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Found 15 results

  1. I am using Affinity publisher v1 to export pdf files to svg to be able to merge them later into one xhtml file for esef reporting. Problem is when you export more pages pdf document as svg it is splitted to separate pages. And in case if there was used image id and xlink:href or clipPath id and clip-path="url(... it use in every page the same id. So id is not unique and after merging it use for example _image1 in every page of merged document. I have to use grepwin or similar regex search and replace tool to change _image to ${filename} and _clip to ${filename}clip. It would be great if such behaviour could be fixed and _image and _clip will be replaced by filename or some unique string in each generated exporteded page.
  2. I purchased the entire Affinity suite when it was first released as a Beta. But I had been using Photoshop CS6 so long (and knew it so well) that I never made the effort to switch. Now that I'm on macOS Monterey, CS6 is no longer available. On PS, I used macros extensively and could create what I needed without even thinking about it. I'm confident that I will soon have the same comfort level with Affinity products. But this old dog needs some help in learning my new tricks! My challenge at present is to take a full screenshot and turn it into two pages, one comprising the left half of the screen and the other comprising the left half of the screen. I'd do this for a number of similar screenshots and, when finished, I'd combined them into a PDF book. The process I used in PS was to crop the original to half the size (left side first), then save it with the same name, appending "_Lft" to the name. Then undo the crop and repeat for the right side, appending "_Rgt" to the name instead. Close the image and continue to the next. I would either load all the screenshots at once and automate it to all, OR I would simply batch process through all full-size screenshots within a given folder. For some reason, I'm having an issue getting my head around creating the process in Affinity Photo (age, most likely). Any assistance in regard to the best approach would be greatly appreciated. Drifter
  3. Please incorporate options such as "split into grids" in Adobe Illustrator, which is very useful feature to split any object into a specified number of equal-sized rectangles and can be change the number of Rows, Columns and Gutter this will save our valuable time
  4. With the abilities to drag and drop, and edit Affinity native file format in both AD and AP, it will be more efficient if these apps could do split view or slide over on iPad. I imagine that it can even do drag and drop not only an image but also layers and vector objects between AD and AP. Here’s my concept below.
  5. Posted on reddit a while ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/AffinityDesigner/comments/du0ejg/evenly_subdividesplit_a_path/ Inkscape (and blender, while we're at it) seems to be the only vector program that has something IMO is so simple and commonly used (atleast by me, and blender users). The ability to subdivide an object/selections nodes, placing new ones perfectly spaced apart. It's one of a few things holding me back from using affinity. Additionally, vice versa: Simplify/decimate. Remove all unnecessary nodes but keep the overall shape (some distortion is to be expected, but it usually does a really good job) Attached, or on the reddit post, is an example gif using inkscape
  6. Hello, I want to split a rectangular image into, say, nine equal parts and have each saved as a separate page (or image). (I will then print out all nine and stick them together as a single image of huge size. (My initial image will have a huge number of pixels making sure that each of the final images will have a resolution of at least 300 dpi.)) I have Photo and Publisher. I have looked at the slice tool but don't think it can do what I want. Is there a way to accomplish this in either Photo or Publisher? If not, does anyone know a stand-alone app that can do this? Thanks for any suggestions. Robin
  7. Hi, team. On attached screenshot you can see word "HIERARCHY" with diagonal line on top. Tell me, please, how i can split "HIERARCHY" word by this diagonal line? Best, Andrew.
  8. I would like to see two or four split view option in affinity photo, this would optimize the workflow a lot.
  9. Hello, I have a question concerning the raw mode in photo. When I used it for the first time, the image shown was not splitted, now I wanted to use the raw mode for the second time the program gives me just that splitted image although "none" is chosen. In the normal mode (jpeg) all is working well. Thank you in advance for your help. Greetings from Cologne :-)
  10. Hello! I am new to Affinity Designer, and trying to get into graphic design/logo design. Recently i have tried out some of AD's tools and features, but i'm struggeling with something. I want to split/seperate a text layer into 2 pieces, but i can't seem to manage this. I have read that i have to make the text layer into curves, and use the ''node tool'' to point where to split between, but this does not work for text, only shape. I would appreciate it someone have a solution to this! :)
  11. Hey there. New Affinity designer user here and while working today I was trying to split a rectangle shape into equal parts. It's fairly easy to do that in illustrator by simply clicking on the shape and then going to Object > Path > Split Into Grid. Is there something like that in Affinity Designer? Much thanks!
  12. Splitting a closed vector shape by defined value (standard math applies like in the other value fields) or percentage slider (with and without symmetry) along its base shape. Complex shapes like a 'Q' could have multiple user-selectable paths which can be exposed and manipulated by the user for fine adjustment. Or simply roughly drawn in, the next perpendicular lines a tracing 'ray' fired from that line would create the 'stem', so the tool itself can apply centre lines. I made a rough glyph shape in Modo to illustrate the basic functionality. The tool should have the option to either create a new path (for overlays) or just cut the shape in question.
  13. Hello guys! An interesting and welcome addition to Affinity Photo would be something like a ‘split view for comparison’. A way to compare and edit versions (or Snapshots) of an image without having to duplicate it and use Separated Mode or toggle between tabs. An example would be when I apply the ‘Curves’ and ‘Soft Proof’ adjustment layer to an image to prepare it for print. I would like to have one window where I can see the original and another window right next to it, preferably optionally mirrored, with the adjustment layers active to edit and compare it to the original image (or Snapshot or state when I entered this split view mode). I think the basic elements for this feature are already available in Photo (i.e. Snapshot) and it comes down to the ability to arrange (and mirror or split) your windows/views. The ability to arrange windows (tabs) next to each other without having to enter Separated Mode would be a valuable addition and to a large extent fulfill this feature request. What do you think?
  14. Using Photo beta, in Develop mode, when using the Mirror view, the Before/After slider appears at position last used in Split view. This should not be visible in Mirror view, in my opinion, as it is a distraction, and cannot be moved out of the way.
  15. I'm trying to break down the character 道 (dao, as in Dao De Jing) into its component pieces to illustrate how characters are formed. I can convert it to curves, no problem: result is 5 closed paths. But I can't find any way to ungroup those paths. I've tried clicking with the Move and the Node tools plus every combination of Shift / Ctrl / Option / Cmd I can think of, and either all five paths are selected, or none. The Ungroup item in the Layers menu is grey, unavailable. At the moment, it looks as if I'm going to have to delete paths one node at a time—and there are well over 100 of them. Aiyaaah! Am I going to have to rasterize and erase pixels? Anybody who knows an easy way to do what I want—select the 首 only, for example—please help! Thanks! 道.afdesign
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