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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, Its been a while since I've posted here but the times I have, the community has been of much help. I'm having an issue on trying to create a nice globe/sphere vector in designer and not really sure if its possible without having to draw each line one by one and as symmetrically as possible. I'm trying to make a sphere vector/wireframe like the example shown on this post where you only see the vector lines on the visible face (not to where you can see the back side as if its see through). If anyone know, this would be of great help and appreciation. EDIT: thank you all for the help, using inkscape was perfect for creating a sphere wireframe and configuring how I want it. thank you all for the information and tips!
  2. Hi, I'm new to this forum, but not to image editing; Importing a single equirectangular image stitched in PTGui in order to adjust levels and remove tripod, when the Tone Mapping Persona is selected and 'natural' has been applied, often I can find a resulting stitch line in the seam when Layer>Equirectangular Projection is selected. This leads to a 'broken' image sphere as it cannot be viewed nicely in 360. The image editor needs to be aware that when image adjustments are being made to a 360 image that the neighbouring pixels are at the opposing side of the 2:1 image and need to be merged to achieve a consistent result. Thanks for looking into this; Now that Photoshop has removed some 360 image editing support, I guess more users will look to Affinity for support.
  3. Hi guys, I start to study vector graphics (will use it for my next video game) and have chosen Affinity Designer as my primary tool. Here is my first lesson. Simple sphere. Any piece of advice is welcome. Source file is attached too. nikosvan-01-sphere.afdesign
  4. Affinity Photo tutorial. Create a snow globe. This tutorial uses live filters, FX, blur, shadows, shape tool and more to create a snow globe. https://youtu.be/d-lX3UVoj98
  5. Hi, Apologies if I’m using the wrong terminology, I’m very new to using drawing programs. I want to design my own logo and I need to draw a picture of the earth, like the globe. I see where people take a flat image of the earth, using world map, and wrap it around a circle/sphere they’ve drawn, giving it a 3D look. I think they may call this uv mapping but not sure. Is there anything in Affinity that can do this? If Affinity can’t do this, can anyone recommend free software that can? Thanks! Linda
  6. Yes, it's true. The only thing I can say for sure about this image is the fact that it took bloody ages and lots of experimentation.
  7. How do I cut out precisely (!!!) the range I selected with the distortion filter "Sphere" - no matter live or destructive. I tried everything, giving up... FYC: if I make a circle selection first, I never get the range spherized I want to... Why is this filter limited to 1024 pixels??? Thanks for all reply in advance
  8. I'd like to create a globe with latitude and longitude lines. I want to achieve something like the figure below. Is there some instrument that allows me to achieve this result? Drawing all lines with the Pen tool is too error-prone, I'd like to have a more straightforward way to do it.
  9. Made with Designer. It is the redesign of the logo a solar energy company. They were not happy with his ex-designer :P Now we are happy. Thanks affinity, this design is impossible in Ai (quickly, love the color noise and effects in real time).
  10. I have been unable to find any way of achieving cylindrical distortion of a layer except by painstaking hand tweaking of the Mesh Warp Tool. Am I missing something here? Does it exist somewhere unexpected, or has anyone a good work around? Feature requests have been locked for some time but it does seem to me that to adapt the Spherical Distort filter to distort in one axis only would not be too onerous as the geometrical distortion itself is the same but with one axis turned off. As I grow in confidence with Affinity Photo and it goes on getting better the competition gets less and less significant to my workflow. This is a great app! So it is rather frustrating to have to port across and back for something so simple and basic. Any suggestions? David Mac
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