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Found 76 results

  1. Will it be possible in future to (power) duplicate (and copy/paste) slices [in AD]?
  2. 1. If one has more more slices than fit in the studio panel, and one is trying to select slices below the visible ones via scrolling down, as soon as you select another slice, AD takes you to the top of the list. This is a real PITA for docs with large sets of slices to be exported. 2. There is no way to save and then turn on and off different sets of slices for export. In my document, I have a set of slices which I want to export in high res, and another set I want in low res; but I don't want to export BOTH at the same time, sometimes I only want to export the high res, and another time the low res... It would be beneficial to be able to have an option to save multiple set of checked slices and quickly switch between these sets. Thanks for your consideration
  3. I've a document with some layers with an single (recolor) adjustment above it. I use the export persona to export all layers to different images. The problem is that the color adjustment is not applied when the images are exported. Is there a way to include adjustments or merge the recolor adjustment into all underlying layers?
  4. Hi there, Just wondering if there's a way to set specific paths for slices. It seems there's a way to add relative paths but I'd like to just send them to absolute paths in completely different locations. Is that possible? Thanks, Pete
  5. Hi, I'm using AD mainly for webdesign, which works great. At the moment I'm on a print project and I've been struggling with export tools: slices sizes and position. I created a test business card and the slices don't match with the artboard. The resulting PDF shows white lines (TestCard.pdf), I assume, corresponding to the positioning and size error between slice and artboard. Based on an answer by MEB the position and size were done whole numbers (Capturar-1.PNG). But on Export Persona, size and position changes (Capturar-2.PNG). Surely there must be a way to avoid this... --- While writing this, it occurred to me that maybe the slices uses px as units and not mm, which means the conversion from mm to px, results in decimal numbers. Is this it??? If so, how to work around it? This is for an online digital printing service, so, no bleeding. --- Thanks, Pedro TestCard.pdf
  6. Hi It would be great if it where possible to re-arrange the order of the slices in the "slices" panel. Now the order of slices is locked to the time when the slice was created it seems. The slice created first is always on top and the slice last created is always in the bottom. It would be easier to maintain good order in the list and easier to find your slices if you could re-order the list yourself. Also, I think this has been mentioned before... But being able to duplicate a slice (same size and export properties) would be nice. Also, being able to use arrow keys to go up and down the slice panel would be convenient. Thanks! Fredrik
  7. meisterrossi

    Snapshot deletes Slices

    Hello, when I use the snapshot dialog an create one or two, all my slices in the state are deleted. Also this function doesn't really work with big files. Are there any experiences or solutions with that? Best Jörg
  8. Hi, Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but when I export multiple artboards into 1 single pdf file, it includes artboards with no slices. With the option "Make item visible in export" deactivated, got the same result. I temporarily deleted the artboards so I could export the ones I wanted. The preview thumb doesnt include the excluded pages, but when I click the bottom right export button, all artboards are exported. Am I missing something? Is it a bug? Cheers, Pedro Windows 10 Pro Affinity Designer
  9. Been using Affinity designer for a couple months now in anger making games - almost entirely ditched illustrator! I have some issues with the export persona though. These issues may have been covered previously, so forgive me if I'm covering known problems/limitation. I just tried the latest beta to see if any have been fixed. If I've missed some functionality that solves any of these I'd love to know! Some characters are removed when used in a slice name. for example you can't use ~ (tilde). I need to use tilde for certain naming conventions on mobile devices. When resizing slices using the transform dialog, constraining width and height doesn't work. In fact it's stranger than that, when linked both width and height change the width only! You can't reorder slices they are fixed in order of creation. From a management point of view this is very limiting. You can't use keyboard commands to copy and paste names of slices. This functionality works in the draw persona for layers etc. You have to use the right click menu for slices! I can't see my slices in the draw persona and I can't create guides in the export persona. This can cause unwanted switching back and forth when placing certain objects/slices. There isn't a way to quickly deselect all selected slices, or quickly select large blocks of slices. None of these are show stoppers but they are important to productivity and the continued warm glow you get when using Affinity Designer - the export persona cools me a little! One feature request - the ability to have custom export resolutions in the document options. In illustrator I use scripts to export copies at any resolution. Love the app and keep up the great work. I'll be following beta releases very closely :)
  10. Some issues I've been facing on the Export persona in AD ( public and beta): Slices don't always get the name of the artboard. If you rename the artboard the slice will keep the old name. If you're duplicating artboards this causes an issue where many slices have the same name and they'll be overwritten upon export I have a document with over 10 artboards (each one gets a slice). If I zoom out and select them on the Slices panel I can't tell which one is selected or not. Due to the naming issue above it's really hard to tell which of the artboards is selected since some have the same name and you can't see the selection border. The selection border gets hidden behind the slice blue border. There needs to be a way to completely hide (toggle show/hide) the slices markings In the Layers panel (back in Vector Persona) if you double-click a layer AD will zoom it in to fit the viewport. This would be very, very useful in export persona too, in the Slices panel. Double clicking a slice in the listing would zoom into that slice. Using the Slice tool sometimes selects an existing slice and sometimes it tries to create a new slice over an existing one. The behavior changes depending on zoom level and it's hard to replicate. The Slice Selection Tool selects objects within the artboard instead of the slice Selecting a artboard-slice by its name only works at greater zoom levels (100% or larger) There needs to be actions (buttons or kbd shortcuts) to select all/select none slices Selecting a slice highlights it on the Slices panel listing but does not scroll to it Thanks for reading :)
  11. This is a list of enhancements I would like to suggest for the Export persona in Designer: The selection border around selected slices should be visible at very small zoom levels. Currently it's very hard to tell which slice is selected on zoom levels below 50%. There needs to be a way to completely hide (toggle show/hide) the slices markings (the slice title and its border) Double-clicking a slice in the Slices panel listing would zoom into that slice. In the Layers panel (back in Draw Persona) if you double-click a layer AD will zoom it in to fit the viewport. This would be very, very useful in export persona too, in the Slices panel. The Slice Selection Tool selects objects within the artboard instead of the slice. It is far easier to select an object than to select a slice. Maybe the tool should select slices on click and objects on shift+click or something like that? Its name is misleading. There needs to be actions (buttons or keyboard shortcuts) to select all/select no slices or to check/uncheck the selected slices and invert the selection. In fact, it is confusing that selected slices are not exported, only checked ones are exported. Why not make exporting selection-based? Only selected slices would be exported, no need for checkboxes and confusing selection behavior. Selecting a slice highlights it on the Slices panel listing but does not scroll to it, this would be quite helpful Thanks!
  12. Hi Affinity, I currently have two main issues when getting files out for game development. (I appreciate my needs may be different from the crowd and could be at the bottom of the pile on account). Current flow for the majority of my work. -Create artwork using Layers/Groups named with export names. -Use the 'Create slice' from currently selected object. -This works great as it uses the name of the object - good clean files easily understood. However... the size of the slice generated is almost always not what I want. The slice seems to be generated from the bounding box of the object selected (plus all it's children and adjustment layers). If I add a vector mask to the layer/group the slice generated is still of the entire bounding box not the vector mask bounding box. The result is I have to manually resize (sometimes over 100) slices! Feel my pain? Q1. Could the slice generated take the bounding box of a vector mask if it's applied to the object (the one who's name is used)? And if so could it retain the link so that if the mask is resized the slice is resized. That would give me rock solid slices. Export sizes are very restrictive. I often want to export smaller and larger and not always at 1x 2x 3x Currently I'm having to batch files I want smaller through photoplop which brings me out in an itchy rash :) Q2. As a quick-ish fix could there be another tick box which allows users to type in a scale. 0.5 for example? I appreciate everyone at Affinity is working really hard and you get all sorts of requests daily. I've been using Affinity in production now on our games since it's release and exporting has been my biggest hurdle since day 1 otherwise I love it and you guys rock.
  13. Hi there, I use Affinity Designer more than one year now - it is really a great software! I spent a lot of time trying to change export resolution. According to Apple Documentation, resolution of all image sizes should be always "one point (1/72 of an inch)" - https://developer.apple.com/ios/human-interface-guidelines/graphics/image-size-and-resolution/ My document setup is 72 dpi. If I export slices in @2x and @3x size - the resolution is changed to 144 pixels/inch for @2x file and 216 pixels/inch for @3x. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug in AD? Thanks, Filip
  14. About the slice problem you can see the jpg attach for discover more..
  15. Related: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/37597-ad-export-persona-item-has-duplicate-paths/ Change the message of the error icon to the specific error: If the artboard was named twice the same, say e.g. "The Artboard/Path-Name is used multiple times". The actual message ("The Item has duplicate Paths") indicates Paths that are exactly the same (not only the name) and do overlap or such thing. Greetings, Johannes
  16. Hello, I need some help, im interested in buying affinity designer to be my go to app for android apps development, since I never done any apps yet, im still a newbie (in both, designing and coding), as you know designers should consider the many possible screen densities to support multiple screen app development for android... I saw in your tutorial video that you can export slices to 1x, 2x, 3x etc, now according to android documentation there are a set of six generalized densities: ldpi (low) ~120dpi mdpi (medium) ~160dpi hdpi (high) ~240dpi xhdpi (extra-high) ~320dpi xxhdpi (extra-extra-high) ~480dpi xxxhdpi (extra-extra-extra-high) ~640dpi The density-independent pixel is equivalent to one physical pixel on a 160 dpi screen (mdpi).. 1. now when I select new document, which settings (dpi) should I choose to support all 6 densities? (detailed answer please?) 2. hdpi has 1.5 conversion rate coming from mdpi, from the video I only saw integer values, so is there a way? 3. what if I'm already working on hdpi document, how can I convert down to mdpi? I didnt see options to downscale PS. I know this got asked before but please provide assets for android development. thank you.
  17. Hi, I want to export a slice to an SVG file. That works so far, but I have one problem, see screenshot. I assumed that the slice defines the area what gets exported. Since some elements are now outside this area, these get exported too. Rendering my SVG not useable. I would like to avoid, that I have to design everything fitting my export area etc. Any idea what to do?
  18. i've been doing more exporting images to web of late, which has seen me hopping between personas a lot more. And stewing. A lot. My reference point vis a vis slices management is FIreworks, which for all of it's many flaws, does several things reasonably well: display and editing of slices, guides and graphic elements simultaneously Export of 8 Bit PNG images with alpha transparency With AD, if I'm trying to optimise elements for better pixel level precision, or even just ensure that multiple elements are fitting multiple slices of a consistant size, there is no way to see or edit those things in one view. So I have to jump back to draw persona, nudge things a bit, maybe pull down a ruler and hope it matches slice borders, go back to export persona to view slices and see if my guesses were close, then repeat, ad infininitum. Clearly what is needed is to allow editing of elements in export persona. Oh, and 8 bit alpha PNG exports. Cheers T
  19. So finally i moved my worflow off the photoshop to designer for GUIs. First i have to say, i admire the way you put effort into changing hegemony of Adobe aswell on windows :) Maybe some points im experiencing just because im new to the software, so sorry in advance, and overall, good job people! i have following things :) Bugs (in my opinion) - auto slices dont work precise - i have 50x artboard 640x680, positioned on whole pixels, no objects overlapping. Still some of the artboards autoslices show 641x480... would help add some kind of "align slice to artboard". - automatic updates of exported slices does not activate if i manually change the slices size.. - editing text on 4k monitor - if i turn on pixel preview, then if i click into the text, and write something, its somehow distorted and lost - seems to me like it does not count with OS DPI settings and the whole detail of text is zoomed? dont really know... when i zoom out, and back in, all back visible and correct. Happens aswell sometimes, not allways... :( - artboards and symbols :) - sometimes (thats again exactly when it happens :) ) when i duplicated artboard containing groups with symbols, those symbols are linked trough all artboards, but aswell their visibility, position etc. So when i hide/move/delete FOLDER XY (symbol), same is done allover the artboards in all instances. I would understand if this happens when i make changes IN the symbol folder - change the specific symbol itself, but not with the folder... ? - zooming in/out - i have document defined in pixels. lets say artboard 0,0,640x480 - inside simple vector layer, rectangle, 0,0, 640,480, with no stroke, just filled. still, artboard and this rectangle does not lay exactly over. there is allways gap between eachother. - pixel persona - when i select something and come back to vector persona, the selection remains with no possibility to remove it? - workspace on 2 monitors - when monitors go sleep, all the windows on second monitor are reseted to first monitor after wakeup (but OMG, it just work to have different DPI monitors with visually same menu sizes! thanks for that ! ;) ) Maybe missed something, or feature request? - i was very happy with one feature from adobe - when selecting in pixel persona with mouse, hold space for adjusting the origin (as it works in creating lets say rectangle in vector) - did i miss something or is it not possible? - unable to find info panel - to see info about selection in pixel persona - subjective slow performance on large multi artboard documents (to be exact 40x 640x480 screens, very simple graphics, few text areas, few vectors) - well i have 64G ram, 16(32) core processor, m.2 fast ssd disks, radeon pro duo, but still simple renaming slice take 4sec to click on it...Any chance for improvement?
  20. As the title implies, i think this would be highly necessary. Especially for UI design where you handle lots of slices at once.
  21. EDIT: This is for Affinity Designer, sorry I forgot to mention in the subject! When I create posters to be printed in larger formats (like DIN A1 or something), I sometimes want to print a preview on my A4 office laser printer, to get a better impression of some details (like font sizes, for instance). An A4 sheet that I can stick to the wall allows to see some things better than on the screen at my desk. In this case, I dont want to print a "tiled"version of the whole drawing wasting time and 8 sheets of paper, only to find my desired detail printed prarted on two sheets that I need to tape together – I rather want the critical detail in 1:1 sale on one single page. So I am missing some option to print only a detail of the whole drawing, i.e. crop the drawing for printing (sorry for my English, is this the right term?). I can imagine three locations where I would look for such functionality: In the print dialog, where the preview is, I would like to drag a frame where I want the output to be cropped (very intuitive but probably more work to implement) In the "Scaling and artboards" section of the print dialog, it would be nice to be able to select slices (from the export persona) as well as the ArtBoards and the whole document. In the export persona, next to PNG, PDF, SVG, JPEG, etc., have an export type "Print" that I can add to a slice. In my opinion, 2 and 3 would be nice and consistent with the overall concept. I could just create a slice covering the detail view I want to print, and the view would be stored in the drawing (so I can create consistent printouts of exactly the same view when modifying my poster). Option 1 is very intuitive but has the disadvantage that the cropped area is probably not stored, but gone after each time. PS. As a workaround, adding a temporary artboard (with transparent background) on the desired detail just for printing does not work, the resulting page is empty probably because the objects are not part of the actual artboard but in the artboard lying below. Of course, I can export a slice as pdf and then print the pdf, but that is not as efficient as I would think Affinity can be :-) . Thanks! BTW, great work, I really love to see how Affinity Designer gets even better with each update!
  22. Hi al, it just happened that I had to changed my document size by adding pixels to the LEFT side of the canvas. What I realized later, was that all slices went to the "wrong position" caused by the canvas modification. At least a warning / hint / dialog would have been nice at the point of altering the document size. A file dialog that in case of having slices (which are constrained to canvas size) that offers to: 1) just ignore slice positions and 2) calculate the new positions + alter them automatically would be very nice here ;) Thanks for thinking about it, Stefan.
  23. Hi! New to Affinity so apologies if this is already possible (if so please tell me how!). Searched the interface and forums but came up with nothing. I think it would be nice if slices created from layers, artboards or shapes could be optionally made to inlcude adjustment layers and generally objects not grouped under the object that defines the slice. Right now custom slices (the ones that I draw directly on the artboard in the Export persona) show the effects of adjustment layers, but layer-based slices don't if the adjustment layer is not under the layer that defines the slice. Here's my real-life example: I have an AD file with sprites I made for a game, about 100 of them, which I export through slices. I use shape-based slices because they adapt to my shapes automatically and I don't need to fix them when I resize or move the sprites (which is a lot). Late in development I noticed the colors are off on all the sprites compared to the rest of the game, so I added just two or three adjustment layers on top of everything and it looks much better now. This is where trouble starts: the adjustment layers have no effect on the images exported by my slices. The slices only export the base shapes, as if the adjustment layers on top of them didn't exist. The slices only "see" the adjustment layers if the adjustments are grouped under the layer from which the slice is generated, but this setup is not practical as I would need to add 200 or 300 adjustment layers, and modifying the colors again would be a nightmare. In fact non-layer object visibility could be a per-slice export setting just like file format and compression, this way we could have two slice export formats - one with and one without adjustments, background objects etc. I suppose that implementing this would be failry easy as the functionality is clearly there, just needs to be exposed to the user. Cheers and keep up the good work on this program!
  24. First of all: Big shoutout to the developers, your work is great! I wonder if it's possible to export the same file multiple times, each time with another layer visible. In my case I have some text over an image. There are three images in the document, I now want to achieve that the document is exported three times, each time with a different image visible. Is that possible and if so, where is the function? :) Thanks in advance, Julian
  25. Maybe I'm missing something but when I'm working on multiple artboards, if I create a slice manually and then I move an artboard, the position of that slice is changed. Object slices are working as expected. Great software :) keep it up! I'm a new poster and not permitted to upload video :/ windows 10