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Found 25 results

  1. Hi there at Affinity, Just making the transition from Illustrator, and after doing help searches, I do not think Affinity has an option to Simplify Paths, like illustrator does? Think this would be a really good feature to implement, as converting strokes creates zillions of nodes, and need to simplify these. Thanks Huelo
  2. Hi, I have curves which have a LOT of points (Imported). I would realy like to have smooth curves, close to the original curve. Sadly "smooth curve" function makes everything messed up and the original shape will get lost. Am I missing a function or a workflow step? Best, PBc
  3. Hello Forum :) Is there a way of switching OFF the smoothing on the Vector brush tool? It makes freehand drawing a little too automatic for me. I want all the imperfections of my line drawing. ;) I have the same request for the iPad version... I could not find anything in the settings either.
  4. I am just starting to play around with the pencil, pen, and brush and noticed that the lines are smoothing. Do you plan on having a smoothing control for those tools? For drawing, this would be important not to have my lines straighten-out. Also,while going through the help menu I hit the back arrow in the upper left corner and it does not take me back to the page I entered from. Example, after selecting "About lines and shapes," I hit the back arrow and I don't return to were I can select "About lines and Shapes." I return to "Visual References." On the positive note, I love the ability to be able to use vector and raster in the same software. That is an all in one drawing program.
  5. I noticed when executing "Expand stroke" on a smooth curve that the resulting vector has one outside node that's sharp on the left while the right is smooth. This seems to happen when rotated certain ways but other rotations result in it being all smooth across the entire outside. Also noticed that if I make the sharp node smooth the node at the top (connected on the left side) jumps down. Screenshot added. Example file attached. Let me know if I can provide any other information. Versions macOS: Big Sur 11.5.2 Affinity Designer: 1.10.4 curved_line.afdesign
  6. I am a digital comic illustrator and I’ve been wanting to switch to AP. I’ve owned the desktop Affinity Suite for a few years now, but have recently been playing around in the IOS version of AP. I’ve noticed that the brush engine has really improved, which I’m very happy to see! My only set backs with switching from Procreate to AP is the frequent crashing problems and the fact that the Context Toolbar can’t be hidden. This may not be as much of an issue for those editing and manipulating photos, but it really gets in the way when painting. I’m hitting it with my palm constantly. I’d like to request a hide/view option. I hope to be able to use AP on desktop and IPad together solely for my illustrations and comic art. I also hope to help other artists see how powerful this program can be! I’d also love to see a smoothing/streamline option for the paint brush tools. The rope and window stabilizers feel pretty clunky when inking and painting, though they definitely are helpful for some operations. @James Ritson
  7. Hello all, I've seen posts about an Image Tracing tool and a Pencil Smoothing tool, but as I don't know how many people are requesting these, I thought I might do it again so that the Affinity Team knows they are much wanted. If both functions can be developed by the Affinity Team, Illustrator will finally be beaten. Who's with me? :) PS: My compliments to the Affinity Team for the beautiful software they created, it's a design changer!
  8. I'm a big fan of Affinity! In fact, I'm even starting to use it for other purposes (which Affinity probably wasn't designed for), including live sketching / teaching by screen sharing the drawing surface. Unfortunately, when doing small fast motions (like the small "2" in E = m c ^2 ) Affinity auto-smooths the motion into little straight lines. I've been using pixel mode because the draw-persona pencil leaves the nodes after drawing, which obscures the line. Any ideas on how to optimize for live writing, by either turning off smoothing in pixel mode or hiding nodes in draw mode? Thanks!
  9. Hi, Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, I've spent the last few hours trying to find a solution including on here, with no success! I've successfully edited my .svg file to remove the background, and I'm now happy with it. The only problem I can forsee is that the vector lines are still visible and I'm worried about how the image might print. How on earth do I blend the edges so the resulting photo looks smooth? It's especially visible in the top prong of the plug. I've tried blur tools with no success. Is there any way of doing this? Thank you in advance, sorry if it's a simple (stupid) question, I just can't work it out and now my head hurts! uk plug no background.afdesign
  10. Hello, is there any possibility that a future update for Designer will allow for the user to control the smoothing on a newly created line or fill? As an illustrator it is VERY important to be able to have what I draw get accurately reflected when I lift up the pencil. Currently Designer is making that decision for me (not cool). It feels like a program of this caliber should be able to offer the user that level of control. I would love to be able to turn smoothing off so I can actually draw what I am intending. Is there a possibility that that will be implemented in a future update? Also PLEASE add a vector based eraser tool! Thank you. Caleb
  11. One of the main reasons I prefer Designer over Illustrator is because of the dithered gradients... My quality of work has increased DRASTICALLY because of it and I no longer need to rely on a 2nd software like photoshop for high quality gradients. The thing is though that its only supported in gradient fill... Gradient Overlays & other effects like shadows, glows, etc. - Nope! So my request is kinda plain and simple... Why not bring dithering for effects too...?! I've faced multiple banding issues here and there... Please acknowledge if doable... (P.S. I've attached a sample of my work... So you see what I mean...)
  12. How to disable the smoothing (anti-aliasing) for the pixel rendering (view and png export). Currently it's only possible to choose a smoothing Resample like "Bilinear" or "Lanczos". This is great. I miss the option "None". Important for pixel art or gif images. (images without alpha channel). e.g. I want a pixel perfect circle. Is this already possible? If not, I want to suggest this feature. Just disable the resampling.
  13. I have an image of a model against a featureless wall. Well, there is no deliberate or desirable featuring to the wall but there are imperfections and shadowing that I don't like. I would like to apply some blur to the wall but not the model. I have tried a few ways but I cannot seem to get it right. I have creates a duplicate of the background and selected the wall successfully but now I need a mask from the selection so I can hide the model and allow the original unblurred image to show through. I cannot seem to get it quite right. Any suggestions?
  14. Hi everyone, i once was a zbrush user, rather as a hobby, not professional, but i allways wondered, why programs like photoshop and affinity didnt have the very smart feature of a lazy mouse like in Zbrush.. now, Adobe Photoshop 2018 has arrived and some nice features are in there.. one of them is the smoothing brush, comparable to the lazy mouse, and improved.. So this would be a very very nice new feature for affinity Photo too.. also symetrie ist great, they´ve embeded also as affinity allready has a panoramic feature.. better organised brushpresets. hmm.. a better maskrefinement, that before photoshop 2018 was not quite as good as the maskrefinement of affinity photo, but now seems to be equal ore even better ? So Affinty Photo Team... some of these new features are worth a look at... greetings.
  15. I just bought Affinity Designer yesterday. First of all, great job! I've been working in vector art for over a decade and I'm impressed with your innovation. The good: Your pen tools are far superior to anything else I have used thus far. Awesome set of shape tools - the most comprehensive so far. The visual controls to alter them save me a lot of time ie. rounded corners on the fly. Nice touch with the transparency tool - this was so frustrating in Adobe Illustrator. The customizable UI is sleek and intuitive The bad: Where is the line smoothing? Every vector illustration software I've ever used had this feature. It is standard workflow to 1)rough in your illustration, 2)smooth, then 3)hand edit the node handles. I found something promising in the node area called 'convert to smooth', but it actually added more nodes. This is the exact opposite of what smoothing should do! Where is the raster to vector trace equivalent? I looked everywhere and I can't figure this out. This is such a common function for artists working between mediums - you're basically excluding them right from he start. For reference check out Adobe Illustrator's powerful image trace palette. Restrain proportions/dimensions when resizing elements is not consistent. Placed images and text will stay proportional by holding down ALT. Everything else stays proportional while holding down shift. Why the inconsistency? I can't seem to figure out how to lock objects without having to go to the layer palette and doing it manually. Thanks for the hard work! I've been in software development for 12 years. I know the sacrifices made and wish you the best of luck.
  16. I mean, when one moves the cursor or draws, all image drawn (lines, etc) become pixelated, and goes back to normal when nothing is moving. The result is a kind of slight flashing for the change of aliasing or simply going to a more pixelated version (is hard to explain, but many of us know what it is) during the seconds the cursor is moving. It is sort of very distracting. It happens to both tools, but have noticed more in Photo. I am planning to buy both, but for me (maybe for others, too) the use if this is fixed will be much more than a converter and print file preparation utility (function that accomplishes mostly quite well, already). That is, I'd love to actually paint with it (as i do with Krita, CPS and etc). I would totally understand if is not implemented, as is probably how the graphic engine works. It'd be great if there was an option, not even default, that one could trigger on, even with a warning sentence of going to lower performance, as for some of us, this trembling/glitch matter is quite important.
  17. I have the latest version of AD and I'm coming from Xara. I've searched here, and watched numerous videos, just can't seem to get a handle on the line and brush tools in this program. I've seen many requests here to use videos to help explain my story. Here is a video on how to do it in Xara easy peasy. Here is a AD video on me trying to do line smoothing. Here is a AD Video on me trying to use vector brushes I've seen some posts saying that smoothing is really not good yet. So how is everyone dealing with this issue. The vector brush issues confuses the hell out of me since any settings I use does not seem to work. I've tried every type of controller setting and the line just appears the same maybe somewhat thicker. I did experiment with Profiles and was able to tweak the line a little, but all of this seems like a lot of work compared to Xara. Any help with getting brushes to work would be helpful. Thanks.
  18. When I draw fast strokes in AP, the line gets "polygonised". In CS2 for comparison the line is much more smoother. There is no difference whether I use the pen (Wacon CTH-670) or a mouse.
  19. Sorry but this is important to me. I know this feature has been requested before. But I have a reason to repeat this: I love Affinity Designer. Except for its lack of brush smoothing that drives me crazy. Meaning: when drawing w/ a Wacom tablet, the strokes are all wiggly and wobbly. Can we fix this? I'm willing to do whatever it takes, so that people around the world using your product can have this feature. Hire me for $10/month to do this. Autodesk Graphic (formerly iDraw) has it. Illustrator has it. Functioning brush tool is quite basic feature of a vector drawing program. I know you have priorities. I know you can't do everything at once. I know you have an existing feature roadmap. But this feature has been requested time after time, starting from 2014. Please get it done. Again, if I need to work on it for free or for a coffee, I'm ready to do it. Let's get this done. I'm 100% serious. Contact me anytime, and I'll jump working on this on a 24 hours notice. You have help. You have demand for this feature – guys, it's time. Let's get this feature on Affinity Designer. Waiting for your reply.
  20. Hello, this lines/curves anti-aliasing thing was probably reported multiple times but I thought i make a vid on it jsut in case. Cheers! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22340015/Curves%20Problem.mp4
  21. Hi all, I'm creating an illustration of a scooter as a project. I'm wondering how I might get better curves around the wheels and hubs (pic attached). I remember, there's a 'smoothing' tool in a version of AI I had once. If not, what is a good workaround? Thanks in advance, Kevin
  22. Please add this to the brush tool and pencil tool please, a smoothing slider like in Graphic. Thanks
  23. I am having lots of fun with the beta version. I draw a lot and would love to be able to slide the smoothing amount of the pencil or brush tool before I draw. My aim is to create clean lines without the need to go and edit multiple nodes after. AutoDesk Graphic for ipad does this wonderfully. Just an idea. Thanks for the great product.
  24. Dear Affinity Support Just wanted to say congrats on a fantastic application. Keep up the great work. Is there anyway to vary (e.g. 0-100%) the line smoothing when using the Pencil and Brush tool? For instance I would like to use a lower percentage when rough sketching freehand with a tablet, then increase the percentage when 'inking' in a final line on top of the sketch with trackpad, mouse or tablet to get a clean and smooth finish. At the moment I'm using the pen tool for the 'inking' stage but would actually to prefer to carry this out freehand (albeit with a bit of smoothing assistance). Many thanks P
  25. General question or idea: is there a way to draw in autofill/loop mode with the vector line-tool? that's for creating closed shapes, maybe with a smoothing slider? And even more important: do you see a way to integrate intelligent gradient fill for this function? Would be a KILLER feature. Settings: Smooth, Autoloop, Fill, Gradient The idea is to make the gradient fill depending on where you start drawing your shape. Gradient fill always from color to transparency, with a slider for color intensity. Normal vector fill (whatever setting) is just so 90'ies - having seen what YOU can do, it would be just great !!! Please find my sample here:
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