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  1. Hi guys, well I love the Affinity apps, but I have a tiny little suggestion which I think could help a lot: Add an option to simply make all objects snapping candidates. Let the user decide if it’s getting unwieldy and to switch to the shortlist limitation. Make this enabled by default. I would suspect that a vast number of users would leave this option enabled most of the time, if not always. Only when it truly gets unwieldy with too many snap candidates would they look through the snap options and discover that there is an option to switch down to a shortlist. Also, now actually
  2. Sorry for the premature question but I don't know why the selection marquee is not snapping to the grid, when the grid is visible? Usually when the grid is visible and snapping is enabled, the selection rectangle snaps to the grid as I draw the selection out. This is not happening in APhoto. Any reason why not or am I just missing something really obvious? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I've recently bought Affinity Photo, and I am quite pleased with it. It feels very solid and snappy. At the moment there's one thing I can't get to work, and that's layer boundary snapping, in order to align two layers against each other. I've turned on all snapping options, but when I move a layer towards another layer, they simply overlap, no snapping occurs. A snapping line does appear when a layer nears the center of the canvas, and snapping works in that case. The same goes for canvas boundaries, that also works as expected. I'm using El Capitan and a consumer leve
  4. How to modify snapping panel to snap duplicated object by using Alt+Drag? I try to snap it to grid. Moving object normally works fine, but when Alt+Drag the duplicated object move freely.
  5. pen tool has some great snap options but I can't find snap to grid. I am sure its there but.....!
  6. I've got a couple of vector masks which are masking out two images. When I drag the masks together, with snapping turned on, they snap but leave a gap between them. A gap that's very clearly visible... what am I doing wrong? There's no stroke before you ask :D Driving me mad!
  7. I want to take the chance to congratulate the Affinity Designer team for their great software. My feature request for some future version is to be able to snap to line midpoints, endpoints and geometry intersections. Keep up the good work!
  8. I am trying to understand why snapping performance can be perfect and a breeze to line things up, then I go to another set of objects that need to line up relative to one another and then snapping totally bonks out and does not perform well at all. Are there special clicking patterns I need to do, meaning click one before the other to align to it. Just seems I always need to play with tolerance, which by the way how does it affect snapping, I may be doing it wrong. I should add that my objects are usually groups of several other objects, sometimes near 100.
  9. In the Export persona, with snapping turned on and "snap to spread" enabled, dragging a new slice will not snap it to the spread.
  10. Please add selection rectangle snapping to APhoto. When snapping is enabled and the grids are visible, when I drag a selection it is not snapping to the grid. Would be nice to enable/add this feature. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I'm new to Affinity Designer but used to Adobe Illustrator (Cs5) Im still using Trial Version but looking to use this a definitive alternative to the Adobe Cloud. One of the first things I noticed in A. Designer is the lack of snap functions. For example, I'd like to me able to have snap alinement lines, and snap to point. Is there a way to activate these? Thanks for any help. Tiago
  12. The 'Snap all when dragging' toggle doesn't seem to do anything when working in APhoto using a curve node. 1. Use the Pen Tool to draw a curve/line segment. 2. Switch to the Node Tool and select a node 3. Turn on the 'Snap all when dragging' toggle in the top toolbar area 4. Start dragging a node or multiple selected node or their handles. Nothing seems to snap to anything. As the help file points out, this feature is independent of the main snap setting. The other two toggles ('Snap to selected curves' and 'Snap to off-curve nodes') seems to be working fine. APhoto: 1.3.4 OS X
  13. I created a document which is now ready for printing. I realized, that I made it to big. A few millimeters. So I created a slice in the export personna and some guide lines, to cut off 2 millimeters on each side. Now, slices do not snap to my guide lines, and I just cannot position it properly. If there is an other way to cut my document by 2 millimeters on each side, let me know. I just need to export it as pdf for printing.
  14. Make a character panel that can be snapped to the side-bars (much like layers, effects, styles etc) This makes global & multiple character & paragraph style changes easier to implement.
  15. Would be great if there will be tools for diagramming such as connectors, arrow or bullet ends and snap stroke to the object. See https://www.draw.io for example.
  16. I want to draw with the pen tool and the nodes shall snap to the grid. OK, that works, But: can I make a fixed grid e.g. every mm? As I see the grid changes automatically when zooming in/out. A fixed grid would be necessary for exact drawings not depending from zoom level I didn't find any menu to adjust this.
  17. Hi, I'm really enjoying Affinity Designer so far. However, I'm having some trouble with node snapping while using the pen tool. For example, if I try and draw a box with the pen tool (4 nodes, holding shift to draw vertical and horizontal lines), I can't seem to get the third node to "snap" to the last.. I have no idea where I should be clicking to align the node to finish the shape. Once the shape is closed, I don't seem to get any snapping hints when moving those nodes either. Am I missing a setting within the snapping settings in order to align nodes within the same shape? O
  18. Think this might be handy: Have an option in the snapping manager to snap to all groups' (layers'?) bounds. Sometimes the object you want to snap to is right at the edge (or it's the single object of the layer/group) and you forgot to "hover" it to make it a snap candidate. You won't have to let go of the object you're moving, undo, hover, make the movement again etc. -- I'd love to see a smarter, automatic candidate selection: what if you hover with your selected object's edge near the edge you want to snap to, i'd just enable that object a candidate after half a second? You'd
  19. Two more things: 1) Scaling images and type sometimes is constrained automatically (i.e. without pressing SHIFT), sometimes not. 2) Snapping doesn't always consider near by objects - at least not at the first attempt. When dragging a second time objects /guides snap then as expected.
  20. Hey guys, Just picked up Affinity today after seeing it as Editor's Choice and then watching the video. It looks great. One thing that immediately struck me as odd, was that I couldn't snap a dragged guide to the edge of a marquee (like in PS). This is a big part of my work flow, as I'll measure out a specific size marquee and then place guides around it. I've read in a lot of posts while trying to find out if it's just me doing it wrong that the snapping system was undergoing changes. Is this still the case and could this be added if it's not already possible? It could just be t
  21. Hi, is there a way to start drawing a line with the pen tool from a curve anchor's handle? In Illustrator I select an anchor point to show its handles, pick the line tool and then start drawing at that handle (snapping). In my day to day logo design, this is one of the most used feature (the other being "tangent circle" from astute graphic plugin). Thanks, Federico.
  22. I'm trying to create a rectangle covering half the page snapping perfectly to the edge of the document with the pen tool. Struggling to get perfect accuracy. How do I get a node perfectly in the corner and then on the edges? Where am I going wrong?
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