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  1. I created some table formats for a worksheet. Today I opened a new project / worksheet and I had to notice that all my table formats I have saved are gone. So I went into an old worksheet and there they are. Is there a way to save formats globally, so that they are available in every new project / worksheet I build from scratch?
  2. Hi, I am using Affinity Publisher V2 on mac and the text ruler won't show, even when "Show Text Ruler" and "Frame text ruler" is checked. I selected the text box and the text — nothing. I tried toggling the guides and preview mode on and off, and I even tried restarting the app — but still, nothing. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Colleen
  3. Howdy folks - I'm having a hard time figuring out why this scenario happens to me. Two curves, and I want to subtract the red circle from the black shape. The first image shows the two curves and me selecting 'Subtract. The second image shows what happens (rather than "punching" a hole out, it just turns black). The third image is a simulation of what I expect. I'm about 99% sure it's something silly, but for the life of me, I can't remember why it does this. Where am I going wrong? I added the sample file as well. Frank curve_subtraction.afdesign
  4. Nesting/clipping/parenting is behaving strangely in regard to the artboard. Moving objects outside artboard breaks nesting order, ruins clipping arrangements. See the image, try the file included. My expectation is that the objects within a shape MUST stay within that shape and not be taken out of it just because they have left the artboard area. breaking parent relationship.afdesign
  5. Just to make it easy to show what I mean, I’ll upload a screenshot. Does anyone know how to align these perfectly?
  6. Hello, in Affinity Designer v.1 you can switch to zoom tool using Z, and then press Z again and return to the previous tool. It seems this is no longer possible in v.2. That is a big loss for me, I used that a lot as Space + Command is a not suitable shortcut. By the way it works ok in Affinity Publisher v2. Is it working for anybody or just me?
  7. Hello! I want to make the shape shown above, with four round corners and a transparent background. I made this by using a subtract boolean on a rectangle within a rectangle and matching an outer rectangles radius with an inner for concentric circles. Then I placed four squares in each corner and used the union boolean. I don't understand how I can match inner and outer radius perfect with this method. Is there a much simpler way to get this shape that I don't understand with my (basic) knowledge of Affinity Designer? Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Forgive the query, but I've looked at the tech specs for AP and for the new Surface Go 3 (minimum spec), and can't work out whether it would be powerful enough to run AP. I am doubtful because of the video card requirements, but just thought I'd ask here in case anyone already knows the answer.
  9. Hello, I've been using hyperlinks in affinity publisher for a while now without any issues. Suddenly, I'm not able to insert them or edit existing hyperlinks anymore. I've reset affinity publisher to default settings, but nothing works. I create a new document, throw some example text boxes and artistic text and a couple of pages. Right-click the text > interactive > insert hyperlink > fill in the details > hit OK. But nothing...if I right-click > interactive again, there is no option to edit the existing hyperlink, I can just add it again. If I open an old document with hyperlinks, I can not edit, delete or add hyperlinks anymore. If i rasterize the text, it obviously removes the hyperlink, but nothing else works. What gives? I haven't updated my document or settings...any idea what could be going on here?
  10. Good day to all. I'm looking for help on running both Publisher and Photo on MacOS BigSur but in a virtual box. I have everything installed and it is running well in general. I'm on an alienware m15 r3 running linux mint. I have 32gb memory and 500gb SSD. Ok, now for my problem. When I install Publisher everything works, except nothing shows up on the page i'm working on. Is this normal? When I save the document in any format and then open the saved document, all my work appears perfectly as I created it. It's just in the app itself that nothing shows on the actual page i'm working on. However things do show on the left bar master pages and pages images, as can be seen in the image below. Any help out there? Thanks, Hope all have a great day. Ronnie Gill
  11. eg text on top row of file open bar will disappear then reappear if I minimize program then reopen program but it is only temporary. this happens in other filter text boxes to. Very annoying Some say it's caused by recent upload of Microsoft file ?
  12. I am probably missing something obvious here, but when I am exporting from AP, the preview thumbnail is quite small. If I increase the size of the preview window, the image itself does not zoom in so I can't properly assess the image quality prior to export. Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  13. Hi, I've setup my decent to millimeter as measuring unit but my stroke unit remains pt. Each time l need to edit my stroke, I need to re-select the millimeter unit at the stroke studio. That's really time consuming. What can be done?
  14. Dear, I'm a big fan of Affinity Photo. I've just purchased a new camera, the Canon R5. Currently using it with the Canon Mount Adaptor to shoot raw (cr3) files with my EF-S lens 17-55 2.8. The camera is automatically setting it to crop mode (1.6), because of this. Photo's look ok in DPP from Canon. The raw development in Affinity Photo is wrong and not usuable... just can't use affinity photo anymore :-( Easily reproducable, just open a CR3 raw file taken with the R5, mounted with the adapter and the EF-S lens 17-55 2.8. Not sure, but most likely it is true for other EF-S lenses as well (just don't have any other to test). See attachments: - originally produced CR3 file - the same photo, but JPEG straight out of the R5 - screenshot the result in Affinity Phot after opening the CR3 2N5A0060.CR3
  15. Hi! I have been searching for some time of this feature but cant seem to find any tool for my situation. I have 200 product photos (and more to come) with transparent background and a lot of space around. Now i need these transparent backgrounds to be removed, I need to use "Clip canvas" and save all these images as PNG. I can record "Clip Canvas" in Macro, but there are no options for recording to export into Macros. Is there any other options except doing every image by hand? (there will be around 3000 images) Maybe some Affinity forum gurus can help me with this conundrum? Thanks!
  16. My girlfriend spent hours making this logo on the iPad version of Designer: But we're struggling with the final product. I want the GREY part to be transparent, and then the black part to just be a single shape. I need a fully-transparent SVG without rasterization again, only the black part (no grey should remain). It would be like if i applied the ERASE blend mode to Layer1... except without rasterization or white bg on the final SVG product. No white, no grey, only black & transparency. I can't figure out the right combination of masking or subtracting or buzzword#3 I have attached our afdesign file Please help Untitled234.afdesign
  17. Is there any way you can set a particular object as a default on Affinity Designer for iPad? Here's attached a screenshot of the desktop version to give you what I mean
  18. As topic ask for , how do I open several pictures at 100% in a document ? in the video I can easy stretch it to 70 or 120%. I know I can check it out later , I just want a quick way of doing it. 2021-01-12_16-46-22.mp4
  19. Hi there, I'm new in this community, so I don't know if this feature was already requested. It would be useful if Affinity Designer has an Adobe Illustrator option, so I'll be able to work on the same project using two similar softwares without doing the project from scratch. Thanks for reading Kind regards.
  20. I've tried to delete pages by highlighting the page icons in the Studio and by using Document>Delete Pages ... Both methods have deleted pages, but not the range 1-27 that I want to delete. It deletes page 1, leaves page 2 and then deletes from page 27 - I think. I was trying to cut the document to share on another bug report. Oh the irony! See the sequence attached 1. Start of Document (shows page 2 which remains) 2. Highlighted pages to delete 1-27 3. After deletion - page 2 remains , though Cover page 1 is deleted, stray table from section I want to keep remains.
  21. Hi all. So I have a very old, but very trusty Wacom Bamboo CTL-460, latest drivers, windows 10 (fresh install). For some some reason I can't make it work with Affinity Photo. Pen Pressure refuses to work. It works fine with photoshop and krita. Screenshot of my settings: Thanks in advance. Edit: Well nevermind. If I disable windows Ink in the affinity photo and on my wacom control center, it works!
  22. Hi, I remember finding the answer a while ago but I cannot find it again. When you break a curve, you get two vertices instead of one. How can you select the one under ? If I remember well, there is a trick for that. Thanks.
  23. Hi I am very new to the app and publishing. Can anyone explain when I export from Publisher to pdf everything looks OK. But if I open the new PDF doc in Affinity Publisher some letters/words are garbage. PDF opened in Affinity looks like this: ' Christmas BriĜany Break This is a good opportunity for a relaxing break aĢer all the Christmas shopping has been done and before the arduous Christmas fesHviHes begin. It’s also a chance to stock up with some keenly priced French goodies, wines, cheeses, etc and enjoy a typical French dinner before deparHng. We are oĢen asked why we follow the same programme each year. It’s simple - it works! ' In Affinity Publisher original doc and exported PDF looks like this: ' Christmas Brittany Break This is a good opportunity for a relaxing break after all the Christmas shopping has been done and before the arduous Christmas festivities begin. It’s also a chance to stock up with some keenly priced French goodies, wines, cheeses, etc and enjoy a typical French dinner before departing. We are often asked why we follow the same programme each year. It’s simple - it works! ' Font used in Affinity Publisher Calibri -- So it seems to export OK just an issue if I open the expected doc in Affinity Publisher. Thanks
  24. I have tried several times to update bother Affinity Designer and Affinity photo from the App store as the updates are sitting there waiting for me. I click update and after a while nothing happens and it goes back to saying 2 Updates available. I am using a Mac and have Catalina installed. 10.15.3 I can get the Publisher update as I bought it through your website, but the other 2 I purchased through the app store so the download is not available on my account page. Thanks
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