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Found 21 results

  1. I am unable to get the spellchecker working in any of the Affinity apps. Discovered it after installing Publisher and it is as if no spellchecker is installed, whether in Publisher or Designer. Spellchecker OK in other programs. Any ideas??? Windows 10, 64bit
  2. Hi. As far as I understand, for the supported languages, Affinity apps use Hunspell dictionaries (included inside the app). Please, correct me if i'm wrong. Is there any possibility to use the system ones? Because the included Hunspell Spanish (es_ES) dictionary seems to have serious issues on hyphenation, causing a lot on incorrect/forbidden partitions, and we are receiving a lot of corrections from our customers and a lot of time wasted on reviewing documents and manually sorting those errors (which can amount to hours on some long documents). We are not talking about obscure terms not included in dictionary, but pretty basic partitions in very common words, like partition in the middle of syllable, which is a clear NO-No in any language. We have tried to download the last updated dictionaries but those issues persist. We have verified that this only happens within Affinity apps. No other app in our computers makes these hyphenation errors. Also we have checked that this is not a local issue, as all five macs in the studio have the same issue. And yes, we checked to be using Spanish spelling and hypenation languages in Character panel settings. Also, by checking the installation instructions for dictionaries that Affinity offers, it only seems to talk about the .dic file, not mentioning the .aff file if the language offers it. May this be an issue of Affinity not using the .aff information, which includes gramatical instructions complementary to the .dic? Just guessing here.
  3. To my mind, the preflight function is overzealous. Spelling mistakes shouldn't even create warnings. Spelling check is done by my colleagues who do the copy editing/proof reading. It should be done in a word processor, not in a DTP app. Therefore, I would like to get rid of those annoying warnings for good! How can I do that? I know that I can create my own profile and that I can create even categories. But that means I have to choose this profile/category first. For me, this is one click to many. I want it out of the box, by default. Is this possible? Maybe by somehow (but how?) changing the settings of the Default category? Can I break the habit of always creating warnings in regard to (alleged) spelling mistakes? Thanks!
  4. I'm have a little problem with spelling settings. I am currently creating documents in Publisher that will be output in both UK (native) and US formats. The problem I have is that when I open the US version of the file and try to change the spellchecker to US in the preferences in order to check the US spellings, it reverts back to UK spellings dictionaries as soon as I close the preferences panel. I've tried setting the preferences to US and restating Publisher but when it opens again I'm back to UK settings. I'm sure I'm missing something simple here! So is there a different or correct way to switch spelling settings from UK to US? Yes, I do have the US dictionaries installed. Thanks, Anthony
  5. Hi! I thing I'm missing something. I have a document in English. I reinstalled Publisher just in case (1.8.6). In the preflight panel I get 400+ spelling errors stating there is no dictionary en-PL. My spelling language is set to english (btw. it's the only one available), the sentence chosen randomly seems normal and yet I get "Missing dictionary for language (en-PL)" errors. Appreciate the help solving this. My setup: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,3 Processor Name: Quad-Core Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2,3 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 6 MB Hyper-Threading Technology: Enabled Memory: 16 GB Requested Linguistic Assets: en, en_PL, pl, pl_PL, en_GB, en_US Spell Checker Automatic Languages: 1 Siri Language: en-US Siri Voice Language: en-US Calendar: Gregorian Country Code: PL Current Input Source: com.apple.keylayout.PolishPro Language Code: en Locale: en_PL Preferred Interface Languages: en-PL, pl-PL, en Temperature Unit: Celsius Uses Metric System: Yes
  6. Hi, I don’t know how to correct Spelling errors in affinity Designer for iPad. I’m already enable the Spelling box in the font studio, but nothing happen. Can you help me? Thank you.
  7. hi, i unable to type in indian languages (tamil) , if i type letters looks like braked 😥 i tried with many fonts and methods but not working, even i copy from google translate and pasted in to affinity photo and designer. not working.
  8. I have "Check Spelling While Typing" selected, but words are not being underlined. If I try to execute "Check Spelling" I get an error that there's no dictionary installed for Canadian English. I'm happy to use British English, but not sure where I select this. The folder "C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries" is empty - this can't be right can it? Thanks Neel
  9. Hello, Just installed Publisher 1.8.4 - all good but there's still an issue from 1.8.3. The spell checker works fine EXCEPT quite often when I have saved the work and then reopened it, the spell checker (preflight) suddenly finds spelling errors on other pages I have not found/been notified, last session. I have tried clicking all the buttons in preflight but this delayed finding of spelling errors still happens. Not every time but its noticeable. Any thoughts? Steve iMac: High Sierra 10.13.6
  10. Hi, I have a problem with the dictionary in Affinity Publisher. I really need Dutch in Publisher. Yes, I read the FAC 'How do I add additional Dictionaries to Affinity Publisher?' The Dutch (Nederlands) language is on my Mac, is selected in system preferences ànd I downloaded and added the Hunspell files to ~/Library/Spelling as proposed in the FAC below, but still it doesn't appear in Publisher. I add some screenshots. I use Mac os 10.14. What could have gone wrong???
  11. Hello everyone, I am writing an instruction book for my Taekwondo students. To translate some of the Korean words I have used phonetically spelled English words for example "Kyungnet (sounds like Kunray) means Bow". Unfortunately, there is no universally agreed way to "spell" these translations and consequently I have saved a few different versions of the phonetically spelled English version when I have right clicked and selected Learn Spelling. I would like to ensure that all my "mis-spelled" words are consistently spelled the same way. I guess sci-fi writers have a similar issue with strange names. Can I reset all the "Learn Spelling" en mass so I don't have to go through every word and Unlearn Learn Spelling? Thank you. By the way if you have any tips for strategies to deal with this in the future that would be great. Cheers. James
  12. Please see the referenced issue regarding the built-in spelling and grammar feature that the Mac uses - it's the same, or similar, to what AfPUB is using currently, but without the grammar. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/114216-feature-request-grammar/&tab=comments#comment-621349 Thanks for considering using this feature.
  13. Is there really a spell checker in AD? I have tested with misspelled words and the app doesn't seem to recognize them.
  14. Whilst trying to resolve a spell check issue I looked in the Publisher help file and saw an option that I can't access. Check Spelling In—sets the scope of the spell check. Select from the pop-up menu. I don't have this option when I go to Text > spelling. I only have Show spelling options, Check spelling, Check spelling while typing and Ignore miss spelt words which is greyed out for some reason.
  15. Hi Serif'er It will be important to have spell-check in Swiss German, we even have a different typo to the Germans. It would be nice, to able to use "Duden" or "Hunspell" or "Pons" or "Open Thesaurus" or any other kind of spell-checking method. Cheers for the constant improvement! Thomas
  16. Dear Support, I would like to suggest Greek language spelling and hyphenation tools for Affinity Publisher sooner or later! I consider them to be very important for my work. Thank you very much !
  17. It would be nice (if it doesn't already exist and I've just missed it) to be able to toggle on & off the spell check feature. The squiggly red line can be really distracting when I'm trying to look at the design, especially when the word is purposely missing letters.
  18. G'day again from Australian. I am having an awesome time with Affinity Designer, but I am very much a newbie. I assume that I am doing something wrong, as I am unable to get the Check Spelling While Typing option to work :( The option is clicked in the Text/Spelling spot, but when I type in text nothing gets corrected. I this a senior's problem for me :), or is this a problem with Affinity 1,5,1,43 for Windows? I have Windows 10. Many thanks for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Paul.
  19. Under Spelling Options I find no way to delete a learned word from spelling options (entered incorrectly). Am I missing something?
  20. Under your Help ... Spelling there is no mention of sharing the words that my spelling option has "learned." On my Mac I find a "Spelling" folder in my "Library" that has the file "dynamic-counts.dat" in it (see below). How can share my "learned" spellings with with my colleague? Also, what is this "dynamic-counts.dat" doc? It has today's date. In this same Spelling folder there is a "dynamic-text.dat" doc, and and "Local Dictionary" doc but they both have earlier dates.
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