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Found 81 results

  1. I wanted to suggest some features related to usability/exporting. I did scan through the roadmap and didn't see these, so hopefully I'm not repeating anything that's been said before. When you have a slice that's created from a layer, perhaps it should output the layer even if the layer has visibility turned off (otherwise the created file is just blank). It would be useful to be able to create a slice that includes multiple layers within it. (Sort-of related) The ability to toggle visibility on more than one layer at a time. These are things I've been finding when building files with embedded text that has to be in foreign languages. I make a layer group for each language, and create slices based off of those, but I need to duplicate the graphic elements in the layer groups. For example: Layer groupLogo Translated text Layer groupLogo Translated text This is fine for now, but if I need to change the logo, I'll need to do it one time for each language...not good. So similar to the way you can create a slice from a layer, and it disregards all but that layer, it would be great to be able to create a slice from multiple layers, and it disregards all but those layers. Then I can just have a "graphics" layer, and then a text layer for each language, and slice them accordingly. Also, when I'm working in the document, I tend to want to make all of the language-layers invisible except the one I'm working with. But when I go to export, I have to remember to turn them all back on so that the slices aren't outputting empty PNG files. Whoops! So I figure, if i have a slice based on a single layer, and that layer's invisible--it should either warn me when I go to export, or just treat the layer as visible for the purpose of exporting. Make sense? Finally, I also find myself wanting to select several layers and then toggle the visibility on them. On a Mac, I believe the ALT key is used to select/deselect many checkboxes at once, and to open/close many folders at once. Maybe holding ALT while toggling visibility makes it affect all selected layers? Anyway, I know that the Serif team is hard at work adding more stuff, and I really appreciate it. I've never been able to break into Photoshop or Illustrator, but Affinity had me from hello.
  2. Hi I have a logo which I have designed in Xara, and I have imported it as a pdf into Affinity Designer, because I need to change the logo. I have changed the logo and I have used an outline shadow fx as a drop shadow. Now I try to resize the logo to exact dimensions, because I need to export it as a png in different sizes. But the resize does not take the shadow fx into consideration. When I resize the logo to 165 x 95 and then go to the export persona to create a slize, the slize becomes much larger because the resize does not take the fx drop shadow into consideration. Is there a fast way you can resize to exact pixel dimensions when you use a fx, like the outer shadow?
  3. Dumb question cancelled. Should wait till I wake up before posting :-) But it does raise the issue of the contrast of controls and accessibility for people with impaired vision (and those who are just tired). Much of the design is 'cool' black and grey. I do not have particularly poor vision, but I find this lack of contrast a real pain. This is a screen grab of a drawing tab. I have to click on the X to close it. There is a grey X in the top left, but it could be a lot clearer. The Prefs/UI Gamma setting does not increase contrast enough. Are there plans to replace the grey with white and generally increase visual accessibility of the whole app? Cheers. RPJ
  4. Is it possible to export a slice without defining a slicing area? I think, without going back into Sketch that you can define an object to be sliced without having to define an area with the slice tool. Say I created a bunch of buttons and icons - each button and icon are grouped. Is it possible to select the group and export it, without defining a slicing area? ----- Is it possible to slice a group without turning off all the underlying layers to make, say, a transparent png? Take the above example of icons and buttons. Currently the workflow is to define a slicing area, and then I have turn off all the underlying layers in order to make the icon have a transparent background. I believe if the above situation was solved for (exporting layers/ groups), that I wouldn't have to hide multiple layers in-order to get a transparent background. * This is a great feature, which I'd be open to requesting, for people making graphics that use hover effects and changing backgrounds - say for example on buttons. In the attachment I have multiple button icons to be exported and it sucks to hide all the layers, export the icons, then display all the layers again (primarily cause the layers could be at all kinds of different levels in the layers panel)
  5. Been doing a bit of slicing today and noticed a few features which would be useful to have. 1. Copy and pasting slice selections - for example the slice dimensions are the same but the object to cut is in a different place. 2. Scrolling, dragging or transforming the selected slice to a place that is wider than the screen viewport. 3. Snap to objects like text or the edge of a square. 4. Snap to the edges of the spread! Thanks for listening :) P.S the numbered bulletpoints aren't working on the forum
  6. Hi, In the latest beta, the slicing tools are not working anymore with layers. Selecting any layers will not select anything in the view, and creating a slice from a layer will always be in the same area of the file whatever layer you select. You have to do everything manually so far. :ph34r:
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