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Found 81 results

  1. I'm always big on batch processing and an efficient export workflow. I've spent quite a bit of time trying to get the most out of AD 1.5 exporting - but i'm still mystified at what Batch Builder actually does. No help on it. No google returns outside of the feature list saying: Batch Builder for multi-slice imagesets (Xcode asset JSON) And it seems to be very oriented around touch icons - is there scope for more? Please affinity, let us in on the secret?
  2. Hello, I'm making a slice of a circle with an icon inside of it, the problem is when I try to export the slice, it only shows the circle layer, it does not show the contents on top of the circle. What am I doing wrong? I can't seem to have the contents inside the circle show as being exported with the slice. How do I just have everything inside of the slice export? Thanks
  3. Hello, is there a way to rotate a slice in Export Persona? I see the rotation angle in grey: no way to change it… A feature in the future may be? It would help a lot for my project about stereo photos: sometimes I have to rotate the left and right pictures (extracted from the same image file) differently. Thanks in advance Thierry
  4. Hi, Please see attached test file. If I create a rectangle and sets the size 256x256. Now I create a slice of that layer, but the slice is automatically set to 259x259. Why is the slice not the same size as the rectangle (256x256)? Thanks test.afdesign
  5. Hi, My first request here. I recently needed to export quite a lot of layers as EPS and import them back into After Effects for motion graphics work. I realized that Persona exports the layers using their individual boundary. That means that when I import them into AE, their alignment on the page is different from the original layout. In order to fix this, I need to add an invisible rectangle to each layer. At that point, Persona considers the rectangle the actual boundary and the position of the element in the layer which I need to export, is finally correct. A way to avoid this workaround would be an export option, where the user can choose between Artboard boundary and Asset boundary (like in Adobe Illustrator). I really want to ditch Illustrator, and despite I'm tied to After Effects for my work, vector files don't have to necessarily be handled in AI. AD is a great candidate, actually, the only one which really makes me feel I can finally do the switch. But before I do so, I need to be able to export to AE in a clean way. Best, Andrew
  6. 1: UI Standard In AffinityDesign, I need use two hours tagging UI standards in everyone UI page. And In Sketch & Photoshop, use the plugin, Automatically generated UI standard pages just one key. Sketch have plugins: https://github.com/utom/sketch-measure https://github.com/tudou527/marketch Demo: http://utom.design/news/ Photoshop have plugin: http://www.biaonimeia.com/ 2: slice only iOS Image in Android is same name, but difference floder. Export mode is complex and powerful, but I can't use it export Android. we export iOS image, and user other app change image to Android. 3: piexl we get float piexl in center alignment & other layer middle alignment.
  7. Hi! Updated to last version (1.5.1) and strange and very annoying thing happened. I'm working on multi art board file, all art boards 16X16 pixels. The size is 3, 4, 8 times checked. However, switching to "Export Persona" the size of the slice is automatically resized to 17X16 pixels. Same file, previous version was perfectly sliced at 16X16... Any ideas?
  8. Hi! Updated to last version (1.5.1) and strange and very annoying thing happened. I'm working on multi art board file, all art boards 16X16 pixels. The size is 3, 4, 8 times checked. However, switching to "Export Persona" the size of the slice is automatically resized to 17X16 pixels. Same file, previous version was perfectly sliced at 16X16... Any ideas?
  9. Hi al, it just happened that I had to changed my document size by adding pixels to the LEFT side of the canvas. What I realized later, was that all slices went to the "wrong position" caused by the canvas modification. At least a warning / hint / dialog would have been nice at the point of altering the document size. A file dialog that in case of having slices (which are constrained to canvas size) that offers to: 1) just ignore slice positions and 2) calculate the new positions + alter them automatically would be very nice here ;) Thanks for thinking about it, Stefan.
  10. I found a ___ bugs. It all found from 1.4.2 and also in Beta 12. 1.Ghost Line http://imgur.com/J4gdn12 if it just only show the white line in AD, it's great! (help me know there is no outline) But, it also keep the white line in export file, whatever it's svg or jpg. http://imgur.com/tIQ6QIE 2.Export area can't match the object. My all objects are 50x50 http://imgur.com/ppAOkDM but use auto slice will... http://imgur.com/H7swSZP It also come with Artboard, like 1024x768 will give me 1025x768. http://imgur.com/Lbt4yH8 And, thanks for your work, I really love Affinity!!!
  11. Today I needed to slice/divide some paths and realized Designer has "NO" tools to cut a path anywhere and give you two separate paths! Am I missing something? I keep not wanting to use Illustrator but I keep finding simple tools missing. This is just like not having an offset path command, handy tools.
  12. I have file that was made in (of course) illustrator with some graphics. When I open in AD, they are literally slices with Curves adjustments - Open in Illustrator and click the graphics I want copy for pasting in AP and after a couple clicks, I can Select the group of graphics. Anyways. Thoughts? Also last thing. Here is what Illustrate says about slices when I open the EPS in Illi.
  13. When I first started using AD it had a feature for exporting slices on the Export Persona Studio Layer. You could define a slice and it showed the slice you had defined with an icon sized image to be export. To the right was a quick link to 'export this slice'. Now when I go to export, it just shows the elements, but not the slice. I have to use the Export x1 (or x2 or x3) buttons in the tool bar. Is this a deliberate change to the way Export works, or have I accidentally selected a different view? Thanks RPJ
  14. Hi all, new user. How do I snap a slice to layer bounds? Can't figure it out from snapping settings. TIA, Jack
  15. The new triangular grid is really neat. It helps me make hexagonal assets for a game I'm working on. An obstacle I'm facing is that the grid spacing value corresponds to the hypotenuse of the triangle and not the base of the triangle. When using a whole number (actually any rational number) for the spacing (e.g. 32px), the base (i.e. x-coordinate spacing) works out as an irrational number (27.71281292px...). It's not possible to enter a spacing value that results in integer x-coordinate spacing since the coefficient between the base and hypotenuse is irrational (square-root of 3). As a result of this the triangular grid is never aligned with the pixel grid. Since the slice persona requires that slice coordinates and dimensions are all aligned with the pixel grid it's not possible to precisely slice shapes that are aligned with the triangular grid. There are a few possible fixes, any would work: * Allow the user to space the triangular grid using the base instead of the hypotenuse. * Allow non-integer values for the x and y coordinates in the slice persona. * Allow the user to enter expressions that result in irrational numbers in the spacing field [1]. I attached a screenshot showing the misaligned grids in a zoomed-in slice persona. [1] This is allowed presently, but the result is resolved to an insufficient precision. Even on a small canvas (500px by 500px) the accumulating difference means that the two grids become misaligned fairly quickly.
  16. Firstly, I'm on OS X 10.11.1 (15B42) and using Affinity Designer 1.3.5. make two 12px by 12px squares (one would probably work, but two is what I had) enter export mode select one square and click "create slice" in the layers panel select the other square and click "create slice" in the layers panel click the "slices" tab to open the slices panel select one of the slices use your arrow keys to move the slice around Witness the bug - at step 7 the square moves instead of the slice, even though the slice is what is selected. If I use my "delete" key, the slice is deleted, implying that I'm correctly observing that the slice is in fact the thing I've selected. Because of this bug, I cannot accurately move a slice around. I have to instead move it around with my cusor and use snapping to line things up more quickly. Meta note: unordered lists herein do not appear to work.
  17. Hi! When an artboard has n.5px height, slices in export persona can't be vertically aligned to a grid. The same issue might be in horizontal direction. Thanks, Janek
  18. Hi, I love the concept of the export persona in Photo. Surely we've all been there where a large raw file has to be repurposed for many things. I feel this is the idea behind the slices in the export persona? But in this case I want to be able to limit the long edge of a slice so that I don't have to re-scale the exported slices in another step. It kind of feels like it should be there already, so am I missing something (I'm new to the apps)? So, in the export options, for instance in the JPEG preset, I'd like to see: Long edge: px and maybe % options Sharpening (I use quite different values depending on size and purpose) dpi Thanks!
  19. Hey, I am sometimes baffled by some fundamental interaction flaws in Affinity. I think that having the export persona was a bad design decision. I have a problem I cannot figure out a solution to: I simply want to move a graphic and a slice together. Impossible. You can either move the whole graphic or the slice but you have no way to select a graphic and its slice together. Try to resize a document: All your slices will stay in their absolute position forcing you to reslice everything! Please fix as soon as possible and get rid of the export persona completely. Just do what Sketch does. So much easier.
  20. In the Export persona, with snapping turned on and "snap to spread" enabled, dragging a new slice will not snap it to the spread.
  21. I have a document with a few layers in it which I want to "batch export" using your "multiple slice based on layers" function. I select a layer and click "create slice". A slice is automatically created, but it's bigger than my canvas area because the layer's image runs off the canvas. Is there a way to limit this function to be restricted to the canvas's size? (without having to manually draw a slice which I find a difficult to get exact since it doesn't seem to snap to the canvas edge) This is an awesome function that's really speeds up the exporting & re-exporting process so I want to get past this issue. (I don't think it's a bug, I just need to tick a box somewhere to limit this command)
  22. I'm trying to slice an image up and have the snapping manager on and set to snap to guides only, everything else is unticked. But, it just wont snap to guides, it is like the i have ticked a setting that says "do anything other than snap to a guide, literally, anything". It's driving me absolutely nuts and have no idea how to fix :(
  23. Pulling my hair out on this one. (And don't have that much left.) I want to slice up a layer from one layer into 6 peices. I have moved from Gimp to Affinity Design and Photo, for this I want to use Photo: What I used to do in Gimp: Marque select the section I want. copy. Then paste as new layer. Repeat for as many sections I needed. How in the world do I do this in Affinity Photo? Masks have left me stupefied. There has to be a simpler way. Please tell me there is.
  24. Summary When attempting to export a layer slice based on a rectangle with a gradient fill to an SVG with certain settings, Affinity Photo 1.3.4 crashes.Steps to Reproduce Open "AP Slice Crash.afphoto". Note the rectangle layer "transition-gradient" in the document. If there isn't one already, create a slice based on this layer in Export Persona mode. Choose any of the SVG export presets. Attempt to export this slice, either using the "Share" icon next to the slice in the Slices palette, or by clicking the "Export Selected" button. Expected Results Affinity Photo exports an SVG of this slice and continues to function.Actual Results Affinity Photo crashes without exporting the slice to SVG.Notes This crash occurs on OS X El Capitan Version 10.11 Beta (15A215h), which may or may not be related. I've included a test document and a video of the crash occurring on my 15" Retina MacBook Pro (Mid 2013) while the dedicated graphics card is active. AP Slice Crash.afphoto AP Slice Crash.mov Cheers, Joe
  25. I have a spritesheet of characters with transparent background and a common size for each characters. Is there a fast way to export the spritesheet into multiple files with one character per file ? Something like an automatic slicing export ? Thanks for the program :-)
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