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Found 7 results

  1. [EDIT: I have incorporated this quick reference chart into the free manual I've written for Publisher which you can download from my signature below. I've kept the quick reference chart available for convenience and also because it's translated into French and German.] * Attachments updated July 24, 2023 with minor edits I've made a chart of the Special Character symbols shown when you choose Show Special Characters in Affinity Publisher, Designer, and Photo, including some characters that can't be inserted from the Text menu and which must be entered as Unicode and some that aren't mentioned on the Affinity Help page for special characters. Please let me know of any errors so I can update the chart. I apologize for any translation errors. I've attached the original afpub file so that others can use the embedded images of the special characters for other training materials or purposes. Special Characters.pdf - English Caracteres speciaux.pdf - Français Sonderzeichen.pdf - Deutsch Special Characters.afpub - editable version
  2. There is a significant delay when I tap to open the special character bar either from the on-screen keyboard or from the small button while using a Bluetooth keyboard. In addition, typing anything while the bar is open results in a delay around a second before anything changes. This is especially obvious when using a bluetooth keyboard, as I can't move the cursor around without huge delays using the arrow keys on the keyboard while the special character bar is open. This makes it pretty useless to try and type with a bluetooth keyboard and have the special character bar visible on screen at the same time. I'm using an M1 iPad Pro 11in
  3. I cannot insert special characters (Character Map) in all Affinity apps on Windows, using the Alt + 0149, Alt + 163, Alt + 169, Alt + 174 and Alt + 176 hotkeys. I can do it in other applications (Notepad, Notepad++, WPS Office, Libre Office and VectorStyler), except Microsoft Word. My operating system is Windows 11 Home Single Language 64-bit (10.0, Build 22000). This is the first time I installed Affinity software on my PC and the version is 2.0.3. I have restarted the PC after the installation is done.
  4. For some reason Affinity has stopped allowing me to enter the copyright symbol using Alt 0169 on the number pad. It was because Numlock was turned off.
  5. Hi there! I've just purchased Affinity Designer today. But seems like Show Special Characters is missing. Or maybe I'm not able to find it. Could you please help me finding this option? Many thanks! Have a nice weekend! Best regards Tamzid
  6. Please excuse my question if I've failed to see something that's evident, but I cannot find in Affinity Publisher Beta a way of toggling on and off the viewing of non-printing characters, such as paragraph marks, newline characters, spaces, tab characters, and so on, within text-frame text. If someone could please show me how to make these characters visible, I'd much appreciate it. Thanks in anticipation.
  7. Hi. I am trying to add an emoji icon to a text box but it appears as just a box i.e. no image. Can anyone help with suggestions to correct this please?
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