting the table to curves 5) Opening the publisher file in Designer Persona Only 6) Splitting the table into sections 7) Clearing all contents and style of the table to default table settings 8) Restarting the computer 9) Saving the document to the desktop or another location My computer is a 30k workstation with plenty of ram, cpu and graphics processing. I'm exporting a crash report It seems I can no longer modify this file unless I manually copy all the content over to a clean document with the exception of the table itself and the spreads span over about 90 pages. 2fb92aa6-3692-4eee-8516-5cd1d8a016a2.dmp
  18. It would be really great to have a thumbnail view for spreads similar to what Adobe Acrobat Pr or PDF Expert has. In this view, the only function is to move spreads around, especially in large documents. You can move spreads around currently in the spreads page but it becomes difficult to view and arrange the document entirely in this view. Affinity InDesign doesn't offer such a thumbnail view either. This would really be a simple, unique and badly needed feature in my opinion.
  19. To reproduce the error: Set up a document with facing pages, starting and ending with single pages. Make a master page with items on left and right pages of spread. Now insert a single page or move the last page before the double pages. The master page items are now swapped left to right on the double page. Adding more pages increase the confusion. Document attached as example. LRSwap.afpub
  20. On the pages tab, if you drag and move a thumbnail of a single right page and place is to be on a left page. It mixes the left / right orientation from the master spreads. You have to reassign the master to ALL the affected spreads that come after. Same goes for a left page that is dragged to right.
  21. Hello, How do you print a spread directly from Publisher? Can someone give me a good reference to printing, one that covers printing spread, doing imposition, how selecting specific attributes (like bleed or no bleed, trim marks etc.) affects the (seemingly) endless options on the Export to PDF drop down etc. I am having a very hard time printing my work. I did manage to print pages successfully but just can't manage to get good spreads when I have to go through creating a pdf first. (I do make use of soft-proofing, use an NEC PA271Q monitor (that I keep well-calibrated) a Canon PRO-100 printer, Red River Ultra Pro Satin 4.0 with the appropriate ICC profile.) The printing I need right now is for an Exhibition taking place in Scotland in April, so this is (for me) a very serious problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Robin
  22. When I create a master page spread, and then apply that master page to my test document, items from the right page are always visible – even if the next right page is using a different master or if there isn't a right page at all! It's a bit weird, is this normal behavior? Am I missing something or is this a bug? I've attached a photo.
  23. Snapping at the spread mid point isn't working for me. (MacOS 10.13.6)
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