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Found 9 results

  1. I am trying to include a bible verse index that is organized by biblical book order. I finally figured out that I could do this similar to WORD by adding a numerical field in the sort by entry of "Edit topic" so Genesis would be 01, Revelation 66 and so forth. This works fine, though took forever to manually update over a hundred records, especially since it was already done once in WORD. But the problem comes when I reach the psalms that have 3 digit chapter numbers. So what would be 1910305 for example (ps 103:5) ends up at the end of my index instead of after anything before PS 99. I thought that adding the psalm entries with 3 digits so PS 99:1 would be 1909901 for example, would help, but that sent all the psalm entries to the end since the resulting value is larger than every other book. So short of going through all 100+ entries and adding an extra leading 0 to all chapter numbers, I'm not sure the quickest way to fix this. some programs sort number lists like 4,40,400,5,54,543... while others sort as they should be without needing leading 0's. (4,5,40,54,400,543) It appears affinity may be sorting the latter method, but it creates the challenge mentioned above. Is there a better way to sort by Bible book order? And if so, is there a faster way to clear or alter the sort by list than the 3-4 clicks it takes with current method?
  2. Hey all, maybe it would be a nice feature, if you could create groups for master pages simillar to grouping the layers. It would be helpful, especially for documents with a lot of master pages. In addition to that a nice feature would be the sorting of master pages, like in the assets (sort name, date of creation, last use, … asc, desc). Thanks a lot and stay creating, folks!
  3. Would be great if the team at Affinity would add a feature that enables us to sort out artboards like HOW MANY IN A ROW or a COLUMN. Also if an artboard is Numbered at the end it would be good for it automatically increment numbers when artboard duplicates are created.
  4. BUG - tested on a new document New Document Create a Text box Double Click on Text to highlight Right click and select Interactive > Add Anchor The selected text is used as the Anchor text Check in Anchor panel that Anchor is created Double Click on Text to highlight Right click and select new option Interactive > Anchor Properties Edit the text Check in Anchor panel - another Anchor is created - so two Anchors even though you intended only one but edited it. See screen shot showing this stage. Double Click on Text again to highlight Right click and select Interactive > Delete Anchor Check in Anchor panel and the first Anchor with original text has been deleted. Each time you edit Anchor Properties a new anchor is created - so you must continually delete the old one. The correct behaviour should be that when you select Anchor Properties that you are changing the existing anchor - and not just piling a new one on top of the old one. The correct menu item name to edit an Anchor Property should be Edit Anchor Properties - so that it is clearer that this is where you can change Anchors. FEATURE REQUESTS 1. Alternatively you should be able to edit an Anchor Property in the Anchor Panel. 2. The Anchor Panel should display the Anchors in the page order on which they appear - not alphabetically. Or alternatively there should be a sort option. 3. When you select Export Anchors as Bookmarks in the PDF export dialog it would be nice if this was persistent and when you restart Publisher that this option is remembered. The reason I use Anchors at all is in order to create Bookmarks in PDF exports - this is a requirement for submitting PDFs to governmental bodies in my country. This is the main reason I use Publisher in fact - so I can generate the book marks and manage the pages in my submissions. It would be even more helpful if there was an option for Anchors act as Page Bookmarks - some PDF readers scroll to the text that the anchor is attached to - so if the anchor is applied to text at the bottom of the page (because that's there the text is in an illustration) the PDF reader scrolls too far.
  5. Hi Affinity By Serif, I'm using Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. I noticed that once I have imported new brushes, I cannot re-order brush categories or sort the brush categories by name. The most recent imported brushes are at the bottom of the scroll down menu in the brushes panel. Would it be possible to add such an ordering or sorting feature so that users can actually order the brush categories according to their own preferences? < I could not find such a feature/ functionality in Photo or Designer. > Would be nice. With kind regards, Bastiaan
  6. Hello everyone , recently i started working on glitch art . A pixel sorter would make my work very easy because sadly you cannot really achieve the pixel sorting effect with the displacement map. It should roughly work like the "Wind" tool in photoshop where it slices and displaces the images in a vertical or horizontal plane To illustrate what I am talking about
  7. Affinity Publisher on Windows 7 (64bit, German) behaves as follows: The Text Styles panel shows a list that is alphabetically sorted (first [No Style], then sorted paragraph styles, then sorted character styles), which is nice. Unfortunately, styles with names beginning with non-English characters (like 'Überschrift' with a notorious German umlaut) seem not to be sorted correctly. This style should be sorted in the vicinity of 'U', and not before the 'A'. This might be because there's no German locale of Affinity Publisher available yet, but in any case, I would suggest that the sorting algorithm is taken from the operating system's locale... Andreas Weidner
  8. For certain situations, like a big project I'm working on now, this would be SO useful! (to be able to SORT my assets alphabetically) Here's a screenshot: ...unless I'm missing a way to do this. I've tried dragging them in a different order, but that didn't work. I saw nothing in the drop down about sorting.
  9. One of the things that I don't get in AD is why in the world would you sort the Font Style order alphabetically? Just take a look at the complex font like Relaway: It starts with Black the continues with Regular and so on... it's not even alphabetically 100%. Makes absolutely no sense! The normal order should be from the lightest to the thickest, right? Or am I not thinking right? Also it would be awesome to have a preview of the Font Style similar to Photoshop. Just an idea. Thanks for the awesome work you've done so far and for supporting Windows users as well!
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